DECEMBER 25, 2005







Blessed Ones of My Heart.
Children of the Almighty God.
Today I bring you greetings from the Assembly of Great Ones whose responsibility you are.
Have you ever considered that there are Those Who have accepted the responsibility for your well being and for your Soul advancement in the Cosmic Scheme of Life. Have you ever thought about the responsibility you have for cooperating with Heaven?
I think that many of you have not given that Idea much thought!

Let Me begin by asking you to think back on the year 2005 that is passing into history and consider all that has transpired. Do you ask yourselves if there was 'meaning' in the painful experiences of many people....and do you think of the pain experienced by the Planet?

The year 2005 was one of a series of years, just past and in the near future, that are the defining moments of a Great Era...a 'moment' in time that is moving the Planet along to its appointed place and that is  determining the next stages of your Soul Journey.

Many of you realize this and are taking advantage of the Light and Love of Great Cosmic Beings. This Opportunity is unique to this time....if there could be sadness, it is that many are not awakening to their Great Opportunity....if there is shame it is that many Lifestreams who know about their 'I AM' Presence and about Us  will not give their Souls recognition....nor will they allow their Souls to participate in the Work unique to that Spark of Life.

 And so it has been Age after Age.

But for those of you who 'hear Me'....those of you who have asked to be Our Partners in the Cosmic Work which We are dedicated to helping you is to you that I speak today.

We, Those Who have accepted responsibility for protecting and Instructing the Spark of Christness which you are....Our fervent Hope is that you will move through the next few years, protected and provided with all you need to live a Life of Service to God....with a mind free of the fear and confusion that the world is pressing upon you.

This is important for your well-being....but it has a great importance in the conscious cooperation you can give Us as We deal with the final moments of this period of time that can only be dealt with at our Level of Life. We have offered that Help to the Children of Earth at this time.

 If you are clear in your minds about WHO  YOU  ARE ....ABOUT  WHO  THE  ETERNAL  YOU   IS ....if We can use your Energy that pours forth from that Great Eternal You....if there are enough of you remaining firmly anchored in the Light of your own 'I AM' Christ Selves....if We have enough of humanity's Enlightened Help, We will bring this Great Earth to a smooth departure from the 'old' and the glorious entry into the 'new' you follow my meaning?

We are not allowed to tell you many things in advance....for' many things' are determined by what humanity does or does not do.



As We look out on the broad spectrum of human activity  at this time, it can be seen that 'evilness' yet holds control at many levels, of human society.

Our Hope for mankind has been to find Ways to circumvent the negativity that confronts people at almost every turn.
Though We are not allowed to solve your problems We can offer advice....and pour our Limitless Light wherever you ask Us to direct It.
Today  Our Hope for tomorrow is You.....You Who know Us....You Who know the Truth of Life....You who are willing to serve Life.
I came two thousand years ago 'in the flesh' to teach those who were ready to listen. Today I can only come to you at this High Level of Conscious Purified Life. More is not allowed.
That which plagues mankind today is your responsibility.
Therefore you must awaken to what is going on within the society of the Planet. You must be willing to be taught about the powerful godless ideas and forces that sweep constantly throughout the civilizations. You must be willing to be instructed in the God-Ways to overcome all that is not of the Christ.
And it is a big task....but not an impossible one. For as you take up your burden and accept responsibility for all that is not right, We can then offer Our Support.
And there is no limit to what We can do when you, at your level, with full Conscious Recognition and Understanding, come to Us and show Us what you are willing to do.
And then request Our Support.
The Earth does not have to go through birthing spasms
 into the New Age.
You who know your 'I AM' Presence, who live enfolded in your own Christness, it is for you to  'speak the Word of Freedom for all mankind' and the people and the Planet will step forward into an Age of Enlightenment ready to expand that Freedom. For the Soul cannot evolve without the Freedom to do so, and most of the people on the Planet live today in fear and tyranny....and ignorance...
Will you visualize with me
 the Light of God That Never Fails
 putting an end to all of that forever and ever.

Again I ask you to remember the Flame of Love

 I have placed in every Heart that Believes in Me

Remember to use This Christ Love in all you do

as you go about your daily affairs.

 Remember to keep My Luminous Presence close to you.

As you do this, I can protect and guide you.

For in Accepting My Love, you accept a Powerful Light

 and a Shield, which then guides you through

the darkness in which many Souls are now caught.




 Expand The Star of your own Beingness.

 Become the Gift of Christ Love

 to the World.







The Ascended Christ

December 2005

   Every day we say:

'Oh, My Beloved I AM Presence,

Glorify Thou me with the Flame which Thou art.

