The Master Morya El

Speaking to today's 

Warriors of Light:

May 7, 2003

My Friends,

I come in the Fullness of the Power of My Heart's 'Christ Fire'

to encourage you in your Mighty Efforts to save your fellow men and women

from as much destruction as possible as the Necessary Steps are taken

 to 'redeem  and raise' the Energy of all Life on this planet.


We, at Our Level, are doing everything that can be done and must be done

in the Name of and with the Cooperation

of the I AM Presence of each individual involved.


This is a hard concept for the human mind to accept.  Most of mankind has become

 deaf, dumb and blind to the inequities of life (human life) on this planet...looking

 the other way, sometimes participating, as the many have suffered for thousands

 of years at the hands of not only cruel tyrants....

but at the hands of arrogant and selfish human beings.


But let Me tell you this....let Me explain once again,

 that there may be no confusion (in your Minds) about what is taking place on the

 Planet at this time.

The arrogant, godless human minds and their pawns, no longer control this Planet.

 That mind-set has had its day and soon all that does not honor God will simply


 Their day is done!

 And surely it is evident to every perceptive human mind, that there

is a widening gulf between the old human thinking

and the evolving Spiritual mind-set of more and more of mankind.


The New Thinking places the focus on Personal Freedom and Respect for all.

New Ideas come enfolded in a deep and Reverent Love for the

Ultimate Creator of All.

This New Understanding will yet rescue many of the currently embodied Souls

from the Spiritual darkness into which they are falling.

This New Perception of individual Godness, is coming forth into mainstream

 thinking through many Spiritual Organizations and within all cultures.

No one is left out.

Today the Message is this:

Those who will not 'listen to the Christ Message' that is coming

into every human  heart...everywhere on the Planet........

Those who will not let go of the  'old thinking' matter what it is....will be

 responsible for propelling themselves and others of sleeping humanity into a

 'Karmic oblivion', in which the Soul will languish for Ages in a 'state of inertia'.

 before given the next chance to ascend out of 'matter' into Spirit.

This is no small matter.


It needs to be understood that each and every Soul, as he or she embodied in this

 Cycle, was given this Information. At some level of Being, each individual knows

 that of which I speak.

It is for the human mind to awaken, for the human being to bend the knee

 to the' Power' (the Christ Power) that beats within every human heart.

Now is a time of choosing.


If mankind truly desires it, Peace on Earth, Freedom for all mankind is simple to simple as each one choosing the Love of the Christ Self as the

 Way of Life. There need be no struggle. But look out on the world.

Non-love is still the choice of most of the people of the planet.


 We ask you now to understand that all 'non-love' is  being eliminated...

 either by physical means or by Spiritual Means.

This is also the time when humanity must choose Truth. And show a willingness to

 stand up and 'fight', for Truth,

 and be allowed to do it in whatever way each one can do it. Or suffer the



For all Earth Energy of low vibration is being 'transmuted' and raised by

 Cosmic Christ Fire, step by step, into an Energy of Higher Vibration that will now

 serve both God and man. Some of mankind is ready to flow Peacefully with the

 New Christ Energy into the New Age.

While others continue to kick and scream, still following the pied piper to the left

 to their ultimate destruction. 


No Energy can remain the same in this emerging New World.

 And how each one experiences the Vibrational Changes are, as they always have

 been, determined by his or her intent and choices  regarding each

 one's fellow men and women. What individuals experience during this period of

 cleansing is that which each has decreed for himself or herself along the way.


 For in spite of atheistic or outdated ideas to the contrary, all Energy tainted with

 non-love is being Purified and Raised into a Higher frequency,

in some cases causing physical pain,

 for some causing Life disruptions, giving rise to human discontent....


The human being rarely wishes to give up any of its comfortable,

 old ideas.... mis-conceived or outworn,

and as you are witnessing, human nature will fight to the end

 to hang onto its old human power....mental, emotional and physical power over its

 Soul, Who is fighting to be Free.


And so you are witnessing all the variations on the theme of dissent and violence

 and disease and destruction playing out in large and small ways

 in every part of the planet.


Great Beings of Light watch over this Planet.  They have seen the Light (the Truth)

 being threatened on this Planet and so have initiated Cosmic Dispensations to

counteract the darkness....and to  help as many

 Souls as possible, ascend out of that darkness,  at this time.


Thus, for the past one hundred years many of the Ascended and Angelic Host and

 Hierarchy have come and  have taught  and continue to teach,

what is now a large group of Awakened Lifestreams, who in turn,

 have become Spiritual Teachers. All individuals now have the opportunity to hear

 the Truth that will set them free from all 'untruth'.

People all over the Planet are now being given enough

 Information to be enabled to take the next Spiritual

 Steps that will be needed if they are to be in Tune with the

incoming Christ Energies at this Time.


Perhaps for many Lifetimes, certainly throughout this Life Experience,

individuals have been given enough Information to make the

 distinction between good and evil.

 Today all Life is again being given the choice to identify with either

their Godness or with their human-ness.

All must now choose....either to go on serving man

 or to begin serving The  Creator of Man.


The choice made will affect each Soul's immediate future. The choice will effect,

 positively or negatively, not only themselves, but their fellow men and women.

Remember: Above all, first and foremost:

We Are Our Brother's Keepers

and ultimately we redeem and raise all Energy we have ever used

 or caused another to mis-use.

Think on this.  






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