June 23, 2009

Susan Elizabeth Crawford

June 23, 1954....September 2, 1990

Today, June 23

the birth date of our daughter Susan....

and of course, I was thinking of her....

and as I sat at the computer my browsing led me to an Internet article entitled 'Cosmic Consciousness' by Richard Maurice Bucke.

Richard Bucke and his beloved son were separated ...even as my husband and I experienced physical separation from our daughter, Susan.

The title caught my attention so I started reading and came upon the dedication which I include below.... because it is identical to what I have written previously under the same circumstances....and suddenly, I felt the Presence of this precious daughter....felt her enfolding me in her Love....and finally today it seemed the right time to begin sharing our Cosmic Relationship, hers and mine, with the world. 

 Here first are excerpts of the Dedication in which Richard Bucke describes how the events of his son's 'death' effected him and what he gained from it....


Cosmic Consciousness,

by Richard Maurice Bucke, [1901],


Dedication from the first edition


22 November, 1868—8 December, 1899

8 December, 1900

Dear Maurice:—

A year ago to-day, in the prime of youth, of health and of strength, in an instant, by a terrible and fatal accident, you were removed forever from this world in which your mother and I still live.

 Of all young men I have known you were the most pure, the most noble, the most honourable, the most tender-hearted. In the business of life you were industrious, honest, faithful, intelligent and entirely trustworthy.

How at the time we felt your loss—how we still feel it—I would not set down even if I could.

I desire to speak here of my confident hope, not of my pain. I will say that through the experiences which underlie this volume I have been taught, that in spite of death and the grave, although you are beyond the range of our sight and hearing, notwithstanding that the universe of sense testifies to your absence, you are not dead and not really absent, but alive and well and not far from me this moment.

Only a little while now and we shall be again together and with us those other noble and well-beloved souls gone before. I am sure I shall meet you and them; that you and I shall talk of a thousand things and of that unforgettable day and of all that followed it; and that we shall clearly see that all were parts of an infinite plan which was wholly wise and good

Do you see and approve as I write these words? It may well be. Do you read from within what I am now thinking and feeling? If you do you know how dear to me you were while you yet lived and what we call life here and how much more dear you have become to me since.

Because of the indissoluble links of birth and death wrought by nature and fate between us; because of my love and because of my grief; above all because of the infinite and inextinguishable confidence there is in my heart, I inscribe to you this book, which, full as it is of imperfections which render it unworthy of your acceptance, has nevertheless sprung from the divine assurance born of the deepest insight of the noblest members of your race.

So long! dear boy.

So now step back with me to an earlier time....

Susan and I had planned to write and publish philosophical literature that we hoped would be inspiring.....she would be the writer and I would do whatever was required to help her.

September 2, 1990 brought an end to those plans. Suddenly I was the writer....

In 2001 with the creation of this Website, it was planned to have a section....a series of WebPages.... where we could continue our working relationship and partnership, Body and Soul.

I thought, 'I will call the Webpage The Book of Susan.'

After her departure there were many late night Conversations with her ...all were very personal and too poignant to share....and over the years I couldn't seem to find the way....the share her thoughts with the world.

There was one Communication that could be shared, written June 23, 2005....but it was never uploaded and it can now be found at the end of this Conversation along with the Prologue to the Book.

That brings us to today, June 23, 2009...

here then are Thoughts to be shared coming from a Conversation that day.


Beloved Mother,

For still I think of you as 'Mother'....and am allowed to do so by Those Greater Ones with Whom I Those I serve here in this Place of more Evolved Life.

Once we talked, you and I, about how much you are going to love it here, how much all here love is all that Heaven should be....and actually is.

Thank you for 'feeling my Presence' with you today and for remembering my Earth birthday. I remember with great fondness all those many family celebrations of birthdays.

 Here I celebrate September 2nd....commemorating the morning I left the earth plane and was transported to my new home by the Beloved Archangel, Michael. So much has transpired for me since then....and for you and Dad....such a Journey we all have taken since that memorable day....a day that was so difficult for all of us.

