How many of us are still locked into the stories of Mary that have been created for us by the various religions over the last two thousand years?

She seems always to have been my Friend....from early childhood I found myself talking to Her. Then I didn’t know if she was actually ‘real’, but Her Radiation became part of my Life through the Comfort and Love It offered. Hers was a Voice that guided me then, staying with me throughout the years.

 Not feeling entirely comfortable with the bible stories about Her, it was gratifying to find the following information given to the world by the Master Morya El, Who speaking of Mary in 1938 has this to say:

  "History knows little about the Mother of the Great Pilgrim, who was as exceptional as Her Son. ‘The Mother came from a great family and was the embodiment of refinement and nobility of spirit. She was the One who laid the foundation for His first high ideals, and sang a lullaby to Him in which She foretold His miraculous future. She took great care to safeguard Her Child, and was a source of strength for His great achievements.

She knew several languages, and thus made the path easier for Him. Nor did She object to His long pilgrimages, and gathered all that was necessary to make the travels easier. She rightly valued the common people and knew that they would guard the treasures of His Teaching.

 She recognized the grandeur of the Culmination and thus could give heart to those of diverse character who were weakened by doubt and rejection. She was prepared to experience the same achievement as Her Son, and He entrusted to Her His decision, which was confirmed by the Teachers.

It was the Mother Who was already an Ascended Master at the time of her life with Jesus who understood the mystery of His wanderings. For the fundamental truth about the Mother's life to be clear, one must understand the local conditions of those times. However, She was led by Her insight into the future and was able to rise above the customs of Her country.

So little by little I learned that the Mary I felt I knew is more than the Mary of the Biblical accounts....that there exists outside the orthodox religious context information that gives us additional Insight into Her Part in the Greater Jesus Activity of two thousand years ago.

My effort here is to share information and Inner Intuition that better describes the gentle, loving and Mighty Mary Who always encourages us to perfect and exercise our Faith in God's Will, for, She knows only that will give us the Direction to do perfectly all we endeavor to do.

In times of stress I have turned to Her. She has never failed to offer Words of Wisdom. Here are a few of Her Words to me on one such occasion:


'Be silent and be at Peace. Never fail to 'hold 'the Immaculate Concept' in order to perceive God's Will. Then in becoming the Will of God Incarnate, act when the direction is clear. Trust in the 'Promises of God' to strengthen and expand your Faith. Know that all works in Divine Order. Maintain your Balance, Poise and Harmony, for this is the Fabric of the Kingdom of Heaven'.


Through the Messenger, Beloved Edna Ballard She counsels all Students:

Remember always that whatever you do to the Life in the world around you, you do to your own Life first! When you love Life enough to want it to be Free, when you love the world around you enough to want it to be Free from discord and destruction, when you want the Powers of Nature to be Free from impurity and imperfection, when you love Life enough to want that, you love your own Life inside of you with a Love that sets you Free’


The 'Comfort of Mary'.

Over many years, as I grew up....married and had children to raise, and a busy human life to live, I often turned to the 'Comfort of Mary'. It was while I was clothed in the Miracle Mantle of Her Ascended Radiance, which I had been taught to consciously draw about me, that I experienced the 'Compassionate Understanding' of the challenges of the human/Soul endeavor on Earth. It was within that 'Sense of Understanding'...knowing She knew where I was needing 'help'....that I was able to internalize the Suggestions She offered. Her Ascended Consciousness was a Guide for my thoughts, feelings and actions, Body and Soul. It was as though Her Consciousness interpenetrated mine. We became 'Companions' as it were, and it is often that I 'feel' Her Loving, Comforting Thoughts working within me, helping me in any way She is allowed to help me. But, never overriding my Free will....for She cannot do that if She wished to....which She never would....but giving me Inner Insight on Ways to accomplish what I might wish to long as it is constructive, for it must be understood that the More Evolved Intelligence will never participate in anything that is not within God's Will.


Channels of Communication

Whenever I share bits of ‘Master Conversations’ please understand that I offer these personal 'glimpses' only as a road demonstrate One Way we can use the Ascended Help that is available to everyone of us. It is always up to us to open the Channels of Communication with our more evolved Brothers and Sisters. It is because They can 'see' what we need to know and how we need to be directed, that They are able to help us. We have only to lovingly speak Their Names to invoke Their Miracle Mantles of Love's Mastery around us. They wait for our recognition and if asked will place a Flame of Their Ascended Consciousness within our brow chakra. They ‘hope’ that we will use that Flame....visualizing That Cosmic Flame of Mastery not only on our foreheads but on the foreheads of family and friends. This is one of many Ways They offer Their Help to mankind.

