The Master Morya El

Speaking to today's

Warriors of Light:

February 12, 2004

Greetings, My Friends,

Your World is a different place

since first I used this One (LJC) a year ago to express My Thoughts to you.

Yes, a very different place,  visibly as well as Invisibly.

We have spoken often of the 'changes' that occur as Cosmic Cycles move and Life in this Universe progresses to the next stage of Planetary Development. We have described the Worlds within Worlds that are involved in the present Planetary Changes taking place throughout the Greater Universe.....explaining that everything is evolving....and that evolution necessitates 'change' in some form.

Those of you evolving on Earth are observing and/or experiencing some of the many Changes that are directly affecting this Planet. For some it is uncomfortable.

But take Heart!

As the wheel turns, Evolved Souls who serve Earth,

 ascended and unascended,

some embodied and others not

those from other Planes or Planets,  visible or invisible to the human eye

as well as many Lifestreams of this Planet

are assisting humanity here in many ways.

 Much mental and emotional preparation is needed by most of mankind in order to bravely and peacefully withstand and hopefully, understand the meaning of world wide 'happenings' at the present and in the near future. Those of you who do understand have a Responsibility to encourage and instruct any who come to you with questioning or fear.

If you could see as We see, your hearts would be gladdened by the Progress made by Lifestreams evolving on Earth.

Many of you are actively involved in using Techniques that are raising....quickening.... the vibration of your Energy, thus purifying It. That is having a positive impact on the quality of Planetary Energy.

 Now We come to an issue that is less understood.....and I shall only touch on it at this time.  It is not generally known that the Life of this Planet has been battling an ancient 'scourge' for a long time.

 I direct your attention to Theosophical material written on the subject.  

The time frame of which I speak is beyond the memory of 'mankind'....but the etheric records of Earth's History still carry the imprint of the event....and the record of all the godlessness that has transpired on this Planet for literally eons since has evolved from that single event.

So much tragedy has been experienced on Earth  because 'once a very long time ago' the humanity of Earth opened it's doors and allowed in a wave of Lawless Life Energy. Humanity accepted on Earth powerful 'forms of life' who had succeeded in destroying their Planet through their disdain  of God's Laws. They had  arrogantly indulged themselves in greed and hate and killing and had finally fatally polluted the Energy of their Planet....the Planet broke apart. A few escaped....and in the course of time, arrived at Earth's doorstep asking to be let in.

Over the Ages some of this 'arrogant life' has repaid that kindness with every sort of perfidious action against God and against God's evolving Sons and Daughters on Earth.

In every great historical tragedy since, natural or man induced, 'this lawless life'  has been behind the scenes, drawing unsuspecting or ignorant mankind into their schemes, but always pulling the strings or out in front inciting humanity to godless action that would in time become tragedy. Understand that none of this absolves the Soul of its Responsibility to police Itself. There is never justification for giving in to temptation nor is any action, provoked or otherwise excusable when that action leads those involved downward. Then or now.

But constructive mankind has earned the right to some explanation for seemingly 'unexplainable' events, particularly of the past.

Humanity needs to understand how over long periods of time, godless behavior of some, gradually builds up large vortices of discordantly qualified Energy, which eventually 'tips' the scale, discharging Itself by bursting forth in various catastrophic events, such as natural calamities....or brutal wars.

And in the past, have often taken beautiful civilizations with it.

 Now this is no longer allowed.

I wish to assure you today that the last drop of Energy containing

that 'odious mind-set' is in the process of being removed,

visibly and invisibly, from the Planet

and from the 'planes of unascended Life' around the Planet.

Powerful Cosmic Forces have accepted the responsibility

to cleanse all godlessness from that Energy,

 returning It to Its Original Purity.

The vacuum left by that 'removal of filth' is being filled with

Cosmic Energy charged with the Ascended Christ Consciousness.


 You are seeing the 'removal process' unfold, through observing (through the media

 coverage) mankind's effort to understand and to stop the self destructing

 activities of the so-called 'terrorists' and their allies,

who are but captives of a very sinister/godless force.

 It is 'that godlessness' that is being removed from the Planet

and from the environs of the Planet.


It has been decreed at the Highest Universal Levels  of Life

that godlessness will cease to exist in this Universe.

The day has arrived when all Life Force that does not serve

'the Christ Essence' will self destruct one way or another.

All Life Force that does not 'bend the knee and serve God and man'

is being removed from the Planet.

I bring these 'glad tidings'

because We see that many of you are very concerned about the insane warring

that continues in the Middle East.

You are concerned about those brave Souls, men and women of all Nations,

who are losing their lives or being maimed in this military action.

 These men and women are 'heroes'. They are splendid Souls and all are being protected and assisted. There is special consideration and assistance given by the Ascended and Angelic Host to those who are experiencing so-called 'death'. However, all possible is being done for all those courageous Ones of every Nation, who embodied for the express purpose of serving in this last campaign against the truly godless force that has bedeviled this people and this Planet long enough.


Now We ask you all to focus your attention on Peace and Brotherhood.

We ask you to let Us take care of the godlessness that produces a terrorist!

We ask you to  go forward in  your efforts to create constructive relationships

with Souls embodied in all the various races, strengthening all races

until there is at last, no need for racial differences.

 We ask you to let your Christ Love and Compassion enfold all,

even as We call forth and enfold all in

the Ascended Cosmic Christ Light of a Thousand Suns.


I take my leave and Bless and Love you all forever.

 I AM Morya

always at your Service






   Message of Jan. 29, 2005