'The Many Mansions'


Lois Crawford

The Soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.
Think only on those things that are in line with your principles
and can bear the full light of day.
The content of your character is your choice.
Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is what you become.
Your integrity is your destiny…it is the light that guides your way.




Are we willing to take responsibility for the catastrophic events that occur on Earth?

And Who is  this 'we'?

 Is it the human being? Is it The Son or Daughter of God?

Or might it be a Partnership of both, a Partnership of Body and Soul.

 Do we understand what the term 'God' implies?

Do we understand the Concept of 'God ', the Creator?

 Why do we, the finite, perishable human being, who has yet to

 learn to live constructively, think we can trust in the varying human

interpretations of God, or of the Creator, who envisioned

 and set our Soulness. into action, having already Designed all of

Heaven and Earth Itself?

Human consciousness is so 'full of itself'!

The human arrogance exhibited in so many areas of physical life is dangerous in the extreme, so often jeopardizing the Soul's ability to maintain a physical existence.

 I often marvel at the ignorance the average human being displays about the fragility of physical life. How its importance is rarely considered! 

I wonder about how few ever stop to rationalize and realize what Life actually is.

Never see the Soul Connection

or see that Life is a Gift of Divine Opportunity offered to the Soul,

by A 'God' whose Plan of Life is little understood.

Except by the few.

Speaking to all mankind, let us affirm:

'Awake, thou that sleepest!

Awake, all who care about God's world.

Awake, before it is too late'

 As for catastrophic  events:

Recently newspapers reported that sixty whales beached themselves off Australia and later sixty more beached themselves off Cape Cod.  TV reports show a large number of people trying to help the hapless creatures.

Hundreds of giant squid have beached themselves along the Californian coastline.

Numbers of leopard sharks have come in close to shore showing signs of disorientation. And twelve manatees are reported to have died on the Florida coast.

What is going on in a world where marine life is destroying itself?

And is Nature wrathfully responding?

In the dry summers and fall of 2002 and 2003, large fires have swept through many areas of California, destroying massive amounts of animal and plant life, as well as causing many deaths and destruction of property .

In other regions of the Earth, there are torrential rains  bringing devastation of vast proportion, 'disorienting and de-stabilizing' people.

And there has been an unprecedented number of hurricanes and tornadoes.

 Is the Planet Itself and all the various Forces of Nature rebelling against the negative energies of humanity's  sowing....energies so colored, so saturated by and with ungodly thoughts, feelings and actions of both past and present times that the scale has tipped? Are people finally being forced to experience in their own lives, the return of pain and despair that mankind has inflicted on Life throughout the Ages....'evil' coming back to complete the Circle of Life with the humanity who sowed the seeds.

All of Life is One Energy. 

What one feels, we all feel.

And we can choose to feel It as pain....

or we can feel It as compassion.

I think about the quality of Life today of the average individual. We all see and read of the things individuals do everywhere....in every country....see that most do what serves their human desires.

It's easy to see the two distinct and opposing views of Life,

One that serves human desires.

And the other that serves the Higher Purpose of both Body and Soul.

It's easy to see how those opposing Ideas spread their Energy out over the world, everywhere looking for converts or victims.

It's easy to see the good that is done by one....

and terrible to see the horrible damage that is done, mentally, emotionally physically and Spiritually by the other. It is easy to see how 'human desires' affect all Life.

Everywhere there is finger pointing. No one will admit to 'evil'.

Few stand up and try to stop 'evil'. The few that do are pilloried by 'evil'.

All others shrink away from the word.

 Targeting 'evil' is not politically correct.

But crucifying those who cry out against 'evil' is still acceptable.

In any one day one can watch the prime time sitcoms, the movies and TV programs where everyone has a gun in their hands or a naked man or woman in their beds.

Few care to recognize that the Entertainment Industry is brainwashing large segments of the population, massively denigrating the value and Sanctity of Life.

What does it say about us when we pay to see that 'entertainment'?

The Sanctity of Life isn't insisted upon by the 'church goers' of today's world. What is the agenda of the world's 'churches'? Whom do they serve?

Eliminating unnecessary abortion has gotten a 'thumbs down' vote by anti-life, godless lawmakers as well as by a sizable majority of voters every time the question comes up at the ballot box?

What Sacred Trusts are we violating? And what are the consequences?

