Apparition in Zeitoun

As photographed over Coptic Church in Zeitoun, Egypt


On the night of Tuesday, April 2, 1968, at 10:00 p.m., some Muslim mechanics and bus drivers

who were returning to their garage, opposite the church, suddenly saw above it a “lady dressed

in white kneeling down” near the cross on top of the dome. The apparitions continued for months...

The apparitions were preceded by luminous phenomena described by witnesses as "rain of diamonds.”

After that there were "luminous doves" sometimes lined up in the form of a cross. At other times, abundant

ochre-colored clouds gave off "the smell of incense." After these signs, Our Lady would appear.

Her radiance, comparable to the sun, was such that it was hard to discern her features. Sometimes she leaned

 toward the crowd, smiling and blessing the people with an olive branch. At other times she would kneel before

 the cross on the top of the dome.


(LJC) Shared here are Beloved Mary's Thoughts as I perceived Them one day (2003) when I was sensing that She wished

 to encourage those of us who have a deep concern for the current events of our day....those of us who are making

 both the human and Soul effort to assist in the speedy clean-up of any lower vibrational situations that may remain

 active on the Planet.

My Beloved Friend,

I Am here,

here always to help the good people of the Planet

many of whom are experiencing an array of various impurities

(ie. difficulties) which have been increasingly released back upon

 the Planet during the past years, with more coming in each day,

for all physical energy must be transmuted and purified by each

 individual  through 'good works' and constructive effort

in God's Name.


There is an Energy Purification Process going on

that is being handled at Inner Levels by the Hierarchy in charge of that

 Procedure, assisted by those (on Earth) who have been taught to wield

Archangel Michael's Sword of Blue Flame, by all those enfolded in the

 Ascended Masters' Miracle Mantles of Love's

 Mastery, by all individuals who stay loyally  'in touch' with Us....

aiding Those  of Us Who are Empowered to wield and direct the

many Mighty Cosmic Rays from Our Ascended Octaves.

At this time there are Powerful Rays of Violet Light being released into

Our Use for the Purpose of helping humanity, who, more and more are

 awakening and coming into the Dominion of their own Christness.

We, of the Angelic and Ascended Hierarchy, have Permission to help all the Blessed Ones, world-wide,

 who with Herculean Effort from the physical side of Life are tireless and faithful in their 

 determination to free this Planet from the webs of darkness that have held It in bondage for

 thousands upon thousands of years.


Dramatic changes (visible and invisible) are occurring even as we speak. The world is seeing the last

 desperate attempts by those ancient 'forces of hate' whose sole purpose in any Age has been to

 destroy, destroy, destroy. They have succeeded many times in millennia past. This 'dark force' has

 held back the Evolution of this Planet which is destined to become a Sun of Perfection, a Place where

 Enlightened Life (evolved Souls) may embody, if they so wish, to complete certain aspects of their

 Higher Spiritual Education and Service.

This can never happen as long as the forces of demonic darkness have any grip on the people of the

 Planet. One has only to look about to see the 'darkness' that has invaded and has control over millions

 and millions of people, in every some cases, to the point of the depravity we see in the

 suicide bombings. Only a totally depraved or enslaved human, who has rejected or has no knowledge

 of his or her Soul and Christ Connection, would ever allow themselves to become a pawn in the scheme

 of the dark forces.

Two thousand years ago, when this same depravity was coming to a head....a Group of Us came to

Earth,  led by the One known to you as 'Jesus', One Who is still so dear to me as my Beloved Son of

 that time.

Yes. Many of Us came with Jesus and We pushed back the darkness and gave the world a Message of

 Hope and Redemption and bought time for the application of that Message. That alone has 'saved'

 the Planet during the past two thousand years. We were able to stop for that time the most terrible

 destruction that was planned for the Planet and for the Souls embodied then.


Now the Hands of the Cosmic Clock have moved....and the time has come for the mankind of today to

 repay the debt incurred by the people two thousand years ago when the Beloved Jesus took on the

 debt of human darkness.

That debt is now due to be well, there is to be transmuted the additional darkness that

 has been imposed on Pure Planetary Energy during the past two thousand years.

 All must be cleaned up and redeemed....all is a debt due to be paid.

All that Energy of the Ages, lowered in vibration by mankind's use and mis-use of It is a debt that

 has come due. That Energy must be purified, it must be raised into a Higher Vibration....and this must

 happen within the next few years.

The hands of the Cosmic Clock point almost straight up.

In Cosmic Time, there are only a few minutes left (in this cycle)

for the people of Earth to repay their debts or suffer

the consequences....

 All darkened energy is being brought up to a certain Standard of Light.


 Then the amount of the debt left unpaid can be handled by the 'Powers of Light' whose Job it is to

bring this Planet into alignment with the Laws that govern this System of Worlds. This Planet has

 been out of alignment for a very long time and only the Love of very Great Beings has thus far

 prevented its dissolution.

And only the Love of very Great Beings, added to the Conscious,

Determined Efforts of today's Enlightened humanity will resolve these

 Planetary Issues faced by both God and mankind at this time.

Now the time has run out for those

who will not bend the knee to the Cosmic Authority of the Universe.

Gratefully, We see the tremendous amount of Enlightened Energy being poured into the

 stream of human energy of the Planet.We are watching all the various Avenues of

 Teaching....and especially, We encourage and are encouraged by the expansion of all positive

 Energy as It flows through many individuals, through many Channels....we are especially

 encouraged by the way in which Our Words and Love today flow through the use of computers.

We see the 'Light of God' expanding in many places and in many ways, and going out to reach

 people all over the world. Again I say, We are very encouraged.

  God Light, Christ Light in sufficient quantity and quality, will eliminate the darkness.

