The Book of Susan.


Susan offering flowers to Beloved Lotus

during an evening class at a Youth Conclave at Shasta Springs. California.

 The year would have been 1966.


July 16, 2011

Regarding these Conversations from the 'Other Side'

 It is time to again spend some time sharing another ‘Conversation’ from the other side as I am calling Them…'conversations' which are doubted or misunderstood by some....and I use the term 'Other Side' because both levels of Life are so close....we simply move from one Room of one of God's Many Mansions into another one close by....we are really never separated....  

and further let me first explain to those who may think this is an ‘exercise in connecting with the astral planes’ that nothing could be farther from the truth/Truth.

Just as Beloved David Lloyd made his Ascension….and immediately 'spoke' to us mortals from The Other Side….and the Rayborn children and their parents communicated immediately from 'the other side' and our Beloved Godfre and Lotus now Ascended now communicate Their Thoughts with many of us from one of those other Rooms…

just so Susan, now Ascending, communicates with various ones here.

As well there are many, many Students now ‘Ascended’ who are working similarly with unascended mankind from The Other Side’. Our first Duty when we reach that next Level of Life is to reach back and assist those still embodied who are searching for the Light. We will all serve in some Way in that Capacity when our time comes.

Many years ago Susan and I were given ‘Permission’ to communicate thusly. When this website was created I was given Direction to share these Conversations as a Way to encourage and to offer Instruction in these matters. I realize that just as many people did not believe the Bollards…and many still do not accept all that the Masters have told us….therefore I realize my words will fall on many deaf ears.   

However that may be, Susan sends Her Thoughts to me…and I send mine to Her. Anyone who has seriously studied the Dictations in the Ballard Books knows this can be done and in fact is ‘no big deal’ as we say….it is a natural function of Life. Susan and I connect through a long established Heart to Heart Connection. The Masters tell us that is the Way we connect with Them....and They send Their Thoughts to any who will 'listen'. Invisible Conversation I have always called it.

I am told that there have been complaints about this ‘Susan communication’ coming from individuals who do not have a clear understanding of these matters…..from some who should know better ….from some who can believe has happened between David Lloyd and Guy Ballard and other subsequent embodied Messengers but choose not to believe it possible between others such as Susan and me. So be it!


June 23rd,.... At any rate….it is at this time of year when we, my

 husband and I spend a few quality moments looking back to an

 earlier time and remember Life with our daughter Susan.

 In previous pages I have told you how she was fatally injured in an

 accident September 2nd, 1990, and have described how dear she

was to us and how her untimely death left us momentarily

 devastated….and how we had to put into practice everything the

 Masters have taught us about holding our energy protected and

secure against the agony we were feeling in our hearts.

 We knew that what we were going through was one of those times that ‘try men’s Souls’…a time when we could sink in human misery or rise in Christ Spirit.

Since then I have made it a happy ritual to write about Her and to set this time aside each year to (intuitively) ‘talk’ to Her on the date of her last Earth birthday.

 She and I had decided to choose an inspiring writing to give Direction to our talks and this year my Thought was to focus our Efforts on putting our Christ Energy to work to help the Earth and the people, many of whom are caught up in financial difficulties….many desperately trying to save their homes and lives from devastating winds, floods and fires… or are searching for answers to health situations. Our focus this year will be to encourage the expansion of the Powerful Heart Energy, Pure Cosmic Christ Energy of Light Workers everywhere….focusing it into areas where people, body and Soul, are victims of evil, however it manifests, anywhere in the world. I began writing my thoughts as follows:

My Beloved daughter….dear Susan, again we engage in one of our Conversations that commemorates the date you last arrived here and continued your Journey in a physical form….allowing us to reminisce about the past even while focusing on the present and future.

Your smiling face looks out of the picture that is placed on a shelf directly across from where I work. And when I glance up, there you are, smiling Encouragement and Love.

