June 23, 2012


Dearest, most Beloved Mother.

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes! I remember Birthday celebrations of the past with great fondness. They were the Best!

I have been aware of the wave after wave of Love flowing from your heart to mine all day. How can I ever express my love and gratitude for your Love and Devotion which has meant so much to my personal evolution.

Let us record here for those who may not know that pure, unselfish 'Mother Love' is such a powerful Force. At Its Highest Level, Its most Powerful Expression, It is the Cosmic Glue that holds the Universe together....I am speaking of the Feminine Principle....that Energy which gives Life and sustains Life and evolves Life everywhere in the Universe and It exists within every human being to some degree but generally most strongly in the feminine form.

Today I am spinning a permanent web of gossamer Light you and around my Father....his Love also acts as a protection around my Lifestream.....visualize a  Web of Rainbow hued Light, spinning brightly around the two of you, loving you and aiding you in your final years in this present physical endeavor. You might like to know that you and Dad have a large cheering section here....many people who know you and who blaze Love to you to help you as you serve those who have been brought to you in one way or another.

Please, remind those you talk to ....and we will remind those who read this....that God, the Mighty 'I AM' Presence can only do for Life on Earth what can be done through and by embodied Life....that is, by and through people who love God, who love their fellow men and women and who never tire of doing good. The expansion of that kind of Love and Caring is even now causing the Light to overcome the darkness on this planet. Soon you will see the dawning of the New Day where Love overcomes all that is less than Love.

Love is conquering evil....can't you feel it? Never doubt for a minute that the Spiritual Force we refer to as 'God', is in control of the Life of the planet and of all Life on the Planet. Today people/Souls are being given a chance to vote for Life....harmonious Life and in a short time all else will cease to be.

I leave you with that thought

and Thank you with all my heart for you Birthday Wishes today for me.

You are ever enfolded in my Heart's Love.

'I AM' always your daughter,



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(Jim Sinclair) We must all carry out our dharma (duty), whether that is to be an emissary of peace or to fight a great war. In one way we are all fighting a great war; the one within ourselves to separate the light from the dark as we separate chaff from wheat. To be able to emerge victorious in that war of self-realization takes great effort but starts with the simplest and humblest step of believing that we are indeed worthy and can win it.



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