Susan Elizabeth Crawford

June 23, 1954....September 2, 1990


(LJC) July 21, 2009...

Speaking to people of the world.

. For more than twenty years, I have been writing and speaking about what I have 'sensed' regarding this 'time we live in' and of the need individuals have to get onto a Pathway that leads upward, Spiritually speaking, before it is too late....about the need to get off the human train that is even now plunging head long toward a very deep abyss.

To paraphrase one recently read comment....'Watching the daily and weekly "calamity of mankind" on mainstream television has been too much to take lately.  It physically drains me just to listen or watch even small segments of the unfolding debacle of excessive legal battles, celebrity worship, political power seeking, and general hedonistic behavior on so many fronts'....and the writer doesn't mention all the world wide warring among peoples and Nations....all the concern over flu epidemics....and on and on.

Humanity has created chaos it cannot solve.

 We have come to a dividing of the ways....the Message of our time is that people are either choosing good and moving on up....or opting for 'evil', for non-god activities and blindly or arrogantly falling into the abyss.

That Power we call 'God' has put the decision for our own Lives, as well as the Life of our Nations, in our hands. We can choose to stop the train wreck....we can Spiritually evolve our own Lives....or face the consequences. For a short time we have a choice.

 My Hope is that today there are enough Spiritually Awakened Ones who are choosing 'God', who are 'believing' that we can change what (at this writing) appears to be rapidly approaching human disaster....changing it into a Great Soul Victory....

I ask you to join Susan and me in proclaiming and in working to bring forth the Shining Vision of Eternal Peace of the Creator....of the Great Host of Ascended Masters and Angels....Who love us with all Their Hearts, but who cannot save us from our own folly!.

It's all there if we want it....if we will work for it....if we are willing to give our Hearts Love to achieving it....the dark cloud of human chaos can be driven back and Light can prevail....if we choose that.        

Susan....'well said, Mother I pray that mankind will wake up to the Realization that they have a choice....with an understanding of the Glorious Reward that awaits them if they choose to serve God-good in all the small and large ways all can serve. 

 I join you in praying that each one realizes how it is that they are now and have always chosen what their lives will be. Today it is so important for individuals to understand the consequences of their choosing....if only they could see, as I have, the Great Cosmic Wheel turning, moving and affecting everything in its Path.......

Therefore today I would like to talk about the Ascending Process.... this is such an important aspect of Life especially for the Students on the Path.

We, you and I, we were born into the powerful Ballard Movement ('I AM' Activity'). Eons ago we joined with those who chose the Ascension Path and ever since, each time we embody we, along with scores of others, have turned our faces in that Direction. Thus, in this present Life Experience we asked to embody as children of Souls who would be drawn into that powerful Spiritual Ascended Focus created under the Direction of the Beloved Saint Germain and Jesus, which the Beloved Ballards introduced to the world in the early 1900s. 

Many who are embodied at this time have not had to go through the process of humanly searching for the Truth....from their previous Work they arrived here with a full Inner Understanding of the Ascension Process....they arrived knowing what Aspects of Truth would be offered God's People at this time and they wished to partake of that Light and to assist even as we came offering to further the Work of the Blessed Hierarchy of Angels and Ascended Masters.

Thus, perhaps, using this method of communication (this Website) we can share our Thoughts and Knowledge of certain Spiritual Concepts as we understand Them, giving our readers some information regarding the Ascension, some information regarding how one slowly 'ascends' back into the Higher Octaves from which we all originally came.

 And it is our very great pleasure to be asked to help....the Greatest Wish of many here is to help the people of Earth.

So let me see if I can make clear certain ideas as we understand them from This Side of Life....much of which correlates to the more modern human Concepts of 'God'... as well as from an evolved Soul Perspective.

First as I understand it....our first duty wherever we are, is as the first Commandment puts it....We shall have no other allegiances higher than our Love of God....for us that translates as we now express it, into not letting anything be more important to us than acknowledging, first, who we are as Creations of our own 'I AM' Presence, the Son or Daughter of Almighty God.

 And following closely on that, letting our actions demonstrate that our whole Life, here and there is dedicated to humbly serving the Purposes of that Creator.   

Many 'searchers' do not realize that as we give our Service on Earth at any time, we are slowly raising the vibration of our Energy, allowing us to access Higher Realms of Vibration. And regarding the Ascension Process we have been told that when we 'make the change'....when we die....if at that time, we have raised 51% of our Energy....if we desire it, we will be offered the Ascended Help needed to complete the initial Process of Ascending.

We know that as Students of the Brotherhood we, along with many others were, and are being instructed by that Hierarchy.

