Susan Elizabeth Crawford

June 23, 1954....September 2, 1990

A Conversation: June 23, 2005

Our very dear daughter,

Tonight I feel we are to talk to each other. It is now several years since I felt the need, mine or yours, to connect our hearts and minds, allowing our thoughts to flow naturally through the several Dimensions.

Your Dad and I rarely speak of your leaving or of your need for a 'change of address'....we have Thanked God a million times for rescuing you from the unhappiness you were experiencing and from which you could not extricate yourself.

 The years though lonely, have flown by since you left this plane. You remain alive in our hearts....and when I least expect it, there you my side....I feel your nearness and sense your sweet smile and gentle encouragement. How dear you are!

 It is late as I write this. are you keeping me awake ....are you wishing to communicate your thoughts....or some information. If so, I'm here....Meanwhile,



Susan: Yes I'm here....thanking you for remembering my birthday. Tonight we, you and I are very close not only in mind and heart, but also in physical proximity. I have been allowed to approach the Earth Plane when there is a good reason for doing so, now that I am no longer in danger of being magnetized back to it. These last years have been overwhelming in the experiences that have been offered. I have learned so much....incredibly much....not only about what one should or should not do when embodied....but what is expected of us here and how we not only never think of failing, but we never regard failure as a course of action....for failure does not exist above a certain vibration. Here all moves in Harmony which is hard to describe other than to say that there is never any tendency to be anything but an encouragement to all others with whom we are in daily contact.

I still 'live' in the beautiful house you designed and which manifested here in its full perfection while only part of it is out pictured there. I have been following your mental gymnastics in trying to decide about new furniture and upholstery....I can tell you that all is manifesting here and when you have completed the redecorating in the physical it will reflect what has already taken place here.

Those Who are my Teachers here....many of whom you know both as those you associated with on well as the Angels who care for us and the Blessed Ascended Masters....all are following your progress, Body and Soul as you like to say....and are suggesting to your Christ Self areas of information that you might wish to include within the pages of the Website. Soon you and I will be sharing Information more often....the time grows short when people must know the Truth and individually apply it.

We are all very pleased with what you have been able to accomplish with the Website and can tell you that you are reaching more people than you have any idea and many are being raised in Cosmic Consciousness as they come in contact with the Truth the Masters have been bringing to Earth for the past one hundred and fifty years.....and especially as It came through our Beloved Godfre and Lotus. They are among Those Who watch to see what help They can render to assist you....continue to call on Them and to teach others to do that....They are so ready and willing to help all those who were Their Students while They taught on Earth.

I wish I could impress on your mind the wonders here....if you will work a little more on activating your Third Eye you may be able to see through the 'veil' into this Octave ....

I eagerly await your return here for it seems we were close companions in certain 'Cosmic Work' which will be resumed when you have completed your service there.

My training continues....I work with those who are learning to project powerful Rays of Violet Light into the fields of negative karmic energy that has been loosed upon mankind....creating such havoc....such cruel, unnecessary havoc in so many lives....evil human consciousness which acts to blind the physical self to viciousness that preys upon those who choose not to see it.

 From this side it is so difficult to watch because we see everything for what it is....there is truly nothing hidden from us here and if we wish to know more about it, all is revealed. And if we wish to work to help solve the problems of mankind and the Earth, we are taught Ways and Means of doing that from this Octave, for we are not being encouraged to re-embody at this time.

There is more we can do from here....and it is very much needed as mankind is nearly overwhelmed.... Only the powerful, Master Consciousness is keeping the Planet from tipping on its side....the Masters are determined not to allow the civilization that has come forth there on Earth, particularly in the United States, to be destroyed again....and so all you do and all that the thousands like you do, both in your personal application and in your efforts to spread the Word, is helping more than you can know from your vantage point. And anything that can be given is needed....and nothing that anyone does or wishes to do at this time is more important than praying and decreeing constantly and as powerfully as possible for the Purification of the Energy of the people of Earth and of the Planet itself.

It is not known yet what it will take to purify the Earth....but there is no doubt that all that does not bend the knee to Truth will be removed from the Planet. What we were taught to call 'the last thrashing of the dragon's tail' is a real battle that is going on physically and within the astral planes....and it is as vicious as anything one can imagine.

So much of the viciousness that is being played out in Hollywood drama is the reenacting of what is going on within the astral world and there are people who are so open to that energy and they are writing about it and making moving pictures of it and even creating the karmic wars on Earth that duplicate what is going on in the lowest, most hellish astral places one can imagine.

 All that has to be cleaned up and that is where we who are awake to the situation here and where you are, are needed to give our Service.

That is the first step 'up' and has been ordained by the Lords of Karma as the immediate responsibility of everyone who has ever been connected in any way with the Earth.

Further, this time, no one who has engaged in immoral, illegal and hateful actions of any kind is going to escape the full recoil or complete discharge of their responsibility for those actions that have so burdened the Earth for these millions of years. This is going to be a clean up of millions of years of misdeeds by all who have trod the Pathway on Earth.... all mistakes must be acknowledged and handled by those who went astray.

 Then in time, all remedial activity will culminate in the Opening into the next Age....which is called the Age of Aquarius and which is under the direction of the Beloved Saint Germain. But we are not there yet.... 

We see, from our vantage point, the hideous activity of hate and bloodshed that is causing the Earth itself to cry out for mercy, and we beg all who have any idea of the severity of the situation, to never cease calling to God in the Highest, and to their own Christ Presence and to all who are Ascended as well as to the magnificent Angels who weep for the tortured people of Earth...Never stop calling to these Great Beings of Light, asking for whatever Powerful Expansion of Light can be called forth from the Highest for what God knows is needed to put out the vicious fires of hate....whether on the battlefields or in certain organized religions that have been taken over by the lowest levels of mind....or in the halls of government where much of the viciousness is playing out among people who should know better....let it be said that they will richly deserve the recoil of that energy.

Now. Let us end  our talk tonight for I see you grow very weary. I'm grateful beyond words to express that you picked up on my desire to 'talk' to you tonight....and to confirm some of your own intuition about the conditions on Earth....

I wish you a goodnight and say good bye, my dear Mother....I want to assure you that we are still thought of as Mother and daughter here....some times I'm called Lois' daughter.....sometimes you are referred to as Susan's mother....we are a Cosmic Team and have much history, both past, present and future.

My Love enfolds you and my Father also....for I know he loves me dearly....and that is precious to me....

Do you remember how I told you years ago, when you were apologizing for 'loving me too much'...I said, 'Never stop loving me....for Love is 'money' in Heaven.

And so it has ever been and ever will be.

'I AM' your daughter


Susan: In memory of all that you did for your children I ask you to share this with your readers....

'The teachings of a mother play a vital role in shaping the future of her children. She should make every effort to drive away bad qualities and infuse human values in them. Embodiments of love, lead an exemplary life. Give up all negative thoughts and develop sacred feelings. Talk softly and sweetly. Never hurt others’ feelings with harsh talk. Look after your home diligently and conduct yourselves in a pleasing manner. Treat guests cordially; to the extent possible, extend your help to those who are in need of it. Empathize with those who are in difficulties. You should try to comfort and console them with soothing words. Know that anyone who hurts others’ feelings, will be hurt twice as much. No one can escape from the consequences of their actions. Hence, sanctify your lives by reforming your conduct to help ever and hurt never.
–SSB 2002

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Susan; If only you on Earth could see the Powerful Results of the use of the Violet Consuming Flame....if you could see how much good It does....if you could see as We do you would never cease in your Calls for that Wonderful Power of God to take complete control of all that is less than Perfect on Earth....! 

Lois J Crawford



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