Wisdom and Experience #1

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime. Why so cruel? How so sublime?

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 I come again to continue an exploration of Ideas....

religious ideas....mystical, metaphysical and philosophical Ideas,

 political and economic Ideas....

Ideas about America and what American values can mean to the whole world....

Ideas that seek to define human reality as well as Spiritual Reality....

Ideas that explore ways to bring Heavenly Peace and Freedom and Joy

 to the hurting people of Earth....

 Ideas that look at current religious platitudes and homilies and ancient and contemporary Ideas of 'God and humanity' as man attempts to understand his Purpose on Earth, as well as understand the true Nature of the Soul.....

Ideas of Heaven and finally, Ideas concerning what I imagine to be a Cosmic Plan for this Planet.

I am passionate about any Idea that helps us live peacefully, side by side....about any Idea that helps us love one another.

I believe we need additional Spiritual Understanding of man and God if we are to help the many people being affected by the violence and lack of love in today's societies.

I see families being split apart....the fabric of personal life everywhere being pulled this way and that and cannot help but think that the gap between human hate and Soul Love is widening.

Will we survive the coming years, if the hating and fighting, the greed and selfishness don't stop?

 That is the most pressing question of our time. So I'll come, each week for a while, with Ideas about all of this....hopefully to Inform and Inspire....and ask all of you to join me daily in praying a personal prayer of Peace by saying


At the beginning of these talks,

 because they are Spiritual in nature, we pause to get as quiet as possible....I have suggested that we build and continually reinforce a 'Lighted Place of Quiet' around ourselves. I think of it as a 'Bubble of Silence' surrounded by a 'solid Wall of Dazzling White Light'.

 As we rest and meditate in the Silence of this Sacred Place, we can enfold ourselves in 'Christ Love'....we can imagine or envision, the fragrance of flowers.....hear our favorite music playing somewhere within our minds....and just relax for a few moments.

Now in that quiet, we'll wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing Opalescent Christ Light spiraling around ourselves

We are opening our minds to the highest Information Channels

And inviting that Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

and into the hearts and minds of every man woman and child on the earth

That we may all become channels

 For Light and Illumination to descend to Earth.

"Who am I and why am I here....

where did I come from....where do I go from here"...

Who among us hasn't asked these questions.? Like a dog chewing on a bone, we work these Ideas over our whole lives, in the search for the answers.

The Ideas for this talk came from an Essay I called 'Wisdom and Experience' in which I was chewing on these questions, as I set out to remember the learning or Illumining incidents in my life. The title should be, more correctly, Experience and Wisdom....because it is our human experience that in time leads us to Soul Wisdom....or more correctly, leads us to accept the 'Wisdom of our Soul'.

 However, we rarely perceive that process early on. In reading through some of my first writing, describing events in my life, and written over many years, I saw the gradual personal growth, coming out of the many experiences, some of them painful and difficult. But in looking back, I saw how through them all, I was following a Path. I saw how I was being led to my current sense of the Spiritual in my life.

I saw the time where I was led to 'this place in time' where I knew I was to share these Ideas. How my current Purpose is to help others recognize the 'learning curves' in their active, human lives, even while a more Spiritual Mind-set is simultaneously, unfolding….LEADING THEM TO RECOGNIZE WHO THEY REALLY ARE. 

Regarding Ideas of Spirituality…. those of us who set out to share our Perceptions, wonder how much anyone of us can add to what has been thoroughly discussed for thousands of well, we wonder how to impart some of the very important new Spiritual Information of the past century.

 Philosophers and religious people have spoken out and written volumes....and are continuing to write an ever expanding number of books extolling the value of a Spiritual outlook in daily life.

 I read them....I have read hundreds of them. I often find wonderful Messages and treasure every clue for a Spiritual Life as I work to constructively live my daily experiences, both Body and Soul.

I believe Answers do exist in advance of any problem we may wish to or need to solve….and we can often find Answers to lighten any heavy human load (by studying) the Thinking of others.....and we can get Answers from many different Spiritual viewpoints.

In written and spoken form there are countless descriptions of practical human and Spiritual tools designed to serve our needs. It seems we are making progress in understanding ourselves and our lives as I note we get fewer sermons about how good or evil we are ...and modern literature says less about living our lives only from the standpoint of 'getting to Heaven' or avoiding hell. For which I’m eternally grateful as there is a lot of living to be done in between those two poles.

