We Realize and Practice Our Soulness # 4

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime. 

Why so cruel?  How so sublime? 

The MOST important aspect of any Spiritual Teaching is to convey the Idea that the Cosmic Light, which is the Energy that beats the hearts of all of mankind, is straight from the Highest 'God Source'....we can give It any name we wish. 

 There is only one place Heart Light can come from. And it doesn't discriminate between rich and poor, high or low. It is like the Sun that shines on everyone equally....which is why some ancient civilizations used the Sun as a Symbol of that ever flowing Light.

What is not equal is the human effort made by each individual in their use of that Light.....that big effort, focused effort, continuous human effort produces results....sometimes big results....all using the same Power of God to achieve those results. When Soul Power is added to the equations the results become huge and Spiritually speaking, it is only big effort that finally produces the Christed Individual.  

Unless there is 'karma' involved, 'lack of use' of God's Light or half hearted or diabolical use of that Light by one of humanity is what produces the unhappy or chaotic produces the unfulfilled individual, the beaten individual in the gutter....those unfortunate ones filling the prisons of the world. None of that is necessary....all can be resolved by living in the the Light that flows from the Heart Center of a Powerful Being generally referred to as 'God'.   

And coming closer to home, the human being can choose to live i the Light of the Soul, that Spark, that Flame of Universal Godness that has been placed in every hear.

The Meaning of Free will is this:

 It's up to us, each one of us, to see what we will or can make of the Cosmic Energy that flows within every physical form. 

 Always remembering that whether our Spark, our Soul Light has become a great evolved Spark or is still a tiny Spark, It is no less God.

The 'Spark' that burns within us is always all God. The Soul is completely God.

 And that Godness is all Good and all Powerful.....capable of taking the the human/Soul Partnership to the Heights....becoming a Cosmic Beacon magnetizing all other universal Godness to it....CAPABLE OF RESOLVING THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS. The Soul Spark is ready to shine Light in any constructive Way we chose. And It will grow to any size we desire. 

With that thought in mind, join me in saying


We need to talk about the physical us. Part of the Miracle of the human being is their basic construction. I like to imagine some High Authority  spending some considerable Cosmic Time figuring out what kind of a vehicle would be needed to channel Conscious God Energy onto this Planet by way of the Soul Spark. How would They do it? What would the Soul need?

What we have here, is what They decided upon. We are, the visible human Vehicle, composed minimally of four layers or levels or bodies of integrated Energy. The driver or Higher Directing Mind of that Vehicle is the Soul. The Soul, a Flame or Spark from the Christ Body is the Invisible indwelling Spirit...the God part of us....the Spark containing Supreme Consciousness. 

The human-us has at its disposal a well designed mind and brain  remarkable for the versatility and ability to constantly extrapolate and expand knowledge and understanding of its surroundings.

 We also have remarkable hearts. In addition to all the human work of our hearts, Spirit uses that physical part of us as a Receptacle in which to house Compassionate and Loving Feelings that are constantly expanding from within the Three Fold Flame the glows upon an Altar in a Secret Place in the Heart..

 Incredible amounts of Greater Godness can play through those hearts.  

Therefore, if we doubt how humanly good we are or are capable of being, please believe that if we stay connected to the Source of our Life Energy, we are capable of giving a good account of ourselves at all times and in any situation just by being all we can humanly be at any moment. 

 And we can put aside our guilt trips about our sinful natures by understanding that it was not expected that the human body would be perfected.....or would soar off to Heaven. SOARING OFF TO HEAVEN IS THE DESTINY OF THE SOUL.

 What was and still is intended is that the human vehicle or Temple will house a Soul Who will expand Godness, here on Earth, And to do this the Soul has to exercise control over the human. The Plan was and still is that the Soul will do "good works" with the help of its human partner.


The Soul therefore is allowed to perfect Its Skills and grow in Godness through one or many embodiments, ending this Earth Experience eventually in Victorious Christness as demonstrated by the One we know as 'Jesus'.

