For all Lightbearers everywhere
 These thoughts come from Beloved Mary
and The Lord Jesus, The Christ
May 19, 2004
All you do....all your Love that flows forth to Us
in such great abundance....
all that you give  is gratefully received and so appreciated.
 With your help....
with your calm determination,
 We, God's People, ascended and unascended
 will succeed in meeting  God's Needs of the moment here on Earth.
We, in the Ascended State,
rejoice in seeing you focus  on the Beauty of Life as it manifests on Earth,
all the while you know that much more is possible
and awaits those who choose Earth as a place to grow and serve Life.
At Our Request, in the Cause of Freedom
you have called forth Great Cosmic Powers to come to the aid of Earth
and today Cosmic Beings of Unimaginable Power are focusing Their Light,
like a giant blow torch
 on all that is less than 'God-good',
removing from Earth, once and for all time ,
all that is not Beauty.
Never doubt our Love for all
who pour their Life's Essence
into serving the Great Cause of  Freedom for mankind and for this Planet.
It is Transcendent Service
 that does not go unnoticed within the Councils  of the Ascended Masters.
Forever, you are Loved  and Blessed
with all the Sacred Fire Love of Our Hearts.
You are ever enfolded in the Miracle Mantle of Our Love,
always Protected and Guided
 as you conclude your Span of Service at this time.
We are honored to  be ever at your Service.
I AM Mary
I AM Jesus
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