And He said to me,

'Go to my all those who love Me,

 teach them about the 'Christ within'

and keep it simple.'

Beloved Jesus

2000 years ago the coming of a Special Being

 'Opened the Door' to the activation and expansion of the Christ Flame 

in the heart of all who would then and who will today accept the Gift.

His Instruction continues to be the Way, the Open Door to our Ascension!

Knowing this, He told us ''Follow thou Me'! 


(LJC) Now then....

the Purpose of this Website is to focus our attention on Godness, on that 'Christness'....

On the greatest Godness we think of as 'God Almighty'...

then focusing on those levels of Godness we know as Angels and Ascended and Cosmic Beings...

and with special emphasis on our individuated Godness...on our Christed Souls....

on our Mighty 'I AM' Presence.


Humanity has been given hints of these Secrets of Life from many great Teachers over the ages

....but only in this time, have we finally been given enough Information regarding 'Who we really

 are'....enough to allow us to go forth in our personal daily pursuits,

 more powerfully using this Knowledge to serve  the Greater God-Good. 

Thus this Website is dedicated not only to the Great Hierarchy of Evolved Beings and Angels


but also to our human this case specifically, to Guy, Edna and Donald Ballard.


for it was They who were the first Ones to speak to us about our




They were the first to stand before thousands of Searchers for Spiritual Truths


and speak about our close and personal relationship to Cosmic Godness....


the first to open our eyes to the Truth of our Immortal Cosmic Beingness.


thus opening wide Doorways into Heavens, showing us why it is that we are indeed


Pilgrims on Earth, whose Homes are in those Many Mansions!


Let me begin this way.


The Great God Command of our time is





 2 0 1 3

Saint Germain:

'Beloved Ones,

 At this time you are seeing the ancient battle between Freedom and slavery going on world wide. In the United States of America the Constitutional Freedom of the individual is being attacked by a godless mindset that thankfully is being rejected by those who are Awakening to the expansion of Light on this those of humanity who are Awake to an Understanding of each ones own Christ centered individuality and Spirituality.


It is vital at this point that each of you who understand this stay centered in the Light....stay centered within the Powerful Radiation of your own Christ Identity. Blaze this 'I AM' Christ Light into the world around you. In this way you will be giving a tremendous will be working with Us as We prepare humanity for the greatest expansion of Light individuals have yet to experience on Earth. We ask you to  remember that We, the Ascended Host spearheaded Freedom of the individual on the American continent three hundred years ago....this American Freedom is an Ascended Master Project planned cycles ago and We stand ready to expand and defend It.


Surely you must sense that the planet is experiencing a tremendous outpouring of Cosmic Christ Light that is coming directly from the Heart of will feel It coming in waves....continuing through the next several years . This has several Purposes but what I wish you to be aware of is this..... during this time for those who are ready for it, there will be a speeding up of the transformation of the  physical body. Yes, your human forms will be transformed....little by little....atom by atom....into a crystalline form.... which is the Ascending Process achieved 'without passing through the change called death'...just as I described it to the Beloved Ballards when I explained to them that 'ascending' from this material octave into the next Energy Dimension was possible without having to 'die' to achieve it.



There is almost endless conflict active on the planet at this time. We ask you to stay focused on the evidence of God Light active in all Life, to keep your 'eye single' as you work with Us, the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy....always striving to outpicture as much Perfection for yourselves and for the humanity of the planet as you are capable of doing...


Take your eyes away from the evidence of darkness....rather see the Light of Love and


 Hope and never tire of sharing It with others.


Newly elected Pope Francis has wisely asked humanity to 'protect all Creation,


to protect every man and every woman, to look upon them with tenderness and love....'



I ask you to share your Christ Light in any way that will expand the warmth


 of Love and Hope in every heart at this time  of New Beginnings.


Again I AM asking you to call for the descent of the Cosmic Power of the Cosmic Christ'


 into and through all who love and serve God....


into through and around all that God has Created.



Again I am reminding you to call for Mercy....


for the Divine Mercy of the Cosmic Christ....


call It in and around all mankind to Bless and to protect all those who stand in the way of the danger

of endless warring. I ask you to work for and to speak for Peace among the various peoples.


