We Realize and Practice Our Soulness # 3

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime?

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic. I'm here to continue to explore Ideas that define, hopefully explain, some aspects of both our humanity and our to speak for the need of Peace and Freedom not only in our lives, but in the lives of people the world over. I'm concerned that unpeaceful attitudes within certain societies may spill over and bring war into America and into other peaceful countries.

It's time to shift the focus away from the part of us that can be "so cruel" and start paying more attention to the Soul Us....IT'S TIME TO BEGIN ACKNOWLEDGING OURSELVES TO BE BOTH BODY AND SUBLIME SOUL.

This is the time to let our Soul Light begin to shine more powerfully through us, to help us change our attitudes toward each help us find ways out of the chaotic situations that exist within families and is time to let God channel Peace through us....each one of us can become an example and Channel for goodness and peacefulness to flow.

Without a change in attitudes and actions among the peoples of the Planet, civilization as we know it today, may not survive.

 Peace and Freedom are slowly eroding all over the world.

We must work to reverse that trend....and we can begin today....we can stand up and declare


At the beginning of my talks I like to ask my listeners to get as quiet as possible....I encourage you to pull all your Energy back in and around in any that is not serving a good purpose elsewhere.... bring it all back inside your aura. (this is often referred to as 'Soul retrieval)

We have no idea how we leave our Energy scattered everywhere we go and around everything we draw It all back in around put that wall of Powerful Light around all of that.

 Then, we have no idea how we leave our Energy unprotected....we must stop doing ask your Guardian Angels and your Holy Christ Self to make sure your Energy is always protected. I do this by seeing Angel Wings enclosing that Wall of Light, completely sealing me off from anything that might want to disturb me. Then I activate the Violet Flame in and around everything that is my Stream of Life Energy.

Now, your Place of Quiet exists within your protected aura forth more Christ Love and Peace. knowing this is where you can always find silence and you and your Energy will always be safe and

Wrap yourself in the Heart Light of God

Seeing opalescent Light spiraling around yourselves

Open your mind to the Highest Information Channels

And invite Light to stream forth into your Heart and Mind

That you may become a channel

For Light and Illumination to descend to Earth.

Now our topic ....

Realizing and Practicing our Soulness 

We'll begin by going back to the subject of CHANGE. Judging by the hundreds of books being written on the subject, many people are reacting to subtle changes in the Planet's Energy. Everything seems to be spiraling faster. We say to each other, "Where did the year go"?

 I've thought a great deal about this....wondering about it.

I  speculate this may be the speeding up of the vibration of the Planet's Energy.....changing our sense of time.

Think about a stagnant stream and how speeding up the flow of water, changes everything about that body of the stream quickly becomes sparkling and clean.

But the 'change' I want to focus on here, is the 'shift' of focus from the self-importance of the 'human us' to the emerging recognition of the Soul activity within the human scene.

This shift of focus holds the secret to change in our lives, Body and Soul. While daily life will go on for many in its human circle of every day duties, each day much like the last....for many others the focus has already shifted. Many are giving some of their time to exploring the Meaning and Purpose of Life in this broader sense of the human/Soul Partnership. It comes down to shifting the focus from the human the Soul, Thee....shifting our lives from the human column into the God Column....because that's where boundless and exuberant Life is to be found and lived. That's where Progress, Body and soul is to be made.


The old world order would have us focused on the human us....on all our human mistakes and inadequacies.

The New Thinking teaches us about our Divine Christ Selves, about the indwelling Soul and of the Partnership of Body and Soul.

Today this often becomes the subject of general conversation. In the Christian societies, people are now free to talk about evolving Spiritual Ideas, particularly those of the last fifty or sixty years. There is less fear associated with stepping outside the boundaries of the modern 'organized and controlled Belief Systems' particularly of the Christian churches. (I cannot speak for the other Belief Systems)

 In modern Western cultures religious persecution is finally a thing of the past....and old views appear to be merging with ideas new to today's thinking....though, of course they aren't really new.

 There's nothing new under the sun.

However, what I suspect may be happening to many of us, is that as we change our focus, as we look inward and up....the Soul can now lower Information into our human memories.

We're getting new updated software. And it feels to us like we're remembering. The Soul Level of Life is programmed with ancient, original Truths...long buried in Its Memory Bank.

