We Listen To Our Hearts # 1 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel....sublime. Why so Cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic. I’m here to continue my exploration of Ideas that seek to understand what we call Life. 

Our world is part of a great and grand Plan. Knowing this helps us understand the Grander Aspects of our personal lives....much in the same way traveling to foreign countries makes us less provincial. And the human experience makes more sense to us, if, early on, we glimpse some of the expanded Ideas of Universal Life, and can tie some of those Ideas into what we experience here.

 It certainly helps us if we know the close and ever present Aspect of our Soulness....always there....always ready to share in the everyday events of our lives. No more waiting to get to Heaven to finally experience God. When we know our Souls, we know God. when we know God, we know’s an interesting circle. 

This program focuses on the need for both human and Spiritual Peace and Freedom in the Circle we call Life and offers thoughts on what we need to know to assure those qualities of life for all the people on this planet....further, if civilization as we now enjoy is to survive, there is our need to put Peace and Freedom before all else we desire....taking a stand and declaring,



While we may recognize a Greater Power as being a major player in the expanded Universe, we often neglect to unravel the mystery of God, so close in our lives in the form of our Souls. Nowadays our educated human nature thinks it doesn’t need God as it goes merrily on its way. It wasn’t until I realized that, that I began to leash the human desires and unleash the Soul Energy....and it isn’t an easy job, for most of us have very powerful human natures....probably developed over many life experiences. Hopefully we have equally or more powerful Soul natures also developed over long periods of time. 

So, keeping our human under control becomes an exercise in vigilance and determination. Watching every thought, feeling, action and spoken word while remaining responsible and responsive to the needs of family, business, society and all that occupies our time and attention day in and day out. It’s a full time job. And it’s speaks to our need to stay within that protected Bubble of Light we’ve been building around ourselves, keeping it filled with powerful Christ Light, staying focused on the positive values.

The Christ Light shields us from negative human consciousness, that might try to drive into our lives. It is easier to keep our human nature under our Soul Control when we stay in the Light....often preventing accidents and unhappy incidents. 

So let’s take this moment to get quiet....and reinforce that Bubble of Peace and Quiet we are building around ourselves...let’s relax, and 

Wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing Opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

Opening our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And inviting Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth


We’ve talked about how we grow up and go out into the world, often ill equipped to cope with our experiences. We are young, we lack any real experience at living independently on the human stage....and we have little or no knowledge about ourselves, humanly or Spiritually.

 Few of us know anything about the Invisible, Soul side of our lives, or how it is meant to help us in our daily lives. If we have Ideas of our Soulness, we often don’t know how to make it work for us.  

These talks are taken from a group of Essays I call “A TEXTBOOK FOR THE SOUL”....and I originally wrote them as a way to force myself to think deeply into the various aspects of human beingness and interior Godness. It was to teach myself to listen, and to allow my ever present Soul to guide me in my daily efforts.

I needed to do this because my human is very capable....and I had the bad habit of only asking for help when I couldn’t humanly 'do it all' myself.

This meant that my Soul Partner was being left out of the decision making part of most my experiences. As I began to understand this, I commenced the process of re-aligning the two natures....human and Soul.

I was finally learning that the human was never meant to struggle with Life or “do it all” alone. And I eventually realized that everything was intended to be done as a Partnership of 'man and God'.

It was difficult coming to grips with that concept because the old sayings, such as  “God helps him who helps himself” kept getting in the way.....I really thought I had no right to ask God for help, that I was humanly responsible, until I dropped. And only then did I think I had the right to ask for help. 

At that time I hadn’t yet figured out that if I’d allowed the More Powerful, Higher Soul Energies to integrate with my human energy, there would never have been an occasion to need all would have been provided up front....the Higher Life always knowing what is needed....and I believe my daily life might have flowed in an easier Manner.

 Today I approach Life in that mind set of Body and Soul acting in concert....I'm no less humanly capable....just more humble as I've finally realized that Life is to be lived at both human and Spiritual levels simultaneously and that can only happen when we let God into our lives.

