'The Many Mansions'


Lois Crawford





 Among other 'gifts' the Sound of the Bell heralds the Awakening of the human/Soul Partnership, signaling the 'time' for us, Body and Soul, to awaken. And fortunately, many are hearing the Bell and heeding the Call.

The world is presenting us with New Information and with the opportunity to speak out, to express, in any way we can, the many Spiritual Ideas that flow through us. Our Ideas vary but all New Information is pointed toward the 'Spiritual Enlargement of Heart and Mind, Body and Soul'.


And the 'ball is now in our court' as the saying goes.

We, individually, are expected to make the difference in the moment. The future of the Planet and the lives of the complement of people here....all is in our hands.

 Much depends on our being ready. It also depends on our willingness to let our voices be heard. And there are many ways our voices can be heard in these days of massive communication.

The days of Spiritual Secrets are over. The days of 'secret societies' are over. Once there were reasons for keeping Beliefs hidden....one's life could be forfeited if Beliefs were at odds with the controlling religious or political power of the day. That situation still exists within certain religious systems, in certain parts of the world. But in most of the world today, the people are awakening to their human rights and are insisting on governments that do not have the power of life or death over the person for their religious Beliefs.

The times demand that all people be allowed to awaken to their Spiritual Rights and be taught the Responsibilities inherent in those Rights.

All over the world, people are beginning to speak out....are standing up to be counted. To demonstrate human Courage and Spiritual Determination.

This will draw to us Cosmic Beings who will become our Guardians, as well as Teachers Who know what needs to be done in our day. There is a Cosmic Timetable.

Our daily Spiritual Process is to stay within a Circle of Cosmic Christ Energy which creates a Wall of impenetrable Light around us. Then as we will qualify our every action, thought, feeling and spoken word with Cosmic Christ Purity and Peace and Love...we always come from a Place of 'Truth'.

Remember: God needs us. God is depending on us.

We must not wait until we are 'walking on water' before we give our Life and Energy to the Great Cosmic Work of our day. If we remain silent and withdrawn, focused on our own destiny, afraid we may offend someone....afraid we may not be saying or doing everything perfectly, we will be missing the greatest Spiritual Opportunity embodied Souls have ever had to serve the Great Powers of the Universe.

We need The Help of Heaven to evolve, Body and Soul.....but as importantly, Heaven needs us in this hour of cyclic change. The Great Ascended Souls of Heaven must have our determination and participation if the Greatest Cyclical Event in the history of the planet is to unfold on schedule.


As we go about our daily efforts let us remember to:

Invoke the Power of our own Holy Christ Self into every facet of our lives and into the Life of all the Nations

To call on The Law of Forgiveness for any mistakes....ours or the Nations.

To keep our hearts and minds focused on the Source of the 'I AM' Power that Lights the Universe and Lights our lives.

 Then in that mind-set, we cannot go far wrong in our efforts to serve our fellow men and women. Or to serve 'God'. And whoever we are and wherever we are, our Responsibility to the 'Godness of the Universe' is enormous. Now I'd like to share several of my favorite decrees. I hope you will feel free to share yours with me:

Upon awakening say or think,

'I invoke the Power of my Mighty 'I AM' Presence

and Holy Christ Self into action in everything I do, think,

 feel  or say today.

Sometime each day say or think

 'I Am the Ascended Masters Cosmic Law of Forgiveness

 and Consuming Flame of all inharmonious thoughts, feelings

 or actions.

The 'consuming flame' is the Violet Flame

We can see ourselves standing in that Flame....see it

spiraling up and around the entire body....

we can live our entire lives enfolded in the Violet Consuming


Say often: 'I AM' The Christ Mind in action in me now...

'I AM' the full Mind of God-in-action in me now,

that Mind that never fails nor makes a mistake'.

There is no doubt in my mind that if we allow the Christ Mind to guide our human mind and actions, accidents will cease.

Lois J Crawford



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