Now, Understanding Heaven and hell is important. The most important part of that Understanding is to know, first of all, that we create our own Heavens and hells, and that we are experiencing them here and for as long as our Energy supports either one or the other. But we need to focus on living life in such a way that we don't have to think about hell....simply not focusing on sinfulness. But instead, being conscious of always pointing our lives in the direction that assures us that we are Developing and Serving a Divine Pattern here on Earth.

That means we are serving 'The Will of Greater Godness as it outpictures on Earth and this is always a safe Way to live our lives.

For some people, it is as simple as adopting a "state of mind"....for others, there may be a lot of living and experiencing to do before we come to that 'State of Mind'. We often need answers to sticky questions…. and often we need help in creating our Heaven on Earth.

Where do the answers come from? If we believe there's more to life than just the human side of it, we probably believe there are Intuitive Answers waiting to be accessed. And if we have a Sense of our Soulness, we probably think those Answers originate through our own Soul Nature.

So back to Heaven on Earth.

I have to start by saying that it is inconceivable to me that Life on Earth HAS TO BE the mess it it today and has been, historically for a very long time.

Why the constant fighting and hating….why the horrible diseases? How did it get this way? What can we do about it?

Sometimes, I think religious experts want us to stick our heads in the sand and forevermore, play their "sinful, human, Heaven and Hell  game"...the institutional doom and gloom game....the never ending game of negative prophecy.

 But my thinking says that if we get locked into that “sinful human” game, we continue the downward Spiritual spiral.

 Somewhere in the scheme of the human/Soul experience, our own Experience and Wisdom has to come into play in determining our Heavens and hells. If we go along with the dogma of organized doom and gloom religions, certainly we could say 'We don't need human experience to evolve ....we don't need our own Soul Wisdom...our heads are going to remain stuck in the dogmatic sand where someone is going to tell us what to think and what to do. And we can clearly see from the state of the world that 'they' don't know the Answers either?  

I could never play those religious games....I study everything....take what can be used, and then live my Life in the context of KNOWING somewhere there are Perfect Answers and if I continue to look, I will find real God Answers. That takes my mind off the appearance of natural sinfulness….off ideas of human disaster, any kind, anywhere.

Early in my life I was fortunate to be taught how to 'join forces' with my Higher Mind....that 'Spark of Mind of my Holy Christ Self. In time, I began to call that Spark of Christness anchored in each heart,

my Soul.

And so I have always been open to listening for or looking for Soul Answers to my human questions and endeavors. I have found there are always (Heavenly) Answers from which anyone of us can get INFORMATION intuitionally...if we will look and listen....these Answers are constantly flowing from 'God' into our human minds.




 We quickly learn that allowing our Christ Mind to work with the human mind is the WAY WE ACTIVATE THE HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP.

This is the way we begin to get our correct answers, for now we are functioning with two fully integrated Minds. This is the only way we access Heavenly Answers to solve our human problems.

Solving problems starts with and within each one of us.

It is quite possible for all of us to live God-centered lives before it's time for us to report back to other realms. And, any time spent on Earth ought to be, at least, SPIRITUALLY Meaningful if not always full of human pleasure….regardless of prophecy or the general, unhappy state of the Planet. Everything meaningful begins with our understanding that we have a personal responsibility within the Big Picture....and that getting our personal human/Soul act together is always our top priority if we are to fulfill that responsibility.

We are worth very little to ourselves or to God, or to anyone else, if we continue to be both humanly and Spiritually Powerless.

 And I’m sure we are all aware that our human power is meaningless when we are faced with situations that require Spiritual Power...

and when we do not know how to activate our Spiritual Power, the human-us is powerless. We must get our human/Soul Partnership to function as it is meant to function. 


Considering the general state of the average life today, WITHOUT SOME CHANGE IN THE WAY LIFE IS BEING THOUGHT OF AND LIVED AT THE PRESENT TIME, we very well may face some of the predicted 'doom and gloom'. We are each responsible for our own lives. We have to take stock of how we are living those lives today if we are to be cared for and protected as all over the world, societies are CAREENING OUT OF CONTROL.

Now there are those who do not care personally about what is happening within the current social structure of many countries....but let me offer some thoughts as additional reasons for why we ought to care.

