As we observe this picture we can see the close Connection to our Powerful, Personal, Individuated Godness.  We can see that two thirds of Who We Really Are is already at work in the Higher Octaves.

Now enjoy more of the Teaching of the Master Saint Germain as He expands on what that Sacred Fire Knowledge of our Christed Presence means to us as we pursue our daily activities, Body and Soul.

  Beloved Saint Germain tells us that we have wandered for many centuries with out knowing about our inherent Godness but now we have 'come home into the Acknowledgement of that Principle  of Life,  our individualized Presence of God and he tells us that all mankind is searching for this Understanding.

In His words....'In the outer activity of mankind, a Power and Authority has come forth which heretofore has been unknown in the history of mankind, since the second Golden Age, more than a million years ago.

Beloved Children of the Light, the Open Door into your Eternal Freedom, stands before you.'


He asks us to begin the following activity:

We are to contemplate the picture above, thus fixing it in our vision. Then close our eyes and feel the Ray of Light from the Presence, FEELING IT  EXPAND until It enfolds us from head to foot. ...know that Light IS Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance as we feel it do  perfect its work in our body, as it is absorbed into every cell.....



We Bless and Thank

our Beloved Master and Teacher, Saint Germain, for His Love and for  His Instruction. He is always ready at our call to assist us in any way He is allowed.


And now I offer my readers a Meditation:


Beloved Friends, 

Please follow along with me as I share these thoughts:


And Christ said: "'I AM' the Way, the Truth and the Life.


No one cometh to the 'Father' but by me."


Let us meditate upon those Words.


With a little Insight we see the importance of focusing our


 attention on 'the Father', focusing now at the Level of our own


 Beloved 'I AM' God Presence.


 As we go into the Silence let us now speak to the 'Christ Flame'


that is anchored in our Hearts by that 'I AM' Presence.


We say, 'Christ Flame within my Heart, expand and Light my Way....


Precious Flame within my heart, expand and integrate all You are into my every physical activity.


'Beloved Flame within my Heart, be the Commanding Presence and Guiding Light in my life, Body and Soul!'


As we ask this, we know that each time we turn our attention to our 'I AM' Presence, we are in touch with The Eternal Christ not only of the Universe but of our own lives....we are drawing that Universal Christness, one step at a time, onto the Earth Plane, again, not only into our individual lives but into the Life of the Planet itself....'knowing' as we do this each day, we are drawing forth the Enlightenment that we so earnestly seek.


Let us think about it.


Our Holy Christ Self stands close to us ready to Enlighten us....

to serve us in all Ways that are permitted.

Where can Enlightenment come from except from within that Christ Consciousness. How else can we, the incarnated Soul, be made 'whole' except as we become One with that Christ Flame.


We are Unique.


We are evolving 'Christness' created by the 'Father'

We are here to fulfill a Purpose...His Purpose....unique to this time and place.  

Our Sacred Work is to remember this and to keep the Door wide open to the Direction always flowing to us from our Christ Self....striving always to align any human Beliefs with those of our Creator. In doing that we fulfill the Law.



Lois J. Crawford




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