Outwardly, little changes....except there’s much less stress. And stress is usually fear induced. There is definitely less fear when the Soul Energy and Consciousness is overshadowing and assisting all the physical effort.  

So I think of the average person of today, young or older. Most people know very little about what goes on in the world around human beings or Soul Beings. So many people go out into the world, having no sense of Mission or direction. So many just fling themselves at Life....going at it the best they can....doing what feels good...or what they have to do to survive.....they just go at it with no sense of purpose or direction.  

However, it doesn’t have to be this way, unless we want it to be this way. We have choices.

Today our lives reflect what we have chosen over the past years, both individually and as a society. Our society currently reflects the values of the rank and file American.  

Everywhere we see Life expressing Itself naturally or as we’ve directed It to express. We see manifested what we have wanted.... or what we've been slow to fight against.

 By reading the evening or morning newspaper, by turning on the TV, we quickly see what we (the people) have voted for....we see the good and the bad. We see what we've opted for in the way of entertainment, such as the deafening and destructive electronic sounds....inaccurately called music and the often obscene or violent prime time entertainment.

All of which has been at work deforming the Energy of our children’s lives. If we doubt that statement, take a look at some of the activities our children are drawn to.

 We then observe the politicians ignoring their promises....we allow that.....and at the present time, the Wall Street 'greed' people are wiping out the the life savings of millions of people. It is interesting and sad to look at all the ways we allow human 'wants', ours and others, to dictate the quality of our lives. Thinking of the 'bubble stock market' fiasco we might wish to ask ourselves how much good might have happened if the people involved had chosen differently. Life always comes down to choices.

Until we run out of choices!

At the present time there is very little emphasis on Spiritual training for parent or child....but, it’s never too late to learn.

 And we can start by opening our eyes to the absurdities and obscenities that go on all around us, taking note of those that contain no redeeming human features or Spiritual values.

 Then if we will ask the Soul to expand Its Light in our hearts and minds, instantly our lives will be filled with an Inner Calmness and Certainty about what we must do to change our experiences.

 Isn't it about time we chose to acknowledge our Souls as a Partner in all our Earthly experiences. As quickly as we do, a Door opens allowing the Christ Energy to flow in....and that Christness immediately becomes a working part of our human/Soul lives.

At first, we may or may not see much outward change....but a Higher Energy will begin to flow into and around us....and Life will begin to make so much more sense to us. In many ways we will immediately benefit by choosing to allow a little more Light into our lives.  

In so much that we do, we have the cart before the horse.

 Sometimes, it seems we may be acting out a mirrored or opposite reflected image of the Heavenly  Process.

 Is that why we get so much of it backwards.......or have we put so many veils over our eyes that we really do “see through the mirror darkly”. Have we, over time, twisted the Heavenly Instruction....confusing and misleading ourselves?

 At any rate, as our eyes open to the Truth of both our human and Soul situations, many times we’ll see “that cart before the horse”. And with our new Intuition, we begin to see Truth through the eyes of our Soul.

We’re told we all have a Third Eye....that place in the middle of our forehead. Perhaps it is the Brow chakra, perhaps not....but we know there is an Energy Center just above our eyes.

Is that the Center through which the Soul looks out on human that where Ideas are processed to serve us in the human journey?

 Someday we’ll remove the veils covering that Center, and be allowed to see Life around us as it really is.

But meanwhile, as we embark on the human/Soul Partnership, we begin to learn that we are valid at every level of our Beings.

 And that each Earth Journey has a Purpose and a Mission to be fulfilled....and the Purpose and Mission are fulfilled, often inch by inch, as we go about our daily human living.

 But so often, we think our lives aren’t fulfilling. And so we muddle through, we live only because we must....and one day the body dies....and we never know where or why we failed in our Purpose and Mission when we came this way....or even that we had a Purpose and Mission.

It seems that something in the program called Life, has failed us....or could lit be that we failed the program.

If so, we have work to do to put that straight. 

