We Explore the Power of Sound # 1

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime.

Why so cruel? And how so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

We continue our exploration of the human journey....which Iíve come to believe is really the Journey of the Soul. Iím here to offer Ideas for ways to make it a more meaningful Journey for both Body and Soul.

ďAsk and it shall be given unto you: Seek and ye shall findĒ. OUR HUMAN/SOUL KNOWLEDGE AND EMPOWERMENT  IS GENERATED DAY BY DAY AS WE SEEK IT ...AS WE FIND IT....AS WE USE IT.... 


USING THAT KNOWLEDGE AND POWER, both humanly and Spiritually, allows us to EXPAND IT, MINUTE BY MINUTE.......DAY BY DAY... 



Thus it is that we live peacefully today, knowing we lay the groundwork for Peace and Freedom to be the way of the future for every man, woman and child on this planet tomorrow....using  this moment to stand up and say....





As we ask for Peace for the Earth, surely we understand that it has to begin with each Unit of Life....with each human/Soul Unit. Surely we understand that.

So each week, weíve taken a minute here to practice Peace by quieting our slowing the work of our hands and minds for a few moments....and then focusing on building a Wall of Powerful, Peaceful, Loving Light around ourselves. Iíve called it a Bubble of Silence....A Place of Quiet....and suggested that it be filled with Christ Love, the fragrance of flowers, a soothing sound.

 When the weather is nice I often sit by a pond, listening to the sound of water....this shuts out the world for those few minutes in which I can just be quiet....when I can allow my human mind and heart to rest from anything troubling....anything stressful....anything Iím working on.  

So we take this moment and visualize the Light being reinforced around each one of us....we know it is always there....always protecting us and nurturing us, and Blessing us and all it touches, whether we are thinking of it or not.

Now as we Wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

As we invite Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination and Peace to descend to Earth

Now back to exploring the Power of Sound and why perfecting our Understanding of that Power, helps us to become Instruments of Peace.

Every morning when we wake up, we are born to a new day. We do not need to  think of the past or remember mistakes...WE CAN REPLAY ALL THE OLD TAPES IF WE MUST....but we have the choice of focusing on those activities that are sufficient for that day....and if done to the best of our ability, will build a protecting, COMFORT ZONE about us minute by minute....and will insure the success of  future endeavors.

 Itís important to encourage in ourselves, a childlike sense of wonder and awe as Life unfolds around us, even in the simplest ways....a childís hug....a beautiful flower ...itís important not restrict our boundaries...but instead, continue to expand those boundaries of awe.

Itís important to get out of our boxes....we imprison ourselves, for all kinds of positive and negative, reasons in boxes or behind walls....walls of fear....walls of ignorance....walls of prejudice....walls of  family pride or social and economic many walls between  ourselves and others, between God and us.

I think itís important to look out and over and beyond those allow ourselves to get out of those self-created prisons and re-create for ourselves, a sense of newness, aliveness, of brightness, of greater possibility in everything we do. And we can do it in such simple ways and often by nothing more difficult than by being willing to change our attitudes and actions....being willing to take chances and willing ourselves to begin to live the Impossible Dream. We have to 'want it' to have it....

Creating these programs for you does this for me. It makes both my human and Higher Soul come alive....they now has something fascinating to do....and it fills the me, Body and Soul, with a powerful adrenaline. I know that as I think deeply into these Ideas, looking for ways to describe the Human/Soul Partnership to others, Iím filled with the more powerful Light of Understanding of my own Life.

 I know Iím expanding it, sending out into the world, all that  God Energy that flows through my Life. Each one of us is so special...and we can find the special ways to grow and stay open to New Information as we expand the Soul Energy that is our very special Life.

Life is about discovering new facets of ourselves everyday, opening to NEW IDEAS and finding ways to experience them. Every morning as we get out of bed, we can know that before that day ends we will be wiser, stronger and more humanly and Spiritually empowered. Each dayís Growth and Victory is the Next Step in our human/Soul Journey. 

So, it is with all this in mind that we go deeper into that important subject of an effort to determine how the vibration of sound affects our lives  Today  we focus on how sound that comes directly from us through our spoken word, affects our lives and the life of everything  it touches.

  This is a sensitive area in our where we have to look at our own actions. And what we discover, and how much we make our own, depends on our attitude and  RECEPTIVITY. An attitude of, being willing to receive more information... is an Open Door to all the Knowledge and Experience and Spiritual Energy we could every hope for or need.  

But first, let's talk about seven special and Powerful Light Rays focused on this planet for the Purpose of assisting any Soul here Who is ready and/or willing to take the next Spiritual steps forward. A study of these Seven Rays brings A NEW WAY TO LOOK AT THE HUMAN/SOUL JOURNEY. Today this Information is being offered to everyone, which in itself, is special to this cycle.

