We Listen To Our Hearts # 2 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime. Why so cruel? How so sublime?. 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

I come again to continue the search for answers to help us overcome our cruelness, to discover what it is that makes us so sublime....and to share thoughts about what I have called our human/Soul Partnership. 

Many of these thoughts will be new and different  Hopefully they will be received as another way to look at life. For me they are Mystical Ideas of Hope needed to replace the many false, material ideas of hopelessness that is the state of mind of much of humanity today.   

I offer these as Ideas only ....understanding that as we move along our Path of Soul Discovery, it’s clear that not everyone is seeking as we are seeking. Or seeing Life as we are now seeing Life.

 I perceive that each of us is living and learning in our own unique way. So much hate and disagreements start as people discover that someone is out of step with their thinking. So we have to allow others to seek and think in their way.

We are only responsible for perfecting ourselves.

To keep it simple, I explore Ideas within a Modern Metaphysical, Christian familiar to many of us....and focus on the Spirituality of the Prince of Peace....believing that securing Peace and Freedom for the people of the planet is our most pressing need....and believing we can all agree on will you join me in saying,



Our greatest challenge as we work for Peace for all, is to put away our judgment.

 And let others live without our condemnation.

Our humane and Spiritual challenge is just to become our brother’s non judgmental keeper.

 The greatest tragedies of this planet have come from groups of people who have become infatuated with their personal Spiritual perception or have used those perceptions for power trips.....and thus have and still do, inflict terrible suffering on innocent others.

As often as not, these perceptions are used for political and economic purposes....but are advertised as Spiritual Ideas that then become the basis for an organized Religion. History records how religions have been used to control people....becoming mandatory....

with everyone being forced to worship in one way....or off with your head. 

I believe that any degree of religious intolerance is an abomination. If we’re listening to our Soul Voice, we won’t fall into that trap, either of allowing ourselves to be forced....or to force others to our way of thinking. We all have the Christ Guidance we need to travel our personal Path in dignity and honor....never forcing our opinions or judgment on others.

And by the same token, we won’t be swayed from the Guidance of our Inner Voice just because others can’t hear theirs. This is a good time to paraphrase a passage from an older metaphysical book. It speaks to the person who may feel stuck or who is looking for information beyond what a particular organization can offer....and as we’ve just said, each of us has the right to worship and reach Godward according to their Soul that end I quote the following: 

To have any value, religious sentiment must spring spontaneously from the depth of our Being. To meditate, to believe, to pray by a system of rules arbitrarily imposed by a religious organization, necessarily arrests, (ie. stops), all spiritual progress and paralyzes the spontaneity of every effort of the Soul.

In following the difficult Road of Spiritual progress or in assisting others to find it, the essential factor is, not compulsory guidance by doctrine or precept, but the spontaneous aspirations of the Soul towards celestial regions, kindled in the Heart by Divine Love.

These intense aspirations constitute vibrations of high potentiality, which, by effecting the development of certain cells, enables the aspirants to reach a higher plane of spiritual existence.

The only vibrations that can render these cells supersensitive are generated by our intense and continuous aspirations toward that Divine Love which permeates all Creation”.

That quote is from a book called “Balthazar” 

We could spend a lot of time with that remarkable validates what I’ve been saying about the High Vibration of Love....encouraging us to continue to strive for Spirituality in our daily lives.... knowing that in time we will reach the Higher Planes of Spiritual Existence, as we day by day, change the vibration of the cells of our body.

And it’s important to realize that it is ONLY the High Vibrations generated by our intense and continuous Love to Life, that make the cells of our bodies super sensitive. I love knowing this....that there is a simple, uncomplicated way that gradually draws us up to those levels of Angelic again, here again, in different words is the message to “Seek first the Kingdom which is nothing but Love”....and to remember always to “Love one another.” That’s easy. We can all do that. 

