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"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..."

These are natural rights - Gifts from God, not government.

Normally, I don’t let my thoughts focus on what appears to me to be negative human events, current or otherwise.

Rather I see my job as being one of helping us stay focused on the God Qualities we, the human being need to develop....those qualities that will give us God-Control of our lives and the Life of the Nation. 

You have heard me speak many times of the 'sense of change' that is in the air. Yes, of course there is change, constant change as 'Life' moves into and out of situations bringing with it 'movement' we sense or call change.

 It is, for a better way of describing it, the constant re-ordering or re-organizing of Life on this Planet in this Universe. Some of that change is normal evolution of Life itself....but some of it is the cleaning up of old situations (evil) so that 'the new' (God-evolution) can manifest.

We are in one of those times of both human clean up and Evolutionary Manifestation....both going on at the same time. Yes, certainly we feel 'change'. 

 So now let's speak of what appears to be, again in our time, the 'battle between a 'Higher Power', Whose Purpose is to move humanity forward and of those seemingly ever present destructive 'human forces' whose only purpose is to prevent God-Evolution of the human Soul Partnership...yes, it can feel like a battle as the human being feels tossed around by all the conflicting energy....many living their lives in a state of confusion that in time becomes inertia..... individuals not knowing what to believe or which way to turn to insure the safety and prosperity of their lives.

I would now like to quote from a recent article

by Jed Gladstein

 which I thought spoke directly to this human confusion which he called.........and which allows me to share my thought s on the subject. He calls it....


And writes: 'The dictionary defines ambivalence as "a feeling of uncertainty about something due to a mental conflict." That pretty well describes what we are seeing in the West today, where so many people seem incapable of condemning morally reprehensible behavior.'

 LJC: It is not a new battle, nor one that is only fought in the physical world. There is much written that takes us back tens of thousands, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of years showing us when and how this battle has been fought, over and over again, in the past. What needs to be understood is that it is....and always has been.... a battle against the Power we call God. We must  understand that all evil is always a battle against God.
Jed: 'These days, we have all become familiar with the phrase "moral equivalency," which describes the mental acrobatics people use to avoid dealing honestly with moral issues. But what is it that drives people to engage in those acrobatics? Is it that they have forgotten the difference between right and wrong? Or is there some other influence at work in the West that subverts people's understanding? '

'I, for one, do not believe that people have forgotten the difference between right and wrong. What they have done, I think, is to slip into the vice of moral ambivalence. And they have done that on account of fear. People are afraid not to be liked and accepted. They are afraid to lose their jobs and possessions. They are afraid to take a stand against a mainstream meme that demands multicultural sensitivity and political correctness at the expense of moral integrity. They are afraid in thousands of ways. But, at bottom, what they are afraid to do is answer the call of conscience'.

 LJC: It is up to us to remember this when we are tempted to do anything that denigrates our personal Life and Greater Life (Soul) in any way. We have that responsibility...and we play a major part in winning this battle against the visible and invisible negative energies, thus against the 'evil force of fear' that leads us to turn our backs on what 'Godness' has created on this planet.  

This battle has been raging for thousands of years. Just study history....or think back on what we experienced in the destruction of the World Trade Center  (9-11-01). Are we not experiencing just the continuation of an ages old battle.

Jed: 'We in the West are now in a struggle with forces trying to strangle our conscience to death. Whether it's cultural Marxism, the progressive movement, or world socialism - wherever you look you will find forces that want people to see right in wrong and good in bad.... because they know....

it is easier to control people when they are morally confused.'

LJC: And controlling people is what this 'confusion' has always sought to bring about in any age. However today, because of the cyclic time in which we live, as the current Cycles move from one to the next, Energy of a more powerful God Vibration is flowing onto the planet....some people feel it and some do not....but regardless, it is Energy of Greater Godness which is always a threat to the existence of an 'evil force' that long ago made this Planet its home. 

 Jed: 'If we succumb to the vice of moral ambivalence, we will give those forces the upper hand in a game where the stakes are nothing less than our own freedom. If we intend to remain a free people, we must refuse to abdicate our conscience to the forces of moral confusion.'

