We Explore the Power of Sound

# 2

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

Why so cruel?” How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 I'm here again, continuing my exploration of Ideas that seek to define our Reality....hoping to shed some Light on how it is we can be both so human and so sublime....for I believe, it is only in answering these questions about ourselves as both Body and Soul, will we finally know what it is we have to do to assure Peace and Freedom for all the people of this Planet. We will talk a great deal about “who we really are” and  “what we have to do”. 

So, this series of talks is all about both human and Spiritual Peace and Freedom.... evolving out of my concern about all the

 hating and fighting and killing ....

all the indecencies of modern life all over the whole planet....

it’s about my longing for it to stop.

 I believe if civilization, as we know it today, is to survive, we must all begin to desire Peace and Freedom. With all our hearts, Body and and Soul, we must begin to work for Peace....and we can begin today by taking a stand and declaring,

 “Let there be Peace on Earth....and let it begin with me.....”


At the beginning of these talks, because they are Spiritual in nature, we take time to imagine in our hearts and minds, and thus, create, a place where we can be quiet. I began this process years ago developing what I’ve called a Bubble of Silence.

It began as a 'place' I could go to meditate, sometimes to think through tough human situations, or often just to escape from the overly busy human me....if just for a few moments. And over the years, I’ve learned to live my whole Life in that Lighted Place. 

Now, we surround this quiet space with a Wall of Impenetrable Light and reinforce the Light around ourselves whenever we think about it...for if we build it strong enough, nothing unlike the Light can come against us.

We fill it with the pulsing, iridescent Christ Light and let that Light fill us until we feel It enfold our entire beings....let's add the fragrance of flowers.....some music....

Now, we just push aside unnecessary thoughts and feelings wherever possible....and relax in that Silence.

Then, we'll wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing that Opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

Opening our minds to the Highest Information Channels

 inviting Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels....

for Light and Illumination....

                  to descend to Earth.                      

        Today as you listen, try to stay centered within this Lighted Space....try to stay there all day, every day, as you do what needs to be done.

Give yourself this Gift of Light.....

always seeing yourself enfolded in Light, nurtured and protected by Light in that Sacred Space you've created for yourself.

It is the Light of God that can never fail you.

It will help you remember to put a tight rein on any angry, unhappy human thoughts, feelings or actions. 

Now in this program I will finish my thoughts on THE EFFECTS OF SOUND in and on our lives.  

But first, because some have asked for this explanation and for others who, also, may not have heard it and would like to know, here again, is what I call my Vision/Mission Statement...describing the moment in my life that led me first to writing and now to sharing 'The Modern Mystic Essays'.... 

Late one night I was reading a book in which the writer was explaining Spiritual Ideas and using difficult terms, I found myself frustrated and put the question directly to 'Almighty God'.

 I asked if it had to be that difficult to understand what I was calling 'Godness'.

 Several mornings later I sensed a Presence in my room, glanced up and saw what I can only describe as

 a 'Luminous Presence of Jesus'.

Sensing I was going to get an answer to my question,

 I asked Him what it was He wanted me to do....

His Answer flowed back to me on a grand thought....

the gist of which was....

”Go to my Christians and keep it simple!”

 That led me to begin some serious thinking about what it might be

I was being asked to do. 

That was many years ago....and at the time

 I had no real idea about what I could do or how I could do it.

But since that day, while doing many other things, it seems my whole

 Life has been pointed in the direction of fulfilling that Request....

Until here I am on radio....talking about the human-us....the Soul-us

 and 'Greater Godness' and trying very hard to keep it simple.

So having given you a glimpse of what I sense to be my Purpose of the

 Moment, let’s continue.

We’re still talking about the effects of varying vibrations coming from the Sounds we make and/or other sounds that impact our lives. In the last talk we focused on the 'cause and effect' of all the sounds of our spoken words....but before  we take up that subject again, let me philosophize a bit first.    

The most interesting aspect of studying the philosophical and Spiritual literature of the last several thousand years, is seeing the authors continue to look 'outside' themselves for the 'cause' of all the phenomena, good and bad, of their lives.