What may not be as easy is freeing ourselves from chains of old beliefs....often imposed  by ourselves as well as by others. It often means finding the road that allows us to follow our own Bliss. For me it suggests that no matter what road we take, it needs to be one where we can hear the Murmur of our Soul Heart....being conscious of the Information we get continuously....knowing its always right there to help us meet both our human and Spiritual needs of the moment. To me it means believing  our needs are being met. Belief is a great tool.

Many people fail to see that they have outgrown the information and perhaps the ritual of their current Spiritual teaching. We can fail to recognize that we are ready for a new classroom.....this happens in many phases of our lives....whether it pertains to a new job, a new location, a new home....or any of the ways we move ourselves along throughout our lives. If we are determined to grow, we have to be where the action is that suits our level of ability and desire and needs of the moment.

 If we fail to listen to Inner Direction, stagnation can set in or we can miss a very important boat. We all know people who have stopped growing...or who have given up. If we are LISTENING TO THE MURMURING OF OUR HEARTS....TO OUR SOUL VOICE.... AND IF WE WILL FOLLOW WHERE IT LEADS.....we will always be, as my father used to say to me....”in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. And we will be ignoring all thoughts to the contrary....for we often have a lot of chatter going on in our heads as we try to confuse ourselves with human logic.

If we can just stay true to the Belief that God is there within us....that our Soul is always right there within the physical close as hands and feet....always ready and willing to speak to us individually....if we can stay focused on The Godness within us, we will always have Individual Divine Direction all the time. It is this Faith and Belief that will eventually develop within us those attributes that God expects and needs from the human us. 

I recently had a book, fall into my hands, as it’s called


and is written by George Ritchie....

It’s a Near Death Experience story....and recommended reading for everyone, for a number of reasons. But it was this statement that caught my attention. 

Mr. Ritchie ends his encouraging story with these words, words that echo my Beliefs...for he says,

 “God is busy building a race of men 'who know how to love'. I believe that the fate of the earth itself depends on the progress we make....and that the time now is very short. As for what we’ll find in the next world, here too I believe that what we’ll discover there depends on how well we get on with the business of loving here and now....”


In this story George Ritchie tells of being clinically dead for about nine minutes....he tells of a Powerful Jesus coming to him....This is how he describes this meeting....”I knew that this Man Jesus, loved me. Far more even than Power, what emanated from this Presence was unconditional astonishing Love....a love beyond my wildest imagining. This Love knew every unlovable thing about me....and accepted and loved me just the same” 

Ritchie tells of his “life review”....from the time he was born until his death. Every detail was looked at. And then this question was asked. “What did you do with your life?”

And Ritchie told Him of several accomplishments. And the reply, ”that glorified you”

Ritchie was asked, “how much have you loved with your life? Have you loved others as I am loving you? Totally? Unconditionally?” 

Ritchie records how foolish he felt trying to find an answer ....he hadn’t known a love like that was possible, and he felt indignant that no one had ever told him about unconditional Love and the answer came back to him...

.”But I did tell you....I told you by the Life I lived. I told you by the death I died....and if you keep your eyes on Me, you will see more...”

And Jesus takes him to various planes where the Soul can go after the body dies....and he got to see ways and places where the Soul can be trapped in the astral planes due to the unloving, arrogant, egotistical, cruel ways of the human mind and emotions. He was shown the hideous consequences of what non-love does to life. He was also shown that never is anyone left without help....

He says, “I clearly saw that  none of the wretched Souls had been abandoned. They were being attended, watched over, ministered to by legions of Angels....even in that state, no Soul was abandoned even though they were incapable of seeing the Light of Jesus or the Angels who were there to help them.

Ritchie concludes that earthly appetites, absorption with self and all else that gets in the way of the Light of in the case of Souls after the death of their bodies who can’t see the Light of Jesus and the Angels.

 He decides it is ungoverned human actions that create the separation between the Soul and God. And let me interject this thought. It is what creates the belief people have in separation between the human and Souls in our daily life.

