Lois Crawford

Recording the Thoughts of Beloved Saint Germain

September 6, 2008

Saturday morning 8:30 a m



Beloved One, good morning; 

Allow Me to begin our conversation by saying that We saw how much you enjoyed entertaining those several groups of guests coming from South America in May and June.....followed by the six day trip to Mount Shasta in July with two Chilean students. I wish to commend you on the efforts you and your Beloved Husband made to assist the Ones from Chile to more fully understand the Ascended Master Spiritual Training as I gave it through my Beloved Guy and Edna Ballard.


In that trip you ‘covered a lot of territory’ to quote you....interacting with people who benefited from being brought together in the Great Radiation of the Spiritual Brotherhood at Mount Shasta. You had asked for Our Help and Guidance and you had It from Those Who are assisting the Earth at this time and Whose Hope it is that ‘the Cosmic Information’ as it is coming through the various ‘I AM’ Activities will continue to flow throughout the world....will continue to create ‘Patterns of Light’ which We will then magnify and into which We can then pour our Ascended Consciousness.... that is what is needed to raise the Consciousness of mankind as a whole.


What We are hoping for is the coming together of enough people of the world under one Spiritual Philosophy and One Pattern of Teaching....One that will be powerful enough to do the Work that needs to be done quickly to increase the rate of Vibration of the whole Planet and people....powerful enough to lift mankind out of darkness and into the Light of the Christ.....for this We are striving....to encourage a Spiritual Philosophy that serves the humanity of Earth now and in the future. It is the immediate solution to many human problems of the present time.


I deeply appreciate your efforts....I Am with you always and with all Those Who share my concerns and whose Desires are the same as Mine regarding the Planet and the people.


I come this morning to speak briefly of the chaos at work on the Planet in this time and to call attention to its cause, namely ’betrayal’ ....simply put, the betrayal of God.  I speak of human betrayal at all levels of human endeavor and life....small betrayals....great and destructive betrayal....caused by the ungodly thoughts, feelings and actions of individuals with little or no respect or concern for humanity as a whole....by those who not only actively oppose, but in the process betray the Source of All Life.


We, in the Higher Realms, ask Ourselves what We can do to awaken the human consciousness from a deep sleep....how can We alert Souls to the perils that face constructive people throughout the world as many follow religious, political and economic pied pipers, many walking blindly into the ‘second death’ having ignored for many embodiments the Teaching and Spiritual Guidance of this and other times.


We see many human beings repeating the mistakes of the past....many deliberately turning their faces away from God....many arrogantly stepping off the Path of Truth....many betraying not only their pledge to their own Souls but to Greater Godness in general in the Form of Those Great Cosmic Beings Whose Light gives Life to this Planet.


We see the betrayal of Those like Myself Who serve the Great Purposes of Evolution which today ushers in Freedom for the ensouled humanity of this Planet. We see godless, selfish, egotistical indifference to the Divine Purpose of Nations. We see the betrayal of the Cosmic Idea of Freedom of the individual....freedom so needed in many nations and for which We Ascended have pledged our Help....given our Energy. We are speaking of serious betrayal for both Body and Soul. 

Then there are the Souls who have come at this time promising to walk a Path of Light, promising to serve the Spiritual Hierarchy. We speak of the those who embodied to serve under the Banner of Freedom promising.... promising....only to fail in what was promised.

 Thus it is that individuals like yourself who have some Understanding of the ‘Big Picture’ as you call it, have an even bigger ‘Job’....for We must depend on all of you, world-wide, to make up the difference in the Energy that would have been supplied by those who have closed their eyes and hearts to what they promised....it is in the hands of all of you who care, all of you who love God, all of you who love Life. We depend on all of you who willingly give your lives to the Cause of Freedom, giving your utmost effort to assist in stemming the tide of the indifferent, the arrogant and ignorant attitude that is allowing ‘godlessness’ to sweep across the Planet.... godlessness that in many and diverse ways is wreaking havoc and creating hatreds within families, within businesses, within the religious, political and economic world and within the Nations


We are depending on you....and we Love you and Bless you for your Service and are there to assist all in any way allowed.


