Human Perception vs Soul Knowledge

 # 2

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime. Why so cruel? And how so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic. I'm here again to continue my exploration of Ideas that seek to define our Reality....hoping to shed some Light on how it is we can be both so human and so sublime. For I believe it is only in answering these questions about ourselves, as both Body and Soul, will we finally know what we have to do to assure Peace and Freedom for ourselves and for all the people of the Planet. We will talk a great deal then, about WHO WE REALLY ARE and WHAT WE HAVE TO DO.

One would think that the Message of Brotherly Love as articulated by the Lord Jesus two thousand years ago, could have settled some of the ancient hatreds that continue into our modern times. Rather, over the centuries, many people have used the 'Jesus Message' as an excuse to love their brothers even less....and the gap between ancient human hate and the Spiritual Love He taught seems to be widening as the warring goes on. I want the hating and fighting to stop and so I add my voice to others in saying


For those of you who may not have heard me tell it, here again is what I call my Vision/Mission statement....this describes a moment in my life, some years ago, that led me to begin writing the Modern Mystic Essays....Essays in which I have worked to express, in simple terms, the Spiritual Ideas by which I've lived my life. And which I feel may be of value to others, in as much as we all struggle with human situations....situations for which there often seem to be no human solutions.

It happened late one night I was reading a book in which the writer was explaining Mystical Ideas and using difficult terms. I found myself frustrated and put the question directly to 'Almighty God'. I asked if it had to be that difficult to understand what I was calling 'Godness'.

Several mornings later I sensed a Presence in my room, glanced up and saw what I can only describe as a 'Luminous Presence of Jesus'. Sensing I was going to get an answer to my question, I asked Him what it was He wanted me to do....His Answer flowed back to me on a Grand Thought....the gist of which was... 'GO TO MY CHRISTIANS AND KEEP IT SIMPLE!'

That led me to begin some serious writing, thinking that might be what I was being asked to do. Now, that was as I have said, many years ago....and at the time, I had no  idea about what I could do or how I could do it. But since that day, my whole life has been pointed in the direction of fulfilling that Request....until here I am on radio....talking about the human-us....the Soul-us and 'Greater Godness'....

and trying to keep it simple.

At the beginning of these talks, because they are Spiritual in nature, I suggest that you, my reader or listener, get as quiet as possible....that you build for yourself a 'Place of Quiet'....I call it 'A Bubble of Silence'. When you have the picture of this Quiet Retreat clearly in your mind, put a Wall of Blazing White, Protective Light around it, then, see yourself stepping into it and forever more, living your Life there.

 Now ask that the space inside be filled with 'the Love of your Christ Self'....perhaps you will want to add some lovely flower fragrance. Let the  space be flooded with what looks like 'gold dust'....and then visualize the Clear White Light with the Golden particles of Energy, spiraling around yourselves, constantly in motion.

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing that Opalescent Radiance also spiraling around ourselves,

We open our minds to the Highest Information channels

And invite the Christ Light of our Holy Christ Self,

 to stream into our Hearts and Minds

That we may all become Channels,

for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth.


 And we wonder what that change might be. I'm hoping that the sense of change I've been describing is the result of Powerful Cosmic Energies flowing onto and around the planet....causing  us to feel a pressure....a feeling that is helping us to look at the world around us with more compassion and concern.

 I hope

that this increased Sacred Energy will stop the fighting and killing, stop the lying and cheating, stop the hating.

 I hope

that many will be drawn into the Spiritual Fires of their Lives.

Yes, "There are winds of change blowing....Spiritual Winds blowing....Spiritual Energies flowing"?.

Today we have an unusual Cosmic Opportunity to have Spiritual Energies enter our lives....helping us take our attention off our human problems, our human wants and desires and our seemingly unending focus on money and things and fun. 

I know it sounds a little overly dramatic when I say chaos stalks the planet in many forms. But, we need to be aware of the situations we face, as individuals and as a nation. Today we're looking at wars that seem to have no end... experiencing unusual and destructive  weather patterns....and economic uncertainty.

The medical/scientific world tells of new viruses that no antibiotic will touch and we read of spreading world wide plagues.