Please, dear Hearts, I Am asking each of you to take some time every day to call forth


Divine Mercy not only from the Heart of your own God Presence but


also from the Heart of your beloved Jesus and Mary....doing this not only for yourselves,


but for every human being through out the  world.


 October 2011   Beloved Mary speaks of Divine Mercy


There is yet much to be done to clean up and have Forgiven all the planet's 'soiled'


Energy and to achieve the level of Ascended Purity required at this time.


We have explained how the planet itself, now and for the next


 several years, is passing through a time of massive stress that originates from many


 sources. People and places are experiencing that stress in many forms today wherever


 there  is a lack of Purity and Mercy....and forgiveness....


Let Me say again that what is needed now from all of you who understand My Words


is your constant prayers and positive thoughts....your Belief and your Faith that your Action


 in the form of your calls for Christ Love, Forgiveness and Mercy for the sins of the past.


 That combined with your Pure Heart felt Love poured out to all of humanity will stem the


 tide of that stress....


Yes, it will be humanity's change of heart that will overcome the storm of human passions


which if not stemmed by Cosmic Christ Light will be as a destructive tsunami sweeping over


 the Earth.



And, yes, the fires of hate and destruction will be put out....must be put out at this




But at what a cost to all the good that 'God has wrought" if you, whom We have taught, do


 not call forth enough Sacred Fire needed to counteract the destruction and transmute the





.'However, my Beloved Ones, put away all fear...Walk in the Light of God and Know that


The Universal Sacred Fire is taking full command of Life on Earth and nothing ‘evil’ escapes


 its cleansing, changing, raising process.


 A new World is being birthed and those of you who are working with Us


 will be greatly Blessed as you are swept up in It's Mighty Onrush!


 A new World is being birthed.



 These are the Thoughts that I wish conveyed to any who will listen...


to those who will read these Words.


Freedom of the individual, Body and Soul, is the Issue'.


And knowing 'who you really are' is the first step to individual freedom as you serve the




And to that end I call to your attention the Affirmation given to the student body in the


 first days of this Spiritual Activity as again I ask you to feel an increased brilliancy of the


 Christ Light blazing in every cell of your body as you affirm;


I am a Child of the Light

I love the Light

I serve the Light

I live in the Light

I am protected, illumined, purified, supplied and sustained,

Body and Soul by the Light

and I Bless the Light.


 Please think upon my words and take them to your hearts and then to the best of


 your ability, act upon Them.


This is the Service many have come to give in this embodiment.


 No one knows when one more prayer....just one more wave of pure Heart Love


 will be all that is required to bring the planet and the people into a state of


Christ Peace and God Harmony.



As always I ask you to pray for the safety and security, Body and Soul of every

 constructive man, woman and child in every country and especially for those where God

 Peace and Freedom are yet to be realized.

You, who are awake to the magnitude of the Planetary work of the Ascended Hierarchy

 to raise this Planet out of the darkness of human confusion into the Light of God that

Never Fails,

I remind You that are your Brother's Keepers....that you have accepted this Mission to work

 with Us...

which means We expect you to pray without ceasing for the Peaceful solution to all

 that is destructive on this Planet at this time.


Let Me remind you of the words of our Beloved George Washington

spoken when he faced truly overwhelming odds in the birthing of God Freedom

in the United States .....

Speaking to his fellow patriots He said, "We should never despair, our Situation before

has been unpromising and has changed for the better, so I trust, it will again."


 . So I ask you also to keep your Eye focused on the Truth...


and be assured that you are ever enfolded in My Miracle Mantle of Violet Flame Mastery....


 that I AM ever assisting you in all you do as you Serve God at all Levels of Life.


Again reminding you that every day,


I, Saint Germain Love you and Bless each one of you....and I urge all of


you ..all of you anywhere in


 the world....everyone of you who love freedom and


who so sincerely give your Service to Life....


to let your Heart's Light overflow,

always blazing with the Essence

 of Pure Divine Love

which is ever expanding from out the Heart of Creation.

Please understand that it is the expansion of Your Light,

your Love that is covering over the darkness.


It is Your Calls for Mercy, asking Forgiveness for Life caught in the darkness

that stops evil in its tracks. ....


that brings the end to all unconscionable pain and destruction

 being suffered by your brothers and sisters in many places worldwide today.