 LJC: Again just to reinforce the premise being addressed here....Over the centuries Energy has been soiled by immorality of every kind ....let's just call it 'evil'...this evil has been generated as some part of Life has chosen to thumb its nose at goodness and at Godness.....has chosen (human willfulness) to interfere with the Freedom and pursuit of happiness of their fellow men and women....has chosen to inflict often painful injury of one kind or another on some part of Life.....of God-Life 

This has consequences...this does not go unnoticed....and thus, Goodness/Godness has been on a collision course with planetary negativity/evil for a very long time. Many individuals speak of prophecy and of the many times humanity has been informed and warned of the danger it faces from ungodly sources. The Bible is a story of God/good struggling with evil energy and of the perseverance of certain Souls to that end.

History reveals that Great Teachers have come and gone and left humanity with Advice and Instruction on how to walk the Path that leads away from evil.... giving us Information on how to protect ourselves from evil.

 The Great Ones, Who direct the Destiny of this Planet, have sent many Messengers to help us remember WHO WE REALLY ARE and to help us walk the Path of Peace, because only in that Higher Vibration can we be physically, mentally or Spiritually safe.

We read over and over again, how SOULS embody here and fail to heed that Message, humanly never wake up to WHO THEY REALLY ARE, and allow the lower (vibrationally) human mind and desires to rule their lives.

Fortunately for the Soul, this is 'God’s world' and the Directing God Power of the Universe will always have the last word, and so, we read of destroyed civilizations, sunken continents, wars, plagues......so far civilization has survived, as Souls are given another chance to embody here and try to again get it right.

To get a Sense of Who We Really Are, we have but to remember that the Immortal 'us' is a tiny Strand or Filament of Cosmic Energy....that We are the 'Light of the world'....God's Way of bringing Light anywhere we happen to be in the Greater Universe.....unless we have covered over that Light with human darkness. 

 The great concern of the Evolved Teachers and Guides Who give us Cosmic Support has been the current build up of planetary negative or evil energy. They can see negativity is about to tip the scale and throw humanity into chaos again at this crucial Cyclic time .

 Remember Noah? Another crucial time.

Two thousand years ago a Cosmic Being came to Earth to warn of these matters and to teach a return to a Way of Life that would avoid the disasters predicted for this time. And if He had been heeded and His Teaching followed there would be no need for this discussion now. This 'Savior' offered His Light to 'hold back' the destructively qualified Energy that was about to engulf the so-called civilized world of That Time...while teaching the people what to do to stop the onrushing approach of evil that soon would (and did) engulf them.

We know that only a few listened....only a few understood....and His Message was distorted and so we have had the unnecessary mayhem of the past two thousand years, with more to come IF WE DON'T BEGIN TO LISTEN AND REALIZE WHAT WE HAVE TO DO TO TAKE CONTROL OF OUR LIVES AND ASSIST IN THE WORK THAT ANNIHILATES EVIL

 In addition few realize still that the evilness 'held back' then, is a 'loan now come due' and contributes to the massive manifestation of evil we see world wide that must now be handled by people of this age!

Today many have embodied with the responsibility for returning that soiled Energy to its pure state.' The One we know as 'Jesus' came to expand His Christ Light. He came to Teach ....and to offer a space of 2000 years in which people (humanity) might be ready for this Cyclical time. For the most part that Christ Instruction was not understood or correctly presented to the masses (and still isn't)...and humanity as a whole now must face the chaos they, in their ignorance and willfulness, have caused the planet to experience. And now, people, body and Soul will be forced to grow up or face the consequences.

 Time has run out for human arrogance and nonsense.

 So this is what the world faces and what constructive embodied Life is struggling with at this time. And, we people who have some idea of what we are dealing with can only successfully fight it and survive it by calling the 'Light of God that never Fails into Action', by asking that Cosmic Light to take control of all Life everywhere on the Planet. 

There is no other answer.

To the people of America as well as the people of the whole world, I say this:

It is your obligation, your Sacred Duty to call for more Light for every Nation. It is your job to become Partners with Heaven in striving to finally overcome all planetary evil, everywhere forever. At this time all low grade or evil vibration on and around this planet must to be smothered by Spiritual Energy....by Energy that overcomes human energy. Only the concentrated 'Cosmic Energies of Supreme Godness' can handle this situation.

