"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal;
Dust thou art, to dust returnest, was not spoken of the Soul...

---Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(LJC) Within the pages of this Website will be found Offerings of Ascended Master Instruction, which if applied, will raise the Christ Vibration of Mind and Heart Energy of both Body and Soul of the individual who is sensing the 'human challenges and Spiritual Opportunities' of the hour'. This Website is for those who sense the need and have the desire to transcend the lower planetary vibrations; it is for those with an Inner Longing to ascend into the more vibrant, Light filled Dimensions....thus, within these pages will be found Modern Spiritual Instruction for inspiring and hopefully helping those who are choosing to grow, to evolve...to ascend, Body and Soul. The intent of this Website is not to satisfy human curiosity with Spiritual facts but to nurture and offer training to the Soul, who can then, rise above the human, and take charge of its Journey on Earth.

As I begin to share this Spiritual Odyssey I offer this Vision for Mankind:

That all may soon recognize and consciously expand the

Inner Guiding Christ Force in their lives.

 That all Spiritual Teaching may soon be the Truth! 

That all may soon Know there exists in the 'Mind of God'

a 'Plan' which takes into consideration every creature in the vast Universe.

  That at last, we Understand that this 'Plan' has  Eternal Purpose and Unending

 Opportunity and Everlasting Life for each one of us.

That all may choose to follow the ever present promptings of their own Holy Christ Self...the Consciousness from which flows the Love, Wisdom and Power of the God-Flame anchored in the Heart.... with an Inner Knowing that all is in Divine Order, that their expanding Christ Light is the answer to overcoming any darkness that affects them or the Planet and that each is on the Perfect Pathway now, with Eternity unfolding around them.

That all may soon experience the Perfection of 'Godness at work within' which is the Victory of every Soul Who will ever run the Race of Faith. .


'It is of great value to approach the Highest Ways without being a medium and without renouncing the earthly life. This is no time for inflated bubbles; for out of place is conceit, especially when compared with Christ's washing of the fishermen's feet.

 Simply, simply, simply apply love, courage and readiness.'

From Manley P. Hall comes this astute observation:

'Philosophy reveals to man his kinship with the All. It shows him that he is a brother to the suns which dot the firmament; it lifts him from a taxpayer on a whirling atom to a citizen of Cosmos. It teaches him that while physically bound to earth (of which his blood and bones are part), there is nevertheless within him a Spiritual Power, a Diviner Self, through which he is one with the Symphony of the Whole.

 Now, Greetings

Welcome to the World of my Website.

This website has become a large part of My World these days. It has grown out of a deep concern I have for what 'appear to be' insurmountable problems faced by all mankind at this time. It is a very personal sharing of Beliefs and of Ascended Master and Angelic Instruction now available to humanity with which, I sincerely believe, we can address those concerns. It is a sharing of a Philosophy and of Information that can lead to the Greatest Gift anyone can ever have....

The Gift of a 'One on One Relationship with God', Body and Soul, Visible and Invisible.

 Many Souls have embodied today to serve the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters and Angels Who have come forth at this time with a Plan that will lead this Planet, peacefully, to its next appointed place. It is a Plan which will succeed if the restless human mind can be harnessed....can be reined in from its insatiable appetite focused on learning rather than applying....on learning about Truth rather than redirecting their energy to applying and living 'Truth'. It is my observation and experience in attempting to Teach what I consider to be Universal Truth that most individuals cannot sit still long enough to apply and 'become' that which they claim to be searching for....namely Truth....God Truth....Universal Truth.

 While the 'Hope of God' is to avoid as much human and planetary turmoil as possible within the present world situations, much depends on us....actually, when talking about how the future unfolds....all depends on how much Enlightened Energy, Christ Energy, we human beings are, individually and collectively, able to call forth to assist in helping with that Cosmic Plan. Accordingly, increasing our Christ Energy depends on how we choose to live our lives day by day....on whether we choose to go on in the old human and unproductive 'mind set'....or make the effort to awaken to the Message of Inner Christness; it comes down to being willing to align our Will with 'God's Will, allowing God-Power to take control of our lives and all Life on this Planet.

A Door has Opened

 We, in whose hearts burns a Spark of Christness, are again being taught how to embrace and apply the more Spiritual Truths of Life. This will generate the protective, Illumining Christ Light around our selves which will enable us to more effectively and constructively live 'Life' while serving God and God's Causes. And today many are coming forth to proclaim this fact and to again teach the Way of Christness....to finish the work begun by the Great 'Jesus' and Others before Him. Today, as in other times, pure evilness is inflicting misery and pain on God's people....in many places and in many ways. That this 'evil' must finally be addressed by modern man has been made clear to us. On this Website will be found Information and Spiritual Ideas that (I believe)  can stop evilness in its tracks if applied....a formula....a Law of Life that says:

'As we turn on the Light of our Lives, darkness just ceases to be.'