We live in a time when many children, at a very tender age, are exposed to all types of unspeakable crimes, diseases and abominable life styles....many impressionable, immature  children are coming in contact with many DISTRESSINGLY, destructive low level human ideas and energies which often they cannot resist or throw off....and which often lead them to disaster. Do we have a responsibility for children?

Yes I think we do. And for ourselves. And for the Planet.

Do I have a mission? Do we all have a mission? I feel as though we do. It comes in around this Sense of Responsibility we all have to help people realize how human life, that is playing out all around us could be better...must become better.

 For my part, I offer a glimpse of what I think is the Grand Plan of Greater Heavenly Life, playing out on Earth through the human/Soul Partnership. We, on Earth, live in one room of that Heavenly Mansion Jesus spoke of. We are One Family....all Spiritually related.

Everyone can study and gather Spiritual Information from many diverse religions and philosophies, from many times and places. And delve back into historical records and look for records that tie our human experiences into God's Plan for this Planet and the people here.

 I love to intuit the importance of the human/Soul Journey, from the very beginning of embodied Life on the Planet, to the present day....and study the Ideas and Wisdom of those who have gone before us. This helps to see where humanity has been and gives us a glimpse of where it's meant to go.

The study of our history lets us see where and how humanity stepped off the God-track, gradually forgetting its Purpose. The Bible records some of this information of the past 5000 years....detailing humanity's mistakes as well as triumphs as the compilers of the Bible try to point us in the right direction.

 However, it’s best not to dwell on the past or rely on old Spiritual Systems. Each Age brings with It new Teachers of updated Information for the Souls who embody in that Age. We want to stay focused in the present….in all the ways needed to make each day special, and to lay up those treasures for the future. 

Life is a Process for Perceiving or Receiving Truth at the human level.

As we are ready for new Information, and have a willingness to have It come from anywhere, any place or any person, we humanly enable the Soul-us to expand Its Truth through us. In this way we allow Wisdom to flow into and through our Human/Soul Experience. It's on ongoing process of using our Creative Abilities as human beings....expanding human knowledge daily, continually adding to what we know. The goal is to finally raise that Knowledge to a Higher Level by passing it through the Soul Mind to arrive at True Wisdom.

 If we're  doing it right, it's always about human mind and Soul Mind working together to accomplish what God wants done on this Planet.....only secondarily is it about us personally, Body or Soul. We are Channels here....the Conduits through which Wisdom flows for the Purpose of Perfecting Life here.

 And you see, we don't have to experience Life in any way that isn't meaningful.

 We always have that choice.

Earlier I spoke of my concern for our children....and what they need....and what we need to know so that we can teach our children that the HUMAN EXPERIENCE has Cosmic importance.

 Intuition flows through children....the Soul Mind, speaks through them, often trying to get the attention of their parents.

 That intuition is rarely validated by parents, church or society in general. Thus most children are left to grow up without sufficient  Guidance....human or Spiritual....often thinking they are nothing more than just the human self they see and feel.....and going out into a cruel world ill prepared for the human journey.....

Let alone the Soul Journey.

But what if, the human child, knew at the outset of his Earth Journey about his Invisible Soul Partner. What if he knew from the beginning of an embodiment 'WHO HE REALLY IS' in the Eternal Sense....

What if he was encouraged to listen for the Voice of his Soul?

 What if we’d all been raised in that Mind-set? What would Life on Planet Earth be like today if we all knew




Now, these IDEAS AND THOUGHTS about our Soulness didn't originate here...obviously didn't start with me.


 And while many people believe in the Idea of a Soul, fewer have come to the Conclusion that we embody a High Soul Purpose meant to be lived out on the Earth Plane.

The Mind-set in which we approach this Idea makes the huge difference in how we approach Life in general. There are many variations on the theme of man’s many that I finally had to find a definition that worked for me. Over the years I often asked, 'What exactly is the Purpose of a Soul....does it have application to daily human life?'

People, within and outside of a religious framework, have varying ideas about Soulness. Almost all religions leave the true Nature and Purpose of the Soul somewhat in doubt or completely out of the Spiritual picture.

The Concept that finally made sense to me came as a series of Intuitional Ideas. I instinctively felt that the True Identity of what I saw as Soulness had to come from an Idea the 'Supreme Being' had of Itself.