I ask you to please understand that this is not only your great responsibility,

 but your opportunity to serve Life.


With all 'I' AM', I Bless you all.


Your Brother


 Saint Germain



Links to Beloved Saint Germain's Blessing of the Violet Flame 

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 The Violet Fire   

  Calling The Violet Flame into Action

Cosmic Wisdom

 A Message from Beloved Morya El 

    Cosmic Rules of Life


The 'God of Light' tells us....

'Let your attention be focused on God, on your own 'I AM' Presence'

as together We give the Command for the Victory of the Cosmic Christ

 in all that affects the people of the planet in these days....

Together We can and must command God Victory in the world..'


So, now let us speak of Guy and Edna Ballard, who embodied in our time to teach us, the Followers of the Christ, how to Personalize Our Spiritual Knowledge. They came to teach and thus empower us to do what must be done at this time for the people and the planet. They came to teach us that it is our Sacred Duty to make Freedom of each individual Soul a Reality....teaching us how to work with the Ascended and Angelic Host

Yes. Two great Souls embodied again in our time under the Direction of the Beloved Jesus and the One we now know as Saint Germain. They came to give a Transcendent Service centered on saving modern civilization while teaching humanity an Ascending Process. They were focused on Instruction meant for those who were ready for that great Spiritual that would prepare them to live and demonstrate to the world the Great Adventure of Life,  2012....and beyond....


Yes, today Guy and Edna Ballard are known as the Ascended Masters, Godfre and Lotus.

 And yes, it is still Their Responsibility to continue to lead and instruct us, only now They can do it more Powerfully from Ascended Planes.

 And America....and the world, we need all the Help we can get....all we can give....and we must therefore go to the Highest Sources of the Ascended Sources of Christ Those Who are Responsible for providing that Cosmic Help!


Beloved Godfre and Beloved Lotus are among Those Who are giving Their Ascended Service at this time....Our Soul Responsibility is to join Them.

 And when we have given our Service to Freedom, They are an Open Door into the Light of our own Ascensions. For They, Godfrey and Lotus are, in our time, what Beloved Jesus was to the world in the time He left the Example of His Ascension.



 And He said to us then, 'Follow thou Me, I AM the Christ'. And many of us have continued to follow Him throughout the centuries....and today we walk in His Light....students of Beloved Godfre and Lotus, Who have Ascended unto the Father, having manifested His Ascended Christ Perfection...while offering to lead us to the same Ascended Perfection as we follow Them.


It is of Supreme Importance that we recognize and accept this. America's Freedom,.

 the Freedom of the people of the world and the Ascension of all of us depends on it. 



Regarding the Three of Them....Washington, (Godfre), Franklin (Lotus) and Lafayette (Don Ballard) working together then, lent their efforts to help to establish the United States of America. And in our time working together again, helping to bring in the New Golden Age.....helping to spread the Good News of  Christ's Teaching.....helping to validate Cosmic Teaching directly from Ascended and Angelic Beings....Teaching that is required to bring this Planet and people into the next thousand year Cycle of Peace....while hoping to spare the people the Third Episode of Washington's Vision.

God Bless Them!

Thus, for many reasons I have dedicated this Website to 

The Three Ballards .


  'Unveiled Mysteries'  Chapters  1 & 2

Donald Ballard


The American Dream


I have especially dedicated this Web effort to

Beloved Edna Ballard .

without whose Efforts to make known and keep alive the mystical experiences of Guy W. Ballard ,

 the New Advanced Spiritual Instruction that She and Guy Ballard gave birth to might have died an early

 death. Her part in the unfolding Spiritual Drama of our time is very important. And it is far less known while

 being underestimated and often misunderstood .


  Thus the focus here is on certain of the original and initial Ballard Instruction which

 came to us in the book, 'Unveiled Mysteries'. It is Information which is (in my opinion) so basic to the

 evolution of everyone, body and Soul,....that focus being on the individual's need to know 'who they really

 are'...the need to know about their own 'I Am' God Self.

The effort is also to explain the use of various Cosmic Flames and to give information about the

 Ascending Process ....And as importantly, in the past century humanity has been taught how and why to use

 the powerful method of 'decreeing' (rather than simple praying) to bring about a more rapid change at this

time when there is a world wide need for Greater Christ Light to descend, take control and cover over

 darkness everywhere on this planet.


