The I AM Temple at Mount Shasta

In the summer of 2008

we, my husband and I, traveled with two friends from Santiago Chile to Mount Shasta, California. We came to see the mountain....and to see the 'I AM' Come Pageant which is produced every August. This is a Pageant portraying various scenes of the Life of 'Jesus'....

and in that summer of 2008,we were also privileged see and to be escorted through the

beautiful new Temple.....

to be shown the fulfillment of a Dream ....

the 'I AM' Temple at Mount Shasta, California

 I have desired to share some of these pictures knowing there are students of Guy and Edna Ballard the world over who will never have a chance to journey to Mount Shasta nor to see for themselves this inspiring Tribute.


Beautiful Entry


The Main room


The Beloved Master, 'Jesus'


Beloved Saint Germain


Honoring Beloved Guy Ballard


Honoring Benjamin Franklin

 and the Founding of the United States of America


Visualizing the Violet Flame


Cosmic Angel in Children's Class Room


Allow me to speak briefly about this 'I AM' Movement.

We live in an Age when what I call 'the Truth of Godness' is streaming forth from out the Heavens and coming into our lives brought by Great Evolved Beings such as the One we know as 'Jesus'. They are again attempting to teach us the True Meaning of our lives...the true meaning of the words, 'I AM'.

Today organizations like the Ballard 'I AM' Movement are explaining what happens when we say, "I AM,"...teaching us how we activate and set our Life Force (God Power) into action, always creating the 'manifestation' of whatever follows those Words.

 I believe that this modern Instruction is an 'updating' of the 'Jesus Teaching' of two thousand years ago...again instructing the human us how through our spoken thoughts, feelings and actions we release the Energy that manifests as what ever we decree.....thus we become the authors, 'the creators' of all that happens within the activity of our lives and this is particularly so when we preface our thoughts and desires with the God Command, 'I AM'.


This really isn't a new Idea....we know that thousands of years ago when Moses was commanded to lead the Children of Israel in the wilderness, that he asked, "What shall I say to them? Who shall I say sent me to them?"

'God' answered Moses by saying:

 "Thus shalt thou say unto the Children of Israel:

'I AM' hath sent me unto you ...

This is My Name forever,

and this (Instruction) is My Memorial unto all generations."'

Whether or not Moses gave the Children of Israel the complete Understanding of what happens or what we can accomplish when we preface a statement with God's Name, 'I Am'....we are not told. But it is reasonable to suspect that an expanded 'Understanding of that Truth' was given to Moses and to those who were helping him to lead the people out of the human perceptions of that time into greater Spiritual Freedom and that they endeavored to convey this Teaching of the meaning and use of the words 'I AM' to those they were leading. It is reasonable to believe that this Truth was available at that time to those with 'eyes to see and a willingness to listen'.

And so it is today.

At any the Understanding of this very basic Cosmic Law has been powerfully stated again....again informing humanity how they create the circumstances of their lives according to the words they speak after the individual says 'I AM'..............

This Truth is what humanity needs to know more than all else 'Spiritual' that is taught if individuals are to have protection from further unhappy and unfortunate activity in their lives and in the life of the Planet. Speaking the name of 'God' to proclaim proclaim Freedom is the Way to solve all problems intelligently and permanently.

Thus if the individual wants Perfection expressed in his own world, He must use his own Energy to utter those Words, 'I AM' speaking into manifestation the Perfection he wishes to experience.


In the 1930s a Group of Ascended Masters, led by the One known to the world as the Master Saint Germain approached an American couple, Guy and Edna Ballard

and offered to instruct them in these Laws of Life...and after a period of time, judged them ready and capable of taking these Truths to the public....He asked them to 'go on the road' and teach These Truths to any who would listen....and thousands came to hear them teach and so the 'I AM' Movement was born.

Today that Truth has spread far and wide. All over the world this 'I Am' Instruction is being taught and used....Teaching Centers are springing up everywhere. I think 'God' is smiling!   


Personally I recommend this Avenue of Spirituality to everyone and especially to anyone who is wishing to raise the vibration of his or her Energy on a Pathway to The Ascension


Mount Shasta


I would like to add just this bit more:

When Mr. Ballard hiked the mountain in California,

 dreaming the dream of the Mystic,

he little suspected the Adventure that lay ahead

 of him and his family.

He later recorded how he came to love Mount Shasta and as he began his hikes each morning, he would salute the Spirit of the Mountain and the Members of the Great White Brotherhood, Who it was thought, had a Retreat within the mountain. He told of how he sensed something unusual about the whole Shasta area.

As he hiked the mountain he always asked for 'God Guidance'.

Then one day the Master Saint Germain appeared to him

 and the rest is Spiritual History. 

Mr. Ballard wrote home about his experiences telling his wife, Edna and son, Donald, about the Instruction he was receiving from Beloved Saint Germain.

When he returned to his home in Chicago, these experiences and the Instruction of the Master became the material for the first two books of the 'Saint Germain' series, which were 'Unveiled Mysteries' and The Magic Presence'.

The publishing of these books brought the Ballards to the attention of many people, and they began touring all the major cities of the United States, speaking to thousands.

 And from these large meetings evolved the many 'dictations' from various Great Beings. These Dictations can be found in the eighteen volumes produced by the Saint Germain Press.

Within this website I introduce you not only to Guy and Edna Ballard, who are known to us now as Beloved Godfre and Lotus, but also to some of the Great Beings Who have been instructing humanity for eons of time...and Who Instructed and Guided Mr. and Mrs. Ballard during their ministry in our time.


The Spiritual Activity Guy and Edna Ballard founded

is an on-going world-wide Ascended Master Project. Here we see Them teaching a class.


One further comment at this time:

In this 'Updated Teaching' the identities or names by which we know many Masters, such as Beloved Jesus and Mary have not changed. However, some of our Ascended Teachers are known by several names. For example, the One some know as Saint Joseph is also known as Saint Germain....the Master known to the metaphysical world as The Wonder Man of Europe.

He is the Master Presence Who approached Guy Ballard on Mount Shasta and offered to personally provide him (GB) with additional Instruction on the Laws of Life. And taught Him how those humane Spiritual Laws can be put to use in the incoming Age of Aquarius to resolve human as well as Soul Issues.



Entry to Amphitheater

'here the 'I AM' Come Pageant is presented each August

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