 And again, intuitively saw Soul as a 'Spark of 'Christ-Conscious Energy, having been asked to house Itself in a physical body for Purposes of expanding 'God Light and Love' here....all the while allowing the Soul to expand Its own Light, Its own God Power, through the experience.

For me this Idea had possibilities. Here we have an integrated Unit, a physical Body and the Spirit Soul....we have human ego and Soul Ego....or we could say, human mind and Soul harmonious package, working together on Earth. This doesn't leave human beings running around on the Planet without Guidance, trying to figure out what to do next....and invariably getting it wrong....

The Idea of calling the human ego, soul, gives importance only to the materialistic, animalistic world. Within that context, some people do believe in an 'Idea of God' but usually an 'Idea of God' that is impersonal. That permits people to 'believe' without committing themselves to any personal Spiritual Discipline connected with the Idea.

 We're seeing a lot of that in the present time particularly within the academic world and then in the social and political and economic strata that flows from it.

Then there are the people who seek a personal 'God' they can identify with, but are stuck with the prevailing notion of sinful Creation, which defies the simple logic.          

There's a lot to think about here...the philosophy of Darwinism, taught under the guise of science, has caused a lot of Spiritual and scientific confusion....and speaking of Darwin, there is a new book available called, "Icons of Evolution" written by Jonathan Wells, and will be enjoyed by parents who want a better understanding of this issue. This book takes a long look at the Ideas of Evolution as it is currently being taught in our schools.

Once we can put the horse back in front of the cart....that is, once we accept the Idea that a God-Soul is meant to be in charge of the human/Soul Journey, the human-us will no longer struggle here without help. Now putting the Soul in charge will give Meaning and Spiritual Logic to life. ...and the 'Bit of Godness' I'm calling Soul, that 'Spark of Christ Light' in each human form, will now be invited to work side by side with the human partner.

 Thus, Body and Soul we can be working out the Destiny of Life on this Planet. That idea makes sense to me.

Well, it's a big subject....but the Ideas that have been in vogue for some thousands of years have produced little more than the mish-mash of conflicting life styles we can see, world wide, in action around us. There has been some progress during the past two thousand years, and considering the Message was One of Brotherly Love, we could have expected a more Spiritual approach to Life.

And considering the general state of unrest worldwide, and having concern for our children, and respecting and loving 'God', the Million Dollar Question is, why aren't we giving more thought to finding the answer to "The Meaning in Life"? How can we, in all good conscience, see what is happening to our children and to the world they live the world we live in.... and not want to turn the world upside down searching for Answers to a 'Way of Life' that will nurture them....will nurture us....instead of, possibly, destroying us all?

Surely, what we see going on with our children does not have the look of "meaning".

And what about us....why do we participate and agree to the warring, the whoring, the lying and cheating, the drug culture, the hate and greed culture, the sex and violence culture of our time?

 This ungodly mind-set has reached an unimaginable height of acceptance at the end of the twentieth century....and continues to be liberally depicted in all areas of the modern life today.

 Surely there are enough of us who know there is a more meaningful Way to live....enough of us who care and who will work to put an end to ungodly social, governmental, and economic behavior of the past and present....we must know that mankind cannot get away with this kind of behavior forever. Eventually the roof will cave in!

And all we have to comfort ourselves is the knowledge that Truth is trying to emerge as more and more Spiritual Thinkers of our day have concluded that the Immediate Source of the 'Meaningful Way of Life' is found in understanding the 'Purpose of the 'Spark of Christ Light' anchored within us, and connected to all 'Levels of Godness' above us.

It is comforting that today many of us want to know what our Spiritual Realities and Remedies are....that more and more are opting out of religion's 'sinful human' syndrome....out of the atheist's humanism….it is comforting to know that more and more of us are ready to believe in our Soulness and the Partnership of man and God working together on Earth.

Let's stop and think about the importance of both Body and in order to get certain work done on Earth, Spirit/God has to function within the human factor. Therefore, if we can put aside religious or atheistic efforts meant to demoralize us, we can begin to see how our humanity, itself, has vast importance. And try never to let ourselves think otherwise.

 Personally, I pay absolutely no attention to the institutional ideas of "original sin" which I regard as a diabolical idea meant to demoralize God's people....oh yes, it's obvious that what we call 'sin' has crept in. And if we don't get control of it, it well may 'do us in'!   We are all aware of the overpowering, often crude human consciousness that has been trying for a very long time to replace the 'Christ Consciousness' that is meant to direct our lives.

