The 'Many Mansions'


Lois Crawford


"There is a great and glorious purpose in the march of the universes through space. All of your mortal struggling is not in vain. We are all part of an immense Plan, a gigantic Enterprise and it is the vastness of the undertaking that renders it impossible to see very much of it at any one time and during any one Life. We are all a part of an Eternal Project which the Gods are supervising and outworking. The whole marvelous and Universal Mechanism moves on majestically through space to the music of the meter of the Infinite Thought and the Eternal Purpose of the First Great Source and Center." 

                               Quote from The Urantia Book....words of a Mighty Messenger

You are entering a

World of Modern Spiritual Insight.

Thank you for coming.

Let me begin this way:

When the Great Lord we know as 'Jesus' came to Earth

two thousand years ago, He spoke of the Many Mansions

 that exist in the Greater Cosmic World.

 In our time we think of those 'Mansions' as more than just 'places'....we see that they encompass Spiritual Ideals and Concepts as well as the countless magnificent Dimensions beyond our third dimensional Earth plane.

We now know that our Planet, Earth is one of those Many Mansions and that we are the custodians of this particular place in the Universe of Infinite Godness. We know that as "we go" the Planet goes. That our Energy, Body and Soul is linked to the Energy of the Planet.

We see why it is very important to understand




 It becomes important that we distinguish between

 the human-us and the Christed Soul-us....

that we know what level of 'us' is acting at all times.

That we understand the 'Soul' is a 'Spark of Christness/Godness', a Spark of primal 'God Consciousness Who embodies, in order that certain 'work' is accomplished on this Planet. Much has been written on 'what work' and 'why'. Suffice it to say it is 'work' or Service that can only be accomplished through a physical vehicle, 'work' that serves God's Purposes, while allowing the embodied Christ Consciousness (Soul)' to continue to evolve.

 'Greater Godness' creates here through the Consciousness and Activity of the Souls embodied here. 

We are those I AM Sparks of Greater Godness

 and we choose to come to Earth,

 coming to be Channels through which Creation can happen here. Our present evolving 'process', ours and the Planet's, is dependent upon our understanding this.

  This is a 'Soul Journey of Service and Enlightenment'.

 It helps then, to see ourselves as more than a struggling human being. To realize the human-us is the 'Partner of the Bit of Cosmic Christness'  anchored in our hearts, flowing in on a Ray of Light from Supreme Godness.

And as Partners with 'God' we have Great Service to give in service to humanity in that capacity.....for it is only 'Godness' working through the human being that will solve the problems of this Planet, which means we must not sit on a mountain top and meditate but must come down into the 'market place' and put our Christ Ideas to work in our homes, businesses and in our understanding and implementing the Great Cosmic Idea of Freedom that has come forth in the United States of America and that is trying to take hold in many parts of the world.

We must serve the cause of Freedom, physically and Spiritually, if we are to have our Freedom.   

 I have called that 'Bit of Christ Energy or Light, Soul'. But It has been given many names. And any description that brings us closer to the realization of 'WHO WE REALLY ARE' WORKS FOR ME. If we are to progress into a more Spiritual mind-set. we are challenged to look beyond both ancient and current semantics.

This is a time to forget all the arguments coming in around definitions and names and get to work to bring our human selves under our Soul control. And to begin by learning to monitor our thoughts, feelings and actions working to raise the Vibration of our Energy, Body and Soul, through harmonizing our thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words.

Now we walk a Path of Peace and Love. Now, we gradually raise the Vibration of our Energy to a 'frequency' where It is compatible with the Energy of the Holy Christ Self that is descending to enfold it.

This is the Age in which the

Christed Soul is manifesting Itself on Earth.

 The Cosmic Wheel has turned...the Energy of the Cycles has changed and it is again 'time for Godness' to manifest on Earth in some one of its many Forms. One of those Forms is our own Christ Self, Who has been waiting a long time to walk the Earth in an informed, physical form through which Christness can flow.

A fully activated, educated human/Soul Partnership, balanced mentally, emotionally and physically, is ready to live a Life of Dignity and Joy while here on Earth, while simultaneously serving a Higher Purpose.

Today that Higher Purpose includes raising, thus speeding up, the Earth Energy, allowing the Planet to progress into a Dimension where all Energy is of a Higher Frequency, where all individuals are working within at least a  Fifth Dimensional Awareness.

At that level all personal and Planetary Energy is vibrating with 'an awareness' in which the present ills of the world cease to exist. Physical forms of lesser vibration will not, cannot exist in Dimensions where Christ Consciousness reigns.

This is what Prophecy of a New Age is about.

 This is what all the new Spiritual Teaching of the past one hundred years has been preparing us for. Christ Consciousness is the Goal of the Light- workers of our Age.

Today many Souls are working to make of Earth one of those 'Many Mansions' where only Peace and Harmonious thoughts, feelings, actions and words are possible. It is for us to remember as we walk our Spiritual Pathway that:



'Life' is the upward spiraling, Body and Soul, of the Circle of Christed Energy, which open Doors ever more widely before us, revealing potentials that exist for every 'Child of God', as both Body and Soul here, and then beyond as the Soul Spark reunites with Its Christ Body and from there enters into the Ascended State of Being....and then, We, as Beings of Light walk through the Open Door into the Realms of the Angels....Realms that are there to be explored and served.  

And to have it all, all we have to do is to reach out our hand and step forward.... entering into the Fullness of what is being taught today by the Ascended Ones and by the Teachers They have trained to be their Emissaries

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