The Compassionate Quan Yin

 We know Her as The Merciful Presence, Quan Yin.

  However, throughout Asia

She is depicted in many forms and known by many names.

There,  there are altars dedicated to Her and Her Intercession is sought as

 individuals seek Her Help in every area of their lives.

She has been to the Eastern Spiritual mind-set, for hundreds of years,

 what Beloved Mary is to the Western mind.

And of the greatest importance to us today,

 is the fact that both these Great Souls,

the Mighty Archangel Mary

and the Bodhisattva Quan Yin,

 both functioning as powerful Feminine Energies

 are very much involved in the continuing Evolution of Souls

 as they are currently embodied within the humanity of our


These Great Beings are of inestimable help

to Lightbearers of our time,

 wherever they happen to  be, whoever they are,

 as all are now to work to balance the Feminine/Masculine

 Energy. For balancing those two Energies will bring an end to

 the friction that exists between men and women today.


 For thousands of years both

Mother Mary and Quan Yin

have never stopped trying to educate and thus, save all the 'children of God'.

For Truth....Cosmic Knowledge... brings with It the

 Power to save ourselves.


Additionally we have entered a period of time when

the Energies of the East and the West cultures must merge and integrate.

 All conflicts of Ideas and life style, between Eastern people and

 people of the  West, are  to cease.

With that integration of East/West Energy comes

Greater Spiritual Understanding.

And thus we can see how the integration of the Cosmic Essence of these two

Powerful Mother Figures of East and West,

is very much involved in what is taking place Spiritually all

 over the world today.

  I have told you

that my first experience in 'getting to know Quan Yin' occurred when my

 parents and I were among the thousands of people who were attending a

'Guy and Edna Ballard Class'

held in a large Civic Auditorium in  Oakland, California, on August 27, 1939.

This Goddess of Mercy,  Quan Yin,

 became One of the first of the Ascended Host to come 'out

 of the Heavens' so to speak,

and begin to assist the Master Presence we know as

Saint Germain

 in bringing forth a new level of Spiritual Information.


That evening She poured out Her Special Essence and Radiation

 of Mercy and Compassion

 into the New  Spiritual Dispensation that had been granted

to Saint Germain by the Great Cosmic Lords  directing our Universe.

 At that time, Students of Light, Lightbearers of the New Age,

 were just beginning to understand this New Spiritual Dispensation....

This new Cosmic Ruling, that set aside many previous arduous and difficult occult laws.


Explanations were given in the early part of the twentieth century

 through the Teaching of the Ballards, 

and subsequently by the other Teachers who followed them.

The New Teaching  stated that many old rules for Spiritual advancement

were now being replaced with a new

 Set of Guidelines and would be given directly to the people....

It would come as Information dictated by the Spiritual Hierarchy

through those They had  prepared for that Work .

 Thus, on that night in August 1939

 Quan Yin  came forth and enfolded all who heard Her in a

Sphere of Her Cosmic Light....

a Blessing that will stay with us forever.

 She anchored in each one of us a 'Spark' that Connects us to Her,

so that for all time into Eternity, we can 'join hands and minds' with Her

and work together for the betterment of humanity wherever a need arises.


This enfolding Radiation....this 'Spark of Connection'.... is the Gift

all Higher Beings leave with any of us who care to  develop a Friendship with Them.


We then, not only can carry a 'Spark of Their Consciousness and Love' in our Hearts,

but we can also surround ourselves and fill our auras

 with a 'Rainbow of Their Radiance', just by tuning in and offering Them

 our Love and Assistance.

That evening in 1939 Quan Yin spoke at length  about the

 world situation as it existed at that time....

it was a long 'dictation' as dictations go.

I will paraphrase some of Her Thoughts that have stayed

 with me over the years.


She commented on the Awakening of the 'people of Earth' and what we must

all do to bring Order/Perfection, not only into our own lives,

 but into the Life of the Nations.


She spoke of how the Spiritual Demands and 'Activities' of

 the Laws of Life change....

how They are upgraded and expanded....

 according to the requirements of a people in various Cycles

 of time.

I particularly remember Her references to 'what Hell means'....

She said, 'that 'hell' to the individual is nothing more than the

experiencing of the  individual's own  human creation....'


She explained that the total accumulation of all negativity (human

 creation) that surrounds and interpenetrates the Planet, is

 what we have come to know as the psychic or astral world....

a place (a vibration) in which there are destructive forces.

 She spoke of Mercy and what

the Mercy of Ascended and Cosmic Beings

has meant to the humanity of the Earth during the long

 period in which mankind has made its many mistakes.  


She spoke to us of using our own Power to release ourselves

from any condition caused by our own human creations

or that may have been imposed upon us by others.

"Be advised, Children of the Light," she said,

"that there is no Power so Great in the Universe as that Light

which beats your hearts which you can call into action

 and through It , have complete release from everything that exists.

Life does not question you. If it be your own creation then say:

Be thou dissolved!"

" Life does not feel concerned.

All It wants to know is your willingness,

since you are its creator,

to have it (your human creation) dissolved and removed forever." 


She told us of a time in China when civilization reached a state of beauty and

 happiness.... a time when people spoke only when they could speak of

 constructive things. She said it was a period when Self-control was at its

 height and over that nation there was a Radiance emanating from the people


In my own quest

for greater Understanding of Life

I see so clearly that the Lightbearers of today are seeking

 to achieve the same peaceful, perfecting Christ Vibration.

 All of us are believing that one day the Atmosphere of the Planet will

glow with the perfection of the people themselves.

And each one of us understanding that it all has to begin with


Which is why we decree:


And we thank our Beloved Benefactress, Quan Yin

 and pledge Her our Eternal Support in helping the Ascended Ones

free Earth's People of all that would bind them to their human creations,

while raising them into their Inherent Christness.


Lois J Crawford




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