The Master Morya El

Speaking to today's

Warriors of Light:


'I come  to encourage you...

to be One of Those Who 'holds up your arms' as you fight the battle

for God in your day.'

I speak to you today through this One (LJC).

'Even as your news is full of the Ideas of war, still I assure you all will be settled with a minimum of damage to modern civilization. For that 'destruction' is what the Ascended Host have been trying to prevent, in modern times, for over 2000 years,

'What mankind is facing today is only the continuation of an ancient conflict between what is termed 'good and evil'.  It is a conflict between God and disobedient Life,  both as it has existed on Earth and in other places.

'The answer to this conflict has always lain within the responsibility of those

 who created the situation in the first place. It has never been 'God's' Responsibility.

And to date, there is still a hard core of Life that believes it can resist God forever and get away with it as it has done for so long. The mass of mankind has never been Spiritually strong enough to protect itself against this inhuman', godless force.

However, today is a New Day. A New Cycle.

The Wheel of Life has turned and in this 'New Chapter, in this new 'story line,

 you will not find any of the old characters.

The Cosmic Force you call 'God' is writing them out of the play.

And yes, this is difficult to believe in view of the scenario playing out, particularly in the Middle East.....which is where much of the present evilness was sown long, long ago. This is an ancient disagreement between God and a certain group of 'beings with a considerable amount of both  human and unascended Spiritual Power'.

But this 'force', this unascended power, can never prevail against the Ascended Power of God, which when time and cycles move, mandates another course. Unascended Life has only so much time granted to it in which to try out its schemes within any cycle. 'Time' has now run out for the ungodly force that has been the cause of so much dissension on this Planet for a very long time.

As I speak to you,  I use the terms for 'Divinity' with which  most people are familiar with today. However, I will always use whatever terms best describe what I come again to Teach.

 There is a New Way of Living, unfolding before the ensouled humanity,

a new Way, the only Way to Freedom of both Body and Soul.

It is the New Way of Consecration to the Ideal of Goodness.

From this day forward, there is no middle ground.

 There is now only 'one Way'.  God's Way.

One must now be 'for God' and all that means within the human process .

 There must be no more mayhem and bloodshed on this planet!

If 'mankind' won't stop the killing, 'mankind' will be stopped.

The Great Lords have decreed 'enough is enough!'

 All Teaching from this day forward stresses the individuated I AM Presence,

the God Presence of every human being and the Christ Nature of each individual,

the Nature that each individual is expected to reflect in its

 relationship with its fellow men and women! With all Life.

 The human being must finally submit....and We hope 'graciously submit' to the Direction and finally control of the Indwelling Spark of God....that which This Messenger has been calling 'Soul' even as We have instructed her to call It.

Those human beings who cannot submit or will not, simply disappear from the screen of Life on Earth. And without placing more karmic burden on those who remain.

 Those who are 'left behind' are the good ones who are destined to inherit the Earth.  As usual, mankind has been given the 'left behind' story backwards.

 Earth will become a place of Higher Vibration....a Heaven.

Mankind will not have to go anywhere to experience lives of beauty.

 It is all to be here for those who earn the right to be here.

The Answer lies in recognizing and focusing the human attention on the

Indwelling Soul and Its Source. The Soul Spark is intended to grow

to a powerful Unfed Flame within the human vehicle.

It is the Representative of an individuated 'I AM' Presence,

a Miniature of Almighty God.

That 'I AM' Presence of each one is the Being made in the Image of God.

I recommend that all Dwell on these Ideas.





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