Generally this is done by gradually, step by step, expanding Soul Light, Christ Light through the daily, ordinary efforts we all make as we live a human life on Earth. The focus was always intended to be on the Soul effort....never on the we can see that for a very long time, humanity has had the cart before the this and in many other attitudes and ideas about Life.  

Thus it was for us, the Soul, from the beginning to get our Act together and keep It together, which obviously we haven't always done.

A quick read of the morning paper gives us a clue as to how little control some of us have exercised over our human body and mind, either in the past or as we are exercising it today. Clearly, today, in most instances, the human being is in charge. Clearly the Soul has been pushed aside.

 And it appears that the Soul has no one to blame. The Supreme Being gives Its Power through the Soul Channel, not directly to the human who is to be directed by the Christ Soul. And somewhere throughout time, the Soul relinquished too much Control and Power to the physical body and we have what we have today. And it is a long story!

Now when the Soul finally takes back control of its human vehicle there will be no more mistakes. No more war.

Without a doubt, what we have happening today comes out of the human side of life being pampered and given too much control.

The human mind has squeezed the Soul Mind out of the pilot’s seat....only occasionally allowing It even co-pilot status.

In observing the state of mankind world wide, it often appears there's no conscious mind of any kind in the human cockpit....the plane is on auto-pilot....and goes running around in circles, until it runs out of fuel (Light) and finally crashes. This describes much of the human condition today. We have but to look around to prove this is the case. 

However, this does not make the human-us inherently sinful creatures.

 The human does what 'the human does as it follows basic animal tendencies'....thus there was always intended that there would be Higher Guidance. The Soul, that Spark of Basic Godness that is the Immortal-us, was meant to provide that Guidance. While the Soul Itself cannot be sinful, still it can and has allowed 'sins'....the most grievous that of not controlling its human vehicle. Apparently the Soul can be  derelict in its Basic responsibilities, which is somewhat of a mystery to me. However, the Planet and People are now suffering the consequences.

 Today we people are having trouble identifying with our Soul process, or understanding our human problems. With our New Understanding We can, at Soul Level, begin to correct this situation. We can begin by reconnecting more powerfully with Supreme expanding the Flame in the Heart of our human self...and by giving the human self the much needed direction it deserves.


I've explained previously that this series of Essays examines my 'point of view' regarding Life and Its for many years I resisted speaking out....thinking that I could privately live my personal Spiritual Truths. I had no desire to suggest to others what they might do to improve their lives....neither did I feel had the ability nor responsibility to share my Perceptions of Life either as they pertain to our physical or Soul Efforts....rationalizing that few would be interested....that each had the right to find their own Truths. 

All the above may still be true....but the world cries out for help ....for Truth.

Today what appears to be near insanity rules throughout many parts of the Planet. I have thoughts on all of that....thoughts about why it is the way it is....and what the people involved could be doing about it if they wished to change anything....if they had any idea of what to do.  

I'm convinced that the human species, as we know it today, is at a crossroads in its evolution....and that we, the Souls embodied in these physical bodies, are experiencing very individual testing....a testing of  our Soul Strengths....perhaps to see if We are capable of channeling a Higher Vibration or Frequency of the Greater Light onto the Planet. 

I sense that evolution is being forced upon us....body and Soul...

.validating my thoughts about cyclic changes and their effects upon us.

 I would bet a nickel that we are experiencing the clean-up and final actions of the Piscean Energies even while we are entering into the higher vibrations that are coming on line with the advent of the Aquarian Energy. 

I'm not alone in sensing this or in thinking that we may be faced with Major Life Choices within a few years....which is why I have felt it was so important to help others understand the issues that are driving our lives....again, body and Soul.

This may be the time when the human-us is asked to again give recognition to Our Soul finally admit WHO WE REALLY ARE. If we can do this, it will greatly reduce fears around physical changes. Additionally, until we approach Life from that mind-set we will make little headway in any effort to help people or the Planet....and no headway at all in our efforts to grow as Spirit. 