Part of the Process of human life is learning to hear and read the Soul Messages that are constantly pouring in....what I call 'those Murmurings of our Hearts'. These are Messages that contain the Spiritual 'road maps' that allow us to figure out what we should be doing. And these Road Maps invariably contain very personal Instruction that directs us how and when to do it.

This Inner Direction is at least a two part process....with our Soul accessing Information directly from our Holy Christ Self...perhaps this comes in through the Third Eye, where intuition or knowing is processed and begins to grow. This is where we learn to listen, for Intuition often comes from listening to the Inner Voice. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the human/Soul Partnership is guided by a direct Connection to the Christ Self, Itself. It should be noted that the Christ Mind is one facet of the Cosmic Mind which pulses within all Life. We can train ourselves to feel It pulsing through every atom of our bodies.

 The Energy of the Christ is there for our use....It is our Life....and is to be used creatively in all ways to fulfill our responsibilities on Earth and in Heaven. 

Remember we are told to let the Mind that was in Jesus be the Mind acting in us. The Mind referred to is the Christ Mind. Now, accessing our Christ Mind opens us up the the Greater World of Spiritual Ideas....and it is the first step to living Spiritually meaningful lives.

 The lives of many people the world over are not meaningful....Spiritually or otherwise. There are millions of parents and children, living ordinary lives that are not meaningful in any way.

There are millions of lives filled with fear

 ...millions of lives that struggle for survival at every level.

 And these millions don’t know how to change anything for the better. 

But Life experiences can change as people begin to demonstrate, by their desires and actions, the Mind of Christ-in-Action in both their daily lives and in their Spiritual growing.

Eventually there must come an Enlightened group of people who will set the example to live a Spiritualized life ....demonstrating that Life can be lived without struggle or fear or anger or hate....

And this can happen as we start KNOWING WHO WE REALLY ARE....


Then it is a simple Process to change our way of thinking, feeling, acting and speaking....a simple Process of acting out the well known Teachings of Peace and Love.

But some one, some group of people have to show that it can be done....and who will raise their hand and say, 'I will try this out!"

 This will set in motion the Process of raising, speeding up, the vibration of the Energy of Love and Compassion on the Planet, which will gradually eliminate the darkness.

This increased vibration of Compassionate Energy will touch the hearts of people in this country or around the world....and today many hearts are heavy with distress. Read the newspapers....turn on the TV. If we can touch Hearts by the expanded outflow of Christ Love....that of our Soul Flame...and that of the Universal Christ, everything on Earth will magic.  

I believe this is the immediate challenge for those on the Path, for those already developing the Higher Mind within the human/Soul journey....for those who are experiencing the Light of the Soul and Christ Minds flowing in.

Many have felt the powerful Energy that gradually raises the vibration of Energy within the atoms of our Beings....and we automatically, choose the better Ways to live. 



 We can just keep saying it....letting it be our Mantra, believing it and seeing that bright Christed Light flow into our physical bodies through the Energy Center at the top of the head.....

and anyone can do’s a choice....

but anyone, the worst and the best of us....all can say


The simplicity of just letting Light flow into us seems to give us no excuse for failing in our lives.

 Unless failure is one of our Lessons....but we can change failure into victory....

Otherwise we simply and quietly allow this Christed Soul Light to flow through us and out to Bless the world.

We become Channels for the Light of Peace, Compassion and Brotherhood to expand on this Planet.

And everyone can be a Channel.

 Perhaps it is the Fullness of what we are expected to do here....

perhaps it is Everything God desires for us to do.

 And it doesn’t take an education....

it doesn’t take money....

we can all do it.

 If we are listening to our Inner Guidance, we know this, and in time, if there is more for us to do, we will be directed to all we’ve come to do....

always Knowing in advance what is expected of us.

 This is the Message and the Hope I'm here to share with people....explaining how everyone can be a Channel for more Light to come to the Planet....

how everyone can participate...

how each one is letting Peace begin with them.  

In everything we do day in and day out, for our full span of years, we can approach every experience with our Soul Energy flowing into everything we do and surrounding everybody we contact. Each Soul become a Channel for receiving and sending these Higher Vibrations.

