E D N A  W.  B A L L A R D

Visualizing our Reality



The early Instruction of Guy and Edna Ballard

as well as the Words of the assisting Ascended Masters

 was printed in a magazine called

 'The Voice of the I AM'.

In the early years of the Ballard Activity this magazine, as well as much other teaching material and wonderful pictures, was created by Charles Sindelar and printed and published at the Sindelar Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Charles and Pearl Sindelar were deeply Spiritual people. He was a world famous artist, who gave freely of his artistic skills and talents to the fledgling Activity...she had held classes for Healing before dedicating her Service to the Activity. Both Charles and Pearl supported the Ballards with all their hearts, with their time, energy, love as well as providing financial support. Both loyally served Beloved Saint Germain and his Messengers, Guy and Edna Ballard, until they 'made the change'. 

Mr. Sindelar developed pictorial aids for the big Classes as well as for the personal use for those studying the Ascended Teaching being brought forth by the Ballards.  Another picture of great importance was produced. It was referred as The Chart and was developed as a way to help individuals picture their 'God' Presence and was to be used to help the individual focus his or her attention on that Presence.

 In each class in those early days of the Ballards Spiritual Movement, the Guy and Edna always began by explaining and emphasizing the various Aspects of each one's Christ Identity using a picture similar to the one above, stressing the importance of understanding that while the human vehicle and Christed Soul Spark were working together on the Earth Plane, the Holy Christ Self and God Presence of the individual....that is, two thirds of each one's total Identity, were already at work in the Ascended Master Octave.

We were taught that the Upper Figure in the Chart represents the Electronic Body of the Mighty 'I AM' Presence, which is the Individualized Focus of God, Who creates the physical body.

The circles of color around the Upper Figure represent the  the accumulated good of all previous embodiments.  It is  constructively qualified Energy and is total of all Self-conscious effort.

There is the Ray of Light which goes from the Heart of the Presence through the top of the head and anchors in the heart of the physical body. It brings with it the Life and the Light of God by which the physical body can move about.

The lower figure represents the physical body. It is shown  surrounded by the Violet Consuming Flame and is held within the Pillar of White Light that pours down from the God-Self. This Pillar of White Light forms a protective Wall around the physical, emotional and mental bodies. It is an insulation to all discordant and destructive activity of the physical world.

Between the God Presence and the physical body is the Holy Christ Self. We are told that It knows the requirements of the physical Life, and goes to the Presence for whatever Light/Energy is needed to manifest the conditions needed by the individual, Body and Soul.

Of great importance is our use of the Violet Flame for that is the only method available to the human being to rid itself of accumulations of discord which can then be dissolved and consumed....cause and effect, record and memory...setting us free from the effects of all past mistakes.

If the Ascension is our goal then we must call to our Christ Presence and ask that the Violet Consuming Flame be blazed through us, from our feet up and throughout our entire physical, emotional and mental bodies. We then visualize it like a blow torch. And it will dissolve and consume every negative thing we have ever drawn about ourselves. We are Instructed that this is the only way we can ever become free from the wheel of birth and rebirth. And if we should think it is not necessary to use the Violet Consuming Flame eventually we will find that to be a great mistake....for we have all made mistakes.

Beloved Saint Germain said that we must feel with great assurance, that when we call our Mighty God Self into action there is nothing to prevent Its full Accomplishment. We have to feel the majestic Truth of this. Then when we have called our Presence into action we know It must fulfill 'that unto which It is directed'. It cannot fail for that is the Law of Its Being. It is also the Law of our Being.


Now regarding the value of giving Violet Flame decrees I wish to add this .

In recognizing and calling to One's God Self and asking It to activate the Violet Flame in one's daily life, we are engaging in the most important of Spiritual Activities. And here is the very important reason why....

A Violet Flame decree is powerful because it not only causes human debris to be eliminated, cause effect, record and memory....but because a void is created that can, if we ask for it....can be filled with the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Holy Christ Self and with any Activity of the Ascended Master's Illumined Consciousness and our request Those Powers of Light will come in and around us....Light which can never be requalified by our human personality.

Thus in using the Violet Flame, little by little the human, Body and Soul is being filled with Energy that is already Ascended.

That is truly a Miracle!

Finally there is an Affirmation that focuses our attention on what is called the Ascended Master's Cosmic Law of Forgiveness....and we ask to have the Radiance of the Light of our Presence blazed through every cell of our body every moment of every day!


'Thou Mighty 'I AM' Presence,

 Who art the full Individualized expression of the Christ!

We rejoice and call forth Thy Greatest Activity of God on this planet that Thy Light may expand within the hearts of all individuals. Let It lift them into the fullness of that Perfection which Thou art. Let It clothe them with the Consciousness of their full Power to call Thy Love, Wisdom and Power into action to fill their lives with the Love, Peace, Harmony and the Abundance of all good which every heart sincerely craves.

 Beloved Saint Germain

Lois Crawford



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