 They want us to know about Them and about the Part They play in God’s Cosmic Scheme. They Desire that we feel safe in Their Loving Hands. Our part comes in following Their Suggestions if we wish to have Them as our Companions on this, our Soul Journey. If we choose to 'go it alone' They will never bother us.


Conversations with Dear Friends

Over the years, often late at night, when the house was quiet, I often found myself 'thinking' of or feeling the Presence of a certain Great Being....and if Their Thoughts began to stream into my mind I would write whatever Information I perceived. In the beginning I ‘listened’ and wrote. But in time these writing sessions became Conversations with dear Friends, which, sometimes, began when I asked a question....although, sometimes, They came to give me Specific Direction.

 Beloved Mary, God Bless Her, is always 'right there' whenever we need Her Comforting Presence. She is 'right there' for anyone who sends Her their love and She will ‘talk’ to anyone who is ready to 'listen'.

These Great Beings can send Their Thoughts or a Luminous Replica of Themselves anywhere, anytime, to anyone who desires Their Presence with them. We are truly never alone or without loving Friends.

 When I created the Modern Mystic Website I thought of sharing some of our Conversations. One day while at work on the ‘Mary’ pages, I became aware of Her Energy. She ‘smiled’ at me and began our Conversation this way. 


 ‘My Friend,

I see you are hesitant to reveal your ability

 to connect with the Invisible side of Life.

 Be not afraid of your own Power.

The day is here when Life, visible and invisible must work together to bring in enough Energy....enough Cosmic move this Planet and the Life on this Planet into the 'place or dimension' prepared and waiting for it. It is not your imagination that Life is 'moving on'....or that people on Earth....those Souls in embodiment or not....all those who are the complement of Souls prepared for this Earth is not your human imagination that Souls on Earth today have the opportunity and responsibility to respond to the Higher Ideals that are flowing into everyone.

No one is left out....

every single Soul is feeling the urge to 'move on'.

Now, what will determine Their 'fate of the moment' is whether They can awaken the human vehicle....their human partner....

But the stage is set....humanity has been given every tool needed to understand and to make the shift from this third dimension material plane to the 'place prepared for the continuation of the Soul Journey.

Saint Germain, in another time, once said the question was 'to be or not to be...'Today, We add to that the question whether 'to go with the New Cosmic Flow or be left behind'....and many Voices are here on Earth, crying out to the human mind to 'awaken'....

On our side, we are speaking to the Holy Christ Self of each individual...that Christ "Self" Whose Light gives Life to each physical body through the Soul Spark anchored in the heart.

And We are offering whatever Assistance the Great Law of Life allows. Many Dispensations are 'in action ' now. The stage is set for the greatest shift in Energy yet known in this Universe.

Never rest from your efforts to share these Thoughts with as many as will 'listen'.

 Much depends on the Lightbearers of your age,

just as it did with Those of Us who stood the 'guard'....

advancing the 'Will of God' two thousand years ago. 


Remind those who will listen, of the following words of Beloved Saint Germain, spoken to Godfre those many years ago...

 "When the children of Earth look away from Love,

 they are deliberately and consciously choosing the experience of chaos.

 Whoever seeks to exist without Love, cannot survive long,

 anywhere in creation."

Share that Powerful Admonition with those who are attracted to Our Light.

I leave you now.

 I Am always enfolding you

and all you contact and do in My Love.


 ‘I AM’ Mary

 From Patricia Cota-Robles;

May 2014

Mother Mary is working with each of us in wondrous ways.

 One of her greatest responsibilities is holding the Immaculate Concept for each and every one of us.

The Immaculate Concept is our Divine Blueprint, which is the full Divine Potential that is encoded within our DNA.

 Mother Mary works with our I AM Presence to help us bring the Immaculate Concept of our full Divine Potential

 to a conscious level within our hearts and minds.

At this time this is possible because of Humanity’s initial activation into Christ Consciousness which occurred

within every man, woman, and child on Earth after the Shift of the Ages, the Birth of the New Earth,

 and the activation of our pineal and pituitary glands.


Lois J Crawford


  Part Two...a Dictation