Today we can watch the 'circus' as anti-freedom, self-serving politicians and greedy business interests and a immoral liberal, socialistic media ....world wide.... try to whitewash all that went on from 1992 to 1999 within all governments, within the entire international banking system and within the world wide stock market....all aided by the anti-god media. Let's call a 'spade' a spade!

Then the year 2000 saw the beginning of the 'unraveling of all the fraudulent manipulations of both the political and financial kingpins of the '90s....world wide. And now for many years, we will witness the difficulty and perhaps, the suffering of millions of people, the world over, who may be losing their financial security due to unprecedented stock market and banking and government fraud.

Why is this happening? Why are people all over the Planet suffering in so many ways?  Is this the reaping of the whirlwind of the accumulated thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words of so many....past and present....is this the result of human ignorance and iniquity...selfishness and apathy....world wide.....past and present? Are we experiencing chickens coming home to roost? 

 It is sad and ironic to listen to our 'experts' blame natural disaster on Mother Nature (poor Mother Nature) or blame human disaster on someone's 'mismanagement' as we watch the many tragic events that make up the 'news' of any country, unfolding minute by minute. When will the world to face the Truth,

 When will we accept the explanation that human consciousness, ie., human darkness and evil has covered over the Light in the God-Energy given into the use of human beings....when will we realize that long ago human negativity took on form and has wielded tremendous power on this Planet and provides the fuel necessary for the awful things happening to humanity and to Life all around us. When will we realize we will not get away with laying the blame on 'Father God,' and 'Mother Nature'.

For a long time 'Out of control' Souls, embodied in powerful human forms have been the pied pipers leading sleeping humanity around by the nose!  


This website is developing, page by page, out of concern for the human race and for the Planet itself. And is dedicated to the Idea that a 'Spiritual Approach to Life, mentally, emotionally physically and Spiritually by individuals throughout the world, is the only thing that can make the difference in the immediate future of mankind.

 'Godness', within the human being or without, will not be mocked!

A Spiritual Change of Heart and Mind will go a long way in permanently resolving the problems on this Planet. For entering into that 'Change' will draw to each one the much needed God-Strength that contains the Enlightened Consciousness of the individual's Christ Self as well as the Help of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Universe....those Angels and evolved Brothers and Sisters Who wait to be asked for Direction.

 'God' never interferes in our lives.

  So the Question is, 'Isn't it time to wake up, Body and Soul, and begin to exercise personal responsibility?'

 As we survey the general condition of the human race, isn't it time to wake up and realize that there is a hidden agenda of corruption and immorality, flourishing under many guises, vigorously at work at every level of society, in every country of the world. Can anyone doubt that there exist, world wide, organizations and individuals whose only purpose is to further an 'evil agenda' of destruction within every level of decent society'

....an agenda whose purpose is nothing less than to blind humanity to its Divine Origin....nothing less than to separate man from his God.   

'Evil' hates the decent individual. 'Evil' works overtime to embroil decent people in activities that should never happen. War is one of those things that should never happen. Crime, fraud and political and economical maneuvering and corruption should never happen. But it does happen because the average individual is asleep or brainwashed or drugged with human effluvia.

Humanity must wake up ....or 'evil' will win another round. 

 Thus, whoever we are and wherever we are, our Responsibility to the 'God of our Being', our Christ Soul and to the God of the Universe, is enormous.

We Souls, we came to Earth to work.

Together, Body and Soul, we are here to help move this Planet and its humanity along to a Brighter Day. But before that Day can dawn, the old must pass away. Even though the perpetrators of 'evil' often hide themselves within the various levels of society....or put a good face on 'evil'....who of us doesn't recognize what is good, what is right, in the 'Sight of the Lord'? The Soul always knows.

And all that is not good in the 'Sight of the Lord' will cease to be before our work is done...before our last sacrifice is made...before the dust settles and the Sun shines. Then every decent person will have awakened to the 'right to and need for Peace and Freedom' for every man, woman and child in every country of the world. Praise for the Father and the Mother will be on every lip.

How then, are we willing to serve that God-Ideal of Peace and Freedom?

These are the questions we must all answer. We have come to the dividing of the Way....the separating of the wheat from the chaff.

It is for us individually to understand what is at stake.

To do our part. Before it is too late to choose.

Lois J Crawford



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