Human Perception vs. Soul Knowledge #1

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can be.... how cruel.... how sublime.

 Why so cruel? How so sublime?

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic. I come to speak for Peace and for Freedom. And do it by exploring Spiritual Ideas ...hoping to shed more Light on how it is that we can be so human one moment and so sublime the next.

 I have long believed that we can answer these questions, for ourselves and about ourselves when we are willing to ACKNOWLEDGE OURSELVES TO BE BOTH BODY AND SOUL. And when we finally REALIZE how everything we think, feel and do defines us, Body and Soul.

These destructive times we live in are the result of our human, hurtful attitudes and actions directed toward each other over eons of time.

Now, it is our sublime natures that will lead us OUT OF the chaotic warring situations that exist society, in families, in business and among nations.

 Today we are being asked by a Spiritual Hierarchy to let our Light let God channel Peace through us. We are being asked to SHIFT OUR FOCUS AWAY FROM THE HUMAN-US and place it on the work of the CHRISTED SOUL US. 

And in return for that Service, we are being aided in developing


aided in becoming more of WHO WE REALLY ARE.

We are being shown how EACH OF US  CAN BECOME


It seems that not everyone wants to be good....but everyone wants to live well,....and without major changes in humanity's attitudes and actions,  world wide, civilization, as we know it today, may not survive. Everywhere it appears that there is less Peace and less Freedom. Both are eroding, wherever they exist throughout the world.

We individually must work to reverse that trend....and we can begin today....join me in saying,



 For a long time Spiritual Truths have been concealed or disguised on the premise we were not interested in them or not ready for them. What I call Modern Mysticism is the unveiling on the planet of much here-to-fore lost, or hidden Spiritual Information. It's the source for much human and Soul Enlightenment, helping us to understand our purpose, Body and Soul and giving us a new direction. I see it as the Spiritualizing of the human journey which I've come to believe is really the Journey of the Soul....again validating the existence of a mystical side of Life that plays out in our daily human pursuits. To many people, our lives seem to be two separate journeys.... the human and the Spiritual. I've become convinced that it is only one Journey.

 The world we see around us shows us little but fighting....almost everyone is fighting with some one about something. The question always is...why do we fight and treat each other abominably. The answer is that our human nature can be cruel and wants its own way no matter who gets hurt or destroyed in the process. Sometimes the issues are small....but often they result in the warring and cruelty we see at work on the planet today.

 The next question is, is there a way out of the cruelty....

I think there is. I think that when we know


 we won't go on hurting each other. I have a lot of theories on this. I often put myself out there on that limb....offering what I think is the Truth about us....a Truth often opposed by our human nature which does want its own way and doesn't see anything wrong with its often self-serving behavior or attitudes. In attempting to understand the human us, we need to study human psychology, which is basically the animal psychology of survival , which is always me first. As human beings we need to know what makes us tick, as my mother used to say. And there are many avenues open to us from which to learn. We can start with a bit of knowledge of our basic astrology, without getting too caught up in all of that...we can study family traits and nationality traits...masculine and feminine traits. There are many ways we can get to understand the human-us.

And I don't have to go into any of that here for there are thousands of books written about human psychology. The primary subject of these talks is our God Nature. Much, much less is known about the Spiritual side of our lives.... there's much to know....beginning with learning how to identify and connect with and nurture our often neglected Souls.

Today's talk is taken from an Essay written many years ago when I was examining HUMAN  PERCEPTION alongside SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE.

 It contains ideas coming from my deep interest in the Mystical Side of Life, especially some of the less known aspects of mystical, meta-physical Spirituality as it works in our daily lives.

I always explain at the outset of any discussion that all my efforts to Understand and share my perceptions is dedicated to the

 Prince of Peace Who came to set us free...

that I tune into and offer my Services to the Great Beings of Heaven and Earth, Who long for and work for the kind of Peace that guarantees every individual's personal freedom.