I will speak more of this later.


Saint Germain.







Recording the Thoughts of Beloved Saint Germain

September 7, 2008

Sunday morning



Beloved Saint Germain continues:


This morning if you feel up to it, I should like to return to the subject of ‘betrayal’, speaking again of the betrayal of God....the betrayal of the Creator and all that is God-created....and to describe to you what betrayal of Life means to the development, to the evolution of both body and Soul.... as well as to consider what it can mean to that which is betrayed.


Let us be clear about this: Betrayal can be both a deliberate action as well as deliberate inaction on the part of an individual. I say ‘deliberate’ because there is within each human form the Spark of Light which is Truth in Action....It is always....always...shedding Light on all things....giving the individual no excuse for not going in the right direction.... that is, in the Direction in which the individual’s Soul (Christ Light) wishes to go. If someone says to Me, ‘but I didn’t know’....I say, ‘then you didn’t look and listen to that Inner Voice that is always talking to you....always’.  


’Godlessness’....the opposite of ‘Godliness’....in any form, is not only the ‘betrayal of ‘basic Godness’ but of the basic Cosmic Guidelines developed by Great Beings of Light and Love over the Ages and if adhered to, provides the human being with a fighting chance to develop a constructive life style.


 Betrayal of those simple no nonsense ‘values’ is the cause of everything destructive in human life from major wars to family squabbles which are as divisive and unnecessary today as ever they have been.


So let us turn our attention to the human betrayal in this ‘present period of Spiritual growth’.... beginning with the Ministry of the One known to you as ‘Jesus’ about which we could say much but for the Purpose of our subject, We remind ourselves only of These Words.


When asked about the greatest Spiritual Commandments,

the Great Jesus, said this,


‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,

and with all thy Soul, and with all thy mind.’


This is the first and Great Commandment.

 And then He said, ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself’.’

  On these two Commandments hang all Spiritual Law.


Beloved One, We have been sharing our Wisdom with you for many years. You have come to realize how important each Lifestream, each Spark of Christ Life is....what Its Origin is and what Its potential is....and how in many Ways ‘Life’ revolves around and serves the needs and desires of These Embryo Christs.


You have realized also the responsibility of each ‘Embryo Spark’ ...the Loyalty each owes to Universal Christness, to Universal Godness.... and the negative consequences that accumulate around that Lifestream when the Inner Christ Voice is tuned out....or not listened to.  


Allow Me to change direction for a moment. You know the saying’ when the student is ready a Teacher appears’. Well that is exactly ‘right on’ as you say.  Lifestreams move in groups and when a group is ready a Teacher is trained at Cosmic Levels for that group....and at the right time He or She embodies along with many of those who are already being taught in the Higher Planes by that Soul. It is always advanced Soul training that One brings.... advanced in the sense that it is the next level of Information and Instruction needed by those Souls who choose to advance through that particular training here on Earth.... not every one makes that choice, you know.


And then over the centuries more and more Lifestreams embody in order to receive the current Instruction being given here until finally that Knowledge is absorbed by the many who may wish to grow through It, then that channel is phased out and the next Evolutionary Process replaces it, always....always....bringing with It New Teachers and the next level of Spirituality that is required by embodied Souls ready for it. You see, there is nothing hit or miss about what goes on on this Planet....and We Who give humanity Guidance, We are not as concerned about a Life stream’s ‘karma’ as We are about that Life stream’s Spiritual needs and evolutionary desires of the moment. We are Protectors and Teachers of the evolving Sparks of Christ Light.