Even after all the Teaching of Jesus, except in a few cases, the Personal Connection between God and man has not been fact, has remained vague in most though it never occurred to the writers to look 'within themselves' for the Power they were writing about. 

However, perhaps there’s been a timetable....a matter of the Evolution of both Body and Soul. Perhaps until now current mankind (the physical self/mind/brain) hasn’t been capable of understanding the human/Soul Partnership, or awake to the Divine Possibilities within physical life. And thus humanity has not been ready to understand or accept responsibility for what is happening to them. 

I think this attitude changes in the new Aquarian cycle which brings with it, evolved perception of the 'Indwelling Soul'. There have been many Waves of Life on the Earth, each with a different purpose....perhaps, in their time, each Wave or group of Souls, developed to a level where Earth Life was no longer necessary and they went on to other Places....Other Mansions. 

Perhaps we are a Life Wave that is to progress, physically and Spiritually, beyond those who have gone before us. Perhaps the human mind has evolved to the point where it can submit and work with the Higher Authority of the Greater World. As well as to the Spark of indwelling Spirit, which is the Driving Force within the human life.

 Is this the time when the human is finally ready to join forces with the God-within...ready to work with a Soul Partner? 

At any rate if this is what is happening....and we are observing all the sense of change about us....then we need additional Information....we need the Spiritual Tools to live in this new environment

Where 'man and God' begin to rule the planet together

Where the 'Spark of God', I call 'Soul', is finally allowed to direct both the human and Soul Journey.

Certainly, there is a different, more Spiritually advanced Mind-set today than that of even a hundred years ago....or of fifty years ago, to which I can testify, in as much as I have experienced the changes.

 There are few people today who still think the way people were thinking fifty years ago....

There has been a huge shift in Perceptions about Self...both positively and sadly, also negatively. There appears to be a dividing of the Way....with those who can, moving ahead Spiritually and those, who can’t or won't, staying behind in the old thinking. 

It’s fairly easy for me to see the mind-set of two generations before mine, and two generations see there’s been a huge growth factor in how people, in general, think of themselves today and how they have seen themselves previously. And if we go farther back into history, we find a completely different world because of the way people viewed themselves, their world and their God.  

We are better educated today, in some other ways, less so. Very few of us have the classical education of years past....but what is interesting is the shift in priorities around education. Today we focus less on the past....and more on the present....particularly, in the area of understanding our psychology.... understanding how the human-us works.

And my Purpose here is to bring additional understanding about what the Spiritual levels of our lives are....where and why they are....suggesting that knowing and using this information will make a difference in our lives as we let our Soul Guidance take the lead.

Soul Guidance is God-Guidance....

giving us greater human wisdom and additional Spiritual Intuition. All of us have this Guidance and many are allowing the Soul to fully express Its God Qualities and Creative Impulses in their daily lives, as moment by moment we create.

We create with our thoughts, feelings, actions and with our words....and part of the human process forces us to 'accept responsibility' for any negative impact these thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words may have had on ourselves and others. Thus, at times we face 'problems' and look for 'answers'. And in that search for solutions to human situations, many of us look beyond the human and find our Soul Partner, Who is always there, ready and able to guide us.

We find many of our 'answers' in more peaceful, Spiritual thoughts, feelings and actions as we learn to give utterance only to those thoughts and feelings that originate in the Soul Mind.

Each day we have had a certain portion of Energy allotted to us....and for the most part, the human-us has had full control of that Energy.

Now, if we are wise, we will share control with our Soul partner....and learn to control all aspects of the domineering part of the human intellect that may try to suppress the Soul input. Our intellect is a wonderful tool....but an educated mind alone will not create the Connection to the Soul.

In fact, 'education' often short circuits Faith....

or Belief in Spiritual Ideas.

Today we see in modern life, individuals letting intellect take the place of Soulness in their Lives. If we wish to be in touch with the Godness within our lives, it helps to turn off the human mind and work to ignite and expand the Soul Flame within. Setting aside some of our intellectual ideas may be necessary if we are to make that sensitive Spiritual Connection with our Soul. 

