We Realize and Practice Our Soulness #2

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime....  

Hello everyone, Welcome to the Modern Mystic. I'm here to continue my exploration of Ideas.....religious, mystical, metaphysical and philosophical Ideas, political and economic Ideas,

I'm here to continue sharing my thoughts and focusing on America and ways to bring Peace and Freedom and Joy to the hurting people of Earth....

Thinking through modern Ideas that add to the traditional Ideas of God and man....and about man's place and purpose on Earth, and about the true Nature and Purpose of our Souls....the true Nature of Heaven and what I think is a Divine Cosmic Plan.

But always I focus on Ideas that help us live peacefully, side by side....Ideas to help us love one another. 

I am concerned about the many people who are being affected by all the violence and lack of compassion in today's societies....about families being split apart....about the fabric of national life being pulled this way and that.

One can't help but wonder if the gap between hate and love is widening. and if our civilization can survive the coming years, if the hating and fighting....the greed and selfishness don't stop?

So I come each week, with Ideas about some of this....hoping to inform and to inspire and asking all of you to join me daily in praying....


At the beginning of these talks, because they are Spiritual in nature, we pause to get as quiet as possible....

I suggest you center in you mind....or heart ....feel yourself grounded and present here on Earth while feeling fully connected to Heaven above....

So now again we establish a Quiet Place.....a place of Silence....

and surround It with protecting Light....

fill It with Christ Love....

the fragrance of flowers....some music....and relax.

Now we wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing Opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our minds to the highest Information Channels

And invite Light of God's Heart and Mind

to stream into our Hearts....into our Minds

That each one may become a Channel

For Light and Illumination to descend to Earth.


Now to think about the uniqueness of America.

'America' is a state of mind. We know that has to be true because 'real Americans' come from every part of the world. There are those who come to America dragging all their 'baggage' with them....and they become America's baggage. But most people come to get away from the 'old' and to embrace the 'new' ideas of freedom and liberty.  

They are America's energetic, self made people....look at this marvelous country that has been built by the hard work and never ending efforts of inspired and persevering people.

We Americans ...we can do anything....well, we think we can, and we certainly try....though sometimes forgetting that there are certain things that only the God of the Universe, who is also the God of our Beings, can do....and it has to be this way.

  For human beings must never think for long that they don't need the 'Partnership' of the Higher Power...

For about the time we people get to thinking how great we are, as individuals or nations, some event comes along and cuts us down to size....or makes us look up and admit we need help.

It is in that frame of mind we begin to realize many things about the human condition....often realizing there's something we've missing.....something we want to know more about. 

There comes a time in almost every life when we wake up to the realization that we have a Spiritual Purpose to our daily routine.

Hopefully we don't wait too long to begin to walk a Path that will lead us to our Purpose, Body and Soul.

 First we have to see that our human self is only the vehicle....a finely crafted vehicle developed for the Purpose of housing a Bit of Godness.....a Soul Spark of Divinity.

  Then taking the next step, we begin to allow our Soul Energy into the physical journey, allowing Spirituality to become a part of our daily life.

Earlier we were talking of the things the human can't do alone.

One of those 'things' concerns ways to bring Peace to this Planet....which can only happen as more Godness enters the picture. The human energy level can't do it alone....not that people won't try....but we just aren't able.

We must Spiritualize (increase the 'Power') of the human journey if mankind is to progress beyond the boundaries of the current contentious societies.

 And surely most people want to move on.

Surely all would agree that the human condition of today has a lot of room for improvement. Look around and see all the hurting and confused people, desperately needing Peace and Purity and Love in their lives. Needing to be 'let alone' so that they can get on with their lives. 

Unless we know that we have both a human and a Divine Purpose, intimately intertwined and a Body and Soul needing to act simultaneously, how can we make sense of what we experience.

It is only in seeing ourselves to be both a human being and a Christ Soul, that we begin to understand the reasons for the two separate but totally connected and integrated Units of Life, acting in unison, bound together....each dependent on the other.... here on Earth.  

Those with some metaphysical training know the human to be composed of four interconnected bodies ....the physical body, the mental and emotional energy bodies and the etheric sheath.

Less known is the composition of the Spiritual level.

The Soul is a Three Level Unit of Greater Life, consisting of the Soul Spark, the Holy Christ Self and above and beyond that, the I AM Presence.....with all being connected directly to all Greater Godness, above and beyond.

Obviously it is impossible for the Soul to disconnect from its Christ Self and I AM Presence...or for the Christ Self and I AM Presence to disconnect from the Supreme Source from which It originates.

It is equally impossible for the human body to live disconnected from its Source of Life Energy, its Soul, which is a Filament of Life flowing straight from Supreme God.

 When the Soul 'plugs into' a human form, which happens at conception, we have Life. As the astronauts say...."we have a go".  