 And it is the Soul that has been derelict in policing the human....and it is the Soul that suffers the consequences. The Soul must again be recognized and be allowed its proper place in our human lives as was originally intended...this separation must cease.   

Jesus takes Ritchie to a bright planet....there was no clamoring human ego among the busy people there....and he sakes, “did these people grow beyond selfish desires? ”And Jesus replies, “They grew and they have kept on growing”....but even these people did not see the Light of Jesus....

Ritchie realizes that while these people were far above the ones on lower planes, still they couldn’t SEE Jesus even though He was standing in their midst.....even though they knew about him and were searching for him in books....

And finally Ritchie was shown a glimpse of a Heavenly Place and of Souls surrounded by Light, who knew Jesus when they saw Him....

Ritchie regains consciousness.....he’s a soldier in the second world war and he concludes his story by telling about a prisoner he meets after the fall of Germany....a man who should have been skin and bones like all the other prisoners, but who is healthy.

 The man tells Ritchie that after his wife and children were murdered by the Nazis....instead of hating them, knowing what hate could do to people’s minds and bodies, he decided that he would love every person he came in contact with in that concentration camp and ever after.

 Ritchie saw that this man’s determination to “love every person” had empowered him in the face of every wartime privation. Ritchie felt it was the same Christ Power he had experienced in his near his death experience with Jesus....and saw that this man had let that Power shine through his life. He saw the physical  results. 

Ritchie says he began to understand how all-important our lives are on this earth in God’s Plan...

and later in life, when he was asked to tell this story in order to obtain a job, and thinking no one would believe him, he asks Jesus, “Lord what do I do now?”  

And the reply, “Deny me before man and I will deny you before my Father”. 

 So there it is ...all that Truth about how we can live our lives safely and productively....but to do it there is something we must do....George Ritchie found it in acknowledging and accepting the Christ Light through a profound meeting with the Christed Jesus.

We may never have that kind of personal experience, but we have access to the same Christ Power as it flows to us through our own Souls directly from our Holy Christ Self. We can say,

 “Oh Holy Christ Self, I acknowledge your Presence in my Life....I accept the Energy and Love and Direction of the Christed Jesus in my life...”

and now we’ve done our part. We’ve opened the door to Heaven.....and now we are to stay focused on Christ Light....we fill our Bubble of Silence with it. 

When Jesus said “I AM with you always”

it was to say, among other things, that the Energy....the Quality of Life He came to demonstrate in the form of His Powerful Christed Love was always there and waiting for us to

 avail ourselves of it  ....

and it flows to us constantly through our personal God level Self....our Soul.

 And if we need a more powerful concentration of that Christ Love to accomplish some worthy goal in Life, we call to Jesus to amplify His Love and Power through us to accomplish any worthy you see how simple and logical that is? 

And to add another layer of assurance to my theories about all of this....this morning my friend, Gayle, in Florida, e-mailed me this Message. This is my interpretation of words that were written on the wall of a store in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


I am God. Today, Jesus and I are in charge of all your problems. Please remember that We do not need your help.

If the Devil by accident puts you in a situation which you cannot manager, DO NOT TRY to fix it. Put it nicely in the in-box TFJTD (Things for Jesus to do). He will get around to it in His time, not in yours.

Once you have put the situation in Our in-box, don't try to move it up to the top or try to take it out. Moving it or taking it out will only delay the solution of the problem. If it becomes a situation which you might be able to deal with, please consult Him in prayer to check if this is the right solution.

Because He doesn't sleep or rest, you don't have to lose any of your sleep. We encourage you to take it. Rest, my child, If you need to contact Us, We are only a prayer's distance away.                                  

Gayle concludes her e-mail with the comment that 'That’s a truism worth keeping'

....and I couldn't agree more and want to take those thoughts a step further. 

As we accept the Truth of God’s ever present help within us, we can bring it in closer to home by acknowledging the Godness within us. If we listen we can hear our Souls saying,

 “Good morning....I am your Soul. Today I am in charge of all your problems....” 

