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  The Law of Forgiveness is the Great Freeing Power of Life!

When we truly forgive a person, place, condition, or thing, we give forth something to take its place which is better in every way.

It is impossible to forgive in the intellect. That is not where forgiveness either begins nor ends.

All Forgiveness must take place in the 'feeling' of the individual, the 'feeling body' which is a body of fine substance penetrating and enfolding the physical body. Many people say, 'Well, I have forgiven but I have not forgotten.'

Notice what has happened!

The intellect has said one ought to forgive everything

but the feeling is still holding a quality of hurt

or sense of injustice.

This is the danger point. Why? Because any such feeling held within the consciousness of the individual is qualifying the Life energy flowing through the body today with the record of imperfection which happened yesterday or last week or last year or maybe many years ago. This is the thing which binds the whole human race to continued discord, and the people do not understand what is happening.

There are only three things in the whole Universe that cause mankind's discord and limitations,

They are criticism, condemnation and judgment.

Such feeling, held within the emotional body, accumulates every time the mind goes to the incident; and if the personality dwells often on events that cause such a feeling to generate in the first place, the quality begins to fill the whole body and the atmosphere of the individual. Then it flows out into that one's personal or business affairs. Soon the whole world of the individual becomes charged, as it were, with that quality which is predominant in the feeling....the same as when you put your battery on the charger in a garage. It becomes filled with that vibratory activity and quality.

This is the cause of all disease, failure, financial loss, and every kind of distress human beings on Earth experience.

In other words, these feelings are generated within the individual by himself, because the personality could not have its own way, or thought it had been treated unjustly.

Such a feeling held within the emotional body of the individual cannot hurt anyone but the individual who generates it, unless others who contact that one's radiation accept it into their activities.

Now we come to the remedy for the condition. If the individual will call on the Law of Forgiveness for all the discord he has ever generated in all lives....past and present....then amplify his Call to include all mankind's mistakes, he will find such relief from his own discord as he can scarcely believe possible at this time.

The individual who wishes to be released from distressing conditions can call to the Beloved Mighty 'I AM' Presence and the Great Host of Ascended Masters to forgive all human mistakes and annihilate their cause and effect from mankind and the Earth forever.

If an individual will do this, he releases all the accumulated feeling of discord which he has held within himself. When it is cleared out of his emotional body his health returns, his world comes into Divine Order, his prosperity flows in and once again he becomes harmonized enough to let the constant flow of Perfection from his own 'I AM' Presence flood forth into him and his world....and that which was imperfection become Perfection.

Edna W. Ballard


 Law of Forgiveness Affirmation 

used by many Students of the Ascended Masters:

'I AM'  the Ascended Master's Cosmic Law of Forgiveness

 and Consuming Flame of all inharmonious thoughts, feelings and actions...

for which my human self is responsible'.

Saint Germain tells us:

Remember the Magnificent Mercy of this Great Law that enables one in a few weeks, at most a few years, to dissolve and consume the accumulation of (discordantly qualified energy) of thousands of years.

Say often:

Mighty 'I AM' Presence:

Sweep out of my mind and body and out of the minds and bodies of all  mankind, all imperfection that has been drawn about the physical self  throughout  the centuries. Consume it.

Cause all to think only of the Glory which Thou art!

Release Thy Full Power to flow forth into my world

and into that of all mankind

That only Perfection and Beauty may outpicture on Earth.

Mighty 'I AM' Presence

Expand Thy Light in every cell of my body  until Its Radiance blazes

 through  my flesh, Eternally sustained.

Lois Crawford


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