It needs to be noted that Beloved Lotus chose to stay on with us after Beloved Godfre's Ascension....

knowing the students needed continued guidance and additional Instruction...

and she having been left with the job of fighting the godless court cases brought against her and Donald

 Ballard and the 'I AM' Activity. She finally won those cases....she won for herself, for the Activity and

for America. She spoke up for God in the Supreme court of the land and won!.

 She never gave up...she continued to hold classes until 1971, determinedly holding open those Spiritual

 Doors....always under the pressure of lawyers, managers and sadly, some of her students.



So now in the year 2016, more than ever, enfold ourselves....enfold the entire planet in the Cosmic Christ Radiance as we work together. Let us be Unified....becoming as one Group focused on implementing and expanding and sharing all the Instruction we have ever received from the Ascended and Angelic Host as we have walked the Pathway of Light!

 Let us be one positive Cosmic Christ Force, One Unified Cosmic Christ Flame, single in mind, purpose and and action in our Service to God Almighty as we participate in the year's unfolding Divine Drama of our we lead and demonstrate the Way into the Ascended State

without passing through the change called death!

As always my thanks to those who care deeply about America....

who ceaselessly work for Peace for the whole world....


God Bless all of you who love Freedom....Freedom of the individual!

 Thank you, all of you who call or write to tell me you are walking hand in hand with me as we prepare

 and endeavor to serve God in what ever way we can in this time of real planetary evolution.

'I AM' so grateful for your Love and support!

America is grateful. The Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy are grateful.

Lois J. Crawford

Updated 7-28-16

'I AM with you always'


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  Beloved Saint Germain speaks of the Violet Flame    En Español'

  Let us call The Violet Flame into Action

remembering to give a Violet Flame decree often during the day ...

such as this one.....


Beloved Mighty God Presence,

Beloved Master Saint Germain, all Great Beings and Powers of Light

I Am blazing the Invincible Violet Flame up through and around my entire Being and world....blazing, blazing, blazing until I see It controlling all conditions within me and around and within everybody and everything.

 Mighty 'I AM' Presence and Great Host of Ascended Beings, I ask you to Blaze Your Violet Flame Authority throughout the Nations, preventing all discord wherever it tries to interfere with the manifestation of the Christ Light.

With all my Heart I thank thee....

 knowing my call compels Your Answer.

 And it is done!'


Here is a link to an article which offers some Insight into the subject of Ascending 


  Spanish Translation  

Over the years I have formed the habit of starting the day with a decree recognizing the Ascending Process....for the more recognition we can give that Process, the quicker we, the Immortal Soul, will be reunited with our Mighty 'God' Presence. We can say often....

My Mighty 'God Presence', in all humbleness I ask You to take complete control of my mind, body, Being and world. and to prepare me, Your Representative on Earth, to do what you would have me do and see that I do it perfectly and that I ascend back to You as soon as possible'. I thank Thee it is done!

Now we have opened the way for Greater God-Assistance to be given to us, for The Cosmic Law is this: Our Mighty God Presence can only 'create' on Earth what can be created through us or for us, Body and Soul ....meaning that each one individually must, by intention and action, be the Hands, Heart and Mind of their 'I AM' Presence....the Hands, Hearts and Minds of God in Action, remembering that nothing happens on Earth until we command God into action wherever we abide .

Our call to Life....our Command to our own Mighty God Presence opens wide the door into Heaven from our side of Life allowing Cosmic Christ Light to pour through us to do the Work of God here on Earth.

'Jesus'....Blessed Ones,

Until mankind places Their own Mighty 'I AM' Presence first, turns to It first, feels their complete Oneness with It

 first....then draws Its Fire (Cosmic Christ Fire) into outer conditions to produce the Perfection you all desire...

.unless you and all mankind do this, how can you ever have the Perfection Life intends?

    My Philosophy 

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*La Navidad


About Easter

 Easter 2010

'Easter' En Español

 April 2012....Giving Thought to the meaning of Easter

.  From the human perspective....Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection and renewal of the human spirit.  

It is a time for optimism, for renewing our faith that good can indeed triumph over evil.