Then we can take it up higher and listen to the Voice of our Holy Christ Self and hear It say to us...

"Good morning ....I am your Holy Christ Self. Today I am in charge of all your problems...." 

Or take it up higher and listen to the Voice of our I AM Presence and hear

"Good Morning....I’m your I AM God Presence. Today I AM in charge of all your problems." 

We can take what we see as our problems....I have a friend who calls them “opportunities”...we can take our opportunities to Jesus....and to Supreme Godness Itself....but what’s important is knowing we have, built right into us, the 'Spark of God' that can help the human-us get our Earth Work done.

 Over the ages, mankind has been told by Angels and other Great Ones,

“Call unto to us for help and we will answer you, for we and you are a part of a great Web of Light stretching throughout the Universe, reaching into every nook and cranny. Together we keep the Great Machine of Life moving....we are all part of that Great Machine." 

Now another metaphysical Law:

Physical work, the getting of Knowledge and Spiritual Exercises  that only benefit us, do not bring us closer to our Goal of becoming Spiritualized human Beings.

Part of the process of Spiritual Growth is to put into practice all with which we are entrusted. And the first part of the equation is that 'knowing, in and of itself', is not enough....

one must prove Knowledge by doing.....

and by sharing.

 Sharing our lives, shares our Light....thereby sharing and expanding God Light on this Planet. It adds to that Web of Light....that Lighted Brotherhood which eventually eliminates the darkness. 

These are simple if sometimes subtle requirements. But as we fulfill our responsibility to those requirements, we are allowed to ask for more Information, more human experiences and more Guidance.

It often allows us to converse, one on one, telepathically, with Heavenly Ones whose Duty it is to guide and assist us. It allows us to discuss our personal life issues with should I marry, should I have a baby, should I take that job....should I move to that town....

Not that they can tell us what to do....they can’t. Our Free will rules....and we have to make our own choices. But it is very interesting to note that when we discuss our issues with the Heavenly Life, we get the Answers to our questions in ways we might not have expected. We cannot ask for Information and not get some kind of an Answer.  

Do we all realize that all the days of our life, there are Human and Soul Qualities we will be developing? We are constantly striving for balance between the physical and Spiritual sides of our Nature.

If we have developed our human/Soul partnership, we will find ourselves doing those things most likely to achieve that balance. 

And it’s not difficult to find general Information about both the human and Soul process. Massive amounts of Information exist....just visit a bookstore....and there’s religion and  philosophy in every modern language.

What is harder to find is the Mystical Information. The Mystical depths of religion are not always taught to the casual seeker. Christians, for example could make a life time study of the Bible, and still be unaware of some the many Mystical references hidden within its text. Why hidden? Because, we are told, not everyone is ready at a given time, for certain Information.

I have assumed that’s the reason Information comes to us in various ways, always apparently, when we’re ready for it. However, if we demonstrate an interest, we’ll be led, step by step to the each new level of Truth as we are ready for. It is the same for all steps of our lives....when we get a new job or have some great experience, it’s because we are ready for it.

 However, it is the Mystical, invisible side of our Life, that holds the answers to most of our questions. I found that twentieth century religion has huge gaps in the Information it can convey regarding the Invisible-us. I think that’s the reason Life seems so empty for so many....people lack or refuse to accept sufficient Spiritual Information about Invisible Life to make human life fulfilling.

 I wonder how long it will be before people know that the human body is the Temple or Vehicle for their Soul's use....or realize that until they understand this....understand that the human us is the very special Vehicle for the indwelling Aspect of God we call Soul, that not until then, will they glimpse the Idea I’m describing as the human/Soul Partnership. It isn’t until we sense that Interior Relationship” that we have with the Gentling and refining Power we call God, will we begin to glimpse what Life on Earth is all about. 