We 'must ask for and invoke' the 'Powers of God' to do what ever is required to neutralize all evil at work on the Planet.

 We have the responsibility to do that....to ask that all impurity in Life anywhere be dissolved and consumed. That then will set all Life free to do the constructive work of God. We must understand that there exists a negative force that is being used to try to destroy us, if it can’t control us. And at the end of this Cycle we have been given, once again, the Teaching to set us free. Once the Soul knows the Truth, 'God' expects that Truth to be used. And individuals must understand that no more 'help' will be given until we wake up and use what has been given. 

That is a Cosmic Law!  

 And as so many of you have heard me say....we can choose the human path or a Soul Pathway, lit with Greater Light.

There are many, many ways we people can effect a “human flight to God Quality” to paraphrase a Wall Street expression....we can do it simply by not doing any of those things that defile Life such as smoking, drinking, filling our bodies with junk foods and chemicals that defile and destroy the physical-us. We can watch our language, stop judging, condemning and criticizing for that defiles the mental-us....we can stop barraging the emotional-us with unsavory depictions of life (per Hollywood and the media)....we can stop denying God in all the many ways we deny God, for that defiles the Spiritual-us.

 We can make the effort to understand how this Universe works....we can stop playing academic, religious and philosophical games. I wonder. Is the meaning of Armageddon that one by one, mankind is brought face to face with evil and the Soul has to choose its master, man or God?, In this climate of changing cycles, are people being given the choice to choose peace....to choose freedom...the opportunity to begin to grow up humanly and Spiritually?

 The evilness at work today is one of the lowest forms of defiled Energy. It blinds those it uses. It appeals to those already at odds with God’s Laws. We must realize this and go after both the visible human and invisible aspects of evil. What can we do”? That is simple.

The Truth is always with us. What we do with it, depends on us. There's no doubt that eventually we will all do this.

Besides monitoring our own behavior, we have the Limitless Power of Almighty God ready to be 'invoked into action' in this and any other situation.

We say: Mighty God of the Universe,

My own Mighty God Presence

All Great Beings and Powers of Light and Love

I invoke your Almighty Power, Your infinite Justice

into any ungodly activity anywhere on this Planet.

In this way we direct our attention to 'what and where the Power is....

and most importantly to where the Answers are....that should always be our focus.

Then, we take our human attention and opinions off the situation.

And I tell you, if we will do this, Divine Justice will be swift.

And those people who have been either the willing or unconscious 'dupes of evilness'....evilness that is straight out of hell....will be stopped in their tracks. They will not be allowed to destroy the modern civilization God has ordained for the planet.

 Please believe that millions of us came to Earth at this time to assist in this effort....to invoke Godness back onto the Planet. 

 I would like each one to imagine ones self as a Self-Conscious Spark of Godness, created millennia ago from the Light or Energy of some Great Being. We can imagine ourselves evolving for countless ages in the many far flung Mansions of the Universe where we are gradually developing our special personality, and gradually realizing what our special unique Purpose is. Let us imagine that one day.... again, millennia ago.... that Supreme Being called us into Its Presence and asked us to go on a Mission. 

We are asked to work on Earth, and that can only be done using a material form....a human vehicle.....in order to do what the Supreme Being has in Mind for the evolution of that Planet.  

Imagine now, that we agreed to this.

 And thus for, again, many millennia we have been sending Soul Sparks of Ourselves to Earth, to different places, in different times, each time with a different personality and ability....but always 'us'.

 Meanwhile, in the material dimension, the physical vehicle has also been developing and evolving....for the human being must become a reliable partner. So that together, Body and Soul, we can do the Work decreed by Supreme Godness. If we, the Soul, have control, God is the Directing Intelligence within that body. Otherwise, the human intelligence and body desires may take over.

Now one more important thought. We, at all levels of Being, are always to Expand Godness wherever we are.

The 'I AM' Presence

A picture of the complete “us” includes a Body of Christed Energy directly above the physical body a Body of Christ Light and our Highest Identity above that, our Mighty 'I AM Presence'. This is where we get our Information which often comes to us as Intuition. We pray or talk to our Holy Christ Self and 'I AM' Presence when we need help. And we receive that Help as Greater Christ Energy flowing into our lives.