 We simply....and it is simple....we simply focus our attention on our internal Soulness....our Christness

and follow the Teaching of Jesus, which is the level of Teaching that was meant to bring us all into an Age of human and Soul cooperation.

He said, “Follow Me”....because He knew what a Powerful Example He was and what we would accomplish if we were focused on His Example rather than the world's example....

And He said, “I will never leave you” and has kept that Promise by enfolding each one who has looked to His Teaching and to His Example in His Christed Energy which is always with us.

It’s really important to understand this.

If we are consciously using our Christed Soul Mind in the activities of our everyday lives, then Powerful, Healing, Illumining Energy is always flowing into us and out from us.....allowing us to experience good and full lives...while allowing us to serve a Purpose Greater than our own. 

         I insert the following to emphasis the Power of the

Teaching of 'Jesus'.

Christ’s Example

Taken from the book,
"Behold Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation

“After that, He poured water into a basin and began to wash His disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around Him.

He came to Simon Peter, who said to Him, ‘Lord, are You going to wash my feet?’ Jesus replied, ‘You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.’

‘No,’ said Peter, ‘You shall never wash my feet.’

Jesus answered, ‘Unless I wash you, you have no part with Me.’…

When He had finished washing their feet, He put on His clothes and returned to His place.

‘Do you understand what I have done for you?’ He asked them. ‘You call Me “Teacher” and “Lord,” and rightly so, for that is what I am.

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet.

I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.’ ”

JOHN 13:5-8; 12-15 NIV

People get uncomfortable around Jesus because He doesn’t fit into the way they see things, plan things, and do things. With our natural minds, we can never really understand what Jesus is all about.

When we place Him next to our human plumb lines, He appears to be on a slant to the way we function; when we put a level next to Him, He looks out of balance to the way we react; when we put a ruler on Him, He doesn’t seem to measure up to the way we go about our business. Jesus’ entire life has been an enigma to many.

 The natural mind asks, “How could a prince be born outside a palace, a teacher have no degree, a king have no army, a ruler have no place to lay his head, and a miracle worker be unable to come down from a cross?”

When we see the way that Jesus responded to His disciples as they gathered for the Passover, we are once again amazed at His behavior.

Even Peter could not fully grasp it. Peter saw himself as the follower, and Jesus as the Master. “Why” he questioned, “would my Master take the place of a slave and wash my feet?”

 Peter had been with Jesus for more than three years but still had many things to learn. As Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, He was doing far more than teaching them a lesson in humility;

 He was demonstrating to them what was at the heart of the Kingdom of God.

The message of the Kingdom is that every follower of Jesus Christ carries a towel and washbasin with him into every circumstance and relationship in life.

 Jesus showed us that the Kingdom of God is “upside down” to the way the world operates.

In the Kingdom of God…
…a person is lifted up by humbling himself, not by exalting himself in the eyes of others.
…strength is found through weakness, not by being confident in your own abilities.
…fullness comes by becoming empty, not by running after pleasure.
…life is gained by losing it, not by looking out for “number one.”
…riches come by giving them away, not by storing them up.
…greatness comes by becoming a servant, not by seeking power and celebrity.

By Roy Lessin

Christ Energy flows into the physical body over what has been called a Silver Cord. I first heard of a “silver cord” in connection with death. ...hearing someone say, “The Life Force of that person is leaving the body over a silver cord”. This is describing the Stream of pure, bright and clear Light, coming directly from the Cosmic Source and which appears to the human eye as silvery in color.

 It flows in and anchors the Soul Consciousness, in the body at the time of conception. This Energy or Life, as it comes into the human body, flows in a circular figure eight pattern.....flowing down from the individual's I AM Presence, through the Holy Christ Self, anchors a Spark or Flame....a Three-fold Flame in the heart of the physical body.

And then flows back up to the I AM Presence in the opposite sequence....constantly flowing. This Stream of Christ Light is the Super Highway which carries Information into Life on the Planet. It brings the Creative Energy that empowers and makes it possible for us to do all the interesting and exciting things we do with our lives here. 