 I have been writing Philosophical and Mystical and Religious Ideas all my life, examining them, critiquing them. This has enabled me to gradually unlock some of the Secrets of my own Soulness. That has enabled me to gain a better understanding of our personal Relationship with the Supreme Being. So in this series of Essays I share Spiritual Ideas that have worked for me, thinking they may work for others. I encourage everyone to search for a personal understanding of their own human/Soul Relationship and Partnership. And from that mind-set begin to work for the Freedom and Peace that is so badly needed in our lives, if the people of Earth are to progress humanly or Spiritually.

 It's important for everyone to finally know, "WHO THEY REALLY ARE". And know how that Identity and Purpose relates directly to the human experience.

Not only human survival but human/Soul evolution are at stake in this hour when both Freedom and Peace are threatened on this Earth.

In these radio talks, I like to ask my listeners to get as quiet as their life of the moment allows, and create in their minds a picture of a place they can go for quiet. I imagine for myself what I call a BUBBLE OF SILENCE. It is important to design a place for peace and where we can escape from life's seemingly endless activity.....if for just a few seconds.  I surround my Bubble of Quiet with a powerful Wall of Steely White powerful that nothing can pass through it....and I fill it with Christ Light....sometimes the fragrance of flowers....or music.

 I draw this Wall of Light around myself every day....reinforce it many times a day. It's become a part of my daily routine. I've learned to live my life from within that Bubble of Quiet and Nurturing Christed Light. I know in that Lighted Place I'm protected from the frenetic energy of the world.

If this Idea is new to you, I invite you to try it. Give yourself a Gift of Light. For just a few minutes, push aside all that is occupying your mind or emotions....

build yourself a Place of quiet and deep Silence....

surround this Haven with Powerful, Protecting Light....

Blazing White Light.....

fill it with Christ Love flowing in from the Holy Christ Self above.

 Now relax. Reinforce this Wall of Light everyday....And if you can remember to do it, turn your attention to this Place of Quiet whenever moments in your lives become stressful....try living your lives in that Bubble of Light.

Remember we can reinforce the Wall of Light just by thinking of it. At the same time, we keep a tight rein on any angry, unhappy human thoughts, feeling or actions.

 We can seal ourselves in God Light....we can live in the Light.

In these times, this is so important. Everything we need to live and survive is inherent and possible within Cosmic Light. 

So then, many of us spend a good part of our lives searching for an understanding of Life.... especially when we are face to face with a difficult experience....we've all been there.

I found that the ups and downs of human life made no sense without Knowledge and Understanding of the Spiritual side. So, in these Essays I think through Mystical Ideas....based on both old and new religious and metaphysical teaching to the degree that I understand it. Some of it is well known....some more esoteric. I try to tie the less known ideas into the more commonly held views of God and man.

  There's so much more to the purpose of humanity and to the Godness that breathes Life into our physical body than is generally taught. It's time to know more about our human purpose, more about our unique Soulness.....more about the many other  Spiritual aspects of our lives. What a difference that knowledge will make in our every day lives through both good and bad times. The search for that Knowledge drives my life. Prophets have been prophesying some kind of major change in the life of the planet for thousands of years.

Many people think it will be a physical change....

but I believe what is occurring is a Spiritual change....

a change in how we know ourselves….how we know God. 

But, what ever it is it will be a Powerful Change....many people are feeling it and are talking about it.

Well, it's a new millennium....and in addition to whatever else may be  happening, we are at a turning point for both the planet and Souls embodied here. And so, there's much we need to know to move harmoniously with changes that are well under way as I speak.

 My purpose here is to share my Ideas of our time and my perception of WHO WE REALLY ARE, adding my thoughts to the mass of literature that exists for both our physical and Spiritual development. 

My sense of the millennium process is that humanity is entering a new Cycle in which we will see the coarser aspects of human consciousness  gradually changing, gradually giving way to new Spiritual Concepts. And that, for those willing to change, an exciting world lies just ahead. In these Essays I try to shed Light on those and other Spiritual Ideas that will make living less stressful....certainly more joyful. ...while touching on many subjects in mystical alignment with our human/Soul Purpose. Accordingly, I call these Essays and the radio program that grew out of them, The Modern Mystic.