This gives you a Sense of the Purpose of the many Great Spiritual ‘Teachers’ of the centuries.... and you are aware that it is through the Soul-Level Desire of each Lifestream that there continues to be the opportunity to learn here on Earth, followed by the opportunity to use what is being learned....the opportunity to use all Knowledge while adding to and demonstrating the Understanding of that new Knowledge.


This is always if, and only if, that Lifestream wishes to partake of what is offered. Many individuals embody just to take advantage of the Spiritual Information that is offered in any given time through various very special Beings.  It is always the choice of the individual Lifestream to prepare him or herself to receive what is offered....on Earth or in Heaven. Pearls are never offered to those unworthy or unprepared.  But Pearls and Diamond Shining Truth are offered to those who cherish ‘the Word of God’....and to Him or to Her who will embody and demonstrate the Power of that Truth on Earth.

End of Part Two

Recording the Thoughts of Beloved Saint Germain

September 15, 2008

Monday morning

Part Three


Beloved Saint Germain continues:


Now to return to our subject of human ‘betrayal’ and of the consciousness it spawns ....where it comes from....understanding that it opens the door to the ‘ungodly forces’ always at work to stop or destroy all that is good....and what can be done about it.


The Purpose of the Modern Ascended Instruction has been to give the Soul and its human partner, Spiritual Tools with which to expand ‘goodness’.... which is Godness.... while working to conquer the human habits which lower the Vibration of the Light that sustains the Lifestream.


I will speak now of the worst of human errors today....I speak of pride...do you remember the saying ‘pride goes before a fall’? That is what the world is witnessing today...it is witnessing the fall of human pride....it is witnessing the result of human arrogance and personal self love.


How is this attitude called pride seen in the Heavens? I can tell you that it is seen as denying, even defying the Place of God in the Life of the individual....it is seen as the Soul allowing its human vehicle to take unto itself the credit for works done by that Lifestream....it is seen both as denying as well as denigrating the only Cosmic Power that can Create.


This attitude of human/Soul pride in all its various forms is what is allowing and or causing the godlessness sweeping across the face of the Earth. It is the result of large numbers of humanity ignoring the basic God Commandments.... those basic Commandments given to humanity over the centuries by Great Beings Who incarnated for that Purpose. It is betrayal of God and plays out on Earth as betrayal within families and between friends, within business, within governments, within and between countries.


Pride, putting love of one’s self above Allegiance to ‘God’, equating one’s human ability with the ‘Power of God’, refusing to give recognition to the 'Hand of God in Action' in one’s life for what is accomplished through the human effort....refusing to admit to or believe in Universal Godness as the controlling factor in all Life everywhere .....these are prideful human attitudes that breed and encourage the chaos and hatred at work on the planet at the expense of simple and basic Spiritual Commandments.


One the world knows as Moses spent His Life bringing to mankind basic Spiritual Instruction and moral requirements for living a dignified, humane life experience. He focused the people’s attention on the Idea of a Supreme Being, the Giver of that Life and in so doing, that God Energy, that Christ Energy flowed to those people as long as their attention was held on those Ideas.

Two thousand years ago the Guiding Hierarchy in the Central Sun sent another Son of Light....this One you know as ’Jesus’. He came to rescue God’s sons and daughters from the chaos resulting from the escalating effects of the neglect of the Commandments taught by Moses. He came to reinforce that and earlier Instruction and added another Commandment.

He said ‘Love one another”...


Looking over the history of the past two thousand years one can see that some human progress has been made along those lines.....but there is still a long way to go for We see how over the many centuries, that betrayal of the basic Commandments to Love God and to love one another, how godlessness has had time to expand within the consciousness of humanity....until today it is ‘normal‘ not to be the ‘keeper of one’s brother’....not to love and respect family members....not to be loyal within business relationships, not to love one’s country or be patriotic. Today the basic Ten Commandments taught by Moses are generally ignored or only partially practiced by the few to whom that Instruction has been given and ‘loving one another’....that is just another esoteric concept.