 It is our Heartfelt Wish that all Students, please, We ask you, continue to convey that Idea

 in all that you do.

Thank you (LJC) for giving (again) to the world one of the many pictures taken (of Me) when I appeared over the Coptic Church near Cairo. Through it (the picture) and through these Words will I pour My Energy and My Love to all who read these Words.

It was I Who directed you to go to Egypt in 1980. It was I Who gave you the experience of going to that Coptic Church and meeting with those who had actually seen this Luminous Presence I placed there.

 Those who will contemplate with Love, the Reality of that Picture of Me,

will be greatly Blessed each time they do so....for they will receive in return, a Ray of my Love,

that will Eternally enfold them and will serve them, in all they wish to do in the Name of God.


 When I sent you to Egypt, it was because I wanted you to have such certainty about these things,

 for I knew that one day you would be a Conduit through whom I could speak to the Nations. 


Now soon, the Great Beings, Those Who are closest in Responsibility to these situations faced by

 mankind today, will begin to step forward. They will come in  bodies especially prepared for this

 Cosmic will see Them in visible bodies that can withstand the pressure of this material

 world, and They will work directly with those of you who have been Their Staunch Supporters....with

 those of you who have 'believed without seeing'.... 

With those of you who have aided Me in holding 'the Immaculate Concept'

in all that concerns the affairs of God and man on Earth.


Now I enfold you and all who read these words,

ever more closely in My Love, as always I have done,

'I AM'


February 2011

And now out of our concern for Egypt during this time of crisis faced by the Egyptian government and people, we offer this Mighty decree for the God-Solution to all activity that does not serve humanity there or anywhere on the Planet.    

We people of the world offer our love to Egypt and to the Egyptian people with this decree:

Almighty God and our own Beloved Mighty 'I AM' Presence,

all Great Beings and Powers of Light,

Beloved Mother Mary and the seven Great Archangels,

 we ask that You take charge now of the entire situation within Egypt.

We ask You to blaze your fiery Christ Light of Peace, Order and Divine

 Wisdom into all the people, into all the leaders, into the military and

 into all those in positions to make the appropriate changes now. 

We ask You to remove all darkness and activities in and around this

 country now, and throughout the entire Middle East. 

We ask You to Command into action Legions of the Angels of Blue

 Lightning to bind and remove all things sinister and chaotic,

and we, the Children of Light, call upon the Infinite

 Power of God, upon the Magnificent Violet Consuming Flame

asking for God-Control and God-Command of the Destiny of Egypt.

We give praise and thanks

It is done!

Personal notes:


Our Egyptian friend, Violette S., who lives in Heliopolis Egypt a short distance from Zeitoun,  described to us (my husband and myself) how she 'saw with her own eyes a number of times', the Luminous Presence of Beloved Mary as it appeared in various forms over the domes of the Virgin's Church at El-Zeitoun. This Presence was visible for a whole year and witnessed by thousands.

It was in 1980 that we, my husband and I traveled to Egypt and 'by chance' we met Violette and her husband, who took us to this Coptic Church where Beloved Mary had been appearing. People had come from all over the world....newspapers and photographers had recorded the events.

Accompanied by Violette and her husband we attended a nightly Service there....feeling that we had been directed to be there to receive some Mighty Blessing and extraordinary Insight from the Beloved Mary.

As we quietly absorbed the Radiation during the Service,  we looked up and saw the most magnificent portrayal of the beautiful face of Mary covering the entire surface of the inside of the dome. The picture below does not begin to convey the grandeur, nor the color nor size of the Face looking down on us.....perhaps it was 40 feet in diameter, perhaps a hundred. 

Just Her Beautiful Face.

I was profoundly moved and the memory of that 'Face' stays with me as a constant reminder of Her Service to mankind and of our responsibility to stand by Her side and serve with Her.

**** The Virgin Saint Mary (Theotokos) occupies a special place in the heart of all Copts. Her repeated daily appearances in a small Church in Elzaytoun district of Cairo for over a month in April of 1968 was witnessed by thousands of Egyptians, both Copts and Muslims and was even broadcast on International TV.

Daily, in all Coptic Churches all over the world, Copts pray for the reunion of all Christian Churches. They pray for Egypt, its Nile, its crops, its president, its army, its government, and above all its people. They pray for the world's peace and for the well-being of the human race.

There is the story that Nasser, in 1968, was about to legislate the country of Egypt into a permanent and exclusive Islamic State.  Nasser heard about the Appearance of Beloved Mary above the Coptic Church in Zeitoun, the place that commemorates the site where The Lord Jesus and his Parents stayed when they sought refuge in ancient Cairo. This site is filled with history and the echoes with Miracles.  Nasser took members of his government across town to see this great thing. He was surprised to not only witness the Appearance himself, but to have his fellows see It as well. It lasted for about thirty days. Nasser changed his behavior and declared Egypt an open society for religious beliefs. To this day there is a large contingency of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and even Jews in Egypt. Egypt may be becoming a center of culture in the Middle East and a homeland for all Beliefs.   


(LJC) Beloved Mary continues to work with the One we know as Her Blessed Son, Jesus, to fulfill Their Sacred Mission as the Golden Age of Peace unfolds....They continue to work to assure the Bright Destiny of this Planet and the Souls who incarnate here. She and Others of the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy depend mightily on us to stand by Their Sides and to do our part as the Planet and People go through the next years of change and purification.

Her frequent Appearances to people all over the world are reminders

of the serious events in which we are now involved.

She comes again and again to awaken us to the Promises

of God-Good already enfolding the Planet, urging all to embrace

Her Message of Christness, before it is too late.

For, as She tells us,

 the Bell tolls and the Hands of the Cosmic Clock move.

Lois J Crawford



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