There is writing on an ancient temple wall, that says “Man, know thyself”.

That continues to be the challenge.

 Regardless of race, creed, religion, nation or caste into which we may have been born, our Souls want to be, wait to be freed from human bondage.....from human opinion.

 Eventually each one of us, will one day wish to accept the challenge to discover WHO WE REALLY ARE....and we can make this discovery regardless of our human circumstances.....

nothing stands in our way, but us!

With all our human getting, it's time to include the 'getting of Understanding'. for without it, we cannot realize the Miracle of Life within ourselves....or beyond.       

 So with all of that as a preface, we get back to the subject of Sound....this time on a more metaphysical note.

We take up the Science of the Spoken Word. Both Guy and Edna Ballard and Mark and Elizabeth Prophet have written and taught much about this Science in modern times. I highly recommend the books they have written on the subject. 

Though not generally understood, 'Jesus' also taught about and through the Science of the Spoken word. He understood the Power that was released in Heaven and on Earth when He spoke.

When He affirmed, “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life”....

”I AM the Resurrection and the Life”

 and all the many other statements He gave us, He was teaching us to create by

invoking and using the Power of the Spoken Word

....which in the examples used, sets in motion powerful, high vibration, creative Energy.

'Jesus' prefaced many of His Statements with the words, I AM, which He knew released Energy from the Highest Source of All Power,

He taught that statements commencing with the words I Am are always a COMMAND TO LIFE

 Which is why we are to be are careful about what words we speak after  we say begin a sentence with “I AM”.......

...For we want those words that follow to activate only positive and correct and good events in our lives.

Thus we say, 'I am fine, thank you very much'...

rather than 'I am tired or I am sad'.

 Regardless of how we are feeling at the moment, we prefer not to color any of our Energy by verbally invoking “tired or sad” into our lives. 

For example, saying 'I am sad', creates or reinforces a vibration of sadness around us, guaranteeing that we will stay sad until we reverse that Command.

These are very important Spiritual Laws.

 We set into motion 'Power', through what we say and how we say it, and that Power directs the course of our lives.

The vibration of our Energy today depends on what Commands we have given in the past. So now, we control what we say, think or feel knowing that what we do determines what our lives will be like in the future.

 Always remembering that we are creating our lives, minute by minute.

So we take up the Spiritual study of the Spoken Word with the thought of consciously using that knowledge to improve our lives, understanding that any personal 'improvement' spreads out beyond us, improving the lives of all our Energy touches. We are getting our human act together....learning to accept the need to control our thoughts, feelings, actions, and especially our every spoken word in all our daily activities.

Humanly, we are proving ourselves to 'God'....doing it as we discipline ourselves to be people 'God' can depend on and work with.

And this is a good place to begin to talk about the vibration of spoken prayers and decrees which are specifically addressed to a Supreme Authority. And discuss the ways in which we generate Greater Power or Cosmic Energy when communicating with 'God' in this way.

 Prayers are always powerful ways to “talk to 'God' when we wish to  activate more Energy to Empower the activity of our lives. As we generate a greater amount of 'God Power or Energy' within ourselves, we can see the need for a more peaceful, harmonious human nature. We can easily sense the damage we might do to ourselves and others if we were to use that Power in anything but peaceful and harmonious ways. If we doubt this, look at the damage undisciplined human action has created in the world....and closer to home, we can look at our own lives to see if we have erred there in our use of Energy.

And from another aspect, if we continue to do 'wrong' misuse Energy, eventually the supply of pure Energy ceases to flow to us....whether we pray or not.

It is no wonder that our prayers are sometimes not answered....although, all sincere prayers are always answered, somewhere, sometime.

 But some times, the answers have to wait until we harmonize our feeling, thoughts and actions. Remember: We are not given more Power with which to continue to destroy ourselves or our world.

When Life withholds Power/Energy or withdraws Power, we are left without the means to solve the “problems” that to come into our lives. And finally when all Energy available to us is used, and our prayers do not produce more, the physical body dies and the Soul must withdraw to other places. 