From the perspective of the Soul....

it is the time to resonate get in touch with the Process of Ascending....which is the Message of Easter


  Spiritual Pathways   The Violet Flame  Divine Principles

In English and Spanish

Buscando Los Arboles Del Conocimiento

, La Puerta Abierta


George W. Bush-His Legacy 


 The “March of Freedom” From Reagan to Bush.... to 2010

   Final Thoughts



A favorite website....

A wonderful website : "Crystal Cup Magazine"  @

            by Lee Murdock

Also from Lee is this  @

and one of his Meditations I recommend....

MP3 Meditation



Now please note!

In Sept. 2012 I was ordered by the Board of Directors of the Saint Germain Foundation to cease and desist using any of their copyrighted Ballard material....which I have used sparingly and carefully only to encourage Spiritually motivated individuals who may wish to study more of that Master Instruction. If these individuals contact me, I have referred them directly to the S G Foundation with whom I am not connected nor am I in competition with....instead my intense and sincere desire is to see the Master Teaching that came through Guy and Edna Ballard see the 'I AM' Sanctuaries and Temples filled to overflowing with enthusiastic Students....and to that end I have worked all my life to strengthen that Organization in order that the Ballard Instruction might have wider distribution.


 I do not know why that Organization that controls the work and artifacts of Beloved Guy and Edna Ballard is afraid of sharing the Spiritual Heritage of the Ballards....It is Cosmic Information given as a' glad free Gift of Love' by the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy to the people of the world....


This is to let my readers know I feel forced to remove certain links to many pages of beautiful Ascended Master Instruction that (I believe) people of the whole world deserve to have. So be it!

Mighty 'I AM' Presence, take command!


Let it be known by those in that Organization who are attacking me and going about the world, telling students not to look at my Website....let it be known that I have never pretended or claimed to receive dictations as our Beloved Ballards did. I often record Spiritual Thoughts that come into my mind when it seems important to do so; and on the Website I do share a certain amount of my personal perceptions of Life.

My focus has always been on expanding the Truth of Liberty....of Freedom as envisioned by our Founders in America...on freedom of the individual in all countries ....freedom for each one of us, Body and Soul to freely and personally, evolve. That is....will always be.... my Spiritual Focus.


And the people are still starved for an Understanding of the Truth.


 'Beloved Jesus came to us 2000 years ago with a message of Brotherhood. The civilized world of that time was in total chaos. His Ascended Light and Instruction on Brotherhood helped but still the world continued then and continues now to destroy itself....still starving for Light....His Light...

And many people are suffering....truly, desperately suffering the world over....


We pray 'please, Father, take Command and forgive and enlighten those who withhold Knowledge of the Christ Truth from your people.

Blaze Your Illumination, Your Cosmic Love and Forgiveness to your Sons and Daughters of Light.'


Accordingly in the Spirit of expanding Christ Truth as the Beloved Jesus commanded us to do, this Modern Mystic Website moves on. The Cosmic Information that came anew through Guy and Edna Ballard has now spread over the Earth in spite of all the controversy, contention and human control that has surrounded it. It is now being studied and accepted by people people hungry for God-Truth. It is spreading over the planet through thousands of Websites like this one. Nothing can stop the evolving of Universal God-Truth, which is the Truth of our Immortal Christhood. And

Christness will continue to expand as one by one, we people accept This Truth and use It to create constructive lives.


I will continue to do what ever I am capable of doing to expand the Almighty's Great Cosmic Christ Light throughout the world as together we people, all of us who Love the Christ, who work for Cosmic Christ Protection for America and the together we strive to 'become the fullness of 'Who we really are'.

I will continue to share my 'Beliefs' in regard to our Divine Purpose here on Earth and do it by focusing our attention on our own Mighty 'I AM' God Presence....on our own Cosmic Christ Self, the Source of our Power, Body and Soul...the Source of our Life.


Meanwhile....I ask you to pray and decree with me for Peace on Earth.

Pray in the Name of your own Mighty 'I AM' Presence,

Lovingly and Powerfully, Command Peace

 to live in the Heart of every man, woman and child on Earth!.




"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

 --German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945)


Questions or comments?

I can be reached by fax 805-541-8776

by e-mail

or by phone 805-541-4361

If you leave a message I will return your call if that is your wish.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Lois J Crawford

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 Just share the Word'. ...LJC


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