In thinking about how to present our Spiritual Thoughts to the world, if you agree, may we use as our format for these  Conversations some of the Instruction given to us, there and also here, by our Beloved Brothers and Sisters now ascended, as well as Those Great Cosmic Beings Who have come from High Places to help help our Beloved Saint Germain and His Messengers..

(LJC) Wonderful idea! Today I have a 'Voice of the I AM' open to a talk given to the 'I AM' students by the Great Being we know as was projected through Guy W. Ballard August 6, 1938....perhaps we could take several statements from that as a focus for our thoughts...beginning with this Herculean statement:

'I tell you, Beloved Ones, every one of you must put down all feeling against each other. If one does something the other does not agree with, what of it? Pour forth only Great Love and kindness to each other and great thoughtfulness and consideration to each other, as you value your progress. It means everything to you.'

(Susan) I can tell you from the standpoint of one who has been there and now is where nothing is hidden....not thoughts nor feelings....

I arrived here thinking I had made such a mess of my life  and that few, other than yourselves, loved me. Though we can't see the thoughts and feelings of others, still we absorb them, and feel them as pain and discouragement and failure at some level of our beings....and seen or unseen, negative hateful, critical judgmental thoughts and feelings are corrosive and do so much damage to us mentally and the physical body. Much illness can be traced back to hatred projected to some part of Life....hate being nothing more than lack of Love....humanity must give up hate.

I tell you, all that Cosmic Truth the Hierarchy taught us about Love through Guy and Edna Ballard is true....every bit of It....and that Instruction goes on here until we become the Masters of that Truth...until we see all Souls as 'friends'.

(LJC) I completely agree. Beloved Hercules along that line of thought goes on to say this:

'What a glorious word is that word in the human vocabulary....True friendship! It covers the greatest scope in the Universe. True friendship in which there is not selfishness, no jealousy, no conditions but just the Outpouring of Divine Love and Blessings, one to the other. The greatest thing in the experiences of mankind is Friendship.

Friends of the Light: Friends of Its Purity and Perfection; Friends of the Great Desire for Perfection, which brings It Limitless Reward to all.'

(Susan) Speaking from my own experience....being able to look back and see how adversely affected I was by unkindness in that embodiment....and looking back to other life experiences, I was shown how vulnerable I have been to 'lack of love' naive I was.... how time after time, I lost control of one life experience after another because of the negativity projected against me... and each time I left (died) without having accomplished any or most of what I had come to do. I did not know how to protect myself.

And so I have come to have a profound understanding of how very vulnerable we are, as you say, Body and we really destroy each other by the withholding of our love....or by not giving it in the first we can be a Blessing to each by Truly Loving....through True Friendship, one Soul for another. For here some of us do meet again....and we know then if we have mistreated another of God's children.  

I now know how important the Words and Instruction of the Higher Beings are as given to humanity especially during the early 20th century. Without it and without the students use of that Instruction at that time, humanity and civilization as it was then would have perished....I have seen the pictures and been given explanations....believe me when I say humanity needed then and needs still today all the Cosmic Teaching it can get and needs, no, must make Herculean Effort to learn to protect itself and to expand its own Light, its own Knowledge about who they, the embodied Souls really are ...otherwise, they are as we say there, 'sitting ducks'...for evil exists with seemingly nothing in mind but destruction.

And it is my Goal to be One of those who will return someday, greatly advanced in Knowledge....ready to Teach singularly simple, immortal Truth which is the only Way that good and decent people can protect themselves from their own mistakes and from the ignorance of not knowing 'who they really are and what their Purpose is'.

I learned that from you, Mother and I will help you spread that Truth.

For now, let us end this Conversation....

We will take up some of these subjects soon again.

Always your loving daughter


 The Book of Susan

Regarding Reasons for These Conversations 

Communications from the Other Side June 23, 2005    

 Basic Decrees



   Susan; 'Mom, remind your readers to keep the Powerful White Light around their entire Beings and that nothing evil can drive in in an unprotected matters little how basically 'good' we are if we fail to protect that 'goodness'....evil wants our Light!'

The whole Dictation by Beloved Hercules can be found in the May 1941 Voice of the 'I AM'

Lois J Crawford



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