 If we walk through that Open Door into the Light of Expanded Information we will find the most routine activities of our lives taking on a new vitality....encouraging us to embrace new experiences. How long has it been since we read an inspiring book, tried out a new recipe, gone to a lecture or concert....had dinner with good friends.... taken a walk in the park....visited our childrenís school....washed the car....painted a beautiful picture....composed a sonnet....taken a trip...or volunteered to help someone who needed long since we just took time to listen to or talk to God?

  There are so many ways we develop and expand awareness and aliveness....doing it simply, day by day.....using our knowledge, and creativity and courage ...becoming Spiritualized human beings in the process....beginning to KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Now where does the subject of  'sound' fit into this picture? Well, 'sound' is nearly always part of everything we do or are involved in. We spend very little time in the time, we will want to spend more time there.      

But at the moment we need to think how  sound affects our daily lives....listening to the sounds around us, becoming aware of the quality of those sounds. 

Sound  vibrates. Our energy, Body and Soul, vibrates. How our energy vibrates identifies us, and depends entirely on what we do or have done....and what we have allowed to come into our lives past or present....itís important to believe that we are always dealing with past and present.

We speak and we change the vibration of the Energy in us and around us....causing it to glow more brightly or to become darker, depending on our words and our emotions ...and why is that?

 Earlier I spoke of being aware of our motives....well, something always motivates our a feeling of love, caring, concern, kindness causes our energy to glow....anything harsh or unkind, selfish or greedy darkens our energy....slows it down. If we are not mindful of 'watching our mouths'....listening to what weíre saying, thinking about why we are saying it...we can allow  our Energy to get sluggish and dirty, not unlike the polluted, slow moving stream of water....weíve all seen that....thus, the  sound of our spoken word, colored by our thoughts, feelings and actions. changes positively or negatively, the Quality (frequency) of our Energy....

The Quality (frequency) of our Energy identifies us to the Higher Minds.

Bright shining Energy indicates a constructive, kind and caring Spiritual person....muddy energy, full of streaks of red and black identifies an angry, vengeful, greedy and uncaring atheistic person. We can hide nothing from the God side of Life....the Quality of our Energy tells Them all about us. 

Our Energy Fields, physical, mental and emotional are like sponges....always absorbing the Energy with which we come in contact, unless we shut it out. And that is the reason for keeping that Wall of Light sealed tightly around us, all the time....which, repels anything unlike the vibration of the Pure Light.

Today, most people donít know how to draw the Light around themselves for protection from negative vibrations. And, without knowing it, people can often be drawn into situations that donít serve them. ...and they end up being pulled this way and that.....getting into physical situations difficult to get out of. 

So, we need to know that we do absorb the vibrations of sounds that are both good, and not so good, for us....we need to know how certain sound affects our lives and the Life of the planet as a whole. We need to know HOW what we what we come in contact with causes our lives to be the way they we create our daily human many times we impede our Spiritual development.

 Our spoken word can be our friend or foe. We intelligent people get ourselves into some sad and unpleasant situations through the sounds we utter. We rarely understand what part we play in creating the personal drama of our lives....particularly the drama we think we didnít initiate.

Do we have responsibility....the answer is always yes, yes, yes....yes, we do. And from many standpoints....but letís suggest that we begin by listening to the sounds that come from our own mouths, minute by minute.  

Stop right now and think....ask yourselves....' what were the last sounds that came out of my mouth'?.....Was I speaking love and comfort and friendship....was I mad at my wife or husband....or yelling at the kids or criticizing their friends. ...was I judging someone....was I listening to the sounds coming from a radio and television.... listening to and absorbing the vibration of loud and often vulgar, ugly music. Was I watching one of the court room scenes, hearing people ranting at each other? Did I just listen to some TV political, economic rhetoric....or descriptions of disasters?

Be assured that what ever we listen to, we take into our lives, not only Ideas, but some of the vibration of any sound involved, as well as the energy that motivated the sound we heard....we absorb that into the energy of our lives.....unless we know how to keep that energy and vibration out. 

Think of the sounds of our crowded cities....sirens, horns....even noise from the skies....and from the sports stadiums, theme parks, movies and live shows, all ostensibly entertaining us with sounds....with noise. Do we have any idea what is happening to our Energy, within and around us, when  the sounds we utter or the sounds we hear....are harsh and ugly, confrontational, angry, hateful, sad, complaining, critical....need we go on?  

