Original painting by Leona Lal-Singh

 Copyright Leona Lal-Singh....please do not copy.

I have spoken of how many years ago this Beloved One, this 'Mari', offered to be One of my Guides....offered to help me perfect my actions, Body and Soul. And we became 'Companions' as it were.

Everyday I look to Her for Guidance.

I listen for Her Internal Instructions,

 for I know, if I am open to it, She will give Cosmic Direction to my thoughts, feelings and actions along the lines of a more evolved Understanding of Life.

Now, again, I share personal parts of my life for only one reason....and that is to raise Awareness of how we can, while yet unascended, open the Channels of Communication with our more evolved Brothers and Sisters. They 'see' what we need to know. They watch for our dedication to Higher Principles. They await our call.

 How do we 'open those Channels of communications? Well, we can begin by saying,

 'Precious Ones, I invoke Your Miracle Mantles of Love's Mastery around me here and around all with whom I come in contact. I invoke this for the Blessing of all concerned.'

A perfect example of how these Great Beings of Light and Love can and will work with us is demonstrated by the beautiful picture at the top of this page. The artist is Leona Lal-Singh of New Zealand.

The Idea for this painting of Beloved Mary came through to Leona as an 'intuitive picture' flashed to her by Beloved Mary.

 We see, in this picture, Leona's Spiritual Insight enfolded in Mary's Consciousness.

Leona's is the Perfect Example of how we can develop a Heart Connection with a Being of Light, then allowing that Being to work with and through us, Body and Soul, for the benefit, not only of our own Spiritual Growth, but for the benefit of all Life.

 What often isn't realized by those on the Spiritual Pathway is that these Great Masters and Beings of Light wait....

They wait for the Invitation to enfold us in Their Flame of Ascended Mastery.

We must always remember:

 We are Beings of Free Will. And They are allowed to do certain things for us as a means of encouraging and helping us to do, what we have to do, to help ourselves as we evolve the Godness that we are.

Remember also:

 They do not come around us to 'to relieve us of the necessity' to make the personal 'human and Soul' effort on our Pathway. They cannot solve our problems, but They can strengthen us with Their Love and with Their Ascended Knowledge of how to live Life.

Then if we choose to invoke it, we can always have Their personal Radiance around us...which we will always feel as

the Comforting Energy of Love.

We just have to get it into our heads...believe... that They are always ready to assist ascending mankind.

 Remembering that Jesus left us with that very Message when He said,

 'I AM with you always".

He knew that if we would think of Him, connect with Him, in that conscious action we would draw forth from Him a Ray of His Love that would then enfold us, Body and Soul.

His Consciousness and His Love, both are always with us if we wish It to be with us.

It works the same way with any of the Great Ones to whom we give our attention and send our Love.

My hope for this website is that in sharing these Ideas,  any who come upon the website will be Spiritually Encouraged, and by studying the Information here, they will gain Confidence in their human and Soul ability to develop the closer Relationship with all levels of 'Godness'.

Also, it is to encourage everyone to 'give voice' in some Way to their Spiritual Identity by using God-given talents.

It is with that in mind that I share now some additional 'Thoughts of Mary' that came to me recently, late one night while the world was sleeping.

Let me preface this by saying that I had seen Leona's painting while exploring the Internet a few days before. When I awakened in the morning, I e-mailed Leona immediately and asked permission to use the painting above, prompted by Mary's Greeting, which began this way:

'My friend,

 How beautifully Your Soul doth magnify the Lord'!

 (And after some preliminary and personal remarks She began to talk to me about Her Life two thousand years ago as follows:)

"I AM Grateful that you begin to understand My Role in the 'Jesus Story'. There is so much that isn't known about all that went into that Episode that has crystallized into what is called The New Testament.

And even what is known is not entirely understood or correctly interpreted, And My Part has been deliberately concealed in the mainstream 'building of a story' by Church Authority.

But what is happening is the gradual 're-enlightening' of the human mind, getting it ready to be able to reflect the God Mind that waits to work through humanity. This all takes time.

Two thousand years ago there was a mind-set of ancient ideas and beliefs to be penetrated. It is hard for you living today....(embodied today) to realize what We (the Jesus Group) were contending with.

In addition to layers and layers (like concrete) of old embedded ideas and human activities around beliefs in 'deity', there was the lawlessness of the governing powers of the time. You today  have no idea what it is to live in a society where a ruler can order the wholesale slaughter of innocent people. All this We were living with daily. Protecting Ourselves on one hand from every sort of danger while trying to establish the Teaching for the Piscean Age at the same time.

The real story of our efforts is little known or understood. But it needs to be (understood) for the purpose of establishing the New Teaching for the Aquarian Cycle.

In our time it was a 'process' as you say, of awakening the human mind to a new way of looking at God.

Today it is a process of getting the human mind ready to accept the understanding of the embodied Soul....and finally taking that Teaching out to describe the partnership meant to exist between man and God.

Until mankind can be made to understand its purpose in the scheme of Life, there is not much hope of bringing the animal nature under control...for neither the educated nor uneducated mind will rationalize any purpose in being anything other than what we see in the average human life. The human brain calculates the needs of the human being. The human mind uses those calculations to develop various life styles conducive to the pleasure and the pursuits of the human.

 And so it has gone since mankind abandoned God those many thousands of years ago.

But cycles do change. And in this new Cycle, the Energy Patterns are different. And now human beings can only exist within those New Patterns. So that those who cannot or will not bring their Energy into alignment with the incoming Energy Patterns will not be able to maintain their physical bodies. And Souls will not be allowed to embody here if they carry with or about them the Energy that does not conform to the New Patterns.

So although mankind (embodied Souls), much of it, will not 'shape up' as you say, on their own, New Patterns will force the Issue. Thus you and others who work for Peace on Earth and who sometimes despair when you observe what is happening the world over, in all areas of Life

I say to you

Despair not for all moves in Perfect Divine Order.

By that is meant, Energy on Earth is being 'upgraded' and it will take forward, those willing to move forward....all those whose human minds are awakened to God in the more personal way (of knowing themselves to be Souls)....

This is what is happening all over the planet at the present time. And will continue until the planet is cleansed of all low vibratory life forms....that includes certain animal life, certain plant life. Everything including the planet itself, is moving forward. Humanity (embodied Soulness) goes with it. All else will evolve in some other place, some other time.


Universal Life entirely practical. There is a time table....

The Age of the Soul is dawning.

 May every Soul magnify the Lord God until all are Ascended and Free'

I AM Mary

  Lois J Crawford



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