 This Ancient Information hasn't been available on Earth for a long time now, except to the few dedicated Spiritual Seekers. During thousands of years the Soul has been patiently waiting for the human mind of 'the Vehicle' to evolve....or to put it into computer language, the Christ Self has had to wait for the evolution of the human machine....for the development a 'hard drive' capable of handling all these emerging High Powered Truths. The human brain is finally ready to process new Spiritual Information. All of that giving the appearance that we are waking up and remembering. And some of that is also true. 

But as the human-us awakens again the focus has to shift....we need more education. We get little or no Spiritual instruction in public schools....we get little or no information about the very important Spiritual history of our country or the world in general. Most of us got our education, such as it is today, from public schools where the Spiritual Picture of Life is never addressed.

Public education is a very big topic in our modern civilization. First and last we spend a lot of money on it. And apparently plan to spend a lot more. Most of this money is spent on educating the human brain...I have no problem with that. However, the human brain is only one part of the total us that needs education....and focusing on overly educating our brains, causes many humans to be prideful and arrogant....and even more closed to the Spiritual Ideals that are needed to give balance the human/Soul experience.

Outside of religious organizations in Western cultures, we get no Spiritual direction. In the public education system, there is little focus on Spiritual thought, even of any general kind. Little that will expand our knowledge of the invisible or Mystical side of our human/Soul Partnership is allowed.

 Now for me, religion is very personal and I understand the concern of letting schools or anyone else indoctrinate our children in ideas that do not work for us....but the focus has to come off of human fear and there needs to be a shift that allows general Ideas of include even Spiritual ideas with which we don't agree, because even that helps us develop a Spiritual Perspective....helps us to identify what it is we do agree with.

All philosophical and Spiritual Ideas, at the very least, give us and our children a place to come from....and Ideas of Godness in any context  are better than no Ideas at all for we need to know, at least, that mankind does not exist in a Spiritual vacuum on Earth.

 And when we're ready and when we begin to look for information right for us, eventually we'll be led to what is right for us.

I believe the Columbine Massacre and all similar tragedies, could have been prevented if those responsible had known "who they really are".

Now they face massive karmic work to repair the damage to other lives that they are responsible for....and who knows for how long it will take those Souls to repair and repay that debt.

 Some part of society failed those boys....parents, schools, churches ....they all had the opportunity to teach those children WHO THEY REALLY ARE IN THE BIG PICTURE....and all failed to teach those children what their responsibilities are to their fellow man....AND WHY....


At any rate, today many have to go outside the organized school and church systems to find more about their Spiritual lives....and probably because of that, today many are independently developing an Intuitive Sense about the Spiritual side of themselves.

 Very likely they are tapping into the emerging Soul Memory I was describing.

 By shifting our focus to include the knowledge of the indwelling Soul, we 'open the door' to allow that Knowledge to begin to rise to the surface of our human consciousness. Those New Ideas then have to percolate through the misconceptions planted by schools and through the narrow views today's churches have adopted as their take on God and Man.

One has to wonder why so few parents realize it's their job to educate their children. And who better than the parent can teach mystical Ideas?

It's not hard these days to find Spiritual Information that opens our minds to Ideas and Concepts that go beyond those generally accepted.  It's important to realize that when we expand our Ideas about ourselves we are opening up to our Souls. And whether we want to believe it or not, at some point we eventually have to do this if we are to evolve spiritually....we have to leap forward, mentally and emotionally onto new human and Soul Paths....Paths that lead us away from human ignorance and from deliberately contrived confusion about ourselves. In our time this is not going to be a "government or organized church program".

So, it comes down to each one of us doing it for ourselves. And we can do that.....we can explore the Paths that lead to the Awakening of the Godness and Goodness within us. No one has to do this for us. Actually, no one can do this for us.

One day we begin to hear the sound of our Soul Voice.... calling out to us....and without knowing why, we suddenly begin to see Life differently. Our focus will automatically shift from one of mundane, daily routine, to one of experiencing each day as the exciting Journey that it is, one where we are not only learning why and how to be better people....but how to learn 'to be' more than that!

We will begin to experience Life as an 'Earth Outing', and allow it to be coordinated by Soul Thought and Direction.