There are a lot of mis-conceptions about the word mystical....when I consulted Webster to  define “mystic or mystical”, I found a definition that exactly described my sense of the word....Webster says, “it pertains to manifesting  an  individual’s direct communion with God through contemplation, vision and works”. I think the word describes "a person's one on one relationship with God".

And then, one more definition about my style of sharing my thoughts: 

Webster says that “an essay is an analytical, interpretive literary composition dealing with  its  subject from a more or less personal standpoint.” So, by virtue of this definition I am always warning my readers and listeners, in advance, that these talks do reflect a very personal viewpoint about humanity and about Souls or Soulness, as I like to call it, about Almighty God and the practical and sane inter- connectedness of it all.

 I also like to mention that these Spiritual musings began as late night journal writing that continued for many years before they became more formal Essays. This writing helped me think through what I call My Beliefs. And I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of our busy lives to write our thoughts about Life. This will over time, unleash torrents of helpful insightful thoughts from the Spiritual side of our lives.

 Like many of you, much of my adult years have been very busy....full of living and often, full of rationalizing experiences, hoping to make sense of some of it. Much of life, on the visible surface, doesn't make sense. Perhaps that's what prompts us to go to the invisible Spiritual world for answers to our questions about Life. And we certainly need practical Information about our Spiritual Nature.

There are a lot of ideas and dogma.....and much confusion. It's a quite a process sifting through often conflicting information. It becomes a process of looking for common threads amongst all the convolution we humans have imagined about ourselves since ancient times. And finally it's being led back to our original relationship with God.

  And I give us credit for trying to understand as we continue to ask "who are we and why are we here"? 

This effort explores Ideas about where I think humanity has been and where it needs to be going if Practical Spirituality is to be realized within daily life. Humanly, we thrash around looking for answers. It's hard not to thrash about considering the various and often contradictory value systems that surround us. We are bombarded with information and mis-information....with sights and sounds of human and Spiritual  activity. There's so much diversity as we continue our search in hopes that in some book, in some church, in some philosophy we will find a Truth....

 which if we can understand it and apply it, will take us beyond the normal, often difficult, often unsatisfactory aspects of human life....'surely', we think, 'there has to be more to life than all the struggle, all the bickering and fighting and sadness'.

 My personal search is always for a Truth that works here on Earth now, Body and Soul. Today's human value systems are very destructive to us at many levels. We are yanked around mentally and emotionally and Spiritually. There are countless ways Spiritual Ideas are used to manipulate and confuse us...there is manipulation of truth used to keep us off keep us fighting each other....hating each other. You've heard me remark that if Shakespeare were around today he might be heard to remark that “there’s not only a lot of rot in Denmark, but all over the world"....for Spiritual manipulation is world wide.

 Our strange, chaotic's been like this for quite some time now. Thousand of years, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. Perhaps this is the time....the cycle.... in which we begin to work for that Light at the end of the tunnel.

We need Light and Truth....we need Wisdom and Justice...Freedom and Peace....

We need it all in our personal human and Soul lives. We need it desperately in the social, economic, political and Spiritual activities in every country. The whole world needs more Light.

 We Americans bear the responsibility for this country and at the moment we have a lot of problems in this country for which we can see no real answers. Despite all the social engineering our government is engaged in, we haven't found answers in America that lead people to decide to live peacefully side by side. Our wealth is envied and our ways are emulated or hated. In spite of the manipulation of the Federal Reserve, we still have economic roller coasters. It's almost impossible to know which way to position our daily lives in order to plan for the future.

We are faced with the possibility of being dragged into another worldwide war. Despite huge military arsenals world wide, supposed to discourage war, we  have wars being randomly waged all over the planet. And massive arsenals do not seem to be the answer.

 Perhaps, in thinking of all we face in these times, maybe, most serious of all, are both new and old diseases exploding all over the planet. And medical and scientific people suddenly are telling us they have no answers. 

