The Beloved Messenger

  Edna Wheeler Ballard


My fondest memories of Beloved Edna Ballard are those remembered from having participated in several of the annual summer Youth Conclaves that were then and continue to be held at Mount Shasta.

It was here that Beloved Edna with the help of the students created an Annual Pageant to present a Tribute to Beloved Jesus. The Pageant beautifully portrayed scenes that have come down to us of His Life two thousand years ago.

Ballard Students from around the world still attend these summer conclaves....and additionally they attract many other individuals who are familiar with the Spiritual Instruction and Information developed through Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Ballard beginning in the 1930s.

 The Conclaves which began in 1943, in the beginning were held at various locations around the country. However in 1948 they were held at Mount Shasta and with much success. All who attended those early Conclaves, especially in the beautiful Mount Shasta setting, were inspired to come back year after year.

 In time Edna Ballard was able to purchase a famous old summer resort in the area known as Shasta Springs and from 1951 to the present time, two Conclaves are held there each year.

 Each year several hundred 'students' participate in the Pageant and the Conclave draws an audience, world wide.

Anyone can attend the various performances of the 'I AM Come' Pageant that is held in August each year. The Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce can be contacted for dates.

 The picture at the top of this page is one taken of Beloved Edna Ballard at the close of one of the Pageants in the late 1960s and is a favorite picture of the Student Body.

 Additionally Beloved Edna placed great emphasis on the importance of the founding and progress of America in the unfolding Scheme of the Ascended Masters.

 In the picture at the top of the page she stands by the Flag of the United States of America, paying Tribute not only to Beloved Jesus and Those Who served with Him, but to the Master Saint Germain, Who guided the early development of America and guides the Destiny of America still.

 It was Saint Germain

Who asked Mr. and Mrs. Ballard to go forth and teach the use of the purifying Violet Consuming teach that the Violet Fire is the Way that has been made available for the individual's use, allowing humanity to heal itself, indeed to free Itself of certain dark, invisible substance it may have gathered about itself over the ages.... substance generated from misqualified energy that binds mankind to the Earth and its surrounding low Vibrational planes. Mankind cannot free itself of the results of its mistakes without the use of the Violet Consuming Flame.

 It should be known by all that this great Being is the Guiding Light of the Incoming Aquarian Age for America and the whole world and gives His Service under the Seventh Ray. He stresses the need for all to give particular attention to the Violet Ray for the specific Work of the Violet Fire is that of a Transmuting Activity in which all impure Energy can be purified, forgiven and raised into a more Spiritual Vibration.

Through Guy and Edna Ballard He has taught us that the individual must call to God Almighty and to his or her 'I AM' Presence and Christ Self and ask that this Purifying Flame be blazed into and through all the Energy of his or her entire Being and affairs, doing this several times a day. In this way, little by little, all Energy misqualified with unbridled and imperfect thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words can be cleansed, recharged and requalified with all the Consciousness and Qualities of the Christ Self. This knowledge has been a great Gift of Compassion to individuals who search for forgiveness and for a more harmonious way of life.

Beloved Lotus and Godfre, now ascended continue to serve 'God' from Higher Planes....continuing to work with Saint Germain and Others of the Ascended Host as well as Legions of Angels in a never-ending Effort to raise the Vibration of the Energy of the Planet as well as the Energy of all Souls here.

Their goal is to make the Resurrection of each Life stream a Reality, allowing each human/Soul Partnership to raise Itself into the Ascending Spiral as quickly as possible without 'passing through the change called death'.

Lois J Crawford



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