Thinking about our self centered human lives today, it may seem difficult to imagine the day when what will be important to us, will be this coordinated Journey of Body and Soul. Or that our joy will lie in doing whatever it takes to develop that Partnership....simultaneously becoming the best we can be, in both worlds.... visible and invisible.

 Imagine, being able to look to the God-side of ourselves as the way to powerfully unleash not only Peace, but all the other Qualities we need to be successful in our daily human lives....imagine unleashing all the God-Qualities the Planet needs for Life to be lived here, beautifully.

      Imagine being able to use our Spiritual Power in our daily efforts instead of struggling with our limited human power.

Imagine gaining an understanding of the GREAT COSMIC ENERGIES that are back of everything we experience in this Earth World.

Imagine cooperating with the Great Cosmic Law in everything we do concerning the use of Cosmic Energies.

Imagine leaving behind us all unnecessary ignorance, embracing all the  Knowledge available to us.

Imagine thinking about Life in a positive way for a change. Imagine thinking about ourselves in a positive way....for a change!


Imagine putting to rest once and for all, THE VERY NEGATIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE MYTH OF ORIGINAL SIN.

 One can only guess how long people have had impressed upon them the idea that they are basically “no good”. Or intimidated by the idea that some people are better by reason of birth or influence or wealth.

Mankind has been told a lot of lies for a very long time, not only by people in places of political or economic power, but as often by the religious authority. This BIG LIE, that we are no-good humans, has held Souls in bondage for ages, thus, precluding either human or Soul development.

I have talked to people who really believe that they are incapable of ever being more than they currently see themselves to be. People live their entire lives in a negative mind-set. All because they choose to believe the BIG LIE.

Yes, we humans make a lot of mistakes....but, the majority of the people on Earth today are good people, and make no effort to improve or grow humanly or Spiritually, because “what good would it do?

 WELL, in these radio talks I'm going to spend a lot of time debunking those negative ideas that have held us in bondage....I will tell you all, over and over again, "who you really are"....

and 'who you really are' is not a sinful human!

As we live and work in today's world we're exposed to every kind of Idea....positive ideas and negative ideas....about ourselves....about our world....about the whole world.

 That alone is one good reason to know as much as possible about our Soul Identity and to know, at Soul level, we can access the Power and Knowledge to help us believe in ourselves...the Knowledge to give us strength and protection.

 We need the Truth awakened in us....and then we can go on our way freed from old human thinking....then we can stop to criticizing, judging or condemning our fellow man. These are old human patterns of behavior.

 Knowing our human/Soul Partnership will allow us break those old habit patterns. The human is a creature of habit, acting out human desire....governed by ingrained habits.

  As we learn to cooperate with our Souls we won't choose to stay in our human ruts: we'll change old patterns of behavior. Some of them will automatically change because we won't need them anymore. But we have our work cut out for us as we get ourselves off the human path and onto the Path of our Soul Self, finally seeing It as our human partner.

We must understand this Concept....a Concept we must that must be implemented if we are going to progress....

The human gets itself locked into situations and thinks it has no choices. And that idea of "no choices" keeps us from trying to think through or understand our situation or see how choices we've already made are responsible for whatever situation we're in or for the way we're  feeling.

Whether we know it or not, we are making choices minute by minute, our entire lives. It feels like we have no choice because we aren't getting what we want. When the human is immature, it wants its own way all the time. These are important aspects we have to understand about ourselves.

The Soul Personality is written in the stars....a Personality that is at the moment, trying to express Itself through the human vehicle.

Perhaps an immature human being is upsetting the apple cart, wanting its own way, If so, the Soul has Its work cut out for Itself...It probably hasn't been able to get through to teach the human the 'facts of Life'

When we feel trapped by our circumstances....we need to know that at any given moment in our lives, we are the averaged total of all our human/Soul thinking, feeling, acting, speaking for our entire existence.

Did you say "ouch!"!

 'Averaged' means that some of our good deeds or efforts have erased some of our mistakes....and hopefully over all, the events and experiences of our long lives have served Good more often than we've pampered our human nature.

As we become more Spiritually Conscientious, we tend to be very hard on ourselves. We see the inconsistencies of human time we realize we lack Knowledge of our True Nature.

Social conditioning convinces us that we have to measure up to certain standards to be considered successful human beings.

 We aren't taught that conforming to artificial human standards isn't what really matters.

