The Master Morya El

Speaking to today's

Warriors of Light:

July 28, 2003

My Friends,

Again, I come in the Fullness of the Power of My Heart's 'Christ Fire'

 appealing to and desiring to connect with the Christ Fire of your own Hearts.

Today this One (LJC) has felt My Presence....

has felt Me asking her to 'take pen in hand' as once we described it.

Now she sits at the computer, and asks,

 'what say Ye today, Precious Master Morya?'

 I enfold her in the Grateful Love of My Heart....

grateful for her willingness to listen....

grateful for allowing Us to train her to 'hear and record' Our Thoughts.


Now, today I wish to talk

about the confusion many perceive exists around

 the manner in which Spiritual Beliefs and Ideas  are described in your 'time'.


 It seems strange that modern, educated people don't 'understand'

 how and why it is quite possible

for confusion around terms to arise out of the steady stream of

 Evolutionary (Spiritual) Information that has come

and is coming constantly to the various

 cultures on the Planet, throughout all the ages continuing into your 'time'.


For example think of the confusion that has arisen over the One you know as Jesus:

 There is endless controversy and speculation about

Who this 'Jesus' was two thousand years ago

and no less controversy about His Place today, in either the human

or Spiritual Scheme.

While His Purpose is not yet clearly perceived except by the few.


It is hard to understand why mankind does not see or sense

 a steady Progression of Events on this Planet....

or try to reason out a larger Progression of Events in the Greater

 Universe. It is peculiar the way the human mind of any era  tends to think

 that what people know at that time....

what they are being given in the way of Spiritual Instruction at that time

 is the 'Truth' ....the only Truth.... of and for all time. 

Even those cultures who have history to draw upon, giving them facts

 of other times,

 fail to see the correlation between what is occurring in the time in which they are

 living and what has gone before. They don't connect the dots!


Now when We speak of mankind or humanity,

 We are speaking of the ensouled human beings.

The Ultimate Purpose of those 'Souls' is to share in the Perfecting of this planet

and all Life here.

It is as each Soul fulfills Its Destiny and Duty, that Those Who have faithfully trod

 the Path, have heard the Message,

'Well done, my true and faithful Servant'.

The Soul Mission is always centered on serving 'God' first, putting Duty first.

And when the human being asks, 'what's in it for me' the answer has always been,

'Serve ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto".


Now to complete My Thoughts

about the confusion within all the Spiritual Information

that exists on this planet at the present time.

It must be understood that there are many diverse groups of Souls

 matriculating on this planet at any time.

There are 'Cosmic Reasons' for this procedure having to do with Soul Evolution....

having to do with the Progression of Cycles....

having to do with the needs of the Planet itself.

Souls embody to fulfill those 'needs',


Thus, you have heard the expression  'there are Many Mansions',

 which is one way of saying that there are many Avenues of Service and Evolution....

or perhaps another way of realizing the many Levels of Life within the Universe

and that within all those Levels of Life,

 there is Infinite Variety of Achievement and Effort,

 and that is for both the physical and Soul Self, past and present,

as it is now laid out on Earth.


At the moment only a small 'slice' of planetary history is glimpsed. There are only a

 few who correctly 'get the picture', while the majority of human minds conjecture

 incorrectly.  And thus the mist of confusion arises.

For example, the Abrahamic history,

 which is recorded within various cultures,

 is diversely 'mis-told'.

The error around the Great Being mankind calls 'Jesus' has been compounded

 generation after generation, until the Truth, which is so simply understood

when the human mind is correctly taught, can scarcely be believed.

The Truth of this Cosmic Being has been deliberately twisted over the centuries

by those whose sole purpose on Earth and beyond, is to keep in chains, both the

mankind of this planet and Souls who must embody here to progress.

And so the Truth has been and continues to be interwoven with

 myth and legend and lies.  And individuals cry out,

'what am I to believe?' 


Thus in the past century, the Great Lords who direct this

System of Worlds, decreed

 that Souls who would choose to embody at this time, were to be given the Truth of

 their Being. They would be taught before they embodied and again, once on Earth,

 the Truth of their I AM Presence.

The Teaching of Jesus had been to give mankind

 the Information about their Christness.

Now two thousand years later they would be

 taught that their Christ Nature comes directly from their I AM Presence.


And thus, you see how Information builds

 and today you have the Information Age

 making available the so-called New Age Teaching of your time.

Many have been 'called' to take advantage of this New Teaching

....and many are choosing to upgrade their lives

and have accepted the New Level of Spiritual Enlightenment of the New Cycle. 


Those who have taken time to investigate and carefully study Spiritual Thought

 as it has proceeded through 'history', will perceive the Truth of today

as being the same Truth of all times.

There is only One Truth.

 And those among you who give 'God' credit for knowing what needs to be done,

 can safely and correctly assume that there has always been a Plan of Evolution....

a 'Design for the Universe' with many parts....

proceeding through time and space

 in spite of any 'error' thrown in Its path.

 'The Plan' is always being addressed by Those of the Hierarchy of Heaven

in Whose Charge the Plan is at any given time.

'The Plan' is always being served on Earth by those Souls

Who embody during the various periods of Time to assist.


There are always those, in Many Mansions, doing what they can

to further 'The Plan',

doing it based on the Teaching given within that time period.

All Cosmic Teaching is Progressive....

one Course of Study leading to the next and the next and the next. 


Over the countless ages

as different cultures developed, some of them very Inspired,

many languages were used....

 Thus, many different terms were used to describe the One God...the one Truth.

And in the process confusion crept in....

Sometimes was deliberately introduced.

 And so today we hear people say of those older cultures,

'well, those people didn't understand and didn't worship correctly.

They didn't understand what we now know to be Truth.'


Thus Christians speak of 'pagans and heretics' and Muslims of 'infidels',

while many of the Jewish group refuse to add to the Teaching that came through

 Moses and the Prophets.

 They refuse to accept the 'update' of that Teaching that was introduced

through 'Jesus'.  


However, there has always been a group of Souls on Earth

through whom 'God' can speak.

 Truth is always being taught somewhere on the Planet.....

always being taught for those who are willing to listen,

 who are able to understand It, and live It.

This is Evolution.


 'Truth' shines and is expanding in many hearts today.

The Indwelling Soul recognizes the Truth of Its Being....the Truth of Its Creator.

The Soul is drawn to Light and the Truth inherent in Cosmic Light.

 And has only to control the darkness within its human vehicle in order to let

that Light shine on Earth.

Darkness fears the Light!


Thus, 'deliberate controlled confusion' is witnessed in every age, as certain

fearful human minds try to discredit those 'things of the Spirit'.

 In the Light of God is all Truth.

That Light....that Truth has the Power to extinguish the darkness

 within every human mind.

 Perhaps you wish to think on this.  






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