I often wonder how God plans to gentle the unruly human spirit at work today. Do we have to suffer some disaster before we wake up....and then, will we wake up in time....and if so, wake up to what, in as much as so many have so little understanding of Life. We have thousands of 'Ideas of Godness' at work on this planet. Will they, I wonder, work if we need them.

I think about the story of Noah and the Flood....and all the worry about Armageddon....and the news is full of examples of small, personal Armageddon’s all over the planet....floods, fire, bombs, murders, illness, bankruptcy....millions are going through personal Armageddons day and night.

Is this their wake up call? Does what we see and hear of, going on around us, point to the arrival of some kind of a Spiritual  Awakening? 

My sense of Godness on Earth is that it is like the seed lying deep, asleep in the ground, waiting for the plow to bring it up to the Light where it can begin to grow.

 Sleeping mankind is like that. When will God send the plowman? Hopefully, people the time to make the necessary effort to apply both old and new Information in all areas of their lives.

There has too long been an over emphasis on the human aspect of Life...and Spiritual expression of a new type is needed to bring a balance. It is needed in individual homes, in business, in government and in churches throughout the world.

 A new Perspective is needed.

We must not longer leave God out of our lives....or neglect our Souls. We do so at great risk to our future.

 Fortunately, the Earth, the human and Soul are all going through a huge Spiritual growth spurt together. Perhaps as we progress out of this cycle, many experiences will be solved for us. Perhaps our job is simply to get ready for the Incoming Energy already flowing onto the planet. Our job is to raise the vibration of our Energy.

The planet is a living organism and has its own life cycles. So even the planet is moving on within an increasing flow of Energy that is very evident to many people. And apparently we People of Earth, do move on willingly with the flow or as they say, “get left behind” in some way.

 In these programs we’re only concerned with Moving on, Body and Soul. Whatever is destined for the Earth with its changing cycles is in the hands of Supreme Godness....It may or may not be changed by what we do.

 It is the outcome of our lives that hangs in the balance....we need to point our Spiritual Antennas in right direction. And all the Information and Inspiration is available. We are never alone in our Journeying. We just have to get on with it....perhaps it starts as we choose to give up spending so much time indulging in material things. We have some interesting choices to make.

 We are Spiritual Beings. We are not the human self. Each of us is an Immortal Soul, an indestructible 'Spark of God'. We temporarily live in a body designed to do the work that must be done on this planet.

Any one can prove this by listening to the Inner Voice of our Soul which is distinct from the thoughts and desires of our physical bodies. Many people practice forms of meditation to prove this, and I recommend going into the Silence to still the outer mind and emotions that are always chattering away. It’s the easiest way to experience the Sound of Soulness....but I tell you, it is not the only way.

If one will listen, in the midst of everyday activity, in the midst of the most awful trauma, the Direction and Encouragement of the Soul can be discerned. Our Souls are waiting to be heard and want to be listened to. They want to help us....

But maybe most important in the scheme of Body and Soul is the fact that the Soul can make no progress on Earth until It can get the human partner to listen.

There is the vast world of Christ Love and Joy within the Soul, just waiting to be released through the human journey. The human being must let it happen. 

The Soul has an agenda....a Divine Blueprint. The Soul has chosen to come here to Earth to fulfill a special purpose. Nothing can get done if the human will not cooperate. Think about, the Soul, embodied in a stubborn or ignorant human body, struggling to find a way to realize your True Purpose.

Take a moment and think about this....and feel the Life that is beating your heart....that Life is the Real, a mighty, powerful Spiritual Being Who has chosen to come to Earth to serve God here.  

Many educated people have a hard time believing in God, believing they are a Soul, because many study the materialistic approach of science. They get taken in by some of the scientific pronouncements. But some scientists are now saying that there is a Core of Truth behind Spiritual experiences.

 There is  scientific evidence to refute the view that says that we are nothing but the electrical and chemical impulses of our brains.

 Science will yet give in to God and begin to listen to the murmuring of the Heart.