And not having been taught what DOES MATTER, we live our lives in a state of semi-dissatisfaction.

...rarely feeling satisfied with what we have accomplished with our lives, but not knowing why.

....tending to be critical of well as everyone else.

....thinking we could do better, be better, but not sure how.

And when our lives are a little shaky we wonder how it got that way....

We can't make problems go away....

We don't know where to look for help....

And all the while our Souls are right there with us, trying to Awaken us, trying to tell us Help and Instruction are available.

 Meanwhile, we tend to blame everyone but ourselves for the way things are in our lives....making every excuse for why we aren't happy and fulfilled....every excuse....

Meanwhile the Soul is programmed to keep us looking for what really does matter. Often everything we do is programmed by the Soul to keep us moving forward, even though we often think just the opposite is happening.

Can I get a bit personal and use my life as an example....As my husband and I were trying to become business people....going out on our often seemed to us that for every step forward, we took at least a half step backwards....and sometimes more than that.

We knew we had a lot to learn...and as it turned out, we had a lot to deal with, visible and invisible, that could only be learned but only as we went along. It would only later (in retrospect) we could see that no matter what we were doing or how it appeared to us at the time, we were in fact moving toward our goal. Fortunately for us, we had this perspective of human/Soul Partnership....and that helped us keep our focus....and gave us the courage to keep on, keeping on....

Looking back on some difficulties, we saw that relationships were often a part of the equation....whether family or business....and it was our Belief in the Godness of us all, then and now, that allowed us to deal with, what we call "people's karma".

Many people came into our lives bringing us much grief or problems....we had to decide how to handle these situations. And the choice we always made, once we got over initial shocks, was to stay centered in what we believed about man and God.

Now many years later, our lives are intact, individually and as a married couple and as business partners, with all the problems of the past fading into the mist of time. We called Life then and we call it now, Practicing our Soulness....and there seems to be no other 'safe way to live'....and no way to grow either humanly or Spiritually.

And so, we often talk about our adventures over the years....about how we believed that there were things we had come to do and things we wanted to learn and people we wanted to become....and how when things got tough, we could have chosen to run away, trying to escape the difficulties we believed only we could have built into either our married or business lives....if not in this time frame, then in some other. We were often a 'player' in other lives....but we believed nothing happened  by chance.... but by choice.

We have encouraged others to keep a positive attitude in the face of difficult situations. To be willing to take responsibility for whatever is happening, wherever one may be at any given minute in a Life. And never stop trying make Life better in all the ways Life can be better.

And when there are problems to deal with, to 'hang in there' until a situation is resolved as harmoniously as satisfactorily as possible to all parties involved....and even though may not happen in this immediate time time all will be resolved harmoniously, for all Energy must eventually be brought back to the State of Love which is the Way we originally received It.

 If our listener is receptive, we tell them that the reason for trying to resolve life situations now is because anything left undone now, becomes the karmic situations for another time.

So our thought has always been not leave anything undone if we could get it done now....not to pile up any karmic stop blaming others, to never run away from a situation, to give up getting angry and resentful, and especially to make sure we did not hurt others....and to be helpful wherever and whenever possible.

I share these thoughts because the prevailing idea today seems to be to throw in the towel the minute the going ceases to be fun.

There seems to be a great danger, Body and Soul, in that approach.

 Throwing in the towel first of all, suggests a total lack of Faith in God...but more than that it turns off the Power of God in our lives....leaving us truly at the mercy of our human frailties.

The key to any situation we face is in "finding Strength through allowing  God-Power in our lives". Once we know It is there, the question becomes "why aren't we accessing that Strength? Why aren't we allowing the Power within us to guide us to our destination.       

No matter how great or how insignificant our achievements may seem, they are never the 'issue' in the big picture. The Recognition of Divine Beingness creating a Universe and designing the Patterns that will evolve...and then allowing It's Power to guide, design and empower our lives....That is the Issue.

. And KNOWING WHO WE REALLY ARE within that design gives us the Key to opening the door to this Power and to the human/Soul Partnership. For then together, man and God can do all things.

 We have built right into us the Power to handle all our insignificant human dilemmas....and using this Power allows us to Journey through mystical, magical Experiences, always learning, serving, always enjoying 'being human' while expanding that Greater Power.