 So today all over the planet, people are hurting and seemingly, no one can stop the hurt from happening and broken lives often can't be fixed by human means. Today, there’s no place to hide. No place to escape from the mindlessness at work on the planet. What do we do to shield ourselves from the immorality of those who don't know who they really are, who get their human kicks where they can....who escape from the consequences of their actions in lies and other destructive behavior.

  And constructive people, trying to live decent lives, have no place to hide. And so, we turn to God, hoping the Spiritual Ideas we adopt will supply us with Answers to solve the problems we face. Some are fortunate enough to know what questions to ask as we turn in the direction from “whence commeth the answers.”

Many of us end up asking "is this all there is?"

My thinking says "no" it isn't....but as long as we stay only in the human may be all we can get until we realize that in spite of appearances to the contrary, the Power we call 'God' is not dead...neither in us nor in the Universe.

 We can be assured that 'God is in charge' in the midst of any human confusion....thus there will always be Answers....for the Mind or Consciousness of 'God' exists in the 'Christ Light of our Souls'. That's why we are told to look within for our look to the 'Christ Light' that flows into us via the 'Spark of Godness' that is anchored in our hearts.

That 'Spark' is Our 'Christed Soul Consciousness', and that Light is always there to heal and nurture us...

Always there to give us Direction no matter what is going on around us that doesn't make human sense....

Always there to protect and direct us when we are faced with circumstances over which we have no physical control. Sadly we don't always recognize All that is there.  

I believe this is the Spiritual Vision we must have today, if our daily lives are to make sense. So, though we can't change problems that beset the planet today ....we can choose to change our way of thinking about Life in general and  especially about ourselves. We can make some simple changes in the way we live our lives, and thus take charge of the present....while we leave the future in Higher Hands.

 Most of us can easily change some aspect of our daily lives in ways that allow us to sense and find a greater 'Meaning to Life'. In the midst of all the diversity of ideas, we can find simple ways to live our lives in dignity and with honor.... starting with an acceptance of our responsibility to and for ourselves first as a human/Soul Partnership.... and then to each other. We can change ourselves and thus change the course of affairs on this planet if we choose to.

 It comes down to choosing to 'grow up'. 

And I sense a massive Spiritual Awakening ....all signs point to our awakening from what might be termed "a long, fitful, human sleep". We may soon see

 enough people energized and enthused about redeeming the planet,

 enough people determined to bring order out of our current social, economic, and political situations.....

enough people focused on personal and national freedom....

We may soon see the problems that surround us solved peacefully and sanely as people seek a Higher Way.....solving problems that otherwise may rend the fabric of the lives of much of humanity, world-wide.

Now in this Essay which I have called PERCEPTION VS KNOWLEDGE  I share these perceptions of


.... hoping these Ideas stimulate thinking around the human/Soul relationship.

I'll  summarize my basic Beliefs in this simple way.

1-It appears to me that from the beginning of earliest Spiritual Instruction on Earth there has been only



responsible for EVERYTHING

...whose Grand Plan is what we see working out on earth today.  

2-History records that mankind has often fought against this Power and called it by many names.  


I see this ONE POWER as the all pervasive, ETERNAL ENERGY ACTIVITY

of our Universe. It is a basic Universal COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS

capable of dividing Itself....of individuating Itself....of expanding Itself....endlessly.

4-This COSMIC POWER or 'GODNESS'....this ONE GREAT SPIRIT radiates endlessly out from a single center....filling all space.

5-All form is the CREATION OF 'THE MIND OF GOD-in-ACTION', one way or another. The form 'GODNESS' takes as It gives LIFE to the human body,  I call 'SOUL'.

6-I see all Soulness as basic 'Godness'. What I call SOUL, can be defined as A SPARK OF DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.

 SOULNESS has all the Powers we ascribe to  God, being a small UNIT OF BASIC PRIMAL GOD CONSCIOUSNESS, projected out into the Universe to be the HEAD, HEART AND HANDS OF GOD-IN-ACTION ANYWHERE IN THE GREATER UNIVERSE.