Knowing about the several Christ Levels of ourselves that exist close within and above us and Who are ever ready to 'assist us at our call' gives us courage to try to accomplish feats of mind and body that we might otherwise think we couldn't do....except as we know there's a Spiritual Power there to take care of any work we, the human can't do by ourselves.. Also, there's a lot of protection for us and for what we set out to accomplish as we allow the Higher Powers to help us.

 Many are beginning to understand that the Earth is only one of many celestial planes....sometimes called a schoolroom, which it has become for many....but always the place where we have been allowed....note that word "allowed"....we are never forced to come here....where we are allowed to embody to fulfill a number of Purposes.

It's a place we come to learn about Life as It plays out on's a place to expand Life in general.....a place to expand our Soul Light specifically....a place where we channel the Higher Energies that are needed by the Planet. 

 This is the way Peace flows onto the Earth....flowing as the Energy we call LOVE. Christ Love flows into us from our Holy Christ Self just above or enfolding the human form....It flows through us....We become Love-in-Action.

 The LOVE we feel is THE HIGHEST VIBRATION of Supreme Beingness, God. It enters the physical plane through the Spark of God that is lodged in our hearts. 'Love' automatically increases the vibration of all it contacts in the material world.

 Does that help us to understand the reason for the Teaching "Love ye one another". Can't we see that when all of us are 'loving one another', we will have become Peace-in-action. 

It is written in many places that “we are that upon which we place our attention”. Understanding this makes it easier to go about our daily lives, loving Life, focused on allowing Love to flow into us, and pour out from us....knowing we are raising the vibration of our Energy.

 Loving Life magically takes the hate and fight out of our Life. 

Now, let's get really metaphysical and talk about Cosmic Law. The Mind of God holds command of and directs all Universal Energy and Activity.

 The 'thought' or 'desire' or 'action' of God-Mind causes Pure Energy to take on the form commanded by thought, feeling or action. 

Now to take that a step further....

The Energy that beats our hearts is under the Direction of God Mind, and the level of God Mind as It works within the human being, is the Soul Mind. That Mind Level processes Cosmic Information through into our human minds, becoming the Partner of the physical being.

'Soulness is Pure Godness

' and has the same responsibility to give the Commands that shape Universal Energy into whatever form is needed for this Planet.

 Can you follow that? Please try ...give yourself permission to think beyond your current belief boundaries.

Perhaps I should digress for a moment to talk about my personal process of going beyond belief boundaries.

With all the intuitional information that has always flowed through my head...and began in earnest to take over my thinking about twenty five years ago, you might think all this I'm sharing with you, was easy for me....first to access, then to understand and integrate into my daily life.

It wasn't easy, for it meant making changes in my thinking....and to some degree in my addition I had to get beyond some high barriers I had put up early in my life around certain Spiritual Ideas.

It took time and was hard work as I slowly made the effort to climb beyond self imposed I consciously decided to understand and accept New Answers to both old and New Spiritual Questions.

No one was forcing anything on me. I asked questions and probably because I went at this Process of 'understanding God' I eventually got my answers.....many times through Intuitive and telepathic channels.

I could believe or not believe. I could use the Information or ignore it.

We always have that choice for nothing is ever forced upon a Soul.

The Soul creates its Life. 

So at times integrating new information into our lives, whether for the human us or the Soul us, is hard work. I compare this to how hard it has been for people of my generation to add computers to our has been a challenge, but worthwhile if hard work. For the minds of earlier generations have not been trained in the 'art of computing'.

So I understand that listening to me articulate Spiritual Ideas different from the norm may be a struggle....many not wanting to "think beyond" current Ideas or even lack of Ideas ...feeling uncertain about accepting change about anything.

 I understand this. But also understand that each one individually takes that step and makes that choice. 

However, if you're ever in the mental space in which I've found myself time and time again, a place of getting to a comfortable plateau of human or Spiritual thought and feeling, a place where it seems I 'understand', you will have experience how New Information suddenly flows in to those who are willing and open Channels for that Information.

And often before we get clear on that, a New Wave pours over us....Information is moving so fast these days, it is hard to keep up with It.

Since a lot of my Information is intuitional, I am in a constant 'state of searching' for proof or validation of what I believe I'm being taught. I know I can back away any time I choose....that I have the choice to say," Enough already!" But fortunately I never have and hopefully, never will stop searching for all Proofs of God.

So as I put all these ideas before you, you have the choice of allowing yourself to try them out, adding what you already know and believe.


Always we can say "no to Life....and hold ourselves back for who

know how long.

But God has a Plan.....and if we are flowing within that


 and if there is something we need to know for our own evolution ....

you can be assured that some Level of Higher Life will,

always with our permission, keep at us until we get it....

