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Beloved Mary

Her Words to me on one occasion:


'Be silent and be at Peace. Never fail to 'hold 'the Immaculate Concept' in order to perceive God's Will.

Then in becoming the Will of God Incarnate,

act when the direction is clear.

Trust in the 'Promises of God' to strengthen and expand your Faith. Know that all works in Divine Order. Maintain your Balance, Poise and Harmony, for this is the Fabric of the Kingdom of Heaven'.

 I AM Mary

On December 13, 2010 I found myself thinking of Beloved Mary.

Hearing Her Voice, I wrote the following.


My Beloved One,

 Your Love comes to Us like a shining arrow of brilliant Light

and our Gratitude is never ending.

 We haven't spoken for several years now but always you and I are connected. We have an Eternal Heart to Heart bond established through Ages of working together and each time your thoughts come to me My Mantle of Peace is expanded around you, and now, because you have asked for it, it is also expanded to all those with whom you are establishing a Heart Connection. A Powerful Ray of my Radiance goes before you in all you do and in all they do.

With your permission We work now to enhance your efforts and their efforts as you and your companions continue to expand the Light of God that Never Fails....the Light of the Christ that Never Fails. We encourage your use of the Website to bring Our Message of Peace to people of the world, as well as your personal efforts and that of your friends and companions, to teach and encourage those with whom you all associate.

 Expanding the 'Light of God that Never Fails'

 throughout the world

 is the most needed Service of humanity today.


 We observe your passion and desire to help people understand the financial situation in which the Nations have found themselves....and have intuitively instructed you regarding these times in which much Cosmic Work must be accomplished.

  When given the opportunity you are explaining why it is that individuals need to prepare to survive what appears to you to be a world wide financial crisis looming on the horizon. You 'intuit' a time when everyone may have to be responsible for their own personal welfare.

'Prepare to survive,' you are saying. 'There may come a day when banks won't open, when grocery stores have no food, when gas stations have no gas.'

Your study of history tells you that that it doesn't take much to disrupt a fragile infrastructure that provides for daily human needs or that there can be many hidden situations that the people know not of and that do not bode well for the average man or woman, world wide.

 You are correct in your thinking. At any time it is prudent to lay aside enough basic necessities to get by during what may be disruptive periods of time. Your sense of planning for basic survival in an uncertain time is wise. And when you speak of 'survival preparation' please add this:

 'Today it is imperative that all who will survive the present worldwide disruptive financial and warring situations must be walking in the Light, the Christ Light....living in the Light, the Christ Light....serving the Light, the Christ Light.

 The time for playing games with God is past!'

 We came with the One you know as 'Jesus' two thousand years ago under the Direction of Great Beings to open the door to that Christ Light for those who would embody on Earth during this period of time. For two thousand years the Message of Christness and Brotherhood given to world through Beloved 'Jesus' had given humanity the time to, forgive Me....to 'get its act together'. And in those two thousand years some progress has been made....but not enough to stem the tide of evil that is poised to roll over the planet.

In the last century, because more Cosmic Light needed to be released, the Beloved Saint Germain called together what you like to call 'the Jesus Team' to try 'again' to waken more of the sleeping human consciousness.

And We came again from out the great Universe in answer to His Call and thus what you have known as the 'I AM' Activity was born....and through that Ascended and Angelic Effort a multitude of people did awaken and went into action giving powerful decrees for the Cosmic Light and Sacred Fire to descend, to expand and take command and control of all Life on the planet...as well of the planet itself.

And thus much progress has been made....but again, the response at that time was not as great or as sustained as was hoped for....the expansion of the Christ Light on Earth, while beautiful was not powerful enough to 'completely cure the patient'....or to prevent what the world has had to deal with during the past century or may now be forced to experience.

 And thus I have come over and over again to speak for the need for constant vigilance and prayer. Many Great Ones have come forth to ask for more prayer and for more decrees that call forth Great Cosmic Light that We can then take up and expand with our Ascended and Cosmic Might. If successful that One Activity alone will provide strength for the  people and bring the planet into alignment with the other planets within the galaxy ....today this is of utmost importance.

 If only God's people will take up this Ascended Master Cause to help all those embodied at this time....if only more will spring into action....with a determined Band of God Centered individuals assisting Us, much suffering will be avoided.


We never wish to focus humanity's attention on the negativity of the human condition. However, out of necessity We must, from time to time, make statements for the purpose of awakening the consciousness of humanity to the needs of the hour. As well we are charged to give a protective warning to those whose faces are turned Godward. That is why there has been what you call 'prophecy' through out the ages....

And I come to you, today, as a Prophet.....I come to sound the alarm....to say 'Wake up all that sleepeth....wake up before it is too late'

Wake up...for the sand in the hour glass has run out...people through out the world can no longer continue on the road to destruction. Humanity has been given the final opportunity to stand up and proclaim and strive for Righteousness through out the lands.

This Message comes to tell God's people of the world to 'prepare to survive' the consequences of man's evil against their fellow men and women....the nations' can no longer survive the daily ruin being visited upon the people by truly evil forces.

Sadly I come to say that there have been constructive people' throughout the world who through prayer and personal involvement could have prevented much of the insanity engulfing the world. But personal ambition and the pleasures of the world have held their attention.

And many now embodied world wide have not made the least effort to educate themselves regarding the Way mankind must organize itself in order to live constructively together ... millions do not recognize or have already blindly accepted the yoke of evil.

There is nothing We can do about that. 


Therefore We must turn our attention to those Few of Goodwill...to those who march with the Legions of Angels Who are here to save what can be saved of this modern civilization, much of which We have worked tirelessly to bring forth....knowing not everything can be saved!

And thus it is that We stress that each individual must look to themselves even as they pray to God for world salvation.


It is with these realizations, the Ascended Ones Who guide the Earth, ask Me to speak again and again to those willing to listen....to come to the Awakened people who are comforted and helped by Our Encouragement and Direction. We, the Ascended and Angelic Host come to you who know Us...to you who Love Us. We come to those of you who are aware of the scope and danger of the selfishness at work particularly within financial areas. We see and wish to help those who are aware of the dangers poised to destroy the welfare of the people of the planet. We come to those who are working with their whole hearts and minds to resolve these problems that threaten the very existence of Life as they know it on the planet.


You ask Me, 'What can be done to help them?'

There is only one Answer to that question....

So I say again....as I have said countless times over the centuries.... that the Answer can only be found in turning to God and invoking the Cosmic Power from the Highest Source of all Power. Again today as it has been over the ages, only in turning to God can individuals....can humanity ever save itself from the destructive conditions the world is facing today.

And only in Prayer....only in developing a Heart to Heart connection with Almighty God....only in developing a heart to heart connection with each one's own Mighty God Self and in that Awakened Consciousness going humbly to the Place where Cosmic Purity and Sanity reign

 ...a Place found only in the Heart of God.


I Pray for you, precious Children of Light.

I pray that you understand my Words.

I pray that you are capable and successful

in calling forth the Cosmic Light of God

asking It to go before you and

overcome with Love all the challenges facing you.

I enfold each one of you in my Heart's Love.

I stand by your side as you walk through the fire, clothed in the

Sacred Fire. I hold open the Doors of Heaven

awaiting your arrival when your work on Earth is completed.


 I' AM' Mary

enfolding you all in my

Christmas Love




Lois J Crawford