We have said that Energy as it flows to us from our Holy Christ Self is comes into the physical body under the Direction of our Souls....clean and ready for the human/Soul use. We immediately begin to imprint It with our thoughts, feelings, actions and most especially with the Energy of our spoken word. So here we have this lovely, pure Energy....It flows in through the Energy center just above our heads, coming first into the Etheric or Spirit Envelope where it then flows down into the physical body....energizing all the major and minor chakras and other Energy centers....energizing every atom of our entire being....centering Itself in our hearts and spreading out into the Body from there. As long as the body breathes, this process goes on.


Iím going to take a minute and again describe this process....Energy flows to us in a figure eight pattern....from the heart of our I AM Presence, crossing at the point of the Heart of the Holy Christ Self, making the turn back up as it flows into our physical hearts.  

To get a good idea of what Iím describing....get a piece of paper and a pencil.... draw three points vertically....draw a circle between the top and middle points and a circle between the middle and lower have two circles one on top of the other. Now take your pencil and put it on the top point....thatís your Mighty I AM Presence...move  the pencil along the right side of the curved line down to the middle point, thatís your Holy Christ Self. Now, let it cross through that point following the curve of the circle, to the opposite or left  side, and follow the circle down to the lower point, your physical heart.

 And then let it return up again, making the figure eight pattern let your pencil trace that figure eight over and over and over and over....imagine the Light of God flowing this way to you, over, say,  sixty, eighty, maybe a hundred years.........thatís how the Energy flows into the human being....flowing from the Higher Energy Source, the I AM Presence, through the Christ Body, to the Soul Connection...and finally reaching the human heart....realizing It has come all the way to us from the Ultimate Source of All That Is....and it flows and flows...... 

Now this Pure Energy flows into and passes through our physical world which consists not only of our physical body but also of a mental and emotional Energy well as the Soulís Etheric Sheath....these are four bodies of Energy provided for the use of the embodied Soul. And we live our entire lives in this personally imprinted Energy.....whether in body....or as Spirit....Energy given to us for our use....and for which we are responsible. And one day we return It, pure as It was given to us, to the Ultimate Source.


Weíve said we color or change the vibration of that Pure Energy by our thoughts, feeling, actions....and now we add, by the sounds that come out of our mouths....sounds that are always motivated by those positive or negative thoughts, feelings and actions.

 Our Mission, if we care to accept it, is to color this Energy with more beauty, with more generous, loving thoughts, with feelings of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy....with Faith, Hope and Charity ..with all our kind, caring and considerate actions toward our fellow men and women. 

Now the other side of the coin....Do we have any idea what we do to ourselves and to others, when we abuse this Pure Energy with human thoughts, feelings and sounds that less than described above.

Picture this with me..... picture this pure, iridescent, sparkling Energy as it flows into clean, sparkling spring water.....then picture what happens to it as we use it in any ugly or disgusting manner the human is capable of.

Picture again, if you can bear it....picture the most polluted rivers and lakes and even our oceans the human race is responsible for allowing on this planet....and believe me when I tell you that THAT is what happens to the Energy of our own lives and we take that out and pollute the whole world with It.   

All negative sound, triggered by some undesirable thought, feeling or action degrades or pollutes our Energy....reduces It to a lower vibration. And this befouled Energy becomes then, the worldís human consciousness....a creation of low vibrational consciousness in which we live our lives.

 Can we then see how Energy, warped and twisted by ugly thoughts, feelings and sound, becomes devoid of all graciousness and Truth. Can we see why we have the problems of the planet....the problems of our own lives And the saddest part is, weíve done it to ourselves....we chose this route. Now to reverse this, we have to choose a different route. 

Remember in another talk we said that most of us could improve our lives if only we desired to do that....that we just have to do certain things and stop doing other things....for most of us, itís not a big reach. We just have to wake up and know somethingís wrong with todayís society....and figure out, THAT WE ARE THAT PROBLEM....each one of us who pollutes our pure Energy or the pure Energy of others....WE ARE THE PROBLEM. 

And to become the solution to the problem,  we begin improving the quality of the energy within and around us. For starters we begin monitoring what we watch or listen to TV.

 Prime time TV family programming should be considered a national crime.....

Today itís doing more to ruin our lives and the lives of our children than we can estimate....stop and listen to what is being said and how it is being said....look at what is being suggested or actually graphically shown....if we really stop and analyze what is being shown on TV....and if we are really concerned about the quality of our life and our familyís  life and the life of the people of this planet, we will not allow the ugly, often obscene, murderous vibration, both of sight and sound to enter our homes.

Again and always, we come to choices....we haul our garbage to the dump....but allow garbage (low vibration) Energy to stay or enter our homes and places of business.... and then we wonder whatís the matter with us and with society.