And one way or another, the Information we need

will get to us, unless we truly slam the door shut on New Ideas.

Most of the Secrets of Life are revealed to us through the Process of our daily living inherent in the Energy that flows into our human forms, coming directly from 'God', through the Soul Connection.

We, the human/Soul Partnership, are responsible for dispersing this Energy into worth while creative projects of our choice.....hopefully, always under the Direction of a Greater Mind.

 This is where human freedom and Soul Free Will come into play. As we choose experiences it is to be hoped that the Soul does not end up playing the human game....which might be good but generally is bad in that the Soul's Ideals are always Perfect....while the human being may have no or less than perfect Ideals.

We can play an interesting game with ourselves by asking from time to time, if we, the human being think we are doing what 'God', what the Soul-us thinks is best for us at that time.

This creates an Awareness of our human responsibility to stay in alignment with God.

For years as I looked for answers, one of my questions was, How did a Saint get to be a saint? How did certain people manage to stay centered and focused on the 'Power of their Lives'.

And finally I realized that we become a "saint" when we are assisting the Higher Levels of Life to do what needs to be done on this Earth.

And I wondered why it had taken me so long to figure that out! 

What we are responsible for doing is to get the human us to play God's Game. This is God's Planet. We are here to serve the God-Purpose of developing this Planet.

 It's all in our remembering it was intended that Creation would occur as we allowed God's Energy to flow into the human vehicle from the Soul Energy, and form would be manifested through the thoughts, feelings, spoken words and actions of the human/Soul Partnership. When God Energy comes under the sole control of the physical being, we generally have the chaos, such as we see on this Planet today! 

The Soul Mind must again become the only acting Intelligence of God Energy within the human being. Only to a very small degree is this happening on Earth today, and we can see why the people and Planet  are in such big trouble.

Getting a sense that Soul control is what is needed here, allows us to experiment to see what can happen if we focus our thinking. Body and Soul on Freedom and Peace....knowing that what we get out of Life depends on what we put into It....knowing everything in our Lives depends on our attitudes and actions and the understanding we have about lesser and greater Life, and on our reasons and motives and intentions for everything we do.

And about whether we are ready to accept our responsibilities.

 Until we know WHO WE REALLY ARE it is unlikely the human us will suddenly begin to opt for Peaceful solutions to personal or planetary problems today, any more than in times past? Do undisciplined animals opt for peace in the jungles?

We all know, don't we, that non-peace....and full blown war is only one of them....non-peace has many subtle faces and forms. I venture to say it has as many faces and forms as there are people on the Planet.

 So the first step to peace is conquering our personal warring natures. It's accepting that we are part of the problem....that if we are undisciplined in our actions, we are our own worst enemy. We need always to be aware of our motives...knowing what we're doing and why. It doesn't hurt to examine all the reasons for what we do or for why Peace is important in everyone's Peace benefits us all.

 First and last our motives for everything we do are very important. Once we start on a Path of Brotherhood....our motives must never be "self-serving".

We have to learn to follow our thoughts to the 'bottom line". We never  ask, "what's in it for us"....when we serve a Higher Purpose, we cannot think that way.

Once we get that sorted out, we are then in the State of Mind that makes the work of controlling ourselves a "Work of Love....always knowing what we are thinking, feeling and doing every minute of the day and night. This is a real challenge and if conscientiously pursued brings Soul Victory over human willfulness....allowing us to make some Spiritual  Progress. 

It is quite simple to see that


It gets back to having a single focus.....


Surely we know WE  CAN’T HAVE Peace and war at the same time.

 Many of us consider ourselves religious....we may go to church every Sunday. We truly believe in Peace. We try to be Loving....but then, we go home, and despite our good intentions, something happens....or maybe we just get back in our normal family pattern....we get into what seem like innocent conversations that lead to criticizing and judging and condemning. We speak harshly and unkindly to and about each other....oh, if we could only hear ourselves as others hear us.

But God hears us....and our Souls cringe....  

And the saddest aspect of our human behavior is that few of us think of ourselves as warlike....we do not see the face of war others see as they look at us and listen to us. We do not realize that the nice person we think we are, gets buried under our moans and groans, under our frowns of disapproval, under our minute by minute judgmental commentary on Life, which generally includes a lot of non-love. 

If we are to become Instruments of Peace, we need to listen to every word that comes out of our mouths....comment by comment. We need to realize what our critiquing and complaining and judging is doing to the vibration of our Energy, what it is doing to our own bodies, and to the atmosphere in which we and our friends and family live.

Have we stopped to consider what causes the deterioration of our minds and bodies? Do we believe that we do this to ourselves by our own actions or by being around other people or places where the Energy is distorted.