 This draws down into the physical plane an expansion of Christed Energy which benefits all of humanity....raising the vibration of the Earth’s Energy.

''Jesus' taught that each Soul has the opportunity, and in fact, the responsibility to draw the Christed Energy here, thus making it possible for Christness to incarnate on Earth.    

Finally, we, the Original and Complete God Spark, exist immortally as a Body of Powerful Cosmic Energy, which  we now know to be our Mighty 'I AM' Presence....God Individualization....

that part of us MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.

If we will go to that 'I AM' Presence in Prayer....in Meditation....and go enfolded in the Light of the Christ Self, we will receive the Transcendent Instruction that will perfectly direct our lives. There will be no mistakes, no accidents, no lack for any good thing.

So here we come to one of those “the earth is flat” situations....only now we are talking not about whether the earth is flat or round....but about whether we can believe we are Spiritual Beings of Great Magnitude.

We have a choice as to what we will believe.

Can we believe that there is a Spirit part of the human-us, called Soul?

 Can we wake up the sleeping human mind and get it to believe that WHO WE ARE ISN’T THE PHYSICAL MIND AND BODY....BUT IS, RATHER THE OFTEN NEGLECTED SOUL SELF.... embodied on Earth and waiting for the human vehicle to awaken, SO THAT TOGETHER, as a human/Soul Partnership they can get to work to fulfill God’s Desires for this Planet.

 If we look at it that way, in that mind-set, we can see how we have had our blind spots about WHO WE REALLY ARE, and we will be less critical about the medieval people who believed the Earth was flat.  

I’ve said several time that I hesitated for many years to publicly express these Ideas....how I hoped people would, by themselves, come to understand the need for Freedom and True Peace, and would learn about themselves, Body and Soul and would accept the need for their human and their Incarnate Spirit to begin cooperating for a Harmonious Planet. I have hoped it would happen without bloodshed and violence.

 Regardless of the Answers we may be currently getting to all our questions about Life, we can be, Body and Soul, a constructive human/Soul Partnership, fulfilling the needs of God and man on Earth. All the various things we do....in our jobs, as mothers and fathers, as teachers and preachers....as writers and singers....gardeners and janitors, everything we do that is constructive, serves the Greater Purpose and also serves our Greater Identity.

 Meanwhile, we, at Soul Level of Being, we are to stay in control and keep the human ego and its 'sense of importance' out of the way, so that together we can bring God Light to Earth.

Always remember: It is the human mind that thought the earth is flat....

it is the human mind that sees itself as sinful....

it is the human ego that takes credit for God’s work

it is the human mind that denies God and defiles God’s work.

it is the human that takes Pure God Energy and uses and soils it and produces what becomes evil.

 I will venture this prophecy: 

 Life on this planet will begin to change the minute we SENSE WHO WE REALLY ARE....


 Life will change for the better when Souls stop letting their human minds and desires lead them around by the nose.

Life will change when the human is no longer allowed to mock God. God will not be mocked indefinitely. Be so aware that today any Energy sent against God will instantly rebound to the sender. And will cause what we call tragedies.

These are the questions of the day.

Thus in this time of evolutionary change, if we will trust in 'God'.... we will be shown the Spiritual Meaning of this period of evolution for mankind and the Earth. We must continue to build those Walls of Blazing White Light around ourselves, around loved ones, around home and business....and most importantly around America. We must build a Wall of such powerful Blazing White Light that evil energy can never again touch this or any other country....

We can, in fact we must issue the Great Cosmic Command to Life that Freedom and Divine Justice shall not perish from the Earth but instead shall expand and resolve the problems of all on Earth.

Now let us take a minute to wrap ourselves in the Miracle Mantle of God’s Love

Seeing an iridescent Light spiraling around ourselves,

As we open our minds to the Highest Information Channels and invite the Light of the Christ to stream forth into our hearts and minds we become

Channels for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth. 

Regarding Freedom

 Let us always remember: The Founders established a democratic Republic, not a democracy. Today our Republic is in grave peril of following the same cycle as have all other democracies in history. Only vigorous participation by citizens and leaders who advocate for the primacy of constitutional authority can the Republic be saved for the next generation.

We absolutely must remember this. Our very lives may depend on it!

 Certainly our Freedom depends on it.

     Lois J Crawford   



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