'The Many Mansions'


Lois Crawford

"The old idea was that the Earth, like the 'everlasting hills' upon it, had always been.

 But life is not ever the same; it is ascending.

Man is not ever the same; at happy junctures new races have been born. History need not always repeat itself. Dowered with reason and social feeling, man has it within him the possibility  of indefinite advance. It is in the make of things that the possibilities of progress lie. Why is it not then, a world-state in which all are brothers, a 'Kingdom of God ' conceivable?"

                                                                        William M. Salter


 is it so important to think beyond  our present Concepts of

 God and man in the larger sense?

 Why don't we extend our Understanding of ourselves as a composite

 form, a  linked form,

beyond our present Concepts of God and man,

 as it relates to both physical Body and Christed Soul? 

The best answer I can venture to both those questions comes to mind

 when I pick up the daily newspaper,

 when I turn on a TV program giving us the latest world news....

when I read and look and listen to the descriptions of Life on Planet Earth

that will become the history of our time....

When what I read about and see most often is about selfish, unthinking,

sometimes very evil, 'levels of human-ness' at work, everywhere.

 No place on Earth seems to be exempt from human folly.

Much less often do I see signs of compassion at work anywhere on Earth.

And I am filled with dismay....and a deep sadness,

a sadness for those human beings who have lost control of the human self

 and who no longer identify with a Supreme Creator.

This is when I understand the overwhelming need all of humanity has to wake up....

to grow up  and 'get it together', Body and Soul,

so people can begin to live together in some kind of dignity

 and Quality of Life.

For years I asked myself why it is we can't live together in dignity,

demonstrating compassion for each other.

I've stormed Heaven (so to speak) asking for some level of Understanding that might make it easier to just accept the 'mayhem and madness' that goes on, day and night all over this Planet.

Always the Answer that comes back is this:



 you will never again think of treating each other anyway other than with the greatest Respect and Love.'

Thus, changing the Quality of Life on Planet Earth becomes our first Duty and Responsibility and comes down to nothing more difficult than Understanding the need and being willing to change our attitudes and actions  towards all forms of Life here.

Now that sounds reasonable. WHY DON'T WE DO IT?

A study of history shows us that Great Thinkers have come and gone

 leaving their Messages of Brotherhood....

the Message that is basically always the same.

Great Spiritual Teachers have come and gone, bringing us

Teaching from the many Levels of the Higher Heavens.

And some individuals have 'gotten it' over the centuries.

Which is probably why the planet is still in orbit.

But the great mass of people still do not



The great mass of people still do not


The great mass of DECENT, GOOD PEOPLE still don't know that they can,


 bring Peace and Dignity back to this Planet.

For there have been times when the Planet was a Place of Great Spiritual and Human Dignity. Modern mankind has chosen to ignore those facts. And has allowed 'an alternate history' to become the law of their lives.

And so we have godlessness working its way with the people of Earth....

we, the people, are allowing it....



many are choosing to live their lives within that godlessness.

However, there always comes a day of reckoning..

History tells us about the lost civilizations....we can imagine all the destroyed lives....all we have to do is watch a movie depicting wars. And see the destruction of life and property in whole communities. It's easy to see how whole groups of people can just disappear from the pages of history.

Well, if it were only our past history we have to be concerned about, we could, in our best blasť,  modern, scientific  attitude, be 'cool' about it.

However, 'history is happening to us' even as we speak....and whether we wish to believe it or not, we people on Earth have come to another 'day of reckoning'.

And we don't have to go down to defeat. There is abundant Instruction, past and present, on how to live Life constructively. We don't  need new or better Ideas and Attitudes...what we need is simply to 'be about applying them' in every aspect of our daily lives. And particularly, if we plan to humanly survive these times. Or if we hope to Spiritually evolve through these times in which we have chosen to live. All appearances indicate we have little time to waste in figuring out the simple, logical, straight-forward Spiritual FACTS OF LIFE. for both Body and Soul.

 So how to start the process of 'growing up?

 Well, first of all we have to, Body and Soul, 'wake up' and take the reins of our lives in our hands, and that includes every aspect of our lives....personal, business, political and Spiritual.

We now must get to work to clean up and raise the frequency or vibration of our Energy. How we live each day becomes both the 'cleansing and purifgying process' which is not unlike gradually adding clean water to a stagnant pond to clarify the water....gradually seeing the water becomes crystal clear, as we begin pouring crystal clear water into it.

Cleansing and purifying our Energy begins with the Desire to have more vibrant, clean Energy. Then as we clarify our Energy, we simultaneously clean up the Energy of the Planet. Our focus on our personal Holy Christness brings with It, New Perceptions about ourselves....about Life. We find we have all the Information needed to do that.

Remember 'Jesus' saying 'I go to prepare a place for you?'

 As we awaken, we do see that all we need has been prepared for us

 wherever we are.  It's all here.

Abundant New Spiritual Information has been prepared for us

 and that Teaching is spreading across the face of the Earth

 through the communication channels that now exist.

There is nothing we need to know that has not been 'prepared for

 us' either in spoken or printed word.

Thus all that follows on this Website, speaks to both Old and New Spiritual Interpretations of Ancient, Original Ideas, interpretations that have been poured out for our benefit for a long time now....all prepared just for us wherever we are

and preparing us to live in the incoming Higher Vibrational Dimension. The New Teaching of our time is tailored for those who are here at this time....for those of us ready to 'listen'.

Lois J Crawford





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