But remember, anything human can be overcome....and the ungodliness of our time must be that we can once again proudly host and work with our Soul Partner.

Thus, we strive through daily experiences to understand and to make our lives creative and meaningful in every way. And eventually if we are sincerely searching for Answers we come to understand and accept our Holy Purpose.

After that, it's actually fairly easy. Our human ignorance, our doubt and pride were the hardest hurdles. Now, within our daily routines we can adopt some basic discipline that helps us control those human qualities....gradually engaging in those activities that allow Soul Energy into our lives....and taking that Energy into everything we do minute by minute.

Oh. yes, for many it was so much fun just being human....all that stuff to buy....all those theme parks.....those endless, nonsensical ways to spend our time and energy and money....until suddenly, one day....for some reason, something happens and it isn't fun anymore....and then what? Some of us take to drink, drugs, divorce, debauchery.

 But during these hard times, many others turn to God. Sad to say it often takes the human-us getting into some difficulty.... health, money, relationship ....before we let Life lead us back onto the right's almost humorous....if it wasn't so painful.

It's safe to say that as we work our way through our personal Armageddon's, we don't's often hard to stay grounded and present. But God isn't laughing either....our human foul-ups are no laughing matter on Earth or in Heaven. But when we 'overcome' there is reason for great rejoicing....on Earth and in Heaven.

Often in a state of human unrest we finally look for some Life style, some Belief System that can make sense of the human process....and in that mood, we do begin to be aware of an Inner Voice, probably long ignored....but now we're listening.

And as we listen, the Soul keeps prompting us. What happens gradually, sometimes taking years, is that the Soul and human minds are learning to work together. Body and Soul, we are getting smarter, becoming more Aware in many areas of our lives... both humanly and Spiritually. In time we come to a point where we seem to be living in two worlds at the same time....and we are, to one degree or with one foot on Earth and the other in Heaven.

Allow me to digress for a moment to explain again what I mean when I speak of Spirit Life. I'm never referring to any earthbound energy or entities.... such as discarnates, ghosts, thought forms, etheric records of any kind....or anything having to do with astral planes which are nothing more than energy extensions of the material, physical plane.

I have nothing to do with psychism or psychic phenomena. These are aspects of Life to be understood, but I feel they should be avoided.

Our Souls are Pure, Primal God Energy Beings.

 A Soul's Pure Energy can get buried under a ton of human consciousness...but when we are taught how to burn off that garbage, there we find the Pure Gold....the Pure God....the Real and Permanent Us that we have to begin to have Faith in and Trust.

Our heart charkas are the Energy Centers of Faith, Trust and Belief. Opening to Faith means opening wide our heart centers.

The mind is full of old human roadblocks making it difficult to let in our Spirituality.

We have trouble opening our hearts chakras because our know-it-all human minds don't want to give up any of the power centered in our Solar Plexus chakra.

There we hold old, sometimes, ancient, clinging belief systems.

 Think about it and see how the mind works when first presented with a new Idea.....our usual reaction to anything new is "no"....and see how unkindly the world treats us when set out to walk a different Path.

As we let Spirit or Soul join in the human experience, it's true, we may have to give up some old human ideas and ways. At the very least, we have to add to them. We, may want to empty the Belief section in our minds ....a little like emptying the hard drive before we can install new cleaning out the closet before we can add new garments.

 And even when we are determined to move ahead, changing our minds can be hard....for a lot of reasons....but if for no other reason than when we change our minds, it suggests we may have been wrong in the first place. Above all, it's hard for the human-us to be wrong.

 PRIDE is one of our BIGGEST CHAINS.

 But if we can allow ourselves a change of mind....acknowledge we don't know it all a few new books....investigate different churches ....make some new friends....explore the Internet to see what thousands of people are thinking and saying.....we will find there's a World of Spiritual Ideas right within every grasp.

And it is in exploring and comparing and thinking and analyzing and then experiencing, that we gain new Perspectives. And those wider perspectives 'open the door' for Soul Wisdom to flow in.

And though we may not be aware of it, we are growing daily through our many experiences.....

gaining a kind of Self Confidence about Life.

And that's just how it should be.


April 1999