Regarding an Idea for a focus for this Conversation, besides that of your birthday, I recommend we use some of the Words from a talk given by the Beloved God of Light, received by Beloved Lotus in 1948, The information this Great Being shares is basic and timeless….certainly it is pertinent to this time in which the Christ Spirit is alive and expanding….and vital for a time in which humanity is being forced to face problems….face situations that seem too big for the human being to resolve….certainly that appears to be the case in this time. And certainly this ‘dictation’ could have been given as recently as yesterday as it addresses what can only be described as global mayhem and madness that humanity worldwide is facing at the present time.

This Great Being speaks of the Cosmic Light and Power of the Victorious Cosmic Christ and tells us that if we will call that Power into action in the physical world we will find that Light, that Power to be an ‘Invincible Scepter and Authority’ which will help mankind overcome all that is trying to play the Armageddon card at this present time (2011). He describes the Mastery of Life that is held within the Cosmic Christ, the ‘I Am’ Presence from the Great Central Sun and tells us those words (the Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence) contain a Power like no other.’ He tells us that each of us is an Open Door through which the Gifts of our own ‘I Am’ Presence flow.



Regarding these unsettling times through which many are living, we can be encouraged when He tells us ’do not go down under the problems or limitation of the physical octave. They are but energy (negatively) qualified.     


Susan: Beloved One,

Wonderful Instruction….but before we discuss some this as well as the issues facing the world, let’s pause a moment to hold each other in the brightest of Christ Light…paying Tribute to the Greatest Essence that gives meaning to our entire lives….as well as to expand our own Inner Christ Light for the Blessing of all Life everywhere….I hold you, my Beloved Mother, Teacher and Friend ever in the deepest Christ Love of my Heart.

Yes, today June 23rd 1954 was the day I appeared again on Earth.

 And the thirty six years I was there was a mixture of happiness

as I lived my childhood with you….and then of pain and grief and

deepest sadness as I ended my brief Journey.

But all of that is now adjusted as I move on, working within the

 Divine Plan that is the Pathway of my Eternal Life.

I think you might wish to know that so much that causes any of us physical pain and grief….physical, mental or emotional distress, is only experienced within the arena of human events. Unless we have engaged in truly unconscionable behavior toward our fellow men and women, when we return ‘Home’ we bring with us the positive gains of that experience. Then as we get on with our splendid Lives here, at the start, if we wish to do it, we are allowed to begin work on resolving any past unsatisfactory experiences and do it by flooding Light into any discordant or less than loving energy we sent out connected to those experiences. We can get to work immediately to enfold individuals or situations in our deepest forgiving Love….in our most sincere nurturing Love until all traces of human negativity have been resolved. Thus we wipe the slate clean and if there is any ‘karmic’ residue that can only be worked out in a physical embodiment that can be planned for a specific time.    

You, who know the history of my thirty six years better than any other, please be assured that with the help of wise friends here as well as Ascended and Angelic Instructors there is no residual pain or unfinished business remaining concerning any with whom I associated during that brief time. All is adjusted as it is for all who attain this level of Life.

And let me tell you what was first suggested to me as a way to resolve any unhappy energy. It was to use our very familiar Law of Forgiveness decree given to us by our Beloved Edna Ballard in the early days of the Saint Germain's ‘I AM’ Activity. She, now our Beloved Lotus, early in Her Ministry on Earth instructed us in this way.

 She told us then that The Law of Forgiveness is the Great Freeing Power of Life! That when we truly forgive a person, place, condition, or thing, we give forth something to take its place which is better in every way. She said that it is impossible to forgive in the intellect for that is not where forgiveness either begins or ends….that forgiveness takes place in our feelings and She gave us a decree which we continue to use here.

'I AM'  the Ascended Master's Cosmic Law of Forgiveness and Consuming Flame of all inharmonious thoughts, feelings and actions for which my human self is responsible'.

And then here as well as there…wherever we are, everyone uses

 the Violet Consuming Flame decrees for all that is discordant

 anywhere in the Universe It is included as part of the first

 Instruction we are given here after we settle in. I like to use the

 decrees we gave so often in our Class work there….which I

 imagine you still use.