In the past, when Life energy became so unbalanced on Earth, 'God', pulled the plug' and whole civilizations disappeared....and that may yet be the only way to stop the problems of hate and destruction at work at this time on this Planet. However, I refuse to believe that God has given up on us yet....the Proof of that being that a Way has been offered to humanity at this time that completely dissolves and consumes with Light, with Sacred fire, all hate and destruction forever. That Instruction, that Way is offered and involves the efforts of all who see the world around us as God's World....who see all people as God's people...who refuse to be rendered helpless by what 'appear to be' unsolvable problems.

 For we are learning that we are so much more able than we have realized. 

And our developing Realization of Life...our sensing of the Infiniteness, of the Oneness of that Life as it exists in all the Kingdoms...including the Elemental and Angelic...all this New Realization is expanding our Reverence for all Life everywhere

With those thoughts in mind, within the pages of this Website, I will share a modern practical, Spiritual Philosophy directed to that individual Who is ready to 'know who he or she really is, Body and Soul'....who is ready to become a Powerhouse of pure Christ Energy....who is ready to use that Christ Light to care properly for themselves, for mankind and for God's World.

Much Spiritual Information has been denied modern humanity. Now Cosmic and Angelic Beings have come forth again to offer mankind Knowledge....to instruct individuals about their Inner Christness, explaining how to expand that Christ Power, how to expand their own individual Creative Power, making those who understand and will apply this Instruction, Master over all circumstances.

This was the Message of the One we know as 'Jesus' when He attempted to convey the Idea that all things can be done through recognizing and commanding our Christ Nature....through using the 'I AM' Christ Consciousness that is meant to be the Guiding Mind within the physical form. Today our human responsibility is to understand and apply this Teaching....doing it by invoking the Consciousness and Power of the 'Father', by acknowledging the 'Son' within that gives Life to the physical self. Then we people, matriculating as awakened Body and Soul, will be empowered to improve or change any godless situation within or around ourselves or, indeed, anywhere in the world. The solution to our 'problems and the 'problems' of the world' begins with 'knowing who we really are'....learning to be in the world but not being part of the problems of the world....becoming instead 'the Light in the World".

Very few Spiritual ideas, before or since the Ministry of Beloved Jesus, have included Teaching that unlocks the individual's personal Spiritual Power. Political religions refute or distort Teaching that sets mankind free. Political churches do not wish nor intend to lose control of their human supporters. They do not intend to allow the human being to know 'who they really are' or that the Christ Light within each individual can do all those Greater Things. Today's religious people are denied the knowledge that it needs only Light....Christ Light permeating their Understanding and subsequently showing them the Way to do the Works of the Spirit through their individual Efforts, Body and Soul.  

 Fortunately our understanding of Life, of what we think of as Almighty God is expanding. Humanity is again being allowed more Insight into its Connection to Greater Godness. The most important Spiritual Teaching of our time is that which describes our individual, personal Mighty 'I AM' Presence and teaches us how to blaze and expand Its Light, Its Love, Wisdom and Power into Action in the physical world. Knowing this we can now infuse into the daily lives of all who inhabit this Planet, the Spiritual Truths our Ascended and Angelic Brothers and Sisters are explaining to us.

Please continue


A long time ago, we are told, there was a disconnect between man and his 'God'....something came between man and his understanding of the 'Godness' operating within and through his physical body. The Knowledge of the close and personal human/Soul Connection and Partnership to Universal Godness was lost or broken, allowing the human mind to push aside the Inner Soul Mind and finally take over. And the human being has walked alone in the darkness ever since.

 History records the struggle the average 'good' man has faced in trying to 'go it alone' with nothing but very limited human nature to work with....an untrustworthy nature that can become cruel and powerful...a self-serving nature that creates versions of the Truth of man and of 'God and Godness' to suit its purposes.

Consequently the 'Truth of both God and man' has been allowed to degenerate into endless speculation and divergent theories to be argued and debated ad nauseam. With the result that today much of humanity has had forced upon it false or incomplete Ideas of the Supreme Power of the Universe which in many cases is seen as an impersonal Force operating from a far distant Heaven....and mankind has been relegated to 'insignificance' in the scientific Scheme of evolution of and for the Earth.

However, in the past century a more complete form of Spiritual Information has been made available through the Efforts of the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchies Who periodically send in New Teaching and New Teachers, both to 'save humanity' and simultaneously to raise the Energy of embodied Souls, propelling them into the next level of 'Spiritual Truth'.

We are in one of those periods.

 Today updated Spiritual Information is available and many people are being taught the

 Laws of Life tailored for the times and to the incoming  Age.

The Purpose of this Website, then, is to describe some of the new 'Ascended Master

 Instruction....to suggest practical ways to use this incoming Spiritual Information

 for the evolution of both Body and  Soul....and in the process, perhaps to solve certain

 world problems.

For we People are not helpless unless we choose to be.

 We can arise and go unto the Father'; we can invoke the Consciousness and Power of the

 Spark of Christness that waits to be called forth from within these physical forms. We

 can expand Christness throughout the world. We can join together in asking Cosmic

 Christness to take command of God's World....knowing as we do this, that all that is

 less than 'God-good' is swept away before the Light

and all we hope for is being added unto!