We are bombarded with news of unconscionable terrorists, of continuing racial, religious and political unrest everywhere we turn.

We continue to look to government or experts for answers....and many people, in places of authority, are trying....however, government always thinks it can solve any problem with more tax money, more laws, more weapons or lack of weapons. 'Experts' in our society look to more medical research and computer technology, mergers and mutual funds, summit meetings....yes, they think they can solve human problems with more of everything and anything human. Will it work?

From my perspective....from years of watching it all appears that human effort....some of it arrogance, some certainly ignorance, is creating the chaos we face. But, having created it, the human mind does not have the answers for solving it.  As usual, many innocent people are being hurt.

 It seems that Life on this Planet may be out of control....some of it, running completely amuck. Reading the papers or watching news on TV, it looks a little like the way we might imagine the Tower of Babel scene....and we wonder, is that scene being replayed in our time....on all fronts? In fact every time I turn on the TV I wonder about it all.

Meanwhile technologically, the world we know and almost everything we take for granted in it, is in the process of changing. I suspect that in a few years our world will change as much or more as the world was changed by the industrial revolution of the last hundred years. That is the visible human side of that equation.

On the invisible Energy side, it is little understood that we live our lives in 'humanly qualified energy'….meaning we live, move and spend our entire lives breathing in and absorbing, Energy that contains a lot of filthy human consciousness.

We can only wonder how long before human negativity tips us onto the chaos side of the scale?  We think of "olden times", when apparently humanity got too far out of control. Will it be a flood? Will it be the sinking of a continent? What will God do this time when only Divine Intervention can stem the tide of human pollution, mentally, emotionally and physically? All of it caused by human disobedience.

Today it can be seen that many people don't give a tinker's dam about this Planet, Life here or 'God, Himself'.  We can rest assured that God cares about us and the Planet. It is, after all, His Planet....His world....we are His People. How much leeway do we much more will He take from us if we sail arrogantly into this new century....into those years  that will see remarkable changes....changes that cannot now be imagined by most people.....changes that may be disruptive for many.

I wonder how God gets our attention in this age? I want to say, "Wake up, people"....realize "who you really are and start living in that context". Wake up....and prevent as many tears and as much hand wringing as possible, as the nations and the peoples of this planet work through the consequences of not only thoughtless actions....but facing the necessity of integrating into their lives the changes that technology and the New Spirituality will bring.

Thinking philosophically, much points to this being a period of time long described and awaited by students of Prophecy....we are reminded of the stories of the “fallen ones”....and end times ....and all that may befall us. Those and many other ideas are out there being widely talked of. Less understood, but a major part of the equation is karmic destiny. Because of our in complete religious information, we don't know that individually and as a people, we are working our way through the cyclic return of planetary karma....all that energy of ancient mistakes and hatreds.... a bill coming due to be paid at the end of this last cycle.

 Which could certainly account for conflicts the world over.                    

So, it's time for us of all to join with those who speak for Peace and for the needs of people, planet wide,



We simply MUST wake up and DESIRE PEACE AND WORK FOR PEACEFUL SOLUTIONS to the chaotic situations that face us, world wide. Do I sound like a Pollyanna if I say these time demand SELFLESSNESS....that I think 'God' will accept nothing less from those of us who have been given so much. Human selfishness has to end....hating and fighting and killing have to end. And unless I'm very mistaken about the times, we will change our ways or be changed.

Knowing "who we really are", will make it possible....even easy.... for us to change. But it is always our choice.

History reveals the thousands of years that people have tried all the human ways of force and hate to get their own way or to solve their problems....until today hate and the means of force have become unspeakable. To counter-balance negativity, there are always, simultaneously, groups of dedicated people who turn away from hate, and ask for Higher Guidance.....who work with dogged determination to win the day for Peace and Freedom...who understand embodied Soulness and Expanding Godness.

 And so it is today.

 If People of Peace get busy...if they will access the available Soul Wisdom and 'Greater God Power' offered to us these days, there is a good chance that the 'run away train' of human ignorance and arrogance and selfishness can be stopped... before civilization, as we know, it is destroyed.

