The Master Morya El

Speaking to today's

Warriors of Light:

December 2006

Greetings, My Friends,

It has been almost two years since I last came to you this Way, once again asking this Student (LJC) to listen to my Thoughts.....asking her to 'take pen in hand' in order that I might communicate with those of you willing to heed My Instruction.

At this time I am asking her to place in her Website certain of my Instruction that continues to be as important for today’s Students of the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy as It has ever been. An ancient battle for the Immortal Soul goes on.....the religious world refers to it as Armageddon. By whatever name it is called, the ‘evolution’ of Life that is transpiring on the Planet at this time is serious business! Very serious for all concerned. And I say to you that all Life is evolving on this Planet during this period of time, thus all Life is involved.



February 2007


Greetings I come to finish my Thoughts begun in December:

 And of utmost importance is this:

Beloved Students, world wide.... as strongly as I am allowed to say it....I am here to say that the Planet has entered a period when it is vital for all who have even the slightest understanding of My Words to focus on staying connected to The Mightiest God Power of the Universe in whatever manner the individual chooses to do it.

I lovingly offer this advice to all:

Being  'disconnected' from the Source of Life at any time

 is being ‘unprotected’, Body and Soul.

Please listen to Me....'These 'times' require your total commitment.' 

Those of you who know about your Mighty 'I AM'  Presence, to you I suggest....I strongly suggest....that you work to strengthen this Connection with 'God'  by lovingly asking....daily.... for an expansion of the  Heart to Heart Connection  with that 'I AM' Presence and Holy Christ Self.  Ask also that the Heart to Heart Connections with the Ascended and Angelic Guides be strengthened ....ask to be as close in Contact with your 'I AM' Presence, with your Ascended Teachers and Guides as one is capable of being.

Those Connections once recognized are then strengthened as the individual calls to his or her own Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence and Christ Self, specifically asking for and then visualizing the Heart to Heart Connection. The 'Presence' then expands the Light  of the Connection within the embodied Soul and facilitates the Connection with the Ascended Being, Who is always ready to work with Life, Ascended and unascended when asked to do so.

I see that it is not always understood that at all times the Ascended and Angelic Realms answer the call of the individual by working through and with that one’s own God Presence

The Ascended Master is always at the call of the individual ‘I AM Presence’ ...and at no time intrudes on the free will of that unique God Presence Who is doing Its Work through (in this case) a physical vehicle.   

Speaking now of Connecting with Those Ascended:

Many years ago several of Us came to this Student (LJC) and began whispering Truths in her ear....and she listened and in time We were able to silently talk to her and teach her....

And then she offered her Services to Us and We have been able to speak through her.

We  use her to reach others who might not think that they, to, are capable of hearing the soft sounds of Wisdom always trying to enter their Consciousness.

Today the world situations have become more, shall We just say, more complicated and we are asking for additional Help from informed and prepared individuals, asking them to participate with the Hierarchy in the Work of the Moment.


We wish to say the following in regards to 'hearing' Those Voices of Wisdom':

This Student of Ours (LJC) has written several Essays on Listening...on hearing invisible ‘sound’. This began many years ago when We asked her to do what she could to Awaken all who are sincerely  believing in their own their own Immortality. 

Today We are asking her to again bring up this subject of ‘listening’ and it is our wish that all endeavor to Understand this Cosmic Activity that always comes as a Great Gift to the Student....for when the Student listens for and hears Our Voices whispering that Student accepts our Presence and connects with Us in love and support at the levels of human and Soul Heart and Mind, the Whispering One is allowed to envelope that individual in a Mighty Ray of Light from out the Heart of the Great Central Source of all Life. A Cosmic Ray of Sacred Fire comes out of the Heavens and enters the Heart of the God Presence of the individual and becomes an Eternal Part of the Light of that individualized Lifestream. That 'Light' is then always available for the use of the human and Soul Partnership that is striving to expand its God Service.

 We continue to stress the need for Unity, not only between the Student and Hierarchy but importantly between the various groups of Students. This last year (2006) We asked this Student (LJC) to go to South America  and while there, We helped her to create a bright and shining Bridge of Light between the two continents.

 With Our Help She created a Rainbow of Love and opened up

Channels of Communications over which We now pour our Ascended Consciousness.


We wish to remind you that Our Ascended Consciousness is the Fullness of all that humanity thinks of as ‘God’....and that when the individual connects with Our Consciousness, that one connects with all Aspects of 'Godness'. ... each individual, body and Soul is in touch with the Heart Light of the Christ Self and ‘I AM’ Presence of its own Life. and with the Heart and Christ Light of all Cosmic Life in the Universe.