And then think of all those in the world who do not have humane concepts as part of their moral or Spiritual Codes. Is it any wonder that the planet is seething....is awash in chaos at many levels of human life... is it any wonder that humanity appears to be at the mercy of ‘evil’....has not the Power to resist godlessness?  


Now we come to today. In this time various Ascended and Angelic Beings including Myself have come to again assist in the ‘rescue’ of humanity. About one hundred years ago We focused our Efforts within the small group of Spiritually minded people who then Founded what is known today as ‘Saint Germain’s ‘I AM’ Activity’.... an organization you know so well.... and which is very dear to my heart. When finally after centuries of preparation, I could set the Plan for that Activity into motion, I called to many Lifestreams throughout the Galaxy and asked for help. Many responded.


In the 1930s I asked Guy and Edna Ballard to go out and teach the Truth of each one's own ‘I AM’ Presence and to give the Instruction for the use of the Violet Consuming Flame as the only Way for mankind to rid themselves of those coils and coils of sticky, grey substance in which so many were then trapped. Thousands responded at once....many were very enthusiastic and accepted and used and expanded all the Instruction that was given.... many were freed quickly of past accumulations of dark matter.....many gave and are giving great Service in return.

But there were those who came and received My Instruction and then betrayed my Trust....just as many had betrayed and continue today to betray the Trust of My Beloved Brother, Jesus. Let Me add here that betrayal of The Christ is one of the greatest misuses of Energy the Lifestream can indulge in!


Thus betrayal of God’s Trust, God's Love and Instruction through the Ages, even into your own time, opened the door to more and more imperfection until we have on Earth what you see today....and some of the worst of what you see is the betrayal of this country (the USA) by those who deny the Spiritual Purpose and Direction of its Founding....some of the worst is the refusal of citizens of this great Country to stand up and fight for the God-Freedom brought forth on Earth by Great Beings for the Blessing of all humanity....this is very serious betrayal of Life’.


Now, my dear Friend, whose efforts I appreciate more than words can express....for I know the difficulty involved in putting into words My Thoughts that often come to you in waves, as Ideas, some of which you may not have considered before....and which in order to convey to others you must sort out and put into simple, understandable statements.


As you do this ‘Master work, I stand by your side and by the side of all others who do this Master Work on Earth and I am here to encourage you all in all the Ways you give your Service to Life.  I thank you....God thanks you....for all your daily calls to your ‘I AM’ Presence and to the Hierarchy of Ascended and Angelic Beings...for calling forth Those Cosmic Powers and Activities of Light....that Cosmic Sacred Fire....We Bless you for all your Service for Earth and for the humanity here.


I say to you, ‘Stand up and fight. Fight for God. Fight for Freedom.

Walk Hand in Hand with Me in the Heavens...but stay the course with Me here in your Earthly efforts...for it is here that you give your Service that assures Perfection for this Planet. It is here that you ‘work’ your Way into greater Perfection....into your Ascension, which is your Cosmic Promotion into the next Greater Job. All of you who understand the present situation on this Planet know that Greater Life needs your assistance in helping the ‘lesser’.


Victory comes through the efforts desired by and beginning with the efforts of the physical side of Life. This present clash between 'good and evil' is mankind’s battle in which We are allowed to assist.... and We, the Ascended and unascended, working together, must accomplish quickly all that is to be done for humanity and the Earth in this time frame.






Recording the Thoughts of Beloved Saint Germain

September 17, 2008

Tuesday morning

 Part Four 


Beloved Saint Germain continues:


Now let us turn our attention to the Solution and to the Means

of resolving the godless issues that afflict ensouled humanity at this time.


We will start by pointing out again the obvious....

that the First Commandment is still the most important Commandment.