Regardless of the degree of personal exposure we each have to today’s confusion....whether our lives are OK or we have big problems to solve....either way, there's every reason to open ourselves up to the Power and the Wisdom of our Souls. If we wish to, we can actually SEE this Wisdom. It flows as Golden/yellow Energy, directly  from the 'Mind of God' to the Soul Mind. And if we are open to It, Wisdom, Spiritual Wisdom, can enter our human lives.

The Power of God can shatter every problem on this Planet. In this hour of Planetary turmoil we need that Power....we need to be able to defend defend the land, the people, and the freedom of our countries from ideas and forces that do not believe in Peace and Freedom or in the aspect of Life we call 'God'.

 Believe me when I say that those forces abound.

We need additional Spiritual Strength to defend our 'God' defend our defend our human selves and our countries....and we can have all the strength we need by expanding the 'Flame of God', anchored in our hearts. We expand this Flame by giving It honoring putting It to work in our lives.

 Once we have that Awareness, we're ready to work for an ever greater and closer Relationship with our Souls. That Relationship offers the Answer to human problems and to our Soul advancement within the 'God Plan' of the Universe. That Relationship opens doors.

 And the first order of business as we open our Doors to Heaven is to realize that Heaven wants no part of our human nonsense. But at the same time, Heaven does not infringe on our personal Free Will.

The Higher Powers do not not take part in our human problems....this is particularly the case where problems have been freely and knowingly entered into. It is always our job to make ourselves ACCEPTABLE to Heaven. If we need help or want help, we change our attitudes and actions. We make the effort to become more Spiritual, and thus more peaceful. There are changes we can easily make, steps we can take in our daily activities.

The first step is to recognize that we cannot go on in any war-like human ways....we cannot mistreat our fellowman and expect Spiritual changes in our lives.

In these talks over the next weeks we will talk about ways the human-us can change and ways we can grow Spiritually.

Remembering always: All change begins with us....

All Peace begins with us.

As we become more peaceful we begin to absorb the Universal Healing Vibrations of Peace. And healing....oh how we need  healing from all the wounds of hate....past and present....we will have 'healing' as we cultivate and expand our Soul Attributes, which allows more Pure Light to flow into our human lives.

Did you know that the 'Energy of Peace' has a very high vibration....that of hate, a very low vibration? Or that nothing 'Godly' is attracted to low vibrations? When we engage in hate in any and all of its many gradations....from mild dislike to pure hatred....'Godness' retreats from us. Our Soul, retreats back into its own Realm. It retreats from an angry human-us and stays in dimensions of a higher or purer frequency.

 Yes, our Soul withdraws and hides from our human anger and we are left out in the cold and angry humanistic world without a Champion. Look at the anger on this planet....look at the frightened, bewildered, child-like people on this planet!

Look at their life styles.

However, as we begin to sense WHO WE REALLY ARE and begin to opt for Peace, making it our Responsibility to become Peaceful in thought, feeling and action and spoken word, we become channels for more 'Godness', more Light, to flow freely to us and onto this Planet. And we find it's easier to opt out of all personal warring conditions.

There's so much talk about Peace, so much written about it. Institutional and International Peace are both promoted and extolled at high and low levels. Extraordinary human effort goes into trying to replace the doubt and fear, the hatred and condemnation, the unwillingness people have to work cooperately and harmoniously side by side. Everything is tried, everything except LOVE AND PEACE. Those are neglected attributes of our Soul Natures.

 It's no secret that our human nature can't be forced into peacefulness...but perhaps, it can be loved into submission.

 Today our nation has laws and rules of every kind trying to legally force us to be less contentious and more Peaceful...and more laws are coming....but my opinion is that nothing is going to change the human-us until WE KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE....until that Knowledge opens us up to the Christ Love that flows in through our Soul.

We ask ourselves, "What prevents Peace from being the norm?" To me the answer is evident.

War is commercial. Peace is not.

 Thus, the constant and accepted warring at every level of human life goes on because it is job security for millions of people. We need to think about this. We have big national wars....little personal wars....economic wars, religious wars, political wars, social wars, wars between parents and children, between brothers and sisters....the list is endless and the warring is endless and pointless and seemingly never ending.

We PEOPLE OF PEACE must never again be a part of warring,

 except in defense of our countries. We have the right to defend our selves and our homes and our country.

