The Goddess of Mercy

 Beloved Quan Yin

Beloved Quan Yin is One of the Beings Who has long held the balance of Energy for this Planet. Along with Beloved Mary, she holds ' The Immaculate Concept', the Picture of the Divine Plan Fulfilled for all Souls on Earth. Quan Yin is known to many as the Goddess of Mercy.

When I was still quite young my parents took me with them to a large class of Guy and Edna Ballard being held in Oakland, California.

 That evening, August 27, 1939 the Gracious Being, widely known to the Eastern world as The Goddess of Mercy, Beloved Quan Yin, spoke to us....

She poured out Her Thoughts through Mr. Ballard. We were told that this was the first time She had spoken to the Western world.

 On the following pages, some of Her Comments will be summarized particularly that practical, basic Instruction that has stayed with me all these years....Cosmic Instruction given to the many people who came to Oakland, California from many parts of the world, that warm summer night.             


But first here are some of the many beautiful representations of Quan Yin.


 As we look at the picture of any Great being, we are tuning in to the Radiance that always surrounds Them and flows out to us. And more so, when we connect with them in Love and Admiration and Gratitude.


On the following page you will find some of Beloved Quan Yin's Instruction remembered from that Dictation in 1939.


The Compassionate Quan Yin

Quan Yin and the Violet Flame


The Lotus Blossom always reminds us

 to express nothing but

Peace and Good Will towards all mankind.

Lois J Crawford