8-The highest God level of Soul is each one’s I AM PRESENCE which is our Source of Universal God Energy. The I AM Presence is constantly pouring energy into each physical body.                       

9- Between this I AM God Presence, and directly above the human, is the Christ Body. It is that level of Greater Life to which Jesus directed our attention. This is the Holy Christ Self, the Christed Heart Energy of the I AM Presence, 'The only Begotten Son'

It was to that I AM/Christ Presence Jesus' human/Soul-Self went for Answers.

Each of us is a Soul/ a Spark of Christ Consciousness.

 Each Soul has a Christed Body of I AM Energy from which to draw. The Holy Christ Mind is the 'Christed Mind' that envelopes us, Body and Soul, and  we become the 'Christed Being'. This is what Jesus demonstrated and tried to explain.

In talking about His so-called Miracles he said...."Of myself (that is my human self) I can do nothing. It is the Father....the Christ Mind of the I AM Presence....that does the Miracle Work." This is simple and logical when we understand WHO WE REALLY ARE.

9-Our individuated Soulness, is a Spark of Light projected out of Higher Vibratory Planes. Soul Consciousness entered human forms, when both Soul and physical body were ready and this began the Soul Journey through the dense energy of the material plane. This process of Soul Evolution began ages ago, spirals ago. The Purpose was and still is to raise the slower vibration of Earth to that of a Heaven of Higher Spiritual Vibration through the expansion of Christ Light working through the physical body.

So, there is an on going COSMIC PLAN for this planet and for the complement of Souls designated for this planet. And nothing we do as Body or Soul makes much sense or difference until we understand this. This Plan's implementation requires an Awareness and Understanding and the Creativity of each of us.

Today, the Energy of the planet needs work on it. The vibration needs to be speeded's slow and sluggish....Life here is sluggish, heavy, sometimes, unpleasant. In certain areas the atmosphere is full of dirty energy. But we can do something about this if we choose to.

Like the process of introducing fast moving, clean water into a slow moving, clogged stream, just so the Energy Stream of this planet can be speeded up....cleaned up by introducing more Cosmic Light here. We do this first, as we let our Light shine and then as we ask 'God' to blaze more Light here.

 What we do, minute by minute, by our thoughts, feelings and actions, affects the vibration of the energy here. We can foul it or make it shining and clean. Thus, the Cosmic Plan for this planet is implemented through each one of us. 'GOD' DOES FOR US AND THE PLANET WHAT CAN BE DONE THROUGH US.  IT DOES NO GOOD TO SIT AROUND WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR US.

Each one of us is a Spiritual Being...each a Spark of God Life, embodied in a physical body. We must think of ourselves that way, if we are to make Spiritual Progress. We have to see how it is we, the human being and we, the Soul Being, are integrated into one working Package!

 A human Soul/Partnership!

Hopefully as we become used to the idea of our inherent Spirituality we will voluntarily choose to rethink ourselves....hopefully, we will not have to be forced to because of circumstances beyond our control. I'm convinced we're in a space....a time....when if we choose to, humanity can live peacefully together on this planet. And that it will happen more quickly as we accept our Soul Reality.

Soulness becomes our Reality as we begin to use Christ Power in our daily lives and we see the difference it makes...we see the results of asking to be led into Avenues of Truth. As we meditate and strengthen ourselves both humanly and Spiritually, we learn to walk The Path of 'God Consciousness'.

It's time to place our human selves under the Protection of our Souls.

 And surely it's not too much to ask of us to

 Pledge our Loyalty and Service to the Highest Power

 of the Universe....of which our Soul is a small, but powerful Spark.

 It's not too much to ask that we accept our Purpose

to Create a Heaven on Earth.

With that thought in mind, let's again use this moment to again get as quiet as ourselves in 'Christ Light'....

Wrap ourselves in the 'Heart Light of God'

Seeing that Opalescent Light spiraling within and around ourselves

As we open our minds to the Highest Information channels

and invite that 'Holy Christ Light' to stream into our Hearts and Minds

and into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on earth

That we may all become Channels for Light and Illumination to descend

 to Earth.


May 1998