It is a fact that all Student Souls have incredible Direction and yes, protection by Those who serve the Hierarchy....for the (human) struggle is recognized by Those Who have successfully walked through that valley.  Speaking for myself....the effort to be 'perfect' in God's eyes was difficult....I found it very difficult to be 'in the world' and not become part of problems of the world as I was all the while attempting to stay focused on our Soul Mission there. I found that the 'world' was always there, ready to pull us apart in many ways.

  Prior to my being given permission to leave it all behind on Earth, I was under the 'guiding wings' of an Angel, Who daily instructed was under His Direction that I wrote the Everyday Essential Enlightenment Lessons which I know you plan to share with the world one day.

 Shortly after I arrived here and was settled in my new surroundings, I was offered the Instruction for completing the 'work' needed to be done to enter into that Miracle of the Ascension. I gladly and gratefully accepted....and you know from our past conversations, that your immense Love and Devotion to me played a large part in what I was able to accomplish.

Thus part of what I wish you to publish today is the Fact of the Great Good we do in loving each other....while embodied here or elsewhere.

Love is so Powerful.

How many Ways can we say those words.

If we accept the Offer to work towards our Ascension, we are shown this Great Love Flame as it flows from the Source of Creation....It is beyond description....It is indescribably Glorious....and how do I describe the humbleness we feel as we are shown how each one of us is an Immortal Spark of that Great Flame.

Once 'knowing that'....which is so different from just 'believing'....oh, yes, finally 'Knowing' and experiencing the Power of can never go back to old platitudes or ideas about what 'God' is or isn't. When we are shown exactly 'what God is' from then on there is no thought of anything but becoming and expressing more of our 'Godness' wherever we are.

The second thought to be expressed in this' conversation' relates to my comments about the importance of striving to purify our Energy and to  perfecting at least 51% of that Energy for which we are responsible.... for every bit of Energy we have ever drawn forth to fuel our sojourns on Earth....or elsewhere....must eventually be returned 'to the Father' in the same state of Perfection in which we received it.

Therefore, to 'enter Heaven' we must focus on purifying our Energy, bringing it up to an accepted standard before we can even qualify for Higher Instruction such as you receive and I received while embodied.... and that Instruction continues here if we wish it.

It is little known....and needs to be known....that the old occult laws that required us to, purify....100% of our Energy prior to our Soul's Ascension (dirty energy cannot enter Heaven!) have been replaced with what is known here as the Law of 51%....which means that upon so-called death, the individual whose human actions have 'moved the Hearts of Heaven'...whose Spiritual desires and actions have served humanity as well as Heaven....whose Soul Direction has been to raise its own Christ awareness....along the way we have been balancing our personal 'Karma'. And let me say here....when one is serving God, there is always a gigantic expansion of God Light within and around that Lifestream....and remember how Light extinguishes darkness....simply, we ascend through the expansion of our own Christ Light.

And thus, if we have balanced at least 51% of our 'Karma'....upon death of the physical form, we are then offered further Instruction, which if accepted and applied, leads us into the Ascending is always our choice.

And then upon achieving that Spiritual Milestone, the exalted Ascending Soul continues to work to balance any remaining human karma, doing it  from those Higher Levels....which means for many of us that we go on doing everything here we are capable of doing or allowed to do, to further the Work of The Christ among all those we have known and loved....embodied or otherwise.   

So that what you and I are asked to do in these Conversations is to open the eyes of Students...of any individual who is the very great need for Purification of our Energy. For this purpose Beloved Saint Germain brought forth through Guy and Edna Ballard the Knowledge and Understanding of the Violet Flame and how by Its use, while embodied, we can purify all Energy we ever fact, the Purpose of this embodiment for many of the Ballard 'I AM' students has been to allow them to make use of that Cosmic Violet Flame by which they could, if they chose,accomplish the Ascension Process at this time.

And then using that more powerful Energy we are to rescue constructive humanity from all the negativity projected against it at this time.....we are to rescue the United States of America from the 'evil' that is poised, ready to take control of the God-proclaimed U. S. Constitution. 

Therefore our Mission is to do all we can do while embodied and then from the Heaven Planes, to raise all Energy ever drawn forth.

Even if we are very constructive individuals, just the fact of our Energy entering the Earth plane has meant its vibration has been lowered. Eventually we have to increase the Vibration of all our Energy, making it acceptable to Heaven and then we offer It back to Its Source as Perfect as It came to us....this final 'offering' occurring as the final part of the Ascension Process.                   

   With that thought let us end this Conversation.

Ever enfolding you and my Father in

God's Great Love Flame,




"The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards

the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained."

--George Washington



(LJC) Every individual, Body and Soul, has the built-in capacity to discern 'what is good' and to recognize 'what is not. We are not innocent of some responsibility for the state of the world...for the state of humanity....and even if we were, there would still be the responsibility to Perfect Life on this Planet....our responsibility to work with the Powers of 'God' to assist in resolving Earth's problems....our responsibility to bring forth more Light wherever we abide.     

Lois J Crawford



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