The Master Morya El

Speaking to today's

Warriors of Light:


I come today to hold your attention to the Light.

Suggesting to you, that Godness flows whether or not you see It, feel It, acknowledge It or experience It....The Power of God IS.

And It acts throughout the Universe with or without your help. In spite of any doubt.

Today many of you have been taught how to expand that Light, that Energy, that Power of the Universe within yourselves, letting It direct the affairs of the human, following Its Direction Intuitively .

We, at our level, can only continue to instruct you and hope that you will be able to understand what is required to clean up the Energy of this planet....hoping you will understand that this is the only way to prevent certain chaos and confusion that will result if you don't.

For though the Greater Powers Who direct this System of Worlds will not allow the 'unthinkable' to happen here, they will allow the people of this planet to individually 'reap that which they have sown over the ages and right up to the present moment'.

 Do not be deceived into thinking that a prayer or two will deter the unclean energy that has been set into action over and over through the ages, compounding the continual hatreds and wars and disobedience of the unruly, arrogant human nature let loose on this planet so long ago.

The great need of the hour is for individuals to

still the human mind,

acknowledge the Christ Nature of the Spark of God that lives within the physical form,

 expand that Spark of Christness until it covers the Earth.

Then and only then will the energy of evil be silenced.

Take this as a powerful affirmation:

Cosmic Christ Flame within my heart, expand and light my Way.

Cosmic Christ Flame within every heart, expand and light the Way of all on Earth


Whenever you are tempted to look at the world, look instead to where your Power

 comes from....

and then to where a Spark of that Power exists within the human being.

You have been taught that a Three-Fold Flame burns on an Altar

in  a Secret Chamber within the human heart.

I ask you to believe this. And expand that Three-Fold Flame.

Expand That Cosmic Christ Three-fold Flame

If you are tempted to say, 'but what can one person do'....'how can the small Flame

 in my heart expand enough to put out the fires of hate and evil on this planet'

 I say to you, TRY IT!

The Flame in any heart can be expanded to cover the entire Earth with

the Energy of Love. There is no limit to how much one individual

Conscious Spark of God can, with understanding and determination,

 expand that 'Three-Fold Flame of Christness' wherever that Soul Spark

happens to be, anywhere in the Universe.

Many of those who claim to be calling for Peace on Earth are actually intent on expanding the hatred that exists within groups of people. Some do not know what they are doing....although all should know....but many lifestreams are deliberately stirring up more hate. This must stop! 

Therefore, those of you who understand my Message are asked to focus ever more intently on expanding the Three-Fold Flame within your own hearts,

 are asked to expand the Three-Fold Flame within the Heart of your Christ Selves and within the Heart of your Great I AM Presence.

That creates powerful, powerful  Christ Energy the Ascended Host can pick up

and enfold in Their Flames. And thus, increasing Its Power,

They, then expand all that Christed Energy. They blaze It forth onto the Planet

to assist in this monumental 'clean up of the Ages'.

There is much going on at this time, that we cannot discuss with you.

We ask you to BELIEVE US and follow our Instruction and We will do all in Our Power

to solve this war transmute these ancient hatreds once and for all

and with a minimum of distress to all concerned. Much is yet to be determined.


When We at Our Level discuss this, We say, 'If only it all depended just on Us'.

 But you realize, don't you, it really all depends on each one of you.

We can only assist you. For this is your Sacred Service.

We Bless and Thank you for your Understanding  and Cooperation.






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