Oh, that you should know Our Desires....Our Hopes... and how We wish to produce more Miracles of Perfection in cooperation with the Students of The Cosmic Light of Life. We Who have Mastered the use of that Light, have been calling for Limitless Miracles of Perfection to come forth for constructive humanity. If all Awakened Life on Earth today will work together in Selfless Unity there can now come quickly a purification of all energy that has been out of sync with That which produces 'Godness' on this Planet. We need our students working together.

Through Our Beloved Guy Ballard, many years ago, We said that this is no time to be sitting on a mountain top meditating....this is not the time to rest. We told those early Students to view Our Coming into the Atmosphere of Earth as a Call to embodied Life asking all to go into greater and greater Action in the name of all that is Holy and the name of each one's  own Mighty 'I  AM' Presence. It is even more true today.

Now speaking to all those who know and love Us....who know Me....

 We thank you and love you all with a Love that as yet your human minds and hearts cannot fathom....We ask you to believe in Us...and to have Faith in we Believe and have Faith in all who read these words and see in them a Call to Greater Effort and Action.

As you go into action We will be there with you....doing all We are allowed to do.

I bid you goodbye for this moment in time...and await your offer of help.

Life needs your efforts in defense of 'God'!

'I AM  Morya'


Post Script:

Beloved Morya asks that Students again be given the following Explanation.

 He is asking me to answer the questions some have asked about the Way in which we can  connect with the more advanced Invisible Worlds. This is not new nor unique to the human condition. If there is one Message more important than any other that is conveyed by the writers of The Bible, it is that 'God' in One Form or Another stays in touch with  His 'Children' . We who have embodied on Earth have had the Blessing of  Magnificent Ones like Beloved 'Jesus'. Many have come to teach us in a visible form.

In any age there have always been some Great Ones Who embody to Teach....

both Those Ascended as well as Unascended....

in each Age there is a Being Who represents and serves as the 'Christ' of that Age,

bringing new levels of Truth.

And  when in the heavens it is known that one or more Great Ones will embody, Souls come to Earth just to be taught by These  Beings. There are always Great Teachers offering Their Services or fulfilling Their Destiny.....or both simultaneously.

 We live in an age when many Souls have chosen to embody in order to be taught and guided by the  Group of Ascended and Angelic Beings Who are The Teachers of our time.  Among these individuals there are those who have agreed to be used as the 'Voices' through whom the Master Teachers can give the Information needed at a given time.

 Guy and Edna Ballard were two of Those Individuals. And history is full of examples.

I Am  one of many Students of those Masters Who taught through Guy and Edna Ballard. They have directed my efforts to describing  WHO WE  REALLY ARE and what our Divine Purpose is. They know it is vital for individuals to realize the Truth about themselves for without that Knowledge humanity never achieves the Power to reach up to the Heavens and draw forth the Cosmic  Energies needed to cleanse and Purify their own Lifestreams while assisting in raising the vibration of all Life  Energy here. 

The Call has gone out....'Awake, all ye that sleepeth'.

We are called to Awaken and save this Planet and people from more mayhem and destruction.  It is hoped we will awaken and call forth Powerful Cosmic Energies before it is too late for further Soul Progress to be made at this time!'

 Beloved Friends, these are very serious Cosmic Times...times when both personal and Planetary 'darkness' must be overcome by the Power of the Light of God....the time in which all  Energy must be Purified, thus becoming usable at Higher Vibratory Levels of Activity.

 Regarding 'invisible sound'....The More Evolved Life, when It chooses to communicate with us will find Ways to do it....and They do it for many Purposes, one of which is to enable some of Their Students to teach others.

 If we are agreeable to being taught and are willing to cooperate with Them They find ways of enabling us to sense Their Vibration....which is Their Calling Card. They begin by enfolding us in a Mantle of Their Ascended Consciousness, as much as our Lifestream can handle....and that  becomes a permanent part of our Energy. When They see we are ready They ask permission of our 'I AM' Presence to be allowed to send their 'Ascended Thoughts' directly to us. Our own 'I AM' Presence is always working with the Ascended Ones Who will do nothing that involves us without the permission or request of our own Life Force.

The Ascended Knowledge or Information They offer comes to us through the Christ Energy that manifests  as the Three-fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power in our hearts. Once there,  it is ready for our use.  

Over time we gradually Evolve, Body and Soul and always it is our Sacred Duty to find Ways of invoking that Love, Wisdom and Power of God into action, in, through and around all Life everywhere....always sharing to the best of our ability what we have been taught.... always remembering that this is God's  World, that we are God's People...We are here to serve.

Lois J. Crawford



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