December 1, 2011


I was working....balancing a check book....when my mind began to wander and I found myself thinking of our daughter Susan, which is not unusual as her picture is there close by....I looked at the picture and sent her my Love and got back to my work. But this day thoughts began to form in my mind and soon it was as though I heard words and I knew I should stop what I was doing and listen ....


Susan:   Hello, Mother Mine, 

Please put your bookkeeping aside....please relax and listen to me for a few minutes....I have been wanting to talk to you about Angels.

Our Beloved Michael wants me to talk to you about Angels. He wants you to to help Him to awaken the people to the Truth and Miracle of the Angelic Host.


He and I know how much you love Angels and that you often suggest to family and friends that they keep their Angels close about them....and I remember the pictures you put into our young minds.... teaching us to visualize Angels around us and going before us in anything we might be doing and especially when we were speeding along in the car, we should 'see' a v-shaped group of Guarding, Protecting Angels out in front clearing our path....I know you still talk about that.


In this Octave of Light in which I am presently offering my Services, we work directly with Angels......multitudes of Angels. Through the Beloved Ballards Michael has spoken numerous times to Students about the Legions of Angels....but until one can see Them nothing that is said about Them can do Them justice. If you remember I believed I was being taught by an Angel in those last have some of those ‘Every day Essential Enlightenment Essays’....and of course, when that car hit me and I was for that short time in such pain and so frightened, the Beloved Michael was right there. As I was  passing out of that broken body, He took me in His arms and said to me,’ Fear not, Beloved One’ and as I told you at that time, I didn’t know what had happened yet and didn’t know what He meant by His Comment. But it was at that time that I learned the Reality of Angels as at that crucial time in my Life, He came with a large group of Angels....Angels of many colors....They came to minister so lovingly, so sweetly unto one of God’s children....yes, They came, shining brightly and with the most marvelous musical sounds....They always come with least that is the way I have experienced Them here.


I have seen Angels of so many different sizes, types and Power and without doubt They are the ‘work horses’ of the Universe. And when seen from this Level They seem to be without number and with no limit to what They can accomplish. My experience is that They are always busy....but without any sense (to me) of hurrying or bustling about. Everything They do is so peaceful and of course, so loving, for without a doubt They love us completely.


At the time God....(let me use a commonly accepted word for Deity)....when God designed us, the Immortal Us, a complement of Angels was assigned to each Christ Spark. So that whatever part of Us is in action anywhere, we are always accompanied by our Angels and by any Other Angels Who may be participating in what we may be doing. Let me say this....always, whatever we are doing. wherever we may be doing it, at this Level of Life  we are always and only  ‘about our Father’s business’. Once we ‘graduate’ from the lower levels of activity we no longer ‘play around’ with Life. I think you will resonate with the great relief we feel here to be beyond the mistakes of Earth. What is it you say....’God is good’...Yes!


I wanted to say that here we are aware of the great, great Angels....those Who sit at the right hand of God as the saying goes....but we do not ‘see’ These Great Beings for They vibrate beyond what we ‘see’ even here....but we know about Them and we listen and love the stories that are told about Them....


Now let me state the Reason for our 'Conversation' about Angels at this time.....I am asked to say this....and you are asked to share it on the Website:


 The state of the physical world today (2011) is such that only the added Cosmic Power of Powerful Beings, including the Great Angels will solve the problems of Earth ....that is to say, mankind cannot do it alone.

These Great Ones wield such Power that in an instant They could, if asked and were allowed, They could put an end to all darkness on Earth....They could ‘Light up the Life of the Planet and all Life there’. Humanity must be aware that they need the Angels to help them at this time.


And perhaps this is what I am asked to make clear ....When you or any others are Calling the Sacred Fire of God into Action, in what ever way you do it, ask that part of that Action be the Christ-Command to the Legions of Angels, especially to Those with the Greatest Power, to come to the rescue of God’s People embodied at this time....for only High Levels of Cosmic Power can rout the darkness on Earth....only Christ Power is powerful enough to end human suffering. Humanity must make the call to start the Process of Help....and then stand harmoniously aside and accept the results.


Many who will read this already believe what I am asked to say to you....and I want to reassure you all that Help is on the only requires enough of mankind to stand up and make the call for the Cosmic Assistance of all the Powers of Heaven and that includes the great Angelic Host who are seemingly without limit!.


Here in this Octave of Light, we are being shown clearly all that is transpiring on Earth.....and you are correct in thinking the current unrest and chaos is beyond human control will take humanity working sincerely and closely with 'God' in all the Ways that Godness expresses Itself to get the job done...and the Blessed Angels will play a very large part in bringing Light back to Earth....and in sparing many Souls unbelievable pain.


I say to all who will read these words....Love the Angels with all your and treasure your own personal complement of Angels, Those Who are always with you....those who are responsible for are truly never alone. Love the Great Ones and adore the Wee Ones....They come in all sizes and shapes each with a particular duty to God! And their colors and voices are unbelievable. They come as Love from the Heart of 'God'....

ask for Their Help....for Their Blessings!


My Blessings now...

to you, Beloved Mother and to those who will read these words....

and the Blessings of my Angels be with you always,


'I AM' 






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Lois J. Crawford

December 1, 2011


Susan....a Reminder....about the Seven Sacred Weeks,

(the period that starts (in the USA) on Thanksgiving Day and continues for 49 days,)

is a powerfully Spiritual time of the year. It is special time to focus on working with the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters and Angels as They intensify Their Light in all human activity....especially all that does not serve God or the humanity of Earth.


Individually it is a time to offer the assistance of our Christ Self and Mighty God Presence to the Angels as this year (2011)  is a period of great planetary change and growth….a  ‘time’ in which much needs to be accomplished. Remembering that God needs the Help of each of us, whether here or there to manage the affairs of man on Earth!



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