I think back and remember well how tired we often were after decreeing for a lengthy time in our class work there….but here, Beloved One, we never tire of doing good and the most powerful use of our Energy….the greatest ‘good’ we can do here….or there, for that matter…is to Pour out our Christ Love and command It into action and the most effective way is through voicing the Powerful Decrees we have been given by our Ascended Teachers, there and here.

Beloved Lotus often speaks to Us of the Power of the Victorious Cosmic Christ and reminds Us often that It is the full Commanding Presence of our own Mighty ‘Godness’ Who is One with Those Who govern systems of worlds. Isn’t that amazing!

‘Call’, she tells us, ‘Call forth the Cosmic Light, the Cosmic Power of the Victorious Cosmic Christ. Call all Its Powers into action in the physical octave of Earth. Blaze Its Cosmic Power that commands and compels the fulfillment of the God Destiny of Earth, the Divine Plan for the Earth… and She tells us to never stop calling for and demanding the Divine Emancipation of Life on Earth….of those now embodied….especially of those who have turned to face God at this time…those who are dedicating their lives to bringing in the Golden Age of Peace on Earth. There is no service more deserving or Cosmic!

She tells us, ‘Today the humanity of Earth stand at the crossroads of two diametrically opposed points of views or paths ….one that is leading to the kind of Freedom as yet not known on this planet….the other leading straight to the cruelest kind of tyranny from which there will be no easy escape. She says it is a choice between freedom or tyranny for both body and Soul Which will it be?

 There are big Cosmic Projects unfolding.

Today everyone must choose …. everything being experienced on

 Earth today is the result of past ‘choices….

the Hope of Heaven is that enough of humanity will wish to

 and will make better choices....that each one chooses to

honor their responsibility to Their Creator.

 You have before you this quote of Thomas Jefferson, who

 understood that Responsibility in his time….in which he wrote,

"Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them." --Thomas Jefferson

So yes, from Our Perspective We see that these are indeed serious times for Earth….and for all who have been allowed to evolve through Earth embodiments….We all, here and there each have grave responsibilities to the Lords of Life Who guide Our Destiny and that of our Planet.   

Our Master Teachers are telling Us that those of God’s People who are embodied at this time have taken on a grave responsibility to Command a Gigantic Outpouring of the Love and Harmony of the Victorious Cosmic Christ….issuing the command for the Cosmic God Direction that compels Peace….yes, compels It…. for if the Energy of Peace is not strong enough to hold control, the planet and people face a grim future. I am not allowed to go into that beyond saying, ‘Wake up, all ye that sleepeth. Life wants to bring you Happiness but you must make the effort….you must call forth the Cosmic Peace and Harmony that passeth understanding. You must ‘become’ the Source of that Christ Love that conquers all that is less than Love. It is up to each one of you to become the Creators of your own Heaven on Earth.’    

This Realm in which I now live knows nothing but Harmony and Peace, but occasionally for purposes of the work I do here, I am shown the dark clouds that envelope Earth. Thus I can say to you with great sincerity that humanity must awaken and demand Peace…the quality of Peace that is sufficient to overpower the darkness that will not give up….that darkness which is an ancient enemy of all that is good. And humanity must be made aware that as human beings they do not have endless time to understand what the Ascended Host are saying and they must consciously work for the God Outcome to all that is presently in a ‘working out phase.

 There is still time….there is nothing yet ‘set in stone’, but it has been determined that the only way anyone will come through the next few years unscathed will be through the Service they render the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy. Great Beings have pledged Their Ascended Energy to help the people of Earth and They are depending on the Faithful ones worldwide. They are relying upon those who have been taught to focus their attention on calling forth those Cosmic and Victorious, Powerful Christ Qualities that will guarantee Peace…please believe me when I say that if chaos is to be averted on Earth, They, the Ascended Beings in charge of this Planet and people, must rely upon those who know how to call to Almighty God in any way they know to do it....they must teach as many people as possible how to call to their own Mighty God Presence….to call It into action to blaze forth whatever Cosmic Light is required to change the pattern of destruction that is planned for this Earth and its people. The Guiding Hierarchy knows time is running out for further experimenting by human beings with God Life on Planet Earth. As Beloved Mary has told us, ‘the hands of the clock point almost to twelve….’

