As a small child I well remember my Father's philosophical approach to Life and recall that as soon as I could speak he taught me to pray a few simple prayers, some Catholic (my Father's background) and Lutheran (my Mother's).

But by the time I was nine years old my Father and Mother had embraced the Teaching of Saint Germain and Jesus as taught through Guy and Edna Ballard. And my Father was teaching me to 'decree'. He said he had found that the human approach to 'addressing God in prayer', when other than in Adoration, often degenerated into begging, with a sense of human sinfulness and helplessness thrown in.' He didn't identify with or want me to identify with either sinfulness or helplessness.

So he taught me about my Mighty God Presence. He said I was really working with two 'minds' human mind and a personal Immortal Mind....he called It my Christ Mind and said It  was a small part of the Eternal 'I AM or Mind of Infinite God Consciousness', and that we all have a Bit of that Mind of God anchored or embodied in our human forms. He taught me the consequences (positive or negative)  of setting Energy into motion through any statement I made beginning with the words, 'I' or 'I am'....

He taught me that when we 'decree a thing' using both our human and our Christ Minds, we powerfully acknowledge and set into motion the

 'Power of 'God-in-Action-within us....

a Power that is always ready to go forth at our command to

 produce whatever we humanly need or desire'. 

In those early days the full meaning of that Teaching had yet to be tested. But through the years I have had the Greater Understanding of Guy and Edna Ballard to look to for further Instruction and Inspiration.

And early on, we, my Father, Mother and myself began to learn and to work with Decrees the Ballards suggested to their Students.

Beloved Lotus said over and over again that each individual had to make the Call to God....had to 'invoke the Light' in order to receive Greater Assistance for themselves or loved ones or for the world.

....that for any activity to be released into the physical world, the intense 'call' had to come from some Soul or group of Souls embodied on Earth.

Saint Germain told the Students, when talking about the Great Necessity to 'decree' for the Cosmic Light required to put an end to destructive forces at work on the Planet. He said, 'Prayer is not intensive enough to release the Energy needed to control the negative forces that rock the Planet!'

For me, it has always comes down to understanding that 'decreeing' is powerful....while still being humble and being a way to lovingly cooperate with the more Evolved Beings Who, at this time, are working overtime to save a Planet and a people....while relying heavily on us to do our part. We are the 'unknown quantity' in the equation.

So, I learned decrees many years ago....most of which I continue to use on a daily basis, sometimes altered in wording, but with the Meaning and Purpose remaining clear. Oh, that everyone today might be taught Mighty Commands to Life....commands that carry the Consciousness of not only our own 'I AM' Presence but as well that of the Ascended and Angelic Host of Light, including the Consciousness and Power of Beloved Edna the Ascended Lady Master, Lotus. We can and we do, ask Her to enfold us in Her Luminous Presence (Her Luminous Christ Energy) to assist us as We command 'God into Action' at our point in the Universe.

  I recall that the first basic decree I was taught stressed the importance of keeping a Wall of White Light around my entire Self, Body and Soul',..keeping my entire physical body enfolded in Light, as well as the Christ Body and 'I AM' Self  high in the Heavens....and so never a day passes but I give recognition to and re-enforce that Wall of Light about my entire Self.

Following that and as important was/is a decree asking for the Activation of the Violet Fire in and around our physical, mental, emotional and Etheric Bodies....decreeing that anything that binds us, body or Soul, be swept out of us, consumed from all Life forever and replaced with the Energy of Love, Wisdom and Perfection of the Cosmic Christ.

My Mother taught me certain decrees regarding the All knowing Mind of God, instructing me how to ask to be flooded with Its Directing  Intelligence. There were  several decrees she used everyday such as one that decreed that all individuals on the Planet serve and give credit and acknowledgment only to God, the 'I AM' Presence....

  I was instructed on the Healing Activity of Light and learned about the Blue Ray, learning to use it to heal' in conjunction with the Violet Ray and the Love Ray.....visualizing my 'I AM' Presence projecting this Blue Flame from Its Hands into the condition or place I wished to heal.

And finally there was the Decree for the Ascension which made an indelible impression on my young mind as it ended with the statement of that we should endeavor to ascend without passing through the change called death....using the Power of Christ Light to sustain and transform ourselves, physical body and Christ Soul. I love and fully accept this concept.

In conclusion I learned that it is in the Silence that Great Power is generated....

that it is in the Spoken Word that Great Power is released.

Thus have I been taught.

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Lois Crawford



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