Edna Wheeler Ballard

This picture was taken in the early 1940s 

I remember clearly how in 1936,

my father turned on the radio one warm summer day

 and we heard the voice of a woman discussing, what was to my Father

 and what was to become for me, some very interesting Spiritual Ideas. 

The woman speaking was Edna Ballard,

 broadcasting from Los Angeles, California.

 Each week we eagerly waited for that broadcast.

From that time on

Mrs. Ballard, Beloved Lotus

was to become my life long Teacher of Spiritual  Ideas and Values.

She became my Role Model of a modern and practical, both Spiritual

and Mystical Woman.

Edna Ballard was born in Iowa in 1886 and left us in 1971.

 She was always interested in Spiritual and Metaphysical Teachings.

So much so that at a young age she began giving lectures and writing

Spiritual Articles, beginning in the early 1920s.

 It is said that she wrote thousands of Articles and her radio

broadcasts continue to be replayed to this day.

Edna and Guy Ballard co-founded an organization in 1932 that

 continued to teach what they themselves had been taught by their

 Ascended Teachers,

 and after Guy Ballard passed on in 1939, Edna Ballard became the

 Heart and Soul of that Religious Activity. 

However, for a number of years they had traveled and taught together

 and held large Classes in the major cities of America.

 After Mr. Ballard's  death in 1939, she continued on alone, directing

the development and the Activities of the Foundation....

organizing Classes and Conclaves.

She remained active until her death in 1971.

I loved and respected her....

I admired her  "true grit"....and her dedication to Truth.

I admired her Loyalty to the Ascended Hierarchy Who taught her

 and Whom she served all her Life with all her human and Soul Power.

I identified with her as a wife and a mother....

as well as a Seeker and Teacher of Spiritual Ideals.

 Many who wished for a strong Spiritual Leader accepted her Guidance.

 A study of her Life shows a determined Soul, One Who stood true to her Beliefs,

Who stood firm against public opinion and Who survived, with Dignity and Grace,

 the human cruelty that often comes with leadership.


As in the case of most of those who embody to bring in New Information...

Guy and Edna Ballard faced the ages old accumulation of human ignorance, itself a

 source of much of the 'evilness' on Earth....they faced human egotism and fear

 that has allowed an   often sadistic non-god consciousness to exist....one that

 fights like an enraged tiger to stop God-Truth

 from manifesting for God's People....one that is trying to take control of this

 Planet....one that is Hell bent on destroying Souls.  Like Saints of every age, and

like 'Jesus' Himself, they faced often vicious

 persecution and were rejected by many people and organizations who should have

 known better. Lies continue to be told about them even as the Life and Times of

 the One we know as 'Jesus' is still misrepresented and discredited. Indeed the

 world has yet to be told the real identify of the Soul on

 which the Biblical 'Jesus' is based.....do we ever wonder about the identity of the

 One Who walked the  Earth and played the part of the Savior of that Age?


 However, as in the case of the 'Jesus Teaching' this expanded Ascended Teaching has the Power of

 God on its side....it is not a toy to massage the human ego. It is Teaching meant for the Soul that is

 ready to awaken....ready to take control of its human journey...ready to step forward and take Its

 next Spiritual Step.

   Fortunately for mankind,  The Evolved Powers have a Vision for mankind, a Vision for America and

 indeed for the world. They have no intention of allowing human egotism and selfishness or any political,

 social or religious 'ism' to destroy the Truth and Freedoms that God has ordained shall come forth in

 America and the whole world. And today each individual has the opportunity to flow on the

 Incoming Tide of Truth that is pushing out all that is not God-Truth.

 Edna Ballard entered my Life through her interesting radio broadcasts.  And in time I was to know her personally, become one of her students and look to her for Inspiration and Guidance, and until a health issue sidelined me, I actively participated for many years in the Spiritual Activity she helped to found.

Now as I continue to pursue my Pathway, I teach and share the Wisdom learned from her and from Guy Ballard. I continue to tune into Her Vision for America,  Her Wisdom and Her Guidance meant for the Evolution of every Soul.

Taken at 1944 Youth Conclave

I join with Her many Students in Blessing Her and Loving Her.

We stand by Her side for all time to come.

These web-efforts are dedicated to Her

 and to Beloved Guy Ballard, now the Ascended Godfre.

And to all the Ascended and Angelic and Cosmic Beings 

Who never cease in Their Herculean Efforts to awaken us to the Knowledge

 of our own individual Spirituality.

We Blaze our Heart's Love to Those who are teaching us to realize


To all those Great Beings and Powers of Light, we bend the knee

 and promise our Eternal Allegiance!

Continued  Yellow Roses


Lois J. Crawford