Susan Elizabeth Crawford

June 23, 1954....September 2, 1990

These WebPages are being created not only to honor a Beloved Daughter, Susan, who was fatally injured in an accident and quite suddenly and unexpectedly made the transition from this physical side of Life to a Heavenly Home in 1990. It is also to share with others our very close and personal Mother/Daughter Relationship and Efforts as together we continue to work with the Ascended Ones to bring Enlightenment to those who are seeking Truth.... Spiritual Truth.......

And it is, as importantly, to tell the story of the closeness that exists with other 'Spiritual Worlds'.

It is also to shout from the mountain top that if it serves the Purposes of God....or the Purposes of individual Evolution....that the Ascended and material World can work together to further God's Plans. This is certainly proven in modern times by the work of Guy and Edna Ballard who were in close association with many Evolved Beings from many Planes.

The Ballard Spiritual Instruction is the perfect example of visible and invisible cooperation and of the important part those embodied play in being the channels to bring onto the Earth plane the Christ Information needed for humanity's progress. (See: Unveiled Mysteries).

And finally to add this very important information.... individuals who have, in this time or sometime in the past balanced; ie., purified at least 51% of the energy they have drawn forth and used during all unascended efforts, may, if they wish it, be offered the Ascension Instruction upon so-called death...and if they accept the offer they will be taught in one of the Ascension Temples that exist close to Earth. In the past one hundred years, thousands of sincere students, having been taught by the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy, have at the time of transition accepted the offer to focus on Ascending and thus they have begun to serve Earth and humanity with Ascended Force blazing forth the Love, Wisdom and Power of their 'I AM Presence' onto this planet.

 This is part of the Divine Plan for the ultimate Ascension of this planet and it will be the salvation for many of the unascended ones as Earth moves through the expected change from this dimension into the next Higher one and as mankind struggles to overcome the density here....for to quote our Beloved Master,'

 'Mankind cannot extricate themselves from the evil in the world, except by their Conscious Knowledge of the 'I AM' Presence and by the Assistance of the Ascended Masters. We, by the Use of the Cosmic Force of Our Authority, Our Power and Our Love to Life, concentrate and draw into all physical activity what Sacred Fire is needed to consume what is wrong and to hold that which is God Victorious in Eternal Happiness.'

Thus, Ascending is the Mission of all who yearn for and strive for the ability to serve God at the Highest Levels of Expression and Activity. In Susan's case she needed only a few years of 'earth experience' to finish what was required in this embodiment in order to progress into the Ascension Spiral.... and she might have chosen to remain to teach awhile if her human circumstances had been more  favorable to her Spiritual endeavors. It was her decision.

Since early childhood I, along with many others, have been trained and directed to be a Voice on Earth through which Master and Angelic Information can be given to humanity.

Since early childhood Susan was similarly trained except as we have learned, hers was to be the Voice coming from the Heaven Planes. Thus her Part in this Web effort is to advance the Divine Plan of the Ages as she enlarges upon the current Mystical Teaching as It is being taught to those who are evolving within the Higher Dimensions. This is her a personal Gift to the people of Earth and her Gift of Love to the Ascended Masters and Angels Who have stood by her.

Further she takes it upon herself to personally encourage those who fear death....and to comfort those who have 'lost' loved ones....as well as to set the human mind at rest regarding these emotional issues.

Finally she wishes to assure people that relationships of Love and Friendship are never lost. Never!

Recently I came across one of Francine Pucillo's poems (Poet:  Ms. Francine Pucillo2003) that reminded me of the loving relationship we had with Susan....remembering our times together. These are the lines touched my heart....

Share a cup of tea with me. Let's sit and have a chat. Friends like us, we have a knack to find such peace in that.
Friendship's greatest pleasure has always been a Gift. Thank you for your loving ways, the joy you've given me....the Joy you have given us.

The poetry above speaks to my heart and mind describing perfectly the relationship we, my husband and I, had with our Daughter

So now in a series of WebPages I will not only pay Tribute to this very Special Person and to the deep and enduring, loving relationship we had with her. but will allow the Love found in her Precious Soul to expand and go forward to Bless all who are touched by it. She embodied for us the Sacred Love between parent and child....may other parents be similarly Blessed by getting to know her....

....as well she was a sweet expression of the Divine Feminine as she lived her brief time here on Earth.

We feel her tender closeness....and always there are tea cups set out.....as in our hearts we keep this Cosmic Friendship strong.

Imagine with me if you will, sharing a cup of tea with the lovely Soul who, for a brief time, was our daughter, Susan....and join us if you have the time.

We loved being Her Earth Mother and Father. We loved Her then and love her now, Unconditionally.

 We are ever her faithful Cosmic Friends

and Sacred Fire Champions. 

Lois J. Crawford


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Susan; 'We pour our gratitude to our dear friend, Judith Conrad, who, following an Inner Prompting, gave us that first glimpse of how we could do this work from two Dimensions. and to assure those who doubt this effort that it is thru the consciousness of incarnate souls that Those in the Ascended Octave must work.'

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