With all the Glory of the Great Central Sun.

With all the Victory of the Christ in Cosmic Action.

Glorify thou me with all the Love from the

Heart of Creation,

 that Its Blazing Flame may come forth and compel

 Christ Perfection everywhere.' 


December 2005


The Beloved Being 'Jesus'
Speaking on the Great Authority of Life ,
The Mighty 'I AM' Presence

Messenger: Beloved Edna Ballard

June 1948 'Voice of the I AM'

  Blessed Ones

It is with Great Joy that I AM COME again into your midst to bring the answers to your calls, for 'answers' shall appear in outer manifestation. Be of good cheer, Beloved of the Light. No call from your Heart's Love can go unanswered. The Great Cosmic Law demands that a certain amount of your attention be held upon the Great Perfection of Life, before the outer manifestation is complete. But the Call from the Heart of Love must be answered from the Heart of Love in the Great Central Sun.

You who have poured your Love to Me, shall yet FEEL the Power of My Love clothing you, strengthening you to go forward and compel the Victory your Hearts Desire which the Cosmic Law demands in the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan.

(Today) I want you to feel that there is no Authority in this World, no Authority in all Creation, except the Authority of the Mighty I AM Presence. (God)

That is the Authority of all Life within the Great Central Sun.

Follow Me closely: When you place your attention upon the outer world's activities, you have to give your Life Energy there. You grow and expand whatever is within your Consciousness at the time. Then the world gives back to you that which you poured into it through your attention upon it.

If you want the Perfection which is in Our (Heavenly) Octave, your attention and the Energy of your Life must go first to your own I AM Presence and then come into Our Ascended Octave to make grow, as it were, that which you desire of Perfection, so that Our Perfection of Life can then come back into you and your world.

Unless you give your Life to a thing it does not grow,

It does not live. So everything in your Being and world, lives by your Life (energy) it harmonious or otherwise.

Whatever you place, through the Energy of your Life, into this world, will grow and come back to you.

Whatever you place of your Life's Energy in Our Octave will grow into that which is in Our Octave, and that is what will come back to you.

Therefore, unless mankind will place their attention upon Us, they have no Permanent Solution to the problems of this world. They have no way or means of withdrawing from human authority.

Therefore, when I said: "Ask the Father what you will in My Name, and He will give It to you" you must see that having become the Cosmic Christ, which is All-Authority of the Sacred Fire, then I AM the Power, the Authority, the Way and the Means which Life (God) provides to dissolve and consume what the human has brought into form....whether it be physical manifestations or the usurped authority of the outer (physical) self.

The Cosmic Christ Fire from Our Ascended Master Octave, can burn out of existence all human creation, all human authority, all human ideas, human feelings and human manifestations, anywhere in this world. Permanently.

No human being in the world is Authority over your Life. Only your own I AM Presence, the Ascended Host and the Powers of the Cosmic Fire have that Authority and All contain only Perfection for you.

Why do you think I have gone to such length to explain the Honor Life bestows upon you when it gives you responsibility? It is because we are hoping that you will take the responsibility of demanding that the Law of Forgiveness in your Being and world, becomes an All-Consuming Flame of Victorious Cosmic Christ Power, by which you may free yourselves, free your Nation, free the Powers of Nature from the discord imposed upon them by mankind.

Someone, My Dear Ones, must forgive all human creation (mistakes). That means someone (some human being)  must take the responsibility of drawing Cosmic Christ Fire into conditions that are wrong.

Therefore if you accept that responsibility, you can choose to be My Ascended Jesus Christ Forgiving Fire.

This is the Power We are waiting to bestow upon you all. It is the Power you must use if you are going to have Freedom, if you are going to give Freedom, if you are going to defend Freedom on this Earth   

So we place upon you, the responsibility of being the Law of Forgiveness to Life wherever you move. This is the Use of the Cosmic Christ Fire by which you dissolve and consume that which you forgive.

 In doing this you become the Honor Flame

of God's Great Cosmic Heart.

When you say, I AM THE FIERY CHRIST you draw that Fiery Christ Love from the Heart of the Mighty 'I AM' Presence (God) in the Great Central Sun and from your own God Presence, into the atmosphere around you.

Use, use, use the Cosmic Christ Fire everywhere you move to purify and perfect conditions, in order to save and perfect that which is constructive everywhere you abide!

If you are to be Free from the enslavement of the outer world,

then your attention must be focused on your 'I AM' Presence

and you must reach into Our Ascended Octave

if you are to have the Help you need in the world.


The Ascended 'Jesus', the Christ