It is so important for us to understand the tremendous force we activate through the use of the words 'I AM' followed by some qualification.

 Angry and hateful words and sounds must forever be abandoned if we are to have a full supply of every good thing necessary for a constructive Life.

We can understand this in seeing ourselves as Creators....knowing that we create “form of some sort” with every thought, feeling and sound that comes from us....yes, we do indeed create....

and we are responsible for everything we create.

 We speak and we create.

The quality of our whole lives is dependent on our understanding that statement....'we speak and we create'. The circumstances of our daily  human lives are what we are creating by the choices we make.

In a book called “within the Holy of Holies” I found this description of the Power of Sound. The author says it this way.... 

 “Through the Power of Sound, through speech, a person can bring upon himself every wrong in the world. And through the same Power he can bring upon himself every good in the world”. 

Most of us would rather not hear this because our speech is often our least guarded and most often used and mis-used asset. As we speak or sing....moan or groan....laugh or cry, we create a ripple in the Energy coming into us and going out from us.

 Remember: Energy/God Power comes into us Pure...we need to understand what happens as we project sound, of varying vibration, into that pure Energy.

 Further as Energy travels, it magnetizes to Itself, more Energy of the same vibration....happy Energy gathers more happy Energy....sad Energy, more sad Energy. So we can see the logical, good sense of attracting as much positive Energy around ourselves as possible....And we are all capable of living  good, positive, loving lives. 

With our growing knowledge of Energy and of vibration, we can finally realize what happened when 'God spoke' and 'nothing' became the form of everything that we know. One day we will know from our own experience why and how the 'Power of God’s Voice', whether spoken in Heaven or through these human vessels, is fully capable of creating everything we see on Earth or in Heaven. 

Today the human/Soul partnership is learning ways to activate the 'Power of God' on Earth. One way to activate that Power is by decreeing.


Thus, decreeing is one of the most powerful ways to use our human/Soul Voice to create meaningful lives....or to talk to the Higher Powers...Listen to this....I’m quoting,  

'a decree is the most powerful of all applications to the Godhead. It is the command of the son or daughter of God, made in the name of the I AM Presence and the Christ for the Will of the Almighty to come into manifestation as above, so below. It is the means where by the Kingdom of God becomes a Reality, here and now through the Power of the Spoken Word. The decree may be short or long and usually is marked by a formal preamble and a closing or acceptance.'

Let’s try this out....and invoke the 'Power of God' Let's ask for the 'Participation of Jesus' to assist us in fulfilling the work we will describe in the decree.

Speaking out loud, we can decree: 

'Almighty God, my own Mighty I AM Presence and Precious Jesus.... 

Make my human-self feel the Light of Your Love.

 Make that Light possess and control everything around me and forbid the approach of all that is unlike that Light.

 Give that Light to everyone I contact as a Blessing of Harmony and Peace.

 Help us all live in the Light of Your Love forever.....

I accept the fulfillment of this call ....

I thank thee, it is done.” 

Can you see how we have invoked, ie., called forth/decreed a Mighty Force into action, in speaking in this way to the Highest Powers.

And how, in uttering powerful affirmations, prayers or decrees we learn to be mindful of what we say and how we say it. We are mindful of what we might call our  “moral rectitude”.

Hopefully we have any negative humanness under control. Otherwise, the Spiritual Word we Speak, will not have the Power behind it to produce the Works for which we decreed. For Power is only released to and through us, when it can be seen that we can do no any harm to anyone or anything through our invoking/decreeing....or even in simple praying for more Light...which is God Energy. 

If we decree or pray against a person, that decree or pray will never be answered or fulfilled.... except that any Energy we may have put into negative motion through a negative action, will always boomer-rang against our own lives....thus, we can bring terrible tragedies upon ourselves, our family and country if we indulge in negative thoughts and feelings that are expressed mentally or verbally.

Just think of all the negativity spoken in the name of politics....among religious people. 

What I hope I'm getting across in these talks about the 'Power of Sound'....about the 'Power of our Spoken Word' that this Information is some of the most important, profound Information a person can have.