Implementing this God-Direction today, individuals are being taught about their own close and personal connection/attachment to this Supreme Godness....today many know about their own ‘I AM’ God Presence Whose Representative they are on Earth...do you remember that many years ago you wrote the following words in a Website article....where you pointed out how:


‘our close Connection to our Personal, Individual ‘I AM Godness is more responsible for the tremendous change of ‘human heart and mind’ and ‘Soul Evolution’ than any Other Spiritual Idea for thousands of years....


how we now know where to focus our attention, where to search as we continue to ‘look for the Kingdom’.... 

how we now understand that ‘seeking the Kingdom’ means learning how to access the Love, Wisdom and Power of Almighty God....


which means using and expanding that ‘Godness’ that is personified by our individual ‘I AM Presence’....


how the Partnership of Body and Soul accesses that Love Wisdom and Power as It flows into our physical bodies from our Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence passing first through our Holy Christ Self,  a body of Christ Consciousness from which comes the Christ Flame that is anchored in each heart.


We know now that that ‘Christ Energy’ is a Gift of Love that flows to Earth from the Great Central Sun, the Source of all Creative Love, Wisdom and Power, the Cosmic Fuel of the Universe....the Cosmic Energy that fuels our individual lives and brings Light to the Planet.


The next Cosmic Lesson for mankind to follow after accepting this Information about the ‘I AM’ Presence was the Instruction for activating the Violet Consuming Flame.


The Violet Flame is My Special Gift to Life and I asked you to re-print on the Website the series of lessons I gave through Edna Ballard. In one of those lessons I told the Students:



 I said that the Violet Consuming Flame is the Solution to all the godlessness that afflicts mankind.

I told them I would teach them how to undo mankind's mistakes...I would teach them how to consume and transmute their own unfortunate human creation as well as all that of all mankind.

I said.... Once you feel the warmth and the glow of the Violet Flame....once you ask It to enfold you and all you do...once you ask It to love you into the Purity and Peace and Harmony of Its own Perfection....once you experience Freedom from the pressure of human discord and begin to move in a Sun Presence of Violet Flame Peace and Purity, once you experience the Love of the Violet Flame, you are on your way to becoming The Master over all Energy in any condition you encounter.


Beloved Lois, please forgive Me....for days I have kept you focused on my Thoughts.... hoping that you would have the strength to put into words these very important topics. For it must be revealed to the world what the Planet and the Lifestreams embodied here are undergoing....

that both are caught up in an upward Spiral of Renewal....many do not yet realize what is happening in their lives as one crisis after another unfolds around them....

that most do not know what part they have had in creating either the human or planetary crisis or the part they now can and must play in assisting The Ascended and Angelic Beings....

that many do not understand how they are obligated to assist that Higher Life....Those Ascended....Who have accepted the responsibility for taking this Planet forward.

 Many unascended do not know that they share in the responsibility for taking mankind out of the darkness into the Light of that ‘God’ so many are denying....

that all mankind has a part to play.


Those of Us....those of you....all who understand the on-going Cosmic Expansion of Light on and for this Planet must help to awaken as many as possible so that they can begin to flow with the Powerful Energy that is flooding in upon this Earth....Cosmic Energy, Christ Energy that is raising the Vibration of both Planet and people and giving all It touches New Birth.


 It is important that all know that The Cosmic Christ Light is now in command of Life on Earth and nothing ‘evil’ escapes its cleansing, changing, raising process. This above all is what I wish you to convey to any who will listen...to those who read these Words.


My Friend, that is all for now. But before I go, and thinking of and recognizing all you and your Husband have accomplished these past few months in giving your friendship and love to those of South America.... allowing those individuals to experience a closer connection with their ‘I AM’ Presence.... I am sure you will not be surprised if We, with your permission, continue to ask you to go here and go there ...Eternally Grateful....as you and others do for ‘Life’ what can only be done from the physical side of ‘Life’.


Now Blessed One...Blessed Ones who read this....

These are My Thoughts of the moment offered with Love.


Always I AM Here

Ready to answer your Calls.

 ‘I AM’

 Saint Germain



Lois J. Crawford 

September 2008

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