 There are other ways to live and live well....without being one of those who is benefiting from all the hostility among people and nations.....without directly benefiting, economically and/or politically, from warring at any level of our personal and national lives.

 It is incredible to realize how many wartime or peacetime....derive their livelihood directly from all the various aspects of mankind’s warring nature. Warring, contentious people definitely are job security for millions of people.

So while some people make their living talking Peace, other individuals actively promote war....any war....all any and all levels of anyone's Life, wherever they find an opening. And people fall into the plans of either group, either because they resonate with the energy of war....or because they are simply and appallingly, apathetic.

 There are those who use very little moral judgment around the issues of their lives....sometimes, getting caught in situations they can do nothing about. And almost no one rationalizes how they individually promote or take part in or encourage or become involved in some way in warring..... personal or national.

People shouting for Peace do not see how their angry shouting may be the antithesis of Peace.

Today almost no one knows WHO THEY REALLY ARE, Body and Soul....thus the absence of Spiritual Qualities in the character of many people in all walks of Life. But still we see these same people mouthing platitudes about Peace and planning to send young men and women to war to insure Peace.

We wonder, has the true meaning of Peace crossed their minds?

 The human mind sees Peace as the absence of armed conflicts.... but peace, true peace, is the absence of all those attitudes and actions that lower the vibration of the Energy of a person, place or condition.

As I share these thoughts, we have no absence of armed conflicts within and among nations today....more than at any time in our recent history....and simultaneously we have more lawyers, psychiatrists and therapists, social workers, more prisons.... all making a good living off of personal conflict of every kind.

 There appears to be a widening social gap... and there is continuing religious conflict worldwide. And we wonder....If Peace put money in people’s pockets, would warring of all kinds end in an instant?

 What a sad commentary.

So, while individually, there's only so much we can do about nationalistic conflicts.... there is much we can do in our everyday lives. We can make those lives mean something. 

And with so much being written about relationships, what more can be said to explain to intelligent, educated human beings to convince them that peaceful relationships in every activity of their lives would not be more beneficial than the daily diet of conflict that many people so willingly engage in.

 Think of the money, time and energy wasted as spoiled, selfish, greedy humans fight, either to have their own way....or to hurt one another. And again, think of the professions that get rich through all that human arrogance and ignorance.

PERHAPS THE Truth of Peace and Freedom versus War, hangs primarily on the Knowledge and Perception an individual has of his or her own Spirituality.

It's hard to believe there may be people who have never asked “who am I really”....or have little personal knowledge of their Reality.... so many have so little Spiritual little belief in the Sanctity of human Life, little knowledge of the place the Soul plays in human lives.

Well, that thought brings our focus back to Peace.

 For Peace flows within the Light of the Soul, which carries with it the Knowledge and the Strength to help us withstand the onslaught of godless ideas and activities.

 Christ Peace is the Pure Essence of our Souls

 helping us quiet our human desires and actions...

awakening in the human-us an interest in Peace.

 When the human begins to focus on Peace, the Soul-mind can then come in and begin to give direction, and if allowed, It will take the lead. In time our Soul Focus will lead us to a Spiritual State of Mind we can now hardly imagine....bringing with it an understanding and an appreciation of just how extraordinary is this human experience.

It is in a PEACEFUL STATE OF MIND we will finally find our God Identity....and realize WHO WE REALLY ARE ....and begin to understand that the Soul is trying to be an active partner on this extraordinary Journey to Earth.

That realization is the beginning of the human/Soul relationship.

As for the future of the larger world....and how soon before Peace begins to reign on Earth? A lot, of course, depends on how many of us personally embrace Peace and make it a priority in the way we conduct ourselves.....

A lot depends on our determination to have it in our own lives and how much we insist on it in the Life of our Nations....

Much depends on how much of our time and Energy we are willing to use in calling to 'God' to assist us.

 This last may be our most important contribution in as much as most of what we face on this Planet today is too big for mankind to clean up alone.

 I believe many problems can only be solved by the addition of Greater 'God Power' to whatever human/Soul effort we make.

 But our personal effort has to come first....

that is what 'opens the door'....

that shows our commitment...

.which then, will be matched by the Higher Commitment.


June 1998