Beloved Master Morya El


 Morya El, the Master who had done so much Teaching through the Theosophical Society continued His Work to bring in new Spiritual Information, through Mr. Guy Ballard. The following are some quotes from a Dictation given in New York,

May 15, 1938.

"The Cosmic Light not only permits it, but demands that mankind use the words I AM with the understanding that they are the Infinite Power; and that each one has this Great individualized God Presence which supplies Life and ever greater Intelligence with which to act."

 "There is only this One Source, one Point or Focus of Light to which you can come. Unless you come to this Point in your attention, you cannot have Its Freedom and Perfection. Neither you nor anyone on earth can expand the Light to a larger degree, until you give your attention to your own Mighty I AM Presence and hold it there."

"I do not mean that you must interrupt your daily activities, in order to give your attention to the Presence; but when a lull comes in your outer activity, you can turn your attention to your Mighty I AM Presence.

"There is no individual who does not have a minute or two minutes in which he can turn his attention to the Presence and receive Its charge back into himself and his world. That is practicing the Presence ! And when you come to do that, beloved ones, you will find such results as will satisfy the most exacting.

"Through your attention to your own Great Presence of Life, you can draw the intense, ever-increasing fullness of Life into action; into your body; and into your human octave of activity.

"Beloved Ones, why do you find it difficult to release yourselves from certain things? With one it is the health, with another it is the financial supply. And just because you are allowing your attention to fasten to the appearance of the condition.

Because your pocket seems to be empty you declare that you have no money. From the appearance standpoint you may not have it in manifestation, but here (pointing above) you do have it. Your Presence has all the money in creation--all you could ever use in the world; but because you are accepting the fact that your pocket book is empty, it keeps your attention fixed upon the appearance.

The repellant force or fear, is depriving you  (of money or health) because you give it more power in your sphere of activity than you do your I AM Presence. You have not given the Presence the full Power which belongs to It nor the opportunity to act.

"Say: Mighty I AM Presence, here I am for service.

Supply me and send me forth and cause me to do the Perfect

 Thing that You wish me to do every moment."


Whether you want to give a particular service to the Light or in the business world; you are still serving the Light if it be constructive and is not harming anyone.  The outer world requires tremendous service in industry and business activities.

Regarding health:

Say; "Mighty I AM Presence, this is your body!

I call on the Law of forgiveness for all the mistakes I have made and for getting into this condition.

I want to fulfill the Law. This is your body.

You take command of it and make it perfect!"


In doing this you have given all Power unto the Presence.

Its Ray of Light is beating your heart.

Accept its health!.

Morya El