The Book of Susan.

Susan Elizabeth Crawford

June 23, 1954....September 2, 1990

Remembering September 2, 1990

'This is 'God's' World' We are 'God's People

 'God' had the first Word....'God' will have the Last Word!

'I AM' at Peace!


September 2, 2014

Beloved Mother.

Our Hearts are Blazing with the Light of Our Love for each other....

with the Light of your Faithfulness to me.

Once I asked you never to forget me.and you never have.

Always I was your loving daughter there....always I AM your loving daughter here,

We are so very close in Spirit wherever we are.

Alwaysl My Ascended Love ever enfolds you and my Father

and It blazes especially powerfully around you on this day of the year.


As I connect with your thoughts this morning I see the Great Love you pour forth to Life.

I see your faithful attendance upon your own Mighty God Self

and your developing understanding of the Divine Purpose of your Life, your recognition of how

 that God Self directs your daily Life....your Sense of how you are being inspired to fulfill Its Desires

through Its Mighty Consciousness working through you, Body and Soul.

Oh, if only all could get a clear picture of the Divine Purpose for their being embodied on Earth.

And especially at this time....this very special time in the Advancement of Life in this Galaxy.

I see....We see....your increasing realization of the Greater Plan ....of a Plan that has spanned

 thousands of years in the past and will continue for thousands more into the far future....

A Plan so Grand that only the Greatest

 of Supreme and Superior Levels of Consciousness could conceive it...


We Lightbearers of this time each are privileged have been given a part to play....

each an actor playing an important part in the fulfillment of the Plan,

which like a Cosmic Puzzle is not complete until each part has been played

  and until each piece of the Plan is in its place.

Until then, the Drama goes on.   



(LJC) My dear Susan, as I sit recording these Thoughts coming from you, perhaps seeing

 through your eyes, realizing so clearly how our Divine Purpose plays out within God's Divine Plan....

 'seeing' so clearly how we are indeed, Body and Soul, the Head, Heart and Hands of our own 'I AM'

 Presence in Action here, now on this planet....

Further and most importantly seeing clearly how the fulfilling of God's Divine Plan depends not

alone on our human efforts and ability but on the Partnership we have with our Christ Soul

 whose All Powerful Divine Ability is ours as God's Sons and Daughters of  Light...

how it all depends on our consciously working with our Mighty 'I AM' Presence if we, each one of us

 is to succeed in playing the Cosmic Part....the part planned for us at our Creation.

And to do that we are learning to internalize and activate our Christ Power and Consciousness

 and put It to use to fulfill our part in The Plan.

We are learning that it can't be done from only the human level,

 but will be Fulfilled with our acceptance of the Partnership of  physical and Inner Christ Minds.....

at which level we then are enabled to fulfill our Destiny in

participating in evolving the Plan for Life on this Planet.

You and I often talked of this while you were here. Now as we continue to share our thoughts

 we, two coming together in His Name, expand the Cosmic Power of God's evolving Divine Plan.

I find that very gratifying to celebrate our friendship and Love

 within that Powerful Christ Consciousness.


 Angel Blessings always, my lovely Daughter

from Your Mother,    

Lois J Crawford

September 2, 2014

Performed by 
Margi Harrell
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