We need additional Spiritual Information....and it's all out there....but often obscure, hidden or non-existent within modern 'organized' religions.

Thus our hope for the future comes from the newer versions of metaphysical, mystical Instruction....particularly as it flows through Mystical Christianity and it's available to everyone. This will teach us what we need to know about the Ascended Teachers Who patiently wait to be asked to help us....and Who are as close as our thought of Them. Everything we need is right within our grasp. We have but to reach out and grasp what is offered.  

In our search to find ourselves, many discover that they know little beyond what they see and think and feel.

 But others know a good deal more about themselves, both as human beings as well as Spiritual Beings.

Thus the first step in knowing the totality of ourselves comes as we 'willingly' recognize that we come packaged and labeled 'Body and Soul'. And then learning that we are to grow both those levels. That's what evolution is really about. It is not just about the human organism evolving but about both Body and Soul growing and changing to suit the evolution of the times. 

Many people spend a good part of their lives searching for that workable, practical understanding of Life that will allow them to grow evenly, at both Body and Soul levels of Being. Most of us struggle with one of my Teachers remarked many years ago when I was grousing about how hard Life was....He said, 'if it weren't difficult, if it didn't offer challenges, where in would be your Victory!

So it seems we are intended to make what often seems like heroic effort....and the struggle, the effort is the using and the flexing of Spiritual Muscles. is pouring our energy, which is Light, into a project or situation using the physical body to do it or through which to do it.

 In my striving I integrate the older Ideas of God and man with the Newer Teaching....welding all that information into a practical, workable, Spiritual Concept that gives me a basic 'road map for living'. There's so much we need to know about our human purpose....much more than is generally taught and infinitely more Information is needed about the Spiritual Aspects of our lives, which we are evolving as we live them through this human experience.

My purpose here is to offer Ideas. 

And this sense of change in the air?

 It seems we may be at one of those "Cosmic Turning Points" in the Life of the well as in the evolution of humanity and the Souls Who embody here.

This is a time when what we need to know is being laid out before us and many are Awakened enough to go where we've never gone before.....ready to give up the old human consciousness of hatred and war....ready to fill ourselves with shining new Spiritual Concepts of Peace and Brotherhood.  

To access that dream, we have to find the Path back to our Inner Being. That Path is always through Peace.

Godness does not bloom in human darkness.

 It's a matter of beginning to understand what the Spiritual Issues are.

 It's inviting the Light in.

It's the process of beginning to re-connect human and Soul and all that means.

It is the most important use of our modern lives....that of re-acquainting ourselves with our Higher Reality.... first with our Soul, then with our Christ Self, then with our Mighty I AM God-Self.

 It is changing our mind-set from “me to Thee”....from what the human wants to what the Soul needs in order to develop the God-attributes and use Them in the human arena. 

Many years ago, when I embarked upon a Journey of greater personal awakening, reading and studying and seeking out Guidance....believing this would ultimately lead me to the human/Soul mentality needed to fulfill my Soul Destiny.

Part of the Process was to develop for myself what I came to call


that gave specific direction for a more disciplined approach, Body and Soul. 

I want to share this Creed with you.

 But first let me give you some Insight into Its Origin first.  Metaphysically it is taught that in the Greater Scheme of Universal Life there are spirals within spirals of SEVEN-FOLD DIVISIONS of every imaginable Activity of Greater Life.

Much is written about this tremendous activity of Universal Energy and one can only glimpse the magnitude of this Sacred-Process.

However, imagine a crystal and imagine the flashing Rays of Light of different colors. In the Seven Ray Activity of Higher Energy described here, each Cosmic Ray has a distinct color and quality or job, as it were....each being an initial division of Cosmic Energy as it flows from the Great Central Source of Power. Each Ray has sub-divisions and specific purposes and each Ray is under the direction one of Those described as the Seven Mighty Builders around the Throne. 