One day we’ll let go of our human ideas about what we think God is or is not,

 and just accept Infinite Godness flowing freely to us the same way the sun shines on us.

Is it any wonder the Ancients looked at the sun as the symbol for Supreme Godness?

The suns shines no matter what we think or do.

 It’s there if we want’s there if we don’t want it.

So it is with Cosmic Energy. If we aren’t getting enough of it, we have to get to work clearing away the human debris and fog.

Now, the Light that is always there, finds us. 

And what is this debris?  It’s the low vibration we inflict on Pure Energy as It flows to us, initially.

 As it comes directly from God, it’s Pure. How do we muddy it up? Well, in so many ways....

Well, first of all we completely forget about God....the First Commandment might better be written...

'You would do well never to forget about Me'

but beyond that, and minute by minute we do this by the unloving, uncaring things we do to other parts of Life. We pile up debris between us and our Souls by the ways we think, by the ways feel, or speak and treat other people. Over time we put many veils between us and our Soul, by all the judgmental human opinions and beliefs, mean-spirited actions and feelings about our fellowmen and women and  by our negative attitudes about Life in general.  

The result of lowering the vibration of Pure Energy is all the ugliness we witness going on all over the world.

We, the people are responsible for all of it.

 Remember the sluggish, dirty stream that needed the clean water of the fast moving stream. Well the Energy Stream of this Planet is like that dirty water. Since we put the debris there, creating the human energy veils and walls that keep the Sun of Life from shining on us and the Earth, we are responsible for taking the veils down....

we have to clean up any Energy we have defiled or allowed to be defiled. 

We’ve all done it...and now we have to find a way for the Light of God to freely shine on us again....

and everyone, every man, woman and child, someday, somewhere, sometime has to do this. And today we are beginning to wake up to that fact....learning that each one of us, sometime, caused some of the ugliness on Earth. And we are choosing to help in the 'clean up'.

 Today, that’s part of each one’s mission....each one's Sacred Work.

You know, Life is really so simple.

 Not necessarily easy, but simple.

 Not always fun, but simple.

 And it is that simplicity that fools us. Everything we need flows to us as pure flows abundantly.

 It’s always there even when we have piled up so much debris that it can’t reach us....still it is always there, waiting. As it flows into our lives, if we are not conscious of the need to watch our thoughts, feelings and actions, we continue to allow our human minds and emotions to misuse and waste it. We continue to color some of that pure, clear White Energy with varying degrees of hate and perversity....

We do this of our own free will....we do it by choice.

 No one forces us to hate or do evil acts. Do we think we don’t “hate”? Everything we do, feel, think or say that projects less than Pure Love is some degree of that awesome....for me, that realization was a real wake up call to strenuously discipline the human me....

and it’s an ongoing project as I work to be neutral and loving! I’m not always there yet....but working on it....for I know the Truth of all I’m saying. 

Part of our Spiritual Process, once having realized we want no part of ugliness, is to change our life styles, so that we don’t continue to add to the pollution of God’s Pure Energy through our human ignorance or willfulness.

 The environmentalists want clean water and air....all very important....

but I tell you that clean Energy, in us and around us, is more important....

and it has to be our focus....first within ourselves, for then as it naturally impacts our environment. No need for some of those environmental laws that are only causing more human fighting and hating.

 Let’s clean up our human energy first and all else will be added unto. 

And there are simple remedies to old ways, if we can get our proud human minds to accept them.  I was taught to ask God for forgiveness when I had made a mistake....using the following affirmation in the manner that Jesus taught....I say to my Holy Christ Self...


Or we can simply say and mean it....”I’m sorry, God, for all my mistakes. Forgive me and blaze your Light of Forgiveness through all my actions past and present.”

Then  we go and work very hard to sin no more.

The Consuming Flame referred to in the affirmation given above, is Seven Ray Energy of Transmutation. and is the Violet Ray.

 The VIOLET FLAME is the Spiritual clean-up tool GIVEN TO US in the last century to dissolve and consume, transmute and forgive the debris we have piled up that keeps the Light from shining on us....

and from flowing into our lives.