And as we say there, ‘then it is a New Ballgame’….. 

Beloved Mother, forgive me for getting so serious especially on my birthday…and I realize that none of this is news to you but I did wish to ‘voice’ it at this many are asleep to the needs of the day. I will have more to say to you about this but will leave it for another day. However let our words be a wakeup call or perhaps an encouragement to any who may read our words.

I did want to tell you about our Beloved Lotus Who, among all Her other Great Service, works with Some of Us here. There are Those Who have been Her Students before on Earth and elsewhere, I think….many that are ready for Her Ascended Master Instruction and We gather in groups to listen to Her Instruction which is the continuation of the Truths She spoke to Us on Earth. Her Specialty, if We can call it that, is to focus Our Attention on that Effort We must make to increase Our unfolding and expanding ‘Ascension’ capabilities.

She has special memories about each of Those whom She teaches. It is as though We have been Her Children or Students in times past….and maybe We have been. She speaks of you, Beloved One and tells me of the day you came ‘(shyly’, She said, ‘but with great determination’) with others one Sunday to the Sanctuary at Shasta Springs for Her Blessing. You hadn’t met her personally at that time, but have always thought that Her Special Blessing that Sunday created a Lighted Connection between the two of you. And She has said that is indeed so. She is aware of the amethyst ring you wear which She blessed twice over the years. The Light of that Blessing shines forth for those who have ‘eyes’ to see. And she Blesses it again for you at this time ….and Blesses you again for your faithful Service. She loves you dearly.

She speaks of the time we were with her when She lived as Elizabeth, the First….you were one of her Ladies….and Dad was one of the men who served Essex….which accounts for the close recognition Dad had when he met Don Ballard. They did indeed know each other.

And then we were all there during the Founding of the United States of America. Don, as Lafayette and Dad were again in contact….and you were part of Washington’s family….and I was a soldier who was eventually killed in the war….

Well, so much water under the bridge….and so much Beauty ahead of us. Thank you for the lovely roses you placed near my picture today. Thank you for letting me continue to be part of your Life…and for wishing to be part of mine. I believe we are destined to be working together again….you and I and Dad and the others near and dear to us, all of us serving God in Glorious Cosmic Adventures. But wherever we are and whatever we are doing, whether we are together or on separate ’missions’, Thank you for taking the time to write these words today and be not dismayed if others doubt our Communication. The Truth has always had a hard time piercing the darkness....but as we heard you say so many times when we were dealing with rampant humanness.....

'This is 'God's' World'

We are 'God's People

 'God' had the first Word

And we can be assured 'God' will have the Last Word!

Be at Peace!

I wish you could see how Our Hearts are Blazing with the Light of Our Love for each other. It has been wonderful to experience!

Until next time, Goodbye for now….

Once I asked you never to forget me….and you never have.

Always ‘I AM’ your loving daughter,

 Always we are close in Spirit.

Alwaysl My Ascended Love ever enfolds you and my Father,




(LJC) Every individual, Body and Soul, has the built-in capacity to discern 'what is good' and to recognize 'what is not. We are not innocent of some responsibility for the state of the world...for the state of humanity....and even if we were, there would still be the responsibility to work to Perfect Life on this Planet....always our responsibility to work with the Powers of 'God' to assist in resolving Earth's problems....ever our responsibility to bring forth more Light wherever we abide.....always our Cosmic Responsibility as embodied Spirit never to cast shadows of human opinion on the Light of God that Never fails.    

 Agni Yoga, 451....Once a French nobleman said to Saint Germain, "I cannot even begin to understand the nonsense that surrounds you!" Saint Germain answered, "It is not difficult to understand my nonsense if you will give it the same attention you give to your own, if you will read my reports with the same attention you give to the list of dancers at the court. But the problem is that the order of a minuet is of greater importance to you than the safety of the planet."

In these words is contained the tragedy of our times. We find time without limit for all kinds of petty activities, but we do not find an hour for the most vital.


Lois J Crawford



Performed by 
Margi Harrell
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