Each of us is developing continuously under one of these Rays as our Spiritual lives are perfected. Ultimately we master the Qualities of each Ray, seven times seven, gradually raising ourselves into the Higher Plane Frequencies in the never ending Universal Process of Ascending.

 As we aspire to something more than ordinary human existence, and having sensed or become acquainted with our Soul companion, we definitely need guidelines to “go where we’ve never gone before”. We may tried many avenues and failed because we didn’t have sufficient understanding to make headway against the strong human attitudes that keep us bound to Earth. 

With those thoughts in mind, I invite you to try this out. You can use this Creed as a form of Guidance.

It is helpful to me in mastering the Discipline and Qualities needed in our lives. 'Discipline' is not highly regarded in our present societies....but submitting ourselves to some form of DISCIPLINE, Body and Soul, becomes a primary effort if we are to improve our human lives through understanding our Spirituality. 

So then, understand that each of us is at this very moment,

 living and working under and with the Energy of one or more of the basic Rays. See if you can find yourself in any of these categories. 

If we are working under the umbrella of FIRST RAY ENERGY, we will find ourselves concerned with both physical and Soul Strength and we are striving to outpicture God’s Will. 

To strengthen our efforts, we acknowledge and often affirm or decree....


Second Ray Energy searches for Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom. 


If we are studying and evolving within the Energies of the Third Ray we are working for adaptability and tact. 


Fourth Ray Energy speaks of beauty and harmony....of the working of Miracles.


Fifth Ray Energy nurtures us in our interest in science and the pursuit of academic knowledge as well as the art of Divine Healing. 


Within the Radiance of the Sixth Ray we evolve through devotion and service to Life.



And finally, within Seventh Ray Energy we find ourselves working for order in our human/Soul Life. And we are working to pass every test.  


Now keeping all this in mind is an experience in itself....but it is in making this kind of Effort as we work for the qualities we wish to develop and strengthen, always with the goal of bringing human/Soul Balance into our lives.

It is this kind of conscious focus that ultimately PROPELS us into that longed for Greater-God-Beingness while we are yet living our normal daily Life.

This is a simple beginning to understanding and working with the Greater  Cosmic Energies that exist all around us but to which we are not taught to give recognition. Our conscious recognition can fan a small Soul blaze into a Cosmic Fire within and around our physical selves giving our Christ Self the Power to finally accomplish those things that the Master Jesus said we could and would accomplish....

and 'greater things than these shall Ye do!' 

But it takes Power....Cosmic Power of intensified Energy within and around us.

 And that doesn’t just happen.

We have to make it happen by understanding what is involved.

 Every seeker starts by being a strong, knowledgeable, moral citizen of this cleaning up and strengthening the human first....

and finally, in activating the Power of the indwelling Soul, Who is capable of doing God’s work perfectly on this Planet and elsewhere.

 Then the  challenge is to begin to recognize the Bigger Purpose of our Life Experiences, always focusing on what needs to be done to achieve that Purpose.

Otherwise, we walk around wondering what we're doing here.

 It's our responsibility to figure this out.

Often that search is what propels us into the recognition of our Soul. 

Almost everyone has wondered about his Soul at one time or another and about the mystical side of Life. And has asked the question, “how would I know if I’m mystical".

Well, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that 'everyone is mystical'.

The physical/Spirit combination of body, mind and Soul, makes it obvious that simply by the way we are “put together” we have no choice but to be mystical. 

We realize that it is physically we are aware of the visible world around us. But it is intuitively, mystically that we sense the invisible world.

 It is mystically that we will find our Soul, waiting to be found.

 We read that we are entering a period of time when 'Heavenly Doors' are opening to allow Greater Light to flow onto the Planet....

that these are  days of unprecedented Spiritual Awakening. ...

where we are to have access a Higher Level of Consciousness.....

with here-to-fore unavailable opportunity to develop Mystically as the Planet enters the Energy of the Aquarian Cycle.