For now we are being taught the more complete Truth of




The cycles have moved and the Energies of the new Aquarian Cycle demand the release of

 a tremendous amount of highly Spiritual Energy bringing with It a New Way of Thinking

 about God and man. The time demands that everyone be given a chance to know those

 Truths that will shape the New Era.

 The times demand we all participate.

 The time for human manipulation and control of Life on this Planet is ended. We are seeing the 'last thrashings' of that 'dragons tail'. We are witnessing 'the destructive element acting within some of humanity' in the final throes of destroying itself in the chaos it has created for itself within all the various levels of societal, governmental, political, economic and religious behavior and bickering.

 It continues on for only a short while longer as we awaken and expand our Christ Light, doing it through our daily thinking, feeling and actions. The stage is now set for the advent of the new Spiritual Man and Woman. The choice to evolve is offered to each Soul, as each embodies at this time. And Teachers exist within many organizations that are teaching a more Complete Truth. And there are thousands of people awakening to this New Realization of Life and its Higher Purpose and are wanting to participate.


Tell Your Story

 When the Cosmic Nudge came to do my part the question was "how do I do this? What format do I use?" The Answer came back, "Tell your story". That led to radio programs and now this Website!"

This 'sharing' of glimpses of personal Relationships and Experiences is only for purposes of validating and encouraging the Spiritual Experiences of others.

 It is my way of saying that Highly Evolved Life exists...and waits to teach us and lead us to the simple 'facts of life'.

 I share descriptions of people and Beings who have been important and memorable along my Way. And as is permissible in Essay form, Perceptions and Opinions are candidly shared but again only as a Way to encourage the always unique and personal evolving process of any one of us.

I make no Spiritual claims. However, I do believe that what will be offered here is a Spiritual Philosophy and Instruction that will go a long way in putting an end to geo-political, economic and religious problems faced by mankind today.

The real Challenge we face today

is learning Who We Really Are, Body and Soul....And accepting the responsibility we have individually to 'turn on our own Light' thus helping to put an end to darkness' using the Christ Power that 'Jesus' came to proclaim.

Finally, I leave you with these thoughts.

It is only the 'Hand, Heart and Mind of God' in Action,

 expressing Itself through the Christ Self of the individual,

 Body and Soul, that solves the problems the world faces


As we become Beings of Cosmic Light

Godness-in-action manifests through us...

 we become a Forcefield of Love, Wisdom and Power...

expressing the Qualities of Immortal Christness while still embodied.

Only in that Way does our Greater Light 'overcome' the darkness on this Planet.

There is no other Way.

Now in Spanish....Bienvenidos

To The Pathway   

The Beloved God of Light

(Footnote) In 1999, Lois wrote and recorded thirteen radio programs

that were broadcast in California over the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

She called the program, 'The Modern Mystic'.


These programs developed out her concern for the people

as she witnessed the fear developing around the Y2K (Dec. 1999)

 phenomenon of that time. 

The programs focused on maintaining personal, Peaceful attitudes...

about taking one's attention off what was being perceived as problems

and staying God Centered in whatever way each one could do that....

and that she felt was the only protection available to the individual....

regarding Y2K or any other negative situation 

 In those talks she offered her practical and Spiritual/metaphysical rational of Life.


In 2000 and 2001 she received a call from the radio station asking
if she had recorded more of her Essays.
At that time she hadn't but then was encouraged to create
 seventy eight additional radio programs in which she was able,
among other subjects, to enlarge upon the Modern Mystical Teaching of
the Ascended Masters as it came initially through Guy and Edna Ballard in the 1930s.
When those programs were completed the idea of doing a Website was ‘suggested’ to her
....and shortly, everything evolved to allow the Modern Mystic Website to expand
the Ballard's Spiritual Instruction regarding each one's own
 Mighty 'I AM' Presence.
The Website became available to a world-wide audience beginning July 15, 2002
and since has expanded to become an important link
in the Ascended Master's Effort to reach people all over the world with this vital Instruction.

Now please note!

Sept. 2012: The Board of Directors of the Saint Germain Foundation directed me to cease and desist using their copyrighted material....which I have used only to encourage the Seekers of Light... my intent being only to give direction to Spiritually motivated individuals who would wish to find and study more of it. I have never been connected with nor am I in competition with the Saint Germain Foundation....rather I have worked tirelessly over many years to share and expand the Instruction brought forth by The Three Ballards.

Thus, I have removed links to much Powerful Instruction.

Some I have left as examples of the modern Spiritual Instruction which is so needed at this time.

My focus is always and only on Freedom....freedom of each one of us to Spiritually evolve.


  This website now finds and shares other equally Spiritual approaches that speak to 'who we really are'...

and what our Divine Purpose is here on Earth....

and most importantly Who our

Mighty 'I AM' Self is.

 Stay tuned.

 Further: As Pertains to Copyrights:

It needs to be noted that I have 'borrowed' graphics and am using certain midi music, believing it is permissible. I give credit to the Sources where I know them. If I have unknowingly stepped on the Creativity of another, please let me know and I will adjust the pages accordingly.

 All my personal text is copyrighted but can be used by any who consider it worthy of repetition....giving credit where credit is due.

Thank you again,

Lois J Crawford