It is said

that Quan Yin uses many ways to instruct and guide us, often transforming herself into an ordinary person like those she is working with, hoping to make us feel closer to Her in that way, as She invites us to 'call to Her' for assistance in walking our Life's Path.

I believe

 that if we will call to Great Souls like Quan Yin, using Their Names and visualizing Them to the best of our ability, we are immediately enfolded in their Radiation, in Their Vibration, in Their Energy.

When we give Them our sincere and loving recognition Their Radiation begins immediately to strengthen us in all areas of our lives. That gives us, the 'human-us', greater confidence and an increased Sense of our Inner Christ Soul  Consciousness.

 Quan Yin has said that

She will not only activate our

Spiritual Awareness/Consciousness

but She will maintain It for us forever. 


Long ago I was drawn to Her Sense of Mercy and Compassion towards all people, and ever since, have dedicated my efforts to helping to expand Her 'Essence of Peace and Mercy', desiring to assist Her to Blaze It around every person, place and condition where 'lack of Peace, lack of Mercy' exists  on the Planet.


that when we can all live Peacefully, Mercifully side by side, all suffering will end.


 that putting an 'end to suffering', to world wide hate and killing, is no more difficult than accepting and expanding the Rule of Peace....the Rule of Mercy.

And that if enough of us will do that, we will smother the fires of non-Love currently at work on the Planet. And the Beloved Quan Yin will stand by our side assisting us in every way possible.


It is to be hoped that we will want to do this....that we will make the effort...and Believing and Having Faith that anything else needed will be 'added unto' by the Great Ones, Who only wait for us to Desire and Strive for Peace.

 To care enough about Life on this Planet to make

'putting an end to suffering' a priority in our Lives

Pictures and statues show Quan Yin in either a standing or a sitting position, with an Image of a Buddha on the Crown she wears. She often holds a willow branch which She uses to heal, a vase with water to cleanse our Energy, and occasionally a Lotus Blossom. 

There seem to be a thousand stories written and told about her, but all relate to Her Desire to help Souls who call out to Her for Her Help. Today we call to Her and we send Her our Love and Gratitude for all Her Service throughout the ages.

We offer Her all we are and have to assist Her in Her Work, helping Her end the suffering of mankind on this Planet. She has told us that it is essential that we assist in directing the Violet Flame throughout the Planet....teaching every one, Body and Soul, about this Transcendent Flame of Mercy and Compassion.

 There are many who are awakening. There are many ready to receive the Teaching of the Violet Flame. You may wish to read Beloved Quan Yins's Instruction concerning the Violet Flame. If so here is the link.

Explanation of the Violet Flame

Lois J Crawford




Xinhuanet, April 24, 2005

BEIJING, China -- A total of 108 eminent monks from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan Province, Hong Kong and Macao, sang in unison during the enshrining ceremony of a statue of Guan yin, or Bodhisattva, in Sanya, Hainan Province yesterday.

The 108-metre-high statue is located on a small man-made island just off the coast of Sanya.

Thousands of Buddhists attended the ceremony and sang Buddhist doctrines with the monks in devotion to Guan yin, the goddess of mercy, wisdom and harmony.


It was the first time since 1949 that reputed monks from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao had gathered for such a ceremony, said Zhou Xiong, director of the Information Office of the local government of Sanya.