 What are we thinking about? The answer is that we arenít thinking....and we simply must begin to see what is going on around us. And then we wonít wonder why crime and disease are rampant....why today we are building more and more prisons and hospitals and mental institutions....the figures are frightening and where does it stop? 

So letís work on this and start to listen to the sound of our own voices....and what we are saying....husbands to wives, wives to husbands....especially listen to what we saying to our children and how we are saying it....and what motivates us as we say it.  I loved being a parent....and sometimes I got it right as I worked and lived with my children. Today I affectionately watch parents, fathers and mothers, with their children. Some are getting it right....but many other arenít.

So each of us can watch ourselves, not to critique but to learn. We can watch and listen to ourselves with our children, whether theyíre young and at home or whether theyíre grown and have families of their own. There appears to be very little gentleness between parents and children these days....and almost little displayed outwardly by either, in many cases.

 What we often see are children being ignored and/or being ordered around by parents like 'drill sergeants', who rarely remember to say 'please' or 'thank you'.

And thus, we have children becoming more and more insensitive, not only to the parent but to everyone with whom they come in contact..... actually becoming more and more like the insensitive parent.

 The epidemic of the near future will be what to do with these aging parents, who are often neglected or ignored buy their grown children....and more and more are being left to the State to care for. And more and more states are examining euthanasia as the 'way out' for dealing with the problem arising from there being no one wishing to take responsibility for an  often infirm parent, who is not loved by the adult child.


The sounds the Angels hear, as They watch and listen to what we do and say, must be a shattering experience, as we do, (actually and often), shatter the Atomic Structure of the Energy given to us by what is todayís normal and regular ďdiet of soundĒ.

 And we wonder why our children kill and why they and their parents are on drugs or dying of some horrible disease. The nervous systems of many people have been destroyed or deranged, not only by  the way we speak to or at each other, but by the jungle sounds coming from the so-called music of the past thirty years. These sounds can never enter Heaven...nor the sounds of unending war and pain and hate and despair coming from many places on the planet. 

Much of the Energy of this planet has been distorted into chaotic patterns that do not serve the human or the Soul. If we wish to live well....or even survive the coming years, we have to do something about this....or perish. And 'living well' is as simple as raising the vibration of the Energy in which we are living our lives.

When we are willing to do this, our children will stop killing....women will stop aborting the new Life trying to be born onto the and now women, will stop training to go to war ....disease will is, again and always, up to us. Itís our choice to build either a Heaven and Hell wherever we work, at play, with our children, our families...then we live in them here as well as on the other side. 

Now a final thought for today....think of  the natural disasters all over the world.... do we know what causes them? Itís time to know that Nature also rejects distorted Energy....and convulses and rises up as a way to throw off what we people have imposed on life.

We need to understand the natural consequences of how our dirty energy is magnetized to more dirty energy and becomes, in time, the huge whirlwinds creating natural disturbances....tornadoes and hurricanes....earthquakes, disastrous fires, tidal waves....all returning to the areas where the Energy was generated....we need to know how Energy works....we need an understanding of the Power of Vibration and its effect upon both the visible and invisible matter.

We need to put two and two together and believe that over time, we people have spoken, thought, felt and acted both the good and the evil into our lives....and the Life of our planet Otherwise, how did it get here?  

The sad thing about our unfortunate ďspoken wordsĒ is that no one forces us to speak. Of our own Free Will we choose to speak.... and we can speak beauty and kindness and understanding as easily as we can speak ugliness at each other as we fulfill our human/Soul purpose.

I believe relationships are our most important responsibilities at this time... perhaps they always were. And whether we express Love in great or small ways, true affection and respect for each other, must be the goal of every relationship.... family, business or community.

The ONLY WAY we are going to change anything on this planet is to 'color' our Energy with the Highest Vibration we know of.....which is the feeling we associate with pure unselfish Love. It is the most Powerful Energy of Supreme Beingness....and itís up to us, whether or not we choose to allow It to flow into us.               

Love is the Power that finally Empowers our lives, but that empowerment only happens as we develop a peaceful, harmonious human nature.

We must remember: We speak and we create.

The quality of our whole lives is dependent on our understanding that statement.

We speak and we create....and the Quality of Life of both Body and Soul is what we create. 

ďThrough the Power of Sound, through speech, a person can bring upon himself every wrong in the world. And through the same Power he can bring upon himself every good in the worldĒ. May we choose our words wisely. 

With our growing knowledge of Energy and of vibration we can finally realize what happened when 'God spoke and nothing became everything'.

One day, we will know from experience why and how the Power of 'Godís Voice', whether spoken in Heaven or through these human vessels, is fully capable of Creating/Forming everything we see on Earth.

Or in Heaven.