The only Knowledge more important is knowing about ourselves as a Spark of God Life and an I AM Presence and Holy Christ Consciousness and finally as the Soul-self that is the Life in the physical body....It is important that we see ourselves as a trinity of Godness in-action, experiencing the human/Soul Journey.

 After that comes the necessity to know how to direct our 'Power' constructively.

The 'Art of Cosmic Living' or 'right living' is not generally taught at this time. What is 'right living?'

Well, we could say that 'right living' carries with it first, human obedience to a Higher Power. For how many thousands of years have people rebelled against 'Laws of God'? Why have individuals felt that  those Laws were a yoke and a burden?

With very little thought it can be seen that rebelling against 'God' is rebelling against one’s own Soulness, against one’s own true God-Self which has to be the ultimate folly.

Humanity has had a great deal of help in learning to live constructively. We all know of Great Ones like Moses, who received the Ten Commandments and 'Jesus' Who taught the Commandment to Love One another....but there have been and are other great ones, like Buddha and Confucius, all sent to teach the practical Wisdom for everyday life. Mankind has never been without Teachers....great Masters Who come when needed to bring the Laws of Life....the Laws of God and to show us how to live Spiritualized human Lives.

And these Laws always come down to simple precepts. Such as: 

Love thy neighbor as thyself

Love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart and all thy Soul and all thy mind.

 Whether we are followers of any of the Great Religions, we can all understand the basic concepts of honesty. And 'right living' prepares a sound foundation for any Spiritual Activity or Service. Again, I quote, 

“In fact, if the Science of the Spoken Word is used without the correction needed in our way of life, it will not be effective, because the Law will not work for those who are out of alignment with that Law. If we steal, if we kill, if we partake of substances that we ought not to partake of, we are depriving ourselves of the benefits of the Pure Energy of the Word.”      

The Science of the Spoken Word....the intense prayer or fervent decree...can help us take care of little habits and the negative traits most of us cope with. We can overcome fear through our prayers and decrees...we can break the momentums of ancient Energies we Souls have coiled around ourselves for eons of time.

And instead of unwinding the coil turn by turn, we can break right through to the center of ANY impacted Energy, dissolving the negativity around that energy....setting us free....we can by our own efforts break old unproductive habits using the 'Power of God.'

We do it when we pray and when we decree....and we pray and decree more powerfully, with the Knowledge of WHO WE REALLY ARE....with the knowledge of WHERE OUR POWER COMES FROM and with the knowledge THAT WE ARE EXPECTED TO TAKE CARE OF BAD HABITS AND ALL NEGATIVITIES OURSELVES.



Then as activate these more powerful Heavenly Energies within ourselves, the vibration of our Energy, in and around the physical body is speeded up....and this in turn attracts and magnetizes to us, even more of the Heavenly Energies.

We find that as our Energy is cleaned up and speeded up, many of the distractions and difficulties of our lives begin to solve themselves. Speaking personally, it seemed to me as though a lot of the human fight went out of my life when I quite struggling and began to let the Christ Energy of my Soul flow in. And when I stopped mismanaging It with all my human likes and dislikes....all my human wants and needs.  

Eventually, if we are interested in engaging in the Ascension process, our purified Energy is drawn into an Ascending Spiral....thus allowing us to gradually complete the requirements for our Divine Plan as it pertains to this present Earth Experience.

Ascending for us at this time, may be the work of the may yet extend over many life experiences....but it is work we will all wish to do eventually and we need to know what is required of us. 


 Life is a Process of sorting out the many different and sometimes conflicting Spiritual Ideas that exist within world religions and philosophies.

It is also a Process of getting in touch with the hidden parts of our minds....of humanly getting acquainted with the Spark of Living Light within us.

If in time we find or recognize and are comfortable with our Soul Energy, which is Christ Energy, we will have realized our personal connection to even greater Godness.

It is being willing to dream the dream of Godness....

It is making any Herculean effort

 to be where and what God wants us to be....

doing what God wants us to do....

anyway, God wants us to do it....

It is a complete human surrender....

allowing us to be WHO WE REALLY ARE....