 We know what happens to a fine car when it is constantly driven down a bumpy road. After a while it is jarred to pieces. That's exactly what happens to the human body by coarse vibration. The finely attuned atomic structure of our bodies is vibrated into mis-alignment by inharmonious thoughts, feelings and actions.

 Now the body becomes sick or worn we, the SOUL, that Spark of God, that is trying to get something done on Earth, has to stop Its 'work of the moment', perhaps allow the body to die....leaving the Earth plane with work unfinished....meaning We may have to embody another time if We wish to finish our work here.


So, in all that is being said here, we are addressing the subject of Peace.

How we attain it again if we have lost it.

 It a simple process....but not necessarily easy.

We, the Soul, have allowed the human us to become powerful in its likes and its We have to interest our human partner in wanting to be Peaceful and to give up being warlike, in all situations.

Our attention needs to be determined, to be focused, non-stop, on Peace....desiring it with our whole hearts, becoming Peaceful in all we do. If we can stay focused, bit by bit, Peace begins to take over our Energy....eventually, the higher, faster Vibration of Peace replaces the low vibration of non-peace in our lives.

These are very mechanical, logical, real Energy Reactions we're discussing. 

Then like that ripple on the pond, that Vibration of Peace spreads out to the world around us, moving into the lives of our associates.

And always the vibrations we send forth, magnetizes more of the same vibration back to us.

That's another very real practical COSMIC LAW

 So, when we want the Vibration of Peace in our lives and in the lives of family and friends, we begin by expressing our Desire for it....and then focus on letting It flow to us and then through us.

 And of course, it is through us that Peace comes into the Nation.... increment by increment, Peace becomes part of the Energy of the Planet.

 Imagine now, for example, if for five minutes during the Super Bowl Game everything stopped and everyone in the stadium quietly and simply focused on Desiring Peace on Earth....just for five minutes....imagine that many people focused on the Idea of turning on the Light of Peace

Do we, can we doubt for a minute that millions of shadows would disappear. Again, it's all very logical and mechanical....there's nothing mystical here.

 When we think and act 'Peace', Peace happens and the vibrations of non-peace disappear. We don't have to do anything else. Think of two kids fighting in their room....suddenly they stop and all is peaceful. That's simple.

And what we are talking about is just that simple! We aren't talking about something everyone can't do. We are talking about something we all should be doing. 


Our work here is to invoke the Flame of Cosmic Peace of Divine Love

Ask It to enter into our lives and the Life of the Nations.

 This is the Way....this is the only Way we have a prayer of turning

 around our chaotic, warring world. 

We start with picturing ourselves sparkling brightly.

 No matter how negatively we assess our physical qualities....we put aside our negative judgments about the human us.

 We start picturing ourselves as a Shining, Perfect Person and  Being....remembering that all Creation begins with a desire, followed by a thought that forms a picture in the Mind of the 'thing' being desired by the One Who is desiring it.

 That One issues a command to set Energy into motion.

And in time the required number of atoms of Light are magnetized to the picture....and now we have form.

 We will always materialize the form of whatever we hold a picture. We create just as Greater Godness creates. We are co-creators.....we must understand this.

And we are free to create beauty or ugliness by using the formula above....and what we create, we own.

Are we happy with ourselves....with our lives?

If not then we remember that we have had the free choice minute by minute to choose. If what we see...what we are experiencing is not to our liking, we may wish to rethink and change some of our choices.

We are free to do that. 

On my desk I keep a quote attributed to Dante, an author of several centuries ago....who wrote 

"Mankind is at its best when it is most free.

 This will be clear if we grasp the Principle of Liberty.

We must recall that the basic Principle of Liberty is 'freedom of choice', which saying many have on their lips but few in their minds". 

There was a time ages or centuries ago, when if we had Spiritual  leanings we lived our lives behind the high walls of monasteries or nunneries.

God could only be focused on there or in churches during the few hours spent there by the 'common man'.

Otherwise, the human world went on its way outside the walls.

 That was then....but now today, the Spiritual Way integrates the human and the Spiritual Minds and Hearts.

No more high walls or walls of any kind, separating man and God.

 Today each one of us is taking down the walls that separate us from the Godness waiting to come into the Chalice we are providing for it.

As we do this, we become Channels for everything that's good and nurturing....allowing Light to flow into our lives and out from us to the rest of the world.

We are letting Peace begin with us....and how grateful all the Beings of Heaven are for every bit of our Energy that flows out from us, colored Peace.

We are on the right track when we share our lives and interact harmoniously with all we contact.

When we Know we are all One with all the Greater Life of the Universe

When we are consciously, peacefully operating the Greater Life within us to attain Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom and the skills to explore the possibilities of Life on this Planet.

When we remember that we are each a unique part of humanity....

a unique Spark of God

And together, Body and Soul, we build a world of Peace and Love.