The VIOLET FLAME IF USED WITH UNDERSTANDING AND WITH PURE UNSELFISH INTENT will help us take care of any Energy we have used unwisely....its cause, effect, record and clears our mistakes, past or present. 

Acknowledging our combined human/Soul Consciousness opens many Pathways, visibly and invisibly. It changes the way we look at and think about Life. It often brings us in touch with our Angels or Guides. It expands the Powerful Energy within us until we become aware of our personal Godness, as we get to know our Souls. We live our lives with one foot on earth and the other reaching out for Heaven, and we are living abundantly and creatively as human beings.

 This Spirituality I describe does not mean going into a monastery or cloister....does not mean withdrawing from the world....but just the opposite.

It means choosing to live in the Light of Spirit rather than the darkness of the human.

It directs us to go among people, sharing our take our focus off making money and getting things.

 It directs our focus to the Source of all abundance, knowing all we need will be provided...and letting it flow....letting it happen.

 It directs us to create the beauty and goodness of which we are capable, and asks us never again to be part of the ugly world.

It asks us to listen for the Heart Information that’s always flowing....and to get our information first hand....Truth meant just for us.

 No more relying on others to figure out what we should be doing. 

Learning to listen is a process...

.perhaps not hearing much at first ....or not understanding or retaining much as useable means keeping notebooks to hold onto fleeting Instruction and Ideas as Ideas pour in from Invisible Sources.

We learn to listen for the Essence of a thought....trying not to let our human mind edit  it....trying not to judge or critique thoughts or intuition we don’t understand yet...not allowing ourselves to decide what we think it all means.

Rather, we just listen, we write and we study and we wait.....often filling many notebooks....watching and waiting for subsequent Ideas to come in and fill out previous thoughts.

And Information 'happens' to us in magical ways.....such as the books that seem to jump off the shelf as we wander through a bookstore.

Or the chance comment from some unexpected place that validates what we are intuitively 'hearing' ...there are the 'Messages' that often turn into answers to questions or to a prayer. And so, we learn to listen for the amazing and wonderful Information flowing from Soul to human heart and mind.

 Listening to the Sounds of our Souls examining Life, and sharing it with the human us. This is the Spiritual Means given to us by which we can gracefully evolve through the physical journey to reach the Mystical Land beyond. 


...which we now know is our

 “one on one Relationship with God”....

we need a sense of 'Greater Godness'....a  sense of how Big It all Old It all is....we need to know everything we can learn about the Relationship between God and His People. We need to know how He has dealt with His People through the many ages....we need to know some of the past and use it to get a sense of the now and the future.

 We can research ancient Teachings. And in some we will find Teaching we recognize today.....


Some of the Ancients knew knew a lot about God and Life....but culture and language pose a problem for us....and it’s not always easy to connect their sense of God with the Spiritual Ideas we have today.

So it becomes a process of looking for Ideas that flow from one millennium to the next...looking for something solid that does not change....for Ideas that connect one civilization to another....for a continuous filament of Spiritual Ideas from the beginning of time to now....that’s what we look for.

And a careful search reveals Basic Ideas about 'God and man' running though it all. Careful reading of the old literature shows us the Story of God running through the information given to mankind during all time. Two thousand years ago Jesus brought us more Instruction,

We have found records of Spiritual Information given to the people of other times....recent translations of ancient texts bringing Spiritual Instruction of other times into perspective.... giving us the long, historical look....enabling us to see the slow evolving of Cosmic Direction and Purpose. 

Working with our Souls gives the human-us guidance and information that helps us understand this evolving Cosmic Direction and Purpose while giving us what we need to know to accomplish our human and Soul purposes.

So, much Information comes as we listen to the Murmurings of our Soul. As we desire to know more and do more, we start by cleaning up our Energy first. A constructive Life style is important. Always we examine our motives, making sure the desire for Higher Information has pure intent....never looking for Knowledge, for the sake of Knowledge alone...

What we are striving for is a human/Soul working Relationship

 that fulfills the requirements of Life every where.