The Master Morya El

Speaking to today's

Warriors of Light:

October 20, 2003

My Friends,

I come today in a very serious mood.

 Many of you know me as a stern Task-Master. And so I am.

But only because We see that the human mind and abilities are becoming

 overwhelmed by the 'needs of the hour'.

For many years We have been instructing those who could hear or intuit Our Words.

We have been telling of the time when all the constructive Energy and Power humanity could generate would be required to handle the final explosion of (for want of a better word) 'evilness' that is fighting for its life.  And not concerned about what or who it takes with it in its 'all out' battle to survive. For 'evil' knows it has had its day. 

So during the past seventy years We have made an 'all out' effort to awaken mankind.

And now unless We can awaken enough of those who are drawn to read these words, unless we can awaken 'you' who read these words, to the Use of your own Master Power, there is no way to avoid or even contain the damage that will be inflicted on unawakened mankind as these final battles are waged by 'evil', everywhere, on all fronts.

They will be fought to the death....not always physical death as you know it....but death of society....death of civilization as you know it. 

 Oh yes, 'good' will win out in the end....God always wins in the end....but Those of us Who are directing the Destiny of the Planet at this time,  would prefer that the Planet not be nearly destroyed before 'evil' is overcome.  We would prefer a better ending of the old ways...and a much better beginning of Earth's next phase.

Now listen to  me well.

Many years ago this one (LJC) came to Us and asked, 'what do the people need to know to solve this problem, to win this battle coming in around the 'clean up' of personal and planetary karma descending  at the end of this cycle?"

She is a Student of many years. She is familiar with much of  the Spiritual Literature, of other times as well as the New Instruction focused on the update of metaphysical subjects. She knows and applies the Instruction that has been given through the various Branches of Saint Germain's I AM Activities.

Over the years she had seen that even with all the expanded I AM Instruction, many earnest students just weren't 'getting it!'

And so she came to Us many times and the request was always the same.  'If there is more we people need to know....and if you can trust me to carry the Message, I will take Your Words to the Highest Mountain tops and tell It the world.'

 Over and over she pleaded with Us....'What do we yet need to know to save the Planet and people from the impending pain and destruction that I see looming on the horizon?'

We listened....

We saw the concern she had for her fellow men and women, and for twenty five years we have been slowly training her, gradually raising her Consciousness. At the same time we have lowered into and around her, our Ascended Consciousness while simultaneously assisting her to draw forth more of her own  luminous Christ Energy.

We then taught her how to describe what we wished her to call,

a human and Soul Partnership....

a combining of Energy, Body and Soul, which occurs when the human consciousness arises and the Christ Consciousness descends to meet it

And We told her to say this:

'Until the individual knows WHO HE OR SHE REALLY IS there is little hope of mankind's being able to draw forth from the physical side of Life, enough Power to overcome the mis-qualified energies poised to flood in upon the Earth.'


And so she began to meditate upon that phrase, 'Until you know who you really are'.

And in time has come to see the Reality of the individual's  Christ Consciousness becoming part of the human activity. We have referred to that Consciousness as 'the Soul'. We showed her how, Body and Soul, working together, calling to 'God' together, could more powerfully 'open the door' into the Ascended Cosmic Energies so needed by mankind could be called into action, first  to overcome 'evil' and then to raise the curtain on the

 Incoming Age of Grace..

My Message today is this:

The Transcendent Energy of the Holy Christ Self can overcome all that is less than Itself. All mankind's evil is but a thimble full of unclean substance to the 'I AM' Christ Presence of each one.

I come again today to say that with the Help of the Greater Powers of the Universe, mankind, united in Body and Soul, can triumph over any force that would demean and desecrate 'Godness' anywhere.

Please listen to Me:

Any of your Energy, focused on anything but serving those Christ Levels of your Divinity and the Christed Levels of Universal Life, wherein exists all the Cosmic Power needed to clean up this Planet, is wasted Energy.

 I say to You:


Live your lives in that Consciousness, in the Consciousness that sees the Partnership of Body and Soul, working together. See the physical body as the channel or vehicle or choose the words that resonate with you....just see yourselves as the Way that Christ Energy can pour forth onto the Planet.

Know your Eternal Selves to be the Christed Sons and Daughters of a Most High Being of Light. Acting on that Knowledge is your Hope for avoiding much of the destruction planned for you and the Planet.

Today there are large numbers of Students of the Masters who are teaching, writing and speaking out....but few of them understand how to implement all the Knowledge given to them and subsequently shared by them. All the Information in the world about the Higher Ideals and Principles and Laws of Life, if not used, does not provide the Answers to mankind's problems.

 We can but Instill in you the is then up to each one to accept the responsibility that comes with Knowledge, which is to put that Knowledge to work.

Few people as yet understand that they are the Instruments of their own Deliverance.

Or that each human/Soul Team has a part to play in the unfolding Plan of Life.

Many  see themselves as Units of Life with a Connection to an 'I Am Electronic Presence' but separate from It....thinking that 'the Presence' , once called to will then (magically) do all that needs to be done here and nothing more is required of the individual. It is true that much is done at Cosmic Levels...and in today's situation, most of what is needed is being handled at Cosmic Levels...the Call of mankind is being answered.

 But Life on Earth also has tremendous responsibility for what needs to be done here on Earth in this cycle.

The 'Presence' works in Its own Octave, only providing more Energy into this Level of Life when asked. Then the 'work' is done on Earth through the human vehicle under the Direction of the Christ Mind, the Spark of Christness that is anchored in each physical body, giving it Life and Soul Consciousness. 

 Now it is vital that as many as can understand My words, make the effort to see how it is that each one can  draw the Christ Energy down into the human vehicle,  as much as the  physical body can absorb at any one time, and from that more powerful Christed Perspective make the Calls to God for the Greater Light that is needed to end the darkness on Earth. It is the Dispensation of the Twentieth century, given to mankind to solve the problems they themselves created or have allowed to exist.

Some will 'sense' that in the Process they are developing a New Life Form

 ....a hybrid....a combination of human and Christed Soul....

 human power and God power combined in one package.

The New Spiritualized Humanity.

As this change occurs, a Way is opened for the Will and Power of God to take control of the situation facing Earth, a Way that uses the combined Consciousness of Body and longer two separate levels of longer two levels of consciousness pulling against each other.

Now We wait.

 We wait to see if what is presented here will be understood and implemented by enough of humanity to give the People of the Planet the Power needed to overcome 'evil' with minimal disturbance. Always it is an individual choice and personal action.

The next several months ahead are critical, are pivotal to the situations faced by mankind and by the Hierarchy assisting mankind.

 Many situations are coming to a head in this year of 2003. What happens depends on how much Light is available to cover over the existing darkness. 

 Perhaps you will wish to think on this and offer Us more of your support

 as we offer Ours to you. ...

As We help you fight your battles.

Call to Me for any additional Insight you require.  

I AM Morya

always at your Service





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