 It is a time when we can achieve the mystical Soul Union with our Holy Christ Selves.

We have entered a period when one can, with determination and dedication, enter into the complete realization of the statement....

”I and the Father are One”. 

We are entering a time when old fixed Spiritual Ritual will change for we have outgrown many ritualistic forms and ceremonies and are ready for new ones. 

 No one set of ritual can be of continuous service as both the human and the Soul grow in Consciousness. That is part of the sense of “change” many of us feel.

Meanwhile, there's turmoil world-wide....political, economic, ethnic, as well as religious. So much of it is revolving around human greed and hate.

 There will be greater and greater change that will be both destructive to the 'old' as well as Constructive to the New Ways, all coming about as highly charged human energy becomes Powerful, clean and pure....the change will feature Pure Energy flowing freely into our worlds from the Heavens. 

  Many are ready for it and are tuning into the Spiritual Gifts flowing from the invisible world. 


As all this is happening in the next few years, it is important to understand that there are no accidents in God’s world.

Those of us here are involved one way or another with all that’s going on.

 We need to know that there are Spiritual Laws that underlay all Soul Growth and that they are as exact as the principles of the most exact sciences today. These are Laws that address the needs and requirements of the body and but they exist primarily for the growth and protection  of the  Soul, whose Earth Journey this is.

 Our Soul education is occurring in  many ways, day in and day out, just as we live our human lives.

 The instruction and the tests are happening within our daily lives.

 Each one of us is unique, a special individual. And personal Soul Instruction comes to us where we are, at the level of our current understanding and of our ability to humanly use the Instruction that is given to us.  

Each Soul is developing, step by step, following the design of an original, unique Blueprint.

 Biblically we read, 'in the Beginning created He them from the White Fire of His Being.'

 We are Immortal, self-conscious, self determining Sparks of Primal Godness, that White Fire Creation.

  Angelic Life was provided to care for us and Angels have stayed with us, and stood by us, as we have experimented over eons of time....experiencing the good and not so good, reaping the results of our own ”experiencing”.

Angels know that we need Them....even if many of us don’t know that......

There are layers and layers of Spiritual Hierarchy which exists to assist the human/Soul Process.

There exists in the Greater World Great Beings, Great Cosmic Powers and Angelic Forces available to teach and protect us. They wait for us to acknowledge Them and call upon them for  Guidance.

 “Call to us”, they have said, “and We will answer you”.

In concluding these thoughts, we see that time is moving on. We choose to believe it is always with a Purpose.

 We are told that the requirements of the Piscean Cycle that is ending are different from the incoming Aquarian Cycle which brings with it

The Seventh Ray Vibration of Order....and how the world is in need of Order.

Further It comes in combined with the Sixth Ray of Devotion which was brought to Earth by the One we know as 'Jesus' two thousand years ago.

So even as we speak the Seventh Ray Energy is at work, cleaning up, transmuting and raising the old energies to the higher vibration.

 Many of us are at a turning point that will allow us to enter

upon a Pathway, guiding us to the Great Teachers of mankind.

No doubt about it!

 The Gates of Heaven are opening,

 bringing us Answers to the wonderful mysteries of our Lives.

 But be assured that no one is allowed to drag us through those Gates.

We each, using our Free will, consciously makes the decision to enter into experiences that will bring us into the closer understanding and relationship with all Greater Godness.....

but oh,

 how much better our everyday lives will become if we opt to try it out.

 Truly Goodness will follow us all the days of our lives if we can maintain our Spiritual focus.

To do this we develop a special kind of passion....a special kind of tough and determined 'willingness' to come to these new experiences with both our minds and our hearts.

We can become the 'willing channels' for God’s Love to flow through us to the Planet.

 We can be examples of Goodness on this Planet, living decent, honorable human lives.

Eventually we will joyfully surrender our human 'free will', offering all